MISTRESS WIFE STORY - A Passel of Basils


by Justin C Benedict





"What?" Basil asked as they entered the Play Room of the Sacher-Masoch Society in Plainview, New Jersey. "I said look at these pathetic guys, they're a passel of Basils-just like you honey!" Lindy said cheerfully. And it was true, there were about a dozen pudgy, balding men standing around, most of them with erections...but not like Basil's!


Lindy had really prepped Basil for the visit. Normally she didn't believe in tying Basil up, but this time just seemed so perfect. She put Basil in a straight-backed wooden chair, leaning it's back against the bed. She placed two kitchen chairs in front of the wooden chair, the backs of the kitchen chairs facing each other, and put Basil's legs on each of the kitchen chairs, before tying his hands behind his back and tying his legs to each chair.


Then he was forced to keep his legs open while she went to work!. First Lindy had put a rubber glove on, with those weird little ridges, and she'd rolled it in Vaseline beforehand.


Then she'd pinched the skin under Basil's glans between her index and third finger, and used a circular jerking motion, swinging them about, and at the same time she'd paddled his balls not-so lightly with her long red nails in the non-gloved hand.


Basil had found some insecure pleasure in looking in Lindy's contemptuous eyes-she was openly having affairs now, and it had been nearly a year since they'd had sex at all.


Basil spent many hours between Lindy's legs, and covering her breasts, belly, shoulders, ass and nearly everywhere with kisses and licks. Lindy encouraged Basil to give her long, scented baths and massages, and she was always amused by the extent of his excitement.


And she teased him all over the house-in the living room, on the back porch, and out in the world, the most embarrassing place of which was the university parking garage where once Lindy had stroked Basil and then made him walk to get the ticket to get them out of there.


The Hispanic parking attendants had ridiculed Basil tremendously, since his dick was almost poking out of his pants.


Lindy was also one to rub her feet under restaurant tables and play with Basil's cock, so he barely could eat his meal. She made him crazy with her toes...what could a guy do?


But Basil had to admit that this was what he desired most, the teasing, and Lindy's amazing imagination in thinking of new ways to torment his chaste cock. This rubber glove thing was typical of her genius.


After a while of the circular jerking of Basil's cock, Lindy had switched to pumping Basil's sweltering shaft with her index finger and thumb. "Take it easy, baby...you look so hot!" She'd winked at him, and tossed her ash blonde hair in such an adorable way. Lindy's cleavage bounced in her halter top as the teasing continued.



Now she was gently turning the head of Basil's penis back and forth as if she were wrestling with a child-proof cap on an aspirin bottle.


Lindy had really gotten into focusing on glans torment, putting her finger and thumb along the sensitive ridge of Basil's "helmet". Basil watched Lindy's long pink tongue pass her lips absently as she ran her gloved finger along the groove of Basil's cockhead.


At the same time, Lindy tickled the rest of Basil's denied penis with her other hand and he gasped quite a bit, and of course she laughed in his face. "Watching you suffer is oh so precious, honey...can't wait to see how you act when we get to the bondage sex place."


Lucinda then made a ring with her thumb and index finger of her greasy gloved hand and then using a backhanded grip, Lindy wrapped her thumb and index finger around the base of Basil's cock as close to the testicles as she could.


Lindy then massaged Basil's scrotum with her non-glove hand, stopping occasionally. Whenever Lindy rubbed, Basil's cum juices seemed to boil within his shaft, and when she stopped, he was near tears in desire..it was almost too much!


It was almost like when she was rubbing his dick during "Law and Order" or "Project Runway" but only during the commercials, forcing him to wait through the shows so Lucinda could concentrate...oh God, those were the only times in Basil's life that he prayed for the commercial to go on longer!


But tied to the kitchen chair had been even worse, and knowing that they were going to a sex party was even weirder, Basil was so worried that he might squirt by accident when they got there...but Lucinda had certainly taken her time in stroking and teasing Basil!


In the half hour before they left the house, Lindy really got busy on her husband's genitalia. Using her glove she again made a ring with thumb and index finger round Basil's cock. Then she pulled the ring up and dowin twisting then pulling the finger ring up along the length of his suffering cock towards the glans.


Finally, just as Basil was about to cum this time, Lindy had paused batting her eyes at her poor horny husband. Then she'd squeezed her finger-ring tightly around the ridge of the cock and then slammed the ringed fingers down Basil's shaft stopping only at his balls again.




As Basil gasped with desire, Lucinda did this several times and was quite amused to watch Basil bounce and buck. "Like the Rio Kid" she said contemptuously.


After a time Lucinda had gripped Basil's shaft with her left hand and spread the fingers of her right hand, encased in the Vaseline soaked glove palm down above Basil's hard penis, tossing her hair as she began sliding her fingers to and for across the bulging cockhead.


"Oh, please let me cum!" Basil had begged at this point. "I do so well jerking on my own, but you are so good honey, oh please let me have an orgasm, honey...I need it so badly."


Lindy had then gotten quite annoyed with Basil, and she'd lit a Viceroy, smoked it a bit and butted it out on his glans as he'd screamed. After this Basil was quiet as Lindy continued her good work.


Basil had moaned and his glans flipped between the finger spaces as Lucinda continued the palm-finger exercise. Though his glans hurt from the cigarette burn, Basil nearly forgot it, as he enjoyed the tantalizing massage from the gloves. Basil was rubbed from ridge to tip by each of Lindy's gloved fingers.


Lindy continued to stimulate the top surface of the glans before returning to tickle the frenulum. The flip motion of the penis as Basil's glans passed between each of her fingers made Basil gasp with amazement. Lindy had continued to rub her working fingers back and forth across Basil's oiled glans, gradually picking up speed.


"Oh it's so heavenly, Lindy darling" said Basil weakly. "Forgive me for interrupting and selfishly asking you if I could cum." Lindy had smiled and silently continued her super massage.


Lindy had rubbed faster and faster and just as Basil was about to spurt, Lindy had pulled her glove away and laughed again in his face.


But Basil was bucking a little harder, and it looked as if he might come anyway, so Lindy threw her Gin & Tonic on his crotch, the ice hitting it severely, and the shock had limpened Basil's dick nicely.


This glove thing had driven Basil wild. He'd tried in the past tugging on his penis through a piece of Saran wrap lubed with cocoa butter and that was quite a thrill, but Lucinda was a genius at this sort of thing.


"I want you to be all excited when we get to the TeaseCon." She'd been quite firm on this, and had worn the glove and rubbed Basil's bare cock all the way in the car, which had somewhat impeded his driving.


Now as they stood in the Play Room of the Sacher-Masoch Society, Basil wished that Lindy would just turn around and they could go home. There were not many women in the Society, and LOTS of Basil types.


One came ambling up to them, obese and nude, except for a leather loincloth. "Hi, I'm Easterling Ponds, this years Sacher-Masoch President." Ponds said this with the enthusiasm of a Rotary president...it almost made him more Babbitish than if he'd been clothed.


Basil stood as a stone as Lucinda greeted Easterling Ponds with a deep hug and kiss on the cheek. He knew she must be revolted by Ponds...she hadn't wanted to come at all until he'd promised her that he'd pay to re-floor the dining room after their now expired Bassett Hound had peed all over it. But look at her enthusasim. And Easterling's as well!


Easterling Ponds seemed almost too thrilled by Lindy. It was true, there weren't a lot of attractive women at the Sacher-Masoch Play Room.


Basil had hoped for many tall dominatrix types with high heels and full breasts, strutting about, and then lots of naked men, but it seemed like there were lots of naked men, and a few fat women, and then his beautiful Lindy, who was getting more attention than Basil wanted.


True, Lucinda had told Basil this might happen when they went. He'd been pestering her about it since he'd read about the Sacher-Masoch society in the "Plainview Post-Degenerate" the local free weekly.


"Trust me honey" she'd said amusedly, "This is not some erotic grotto out of Hugh Hefner...life just don't work that way."


Now, Lindy was enjoying her nascent popularity. Ponds had her hand in his sweaty paw and was looking at her with eyes of love. "Tell me, Mrs. Naples, have you been into the scene for long?"


Basil retched at the sight of Easterling Ponds's huge gut hanging over the loincloth. But he was also rather worried by the attention that Lucinda was giving this repugnant creature.


She was smiling at Ponds, and conversing quite animatedly. "Well, my husband and I have been in the scene as you put it for about five or six years--since before we were married, on and off." Lindy smiled broadly, showing her teeth, and Basil noted that a quite obvious erection was plumping up under Basil's loincloth.


"Really--is it quite an intense relationship?" Easterling Ponds seemed to stand just a little closer to Lindy as he asked this, and Basil watched him staring into her adorable cleavage. "I mean, are you a tough Mistress?"


"Really, it's none of your business---" Basil tried to look somewhat menacing, but Lindy whacked him gently in the stomach with her palm. "Enough, dear. You wanted the swinging lifestyle, eh?" To Ponds Lindy smiled and went on.


"Yes, at first he begged me to give him spankings, and I was a little put off by it, you know--but then after I began "ordering" Basil to do the housework and supervising him in a Pleather corset and tapping my riding crop I was amazed at how much he was willing to do." Ponds sweated a bit upon his pink brow. "Yes, I had that with my first wife--but then she got bored with it, even when I said I'd clean the toilet with my tongue. It just put her off." Lindy clucked sympathetically.


"That's so sad, um, Easterling. I was quite enthused to put Basil through his paces, especially after he began giving me hours of oral sex...and you know, a girl likes that far more than getting fucked." Lucinda then wiggled her slim hips.


Easterling Ponds and his growing coterie of interested fat naked friends ogled Lindy appreciatively.


Basil was becoming somewhat alarmed.Where were the hot women who were going to dominate him? There had been some hope in Basil's mind that he might meet an even younger, cuter dom here.


After all, as much as he loved Lucinda, he'd love to get thrashed by a little hardbody about the age of his students at Western Commonwealth Women's College.


But the few women there were fat, and reminded Basil of the homely types he used to see at Science Fiction Conventions when he'd been into that sort of thing. And they had more male attention than they almost wanted in the Play Room since there were so many men.


And Lindy seemed to be still airing their dirty laundry. "Yes, in the past nine months Basil's only had two orgasms." she was saying to Ponds, who had asked her to call him Pond-Scum. "And you should see Basil beg for an orgasm, it's really quite pathetic."


At this all the men laughed, and Basil blushed hotly. "Lucinda, I'd really..." Suddenly Lindy spun around and slapped Basil hard across the face. "I am so sick of your interrupting me!" she shouted. "You are a slave at this Play Room! Now take off your clothes and go kneel in that corner!"


Basil saw Lindy's finger pointing towards a corner of the room. "B-but we're here to have fun, honey." he begged in a little voice. Slap! Again, Lindy's little white palm crashed across Basil's face. "Undress immediately! Pond-Scum, do you have a cane I can use, please?"


The naked, fat men fell over each other trying to find Lindy a suitable cane, and she was able to pick her choice out of six. She chose the stoutest, a malacca cane, and by this time, Basil was in his undershorts.


"Take them down!" Lindy screamed. At this point the few women in the room were also watching with interest, and Basil was wondering whether or not he wanted to do this thing, but it didn't look good for him, so he slowly shuffled his shorts down to his knees.


Lucinda looked at the guys. "Help the idiot out of his shorts, and lay him across a table." Basil was horrified as two burly fellows, both in loin cloths, approached him. One picked Basil up by his armpits, as the other pulled Basil's shorts off, and then both escorted him to a thick wooden table and lay him down.


Basil could not believe a tenured professor could be treated this way!


Lindy walked up to the table with her stout Malacca cane in her hand, swinging it gently in her palm. "Well now you're going to see genuine discipline. I am sincerely sorry that my slave has such poor public behavior."


Lindy lifted her cane. "Now, after every swat, I want you to say, 'Thank you Miss Lucinda for improving my public behavior' That should be good, eh boys?" The Passel of Basils nodded, and Lindy lifted the cane for the first time.


WHACK! "Th-thank you Miss Lucinda for helping me-" "He got it wrong!" interrupted a skinny little fellow in a cockring and ugly black horn rims. Lindy smiled upon the shrimpy fellow and flicked his nipple with her long nail. "How right you are, geek-boy."


"Now we'll try it again, Basil. You are to say ''Thank you Miss Lucinda for improving my public behavior' Can't you remember that?" Lindy turned to the many naked men.


"You boys remember, right?" Together twenty eight nude nerds recited "'Thank you Miss Lucinda for improving my public behavior'" Lindy put the cane down for a moment and clapped her little hands.


"Perhaps I should trade Basil in for one of you!" She looked at them appreciatively. "Are any of you rich? Basil's a pathetic $63,500 per annum professor."


One man with a Cro-Magnon forehead and sagging breasts said. "Leave him for me, Miss Lucinda! I'm a systems engineer and I pull down $96,000 yearly, and my child support is only twelve five."


A smaller man with thick lips and not much hair pushed his way to the front. "Forget him, Miss Lucinda! I'm super-obedient, and I have my own hedge fund." Then there was a clamor of others, and Basil's heart sunk as he lay still on the table.


Finally, Lindy laughed, and of course, she'd just been fucking with him."Well boys, I am so flattered...but you have to understand, who would take care of this pathetic loser if I didn't? So why don't you supervise his whipping."


Unbelievably, Lindy handed the cane to the Cro-Magnon. "You cane Basil while he says his little speech to me...can you cane him hard?"


The Cro-Magnon nodded appreciatively while Basil recoiled in horror. Getting a MAN, much less another slave to handle Basil's whipping? What sort of a thrill was that? Not much. But before his thoughts could congeal, Basil felt the cane.


WHACK! 'Thank you Miss Lucinda for improving my public behavior' THWACK! 'Thank you Miss Lucinda for improving my public behavior'


CRACK! "Thank you Miss Lucinda for improving my-Oh Lindy it hurts so much!" Basil was crying. Cro-Magnon seemed to have a far stronger swinging arm than his Lindy had ever had. Oh my.


Lindy walked casually over to her husband, lying fragiley on the table, buttocks covered in welts. "Darling, Mummy wants you to be a good boy and take your whipping like a little man. Mummy knows that you realize that you need to take your medicine, now do it." As she spoke, Lucinda ran her long nails across Basil's back, and reached under his hips to play with his penis and balls, so they got quite hard. All the men stared in desire, and Easterling Ponds began visibly palpitating.


Finally the caning was over, and Basil was huddled on the table in a weeping mass. But when he looked up, he was horrified to find that Lindy was no longer looking at him sympathetically.


Instead, she had stripped off her clothes and was letting all the other sweating little men-her passel of Basils-rub and paw her. This was unbelievable.


But I don't understand, thought Basil. They're slaves, why would she let them do this? Lindy finally looked over at Basil and crooked her finger and he shambled over to her.


"Basil honey, why don't you buy the house a round of drinks, these men are so sweet to me." Lindy purred in her COME HITHER voice. Basil sighed, and went and got his wallet from his fallen pants.


All the men ordered lavishly from the bar, and then Basil worked as waiter to serve everyone, until finally he looked over, and my God, Lindy was fucking Easterling Ponds! Fat little Easterling Ponds. Basil couldn't believe it.


Finally, Ponds grunted and climbed off, and then the Cro-Magnon got on, and another man stuck his dick in Lindy's mouth. When was the last time Lindy had allowed THAT from Basil? Even before he'd become her slave, she'd never done more than lick it a couple of times...she said she didn't like fellatio,but look at her sucking that guy! She was going at it as if she were eating a Creamsicle!


And the fellows were lining up! What the hell did this have to do with submission? And Basil himself had not had sex in so long! None of the guys there were as good looking as Basil was...and look how she was treating them.


Lindy looked up at Basil sleepily. "I'm having quite a time,but I don't want my pussy to get all gunked up. So Basil, I want you to go kneel in the corner until I call for you, and then you can clean me out before the next dick rush...get into the corner until then, honey... no one wants to see your whining, crying, slave-ish face!"


Basil's lower lip trembled, but he went to kneel in the corner. This was just unprecedented. As he listened to the moans and screams behind him, he knew he was going to be going home tonight, without an orgasm-and that Lindy had taught him a valuable lesson about sharing his woman!




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