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Cuckolding by Mistress Wife , part 10





Sunday, January 7, 2001 2:44 p.m.

Another wild night...


Well, it's official: my wife's pussy now belongs to William. He broke the news to me last night, just before he fucked her for the second time.


That’s right - last night was fantastic, I'm happy to report. It was everything I'd hoped it would be. My mistress and William had an incredible erotic adventure at the swingers’ club, and when they returned, I was given the privilege of serving them while they got re-acquainted on the hotel bed. I’m also happy to report that this morning, my mistress told me I did a very good job tending to their needs! Her praise made me glow inside. I’m glad I was able to be useful to them.



As I said, last night went GREAT!!! The evening started when we met William at the hotel around 9:30 p.m. It was a little later than we’d planned, but it had been a crazy day for all of us.


Cassie and I were already in the room, and I rushed around unpacking and getting the candles lit, etc. I was hooking up our VCR to the hotel TV set when William knocked on the door.


After he kissed my mistress for a minute, he noticed me fussing with the VCR cord. I couldn’t get a clear picture for some reason. Being a tech-head, William couldn’t resist, so he took over behind the television set, and I assisted him as we tried to get it to work. Eventually, William got it - but while we were farting around with the TV, I looked over at my mistress, who was sitting on the couch, and she looked bored out of her mind!!! Here, she finally gets a moment alone with her lover, and he’s tinkering with a television set! : )


After we got the picture as good as it was going to get (there was some kind of interference, which garbled the picture), William and Cassie laid on the bed and watched a porno movie for awhile. My mistress embarrassed me by reporting that I hadn’t touched myself since Tuesday, and that I’d abstained so that I could serve them better.


“He’d better do a good job serving us,” William said.


They didn’t hang around the room for long. At around 10:30 or so, they took off for the swingers’ club.


“Are you going to be sad sitting here all alone while we’re gone?” my mistress teased.


“Yes, mistress.” I said.


She just giggled. Then, William mentioned that he needed something to drink, and I offered to run home and get his vodka.


Well, the trip home turned out to be unnecessary - he never did drink the vodka or the cranberry juice I’d bought for him. Oh, well - as my mistress pointed out, at least it was there in case he needed it, so it wasn’t a wasted trip.


I returned to the hotel a little before midnight, and I sat around the room feeling sorry for myself. I couldn’t help wondering what they were doing at the club. I tried to watch Saturday Night Live to occupy my mind, but I just couldn’t get into it. So I wound up staring out the window, hoping William’s truck would pull up.


Cassie had left me her cell phone, and she told me she would call me from William’s cell phone as they were leaving the club. Well, 1 a.m. came and went, and her phone still didn’t ring. Finally, at around 20 after, she called and told me they were on their way. My mistress sounded very happy.


By the time they got back to the room about a half hour later, I had the candles lit; whips, dildos, lotions and other toys all laid out neatly on a chair; and a few Variations magazines spread on their nightstand. And, of course, I had a cold drink waiting for my mistress, and a bottle of GatorAid chilling in the refrigerator for William, along with his cranberry juice.


The first words they said when they came into the room were, “man, we had a GREAT time! We’re definitely going back!”


I gave my mistress her drink, then asked William if he wanted his GatorAid. “No, that’s for later,” he said. “I’m going to need it after I get done fucking your mistress.”


Cassie and William sat on the bed, and I sat on the carpet naked at their feet, as they told me everything that happened at the club.


First of all, the club is sort of like a bathhouse. It has a pool, a sauna, a hot tub, and a movie room, where pornos are shown on a big screen. There were about 30 people at the club.


At first, Cassie said she felt a little uncomfortable, but that soon disappeared. Everyone was very nice, they told me, and the club members made my mistress and William feel very comfortable. Another couple started flirting with them - the man lifted his wife’s robe and showed William her ass!! He got big a kick out of that!!


Their evening at the bathhouse was a phantasmagoria of pure erotica. The first thing they saw was a woman riding on top of her man. Another threesome was engaged in a daisy chain.


After they settled in and started feeling a little more comfortable, Cassie and William jumped right into the swing of things.


“I fucked her in the hot tub,” William told me.


“Boy, did he fuck me!” Cassie added. “Whew!!”


“Yeah, I tore that pussy up,” William said.


It was just about then when William told me, “listen, that pussy belongs to ME. Are we clear?”


Of course, you know what my answer was: “Yes, sir.”


Cassie later told me it turned her on to hear William tell me her pussy belonged to him. “I wonder if he’ll ever get to the point where you have to ask his permission to worship me?” she teased. God, I hope not!!!


Anyway, they continued telling their story. After William fucked her in the hot tub, they went into the movie room. There, amongst a room full of people, William made my mistress cum with his fingers. “And she wasn’t quiet about it, either!” William said.


It was clear they’d enjoyed themselves immensely. My mistress was positively glowing! I kept imagining what it must’ve looked like when she was getting fucked in the hot tub!!!


Their story had gotten me so hot, I reached down touched myself without permission. My mistress caught me, and slapped me hard across the face. I apologized, explaining that I didn’t know I was doing it. It was the truth - I hadn’t even thought about it; my hand just automatically went down to my dick.


My mistress asked William if they should accept my explanation.


“I don’t think so,” he said. “He knows he’s not supposed to be playing with himself.”


Mistress chose her crop for my punishment. She really got me good a few times - once even catching my balls - but I’m proud to report I didn’t yell out once!! I am getting better. A couple times, however, when she hit me hard, I collapsed - and, in doing so, I scraped my knees against the rough carpet. As a result, I once again have very sore knees (My knees are always sore after a night of serving William and Cassie!!! Don’t they make soft carpets in hotels!??! : )


After my mistress whipped my ass, she got back on the bed. She told me to kiss her toes while she made out with William.


feet worship  


As they made out, Cassie kept moving her feet all around, and I was struggling to keep my lips planted to her toes. At one point, she mentioned to William how cute it was that I was struggling to continue kissing her toes. “Yeah, he does look like a man on a mission down there,” William said, and they both giggled.


William then told me to go get the camcorder. William had brought his tripod, but forgot the adapter for it, so I had to operate the camera manually. My mistress showed me how to use it, and I filmed their foreplay. We watched the video this morning, and, let me tell you - I captured one of the most erotic blowjob scenes in history! (Well, maybe I’m biased, since I’m not used to seeing my beloved mistress with a big dick in her mouth! But it was hot!!!)


Next, William licked my mistress to an orgasm. Then, he took the camera and filmed me while I worshipped her. Watching the tape, the contrast between when he’s licking her and when I’m doing it is striking. The act was the exact same - yet, the way she treated us while we were each doing it was entirely different. She was moaning a lot louder when he licked her, stroking his head and doing all the things a woman normally does when she’s having her pussy eaten. When I did it, she reverted back to how she usually treats me - in other words, she totally ignored me.


At one point on the tape, William, the cameraman, says, “he worships you just like a puppy dog.” And my mistress chuckled and patted me on the head.


Then, William announced that the tape was going to run out in 2 minutes. “You’ve got 2 minutes to make your mistress cum,” he said.


I licked my mistress’ pussy furiously, then she pushed my head down and played with herself. I took the cue and gave my mistress a rim job. “One minute,” William said, and I licked her ass even more lovingly.


“Look at him down there,” William chuckled. “He’s licking for all he’s worth.”


I’d like to report that I was able to make my mistress cum before the tape ran out, but, alas, I failed. William put the camera down and started sucking her tit while I worshipped her, and that was enough to bring her over the edge. After she had her third orgasm of the night, they were ready to fuck.


“Did you get the rubbers out of the bag?” my mistress asked.


“No, mistress, I’m sorry.” I said.


“Well, go get them!” she snapped back, obviously annoyed.


I scrambled to our gym bag and got a condom for William. (I’m a little embarrassed to admit: This morning when I cleaned the hotel room, I put the empty Trojan-ENZ wrapper in my pocket. I always save little mementos of our adventures!!)


I tried to film William fucking my mistress, but the battery had run out. So I sat submissively at the foot of the bed and watched while William fucked my mistress into next Tuesday. As I watched, I felt very grateful to this man for giving my beloved mistress what she needs.


William came in no time, and as he reached his orgasm, he pounded into my mistress like a jackhammer! After 13 years of touching my mistress so carefully, I’m still not used to seeing someone riding her like a bucking bronco! I have to remind myself that this is what men normally do to women - that is, fuck their brains out!!!


If there’s one memory of last night that stands out, it was after William had his orgasm. He was on his knees, his dick still embedded in my mistress’s pussy, when he told me, “go get me the GatorAid.” I ran to the fridge and brought his drink.


Well, when I returned, William was talking to my mistress about something. So I stood quietly at the side of the bed holding the bottle of GatorAid, while William and Cassie talked, his dick still buried in her pussy.


After a minute, he noticed me, and snatched the bottle from my hand. After taking a long swig, he handed it back to me and said, “here, put that back in the fridge.”


I don’t know why that moment stands out so vividly, but it does. I felt so...submissive standing there with William’s drink while he talked to my wife with his dick still inside her. And it made me feel very happy inside, because I was providing a needed service for him. If I hadn’t been there, he would’ve had to get out of the bed for his drink! So, I felt like I was being useful to them.


William cleaned up, then I gave my mistress a foot massage while they talked some more. After awhile, they announced they were going to sleep. Cassie asked William if I should be given permission to cum. He thought about it for a minute, then said I could. Of course, I thanked him for the privilege.


Then, William said he had to get up at about 9:00. By now, it was already 4:30. He said he wasn’t sure if he’d set the hotel alarm clock correctly, and my mistress offered my services. “I can have him stay up all night, and wake you up if you want,” she said. But William said that wasn’t necessary.


Before she went to sleep, my mistress told me, “you can sleep anywhere on the floor you want to - just don’t lay somewhere where we’re going to trip on you when we get up.”


Then, they drifted off to sleep together, leaving me cold and alone on the rough carpet. I didn’t even have a pillow, other than the small throw pillow that had been sitting on the couch. No blanket, either.


I jacked off to the sound of my wife’s lover’s snoring. I peeked up at them, wrapped closely in each other’s arms, and I felt very happy, because they both seemed content and satisfied.


It only took a few minutes for me to reach orgasm, and I felt so pathetic afterward as I cleaned my cum from the carpet. I looked up one last time at Cassie and William, so comfortable on their soft bed, snuggling underneath their downy blankets.


“Good night, mistress,” I whispered. “Good night, sir.”


Then, I curled up on the floor and went to sleep.


Well, that’s the story of last night! Thanks for letting me share it with you!!!





* * *



Sunday, January 7, 2001 4:51 p.m.

Thank you, sir!


Sir, I just wanted to take the time out to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my mistress so happy, and for giving her what I cannot. She's experiencing things with you that she could only dream about just a few short months ago.


Sir, I'd also like to thank you for allowing me to serve the both of you last night. I hope I pleased you...I tried my very best, and I will continue to do so for as long as you will let me.


















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