cuckolded by Wife

Cuckolded by His Mistress Wife





That brief flirtation fizzled out, and things settled down again. Cassie and I still talked about her finding a lover, but it remained merely a fantasy, and we didn't take any more steps toward actually making it happen. Things seemed to have stagnated.


Then, all of a sudden, out of the blue, everything started clicking. Before I knew it, at long last, it all finally started to happen. Once the ball got rolling, it was just a matter of time!


* * *


July 4, 2000

(A letter to a friend )


Dear "A",


Hi, buddy. Long time, no talkee. Well, I've got a little news you might be interested in.


Last night, Cassie ordered me to compose an ad looking for a black guy, and place it on the internet board! The witching hour is at hand - she actually wants to make this happen!


To tell you the truth, I'm both excited and scared to death. Of course, I spent half the night working on the ad!


I don't know what caused the sudden change in Cassie. We had a serious discussion the other night, and she basically told me that, after all this time, she feels our relationship is totally based on me being her slave. She said she doesn't see me as anything BUT a slave, and she doesn't feel we can ever go back to a "normal" husband-wife relationship. Her exact words were, "you're just not the kind of guy I'd come up to and kiss on the back of the head, just because."


This is serious business. I've kind of known she's felt this way for some time, because she's told me in various ways. But, this was point-blank. While she promised to continue treating me with respect in front of our son, family and friends, she's made it clear that she only sees me as a slave. She still loves me - but that love is based on my submission to her.


Well, that's what I always said I wanted. Now, I've got it. I must admit - it turns me on immensely...but it also makes me a little sad. Oh, well...we submissives thrive on being a little sad. It's what fuels us.


So, I'm going to place the ad just as soon as Cassie takes a look at it. She obviously has final editorial approval.




Like I said, I'm scared to death. This thing is staring me right in the face, and it's frightening, to tell the truth. But, sky-diving is frightening, too. You only live once, so you might as well explore every avenue.


Well, I'll close for now. I figured I'd write and tell you the latest news, since I knew you'd be interested.



Take it easy,







* * *


July 10, 2000



Dear "A",


Hey, pal. Thought I'd keep you up to date on our latest adventure.


As you can probably gather, I am totally excited about this. I feel kind of like I'm standing on the edge of a tall cliff, looking down. Whenever I think about the fact that we're actually doing this, I get an icy feeling in my gut.


It's a good feeling! Scary...but good.


Last night, Cassie told me to go to the store and get some condoms. That really hit home that this thing is really in motion. This looks like it very well might happen, if the right person should respond to our queries. (Right now, we haven't actually placed an ad; I've been responding to black men in our area who want to meet white couples).


I talked to Cassie again about this tonight (I'm being careful not to talk about it TOO much, though, so as not to annoy her!!!). I asked her if this was something she REALLY wanted to do. She basically said, "hell, yes, I'm looking forward to it."


Cassie has been a lot more dominant to me - and I've been more submissive - since this all started. Just today, I spent a good part of the day cleaning the house while she was at a birthday party for her niece. Then, when she got home, she started yelling at me because I threw away a box. What the hell, I thought it was just an empty box! Even though my feelings were hurt, because I'd worked so hard to make her happy and she only focused on the one thing I did wrong, I didn't say anything. I just apologized.


We were supposed to "get together" tonight, but around 9:00, she duly informed me that she didn't feel like it. Then, she said, "but you can go get me another glass of pop, though."


Just like any self-respecting dominant woman, eh? I worked my ass off to make her happy, and she does nothing but bitch - then, she busts my bubble, and, without so much as a thought for my feelings, tells me to fetch something for her!


Well, it's getting late, so I'll close this rather lengthy letter. I promise to keep you up to date on any developments. I know you're interested - plus, I'd like to your opinions as this thing unfolds.







July 14, 2000


Dear "A",


Well, buddy, it's happening. Cassie talked to William today. He called her on her cell phone while she was at work, and she went outside and called him back.


Cassie didn't give me the details of their conversation, but she did tell me this:



* *We're meeting with him Tuesday at 7:30!!**



Oh, my God....chatter, chatter.....(that's my teeth!) I can feel it all up in my toes! Man, I have cold vodka running through my veins right now!


Cassie said he seems to be a nice guy - "down to earth," is how she described him. She's also convinced he's married; he told her he can see her only on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, because that's when he plays basketball.


I can't wait for my wife to get home from work, so she can tell me the details of their conversation. Then again, she probably won't tell me much, knowing her!



* * *



July 15, 2000



Dear "A",


Today Cassie took the opportunity to go shopping.


She got home about 5:30 tonight, about a half-hour after I got back from the game. She came into our bedroom, carrying a bunch of bags and wearing a naughty smile.


First, she showed me her new outfit: A kind of lime-green shirt, and a pair of blue jeans. She plans to wear that outfit when we meet with William this Tuesday.


Then, Cassie smiled wickedly at me and showed me the contents of the other bag: Three pairs of sexy panties - red, white and black!!!


I swear to God, Cassie then uttered the classic "cuckolding wife" line: Holding the panties up for my inspection, she asked in a sweet, little-girl voice, "do you think William will like these?"


I croaked out my affirmation.


I can't describe to you the feeling of standing in your bedroom, while your wife acts like a happy little girl and goes through the sexy new things she's bought for the enjoyment of another man! It's like living out the very thing we've all fantasized about for all these years!! And, let me tell you - that little "moment" was everything I'd ever dreamed it would be.


Actually, it's even better than the fantasies, because, aside from my sexual arousal, I'm also emotionally happy for my wife. She's so damn excited about all this! This gives her a chance to play "dress-up" again. She's buying new clothes, new underwear, and, in the process, looking at herself in a different light, I think.


One more thing I forgot to tell you: Remember when my wife went to the mall a few months ago, and flirted with that black guy from the video store? Well, she went back there while she was at the mall today - and damned if she didn't run into the same guy when she went to the video store!!! She said she went looking for him earlier in the day, but he hadn't been working then.


Cassie said the guy fell all over himself trying to impress her, following her around the store and picking out movies for her. Cassie paid for her purchases, and, just before she was about to leave the store, the clerk told her, "you know, you're a beautiful woman!"


So, Cassie will definitely be going into Tuesday's meeting brimming with confidence!


I'm doomed.


One final thing: my wife wore a sexy black lacy bra to the mall today. She never wears that bra, other than at the B/D parties. "I felt so slutty today wearing this bra," she told me when she got home. "It turned me on."


I'm finding it difficult to concentrate on anything else these days. I really do have to get some bills paid, but my mind is on one track right now, no matter how hard I try. Even at the ballgame, the thought kept crossing my mind.


Well, that's about it for now. Hope to talk soon...



* * *



July 17, 2000



Dear "A",


Well, William called my wife today and postponed our meeting until Thursday. It's a let-down, but I guess I'll have to deal with it. : (


I'll talk to ya later...



* * *


July 20, 2000 4:30 p.m.


Dear "A",


I came home from work a little early today...I set it up a few days ago, telling my boss I'd have to leave early Thursday, because I had some business to attend to. I knew even then I was going to be a nervous wreck - which, of course I am!!! There's no way I could've sat in my office for another two hours!


At least I was busy today, and my was mind occupied - but only sometimes. Throughout the day, our impending meeting kept popping into my head.


Man, in only about three hours, we go to meet William. I'm petrified! There are so many questions bouncing around my head right now, I don't know whether to shit or reboot my computer! Will Cassie like him? Will he like Cassie? I'm sure, if he looks like he does in his picture, they'll get along fine, because Cassie is a very pretty woman, and, looking at William's pic, he seems like a handsome guy.


In a few minutes, I have to iron my mistress' new outfit. Like I told you, she went shopping this weekend and bought a whole new outfit to wear when she meets William. It's a pair of jeans, and a nice green blouse. She's going to be a knockout - and I'm afraid William won't be able to resist!!! (Actually, I'm hoping he won't be able to resist!)


Well, let me get crackin' here. I've got some ironing to do. It's strange, having to iron an outfit so your wife will look nice for another man. Whenever I get back to writing fantasy stories, I think I'll be able to speak with a little more authority on the subject. This is really weird - the things I've written about and read for so many years are actually coming true!


I'll update you as soon as I get the chance.



Your pal,






* * *


Cassie talked to William on the phone the next day, and they agreed to meet for dinner the following Thursday. Unfortunately, the dinner plans fell through - but there were further developments, which I describe in the following email to "A":



July 26, 2000 5:27 p.m.


Dear "A",


This is truly a strange turn of events.


I don't know if I told you, but after we met with William, Cassie kept telling me, "he reminds me of someone. I KNOW I've seen his face before." She was wracking her brain, trying to figure out where she'd seen him before.


Well, they chatted on the phone today, and guess what? It turns out they went to college together - and, now that they're aware of that, they actually remember each other from their college days! They hung out with all the same people, and even partied together a few times in the dorm. She distinctly remembers him now. They weren't close friends, but she said he was a part of the crowd she ran with.


William told Cassie that he was trying to figure out where he'd seen her before! It was bothering him, too.


Is that freaky, or what? I'll tell you this much: With this new piece of news, the chances of this relationship developing further have now increased a thousandfold.


Now, the bad news: Thursday's off. So their next meeting will be postponed until next week some time, probably Tuesday, if Cassie doesn't get back too late (she's going out of town this weekend, and will return some time on Tuesday).


Oh, well...


Cassie said when he called her today, he told her that he had good news and bad news. The bad news was that Thursday had to be canceled; the GOOD news, he said, was, "this will allow the anticipation to build."


He must be speaking for himself, because, if the anticipation builds any more on my end, I'm going to BUST!!!!



* * *


Our vacation started on July 28. We hadn't planned to go anywhere; it was supposed to be a week of just relaxing around the house. But...what a memorable vacation it turned out to be!!!!



Thursday, August 3, 2000, 5:15 p.m.


Dear "A",


Well, I don't have much time to elaborate, but it looks like tonight could be the night.


We're going to meet William at a bar; Cassie will go in, and I'll wait outside in the car. If William has time, we're going to rent a room. We don't know for sure if this will come off , but, if he does have the time, I think this is going to happen.


I'm so nervous, I can hardly type!


Talk to you later....




* * *




Friday, August 4, 2000, 3:17 a.m.



Dear "A",


Hi. Well, it SORT OF happened...or, rather, it's HAPPENING.


We went to the bar (actually, it was technically a restaurant, even though they were there to drink), not knowing exactly what was going to happen. I dropped Cassie off at the door, and found a spot in the parking lot, about 50 yards from the entrance.


Then I sat there in the car and waited.


And I waited. And I waited.


My mistress kept me sitting out there waiting for two hours!!!!


Finally, I had to pee, and I got out of the car and started to go into the restaurant. Wouldn't you know it, they were leaving just as I approached the front door!!! I was startled to see them, and I stammered something about having to go to the bathroom. I even asked my wife for permission to go, right in front of William. I don't know why I did it; it wasn't planned. I just sort of blurted out, "is it okay if I go?" William had a kind of sneer on his face, and I couldn't look him in the eye. Cassie smiled arrogantly and said, "sure, you can go."


I felt so submissive in front of the two of them!!! It wasn't like that when we met in the park a few weeks ago; then, we were just talking. But, this time, there were no fronts to put up, and the dominant vibe was definitely emanating from both William and my wife.


Anyway, I went to the john, then went back outside. They were standing on the edge of the parking lot, so I apprehensively walked up to them, unsure of what to do. I asked Cassie, "uh, what do you want me to do?"


Cassie said, "I don't know. Do you have something you want to say to William?"


I stumbled over a few syllables, and William waved his hand at me. "Go back and sit in the car," he said dismissively, and I immediately bowed my head and walked back to the car. They both chuckled behind me as I walked away.


Then, Cassie and William took a walk around the restaurant (it's located in a large strip mall). I lost sight of them for about 20 minutes, then they came back and went to his sport-utility vehicle, which was parked about 30 yards from me. By now it was dark, and it was difficult to see, but I could barely make out their silhouettes. I could see that they were standing very close to each other.


After another 20 minutes or so, Cassie finally came back to the car. She was smiling like a happy little girl, and I knew SOMETHING had happened.


Once she got back in the car, she gave me the scoop: They made out while they were standing by his sport-ute. He couldn't get a room with us tonight, because he had to get home.


But, they both seem to be enjoying the slow buildup, the anticipation. He asked her out on a lunch date for tomorrow, and, of course, she accepted. So, now she's agonizing over what to wear tomorrow!


I asked her if they talked about me at all, and she said yes, a little. She said he laughed when he found out I was sitting out in the car waiting for them. She also told him that they were going to have to work on me, because I'm a wimp when it comes to physical pain. According to Cassie, he got an evil look on his face and said, "well, that's something we can take care of." So it looks like he's going to be whipping me. That scares me - and excites me.


But mostly, she said, they were simply enjoying each other's company, discussing different people they knew in college, likes, dislikes, etc. I wasn't prominent in the conversation at all, although Cassie told me she kept thinking about me, and the fact that she kept me waiting in the car so long was, she said, a huge power trip.


As for me, I simply can't describe what I was feeling while I sat out there. Sad, lonely, excited - the words just don't do it justice. It was so intense, I basically had a headache the whole time.


Adding to the mix of emotions was the fact that the restaurant is in a city where I know a lot of people. I was petrified that someone I know might see me sitting in the parking lot, then go inside and see my wife sitting at a table with another man. Cassie already had it worked out that she was going to say he was a co-worker if she ran into anyone she knew. But, if they'd seen me out there in the lot, that would've been blown. Fortunately, that didn't happen.


But a couple people gave me funny looks. They'd parked by me and noticed me sitting there reading the newspaper (pretending to read the paper!!!)....then, an hour or so later, they came back from their meals, and saw me STILL sitting there. They must've wondered what the hell I was doing.


So, while William and my wife haven't actually consummated their new relationship, the first kiss is out of the way. Cassie was horny as hell by the time she got into the car, and I was hoping she might let me worship her when we got home. But, Cassie went to bed.


Before she went to sleep, she did let me kiss her pussy a few times, through the new black panties she bought for William last week. By the way, earlier in the week, Cassie bought yet another outfit for her meeting tonight - a short jean skirt and a light-purple blouse. Cassie told William that she bought the outfit just for him, and he smiled and said he liked it a lot.


I'm a confused ball of emotions right now. I'm horny, of course; I'm scared to DEATH, as well. This is happening, man! They're both hitting it off incredibly well. Cassie said this looks like the beginning of a long, mutually-fulfilling relationship.


Finally, he told her he might be able to get away on Saturday. Cassie told him how she wants this to come down: They'll go out and have a few drinks, while I get their room ready for them. Tonight, in anticipation of them getting a room, Cassie had packed a bag with candles, the lotion I use for my foot massages, a small whip, and some liquor.


We'll keep the bag packed!!!


Well, that's all I have to report for now. I'll keep you posted, as always.


Good night....and keep your fingers crossed for Saturday!!!


Your friend,








Friday, August 4, 2000, 1:17 p.m.



Dear "A",


It's the same old line that's been uttered in a thousand cuckold stories, but now, it's for real:


As I sit here at my computer typing this, my wife is out on a date with her lover. She looked radiant as she left for her lunch with William.


I'm feeling like there are a thousand electrodes hooked up to my body. I'm kind of tingling all over. She's been gone since 11, and it's after 1:00. She should be home pretty soon.


I cleaned the house while she was gone, and her long brown hairs were still in the bathroom sink. The hairspray was sitting on the sink, and her robe was crumpled on the floor. She took a lot of time getting ready for William this morning. And, yes, she wore another pair of her new sexy underwear - just in case, I suppose. I know she told me she feels "naughty" when she's wearing it.


She also told me she was going to try to get a private booth, because she wanted to play with his crotch under the table with her foot! You should see her - she's become quite the horny "slut-wife." She's been grinning ear-to-ear for days!!!


This morning, before she left, she told me, "thank you for helping to make this happen." She said she's very, VERY happy with me as her slave, and she doesn't ever want me to not be her slave. That makes ME very happy as well.


She also plans to tell William over lunch how submissive I've been, and how his talking down to me last night has me totally feeling subjugated. That's got me on pins and needles whenever I think about it.


This couldn't have turned out better if we'd scripted it!!! And, more amazing, it was the FIRST ad we responded to!!!


Well, I'm going to close for now. I don't want to be sitting on the computer when she gets home - I want her to realize that I'll always be here waiting for her when she gets home from a date with William. I promised her that I would, and I want to keep that promise!



Your friend,





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