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My Mistress Wife knows I am writing this. I asked if I could and she said I may since the letter is really a tribute to her ownership and handling of me.


She told me to address the subject about whether a wife should be beautiful or not. She feels it is not something a slave husband needs to be concerned about, despite his fantasies. If a woman decides to take a husband for herself, it is he who needs to be physically pleasing, not her. He should be good looking and keep his body in shape for her pleasure. She only needs to be a woman and not bother with the idea of making herself attractive for men. She owns a man now and he has enough to do trying to serve her and please her without wasting time on his own desires. His only desire should be to find new and better ways to please his Mistress Wife.


I am just over 6 feet tall, and am in excellent muscular shape. My mistress has told me to say I am handsome too, although I would not presume to say it myself. Thank you, O Mistress.


She also ordered me to point out that she decided to take me for her slave husband, without bothering to inquire about my wishes in the matter. She saw me, wanted me, and took me. At no point was I asked about my feelings in the matter.


My Mistress Wife enjoys using my ass for her pleasures as well as to instruct me in the proper behavior for a husband. She will often whip me across the buttocks, use my hole with a strap-on dildo, or do whatever she feels that day to abuse me for her uses. I am fortunate to have large genitals because my Mistress Wife likes to punish me there and she prefers to have a generous area to play her sadistic games.


When not in use, she keeps them locked in a chastity device that is quite uncomfortable for me, but she enjoys seeing me in it. Very often my Mistress Wife’s games go too far, and then I get worried and scared. She enjoys my fear very much, so I don’t foresee her letting up on me.


I would have wished she was easier on me (seriously) but she won’t allow me to complain about anything she does to me. I expect I’ll get 25 with the cane across my ass for even mentioning it, because she has a reputation for unfairness in her use of me. I brought it up without thinking and I’m not allowed to erase anything, so she will lay into me. I should have known better and I will pay for it. Allow me to express my apology even though it will do me no good once she reads this. Thank you, O Mistress.


I am quite a bit younger than my Mistress Wife. She found me when I was in college. She was one of my professors. She called me into her office one day for evaluation and I was evaluated in a different way than I expected. She immediately told me that it didn’t matter what kind of grades I got because she had decided to pull me out of college. She would teach me everything I needed in life from that point, she said, and told me to come to her house that afternoon. It was there that I learned first hand what it means for a young, inexperienced man to be turned into a woman’s slave. From that point on I never had a say in my own life, just as if I were a real slave purchased on the block, not knowing who his owner is, nor what is use he will be put to. I still don’t know why I never objected, but maybe it’s because I was never asked. She always just told me what to do and struck me with a whip to emphasize her authority over me. I was afraid of her. She was a muscular woman, in fact, as she worked out with weights at a gym. Her arms were massive – something I never guessed seeing her in her bulky professor’s clothes. At the time I was not athletic so she had the actual physical strength to overpower me. She did not ever need to tie me down or handcuff me – although she did many times for the psychological value. But there was nothing psychological in those first days of my subjugation and training. She would tie my wrists to an overhead beam in the basement and use my whole body as a punching bag, and practice her kick boxing on me.


She married me a short time later, and decided I should have a job that required I work hard all day and still make good money. To this end she got me hired at an iron mill and put on a ten-hour-a-day, four-day-a-week schedule. Her father was a big shot at the mill and she was able to have him place me. She wanted me home one day to maintain and clean the house, and on weekends I serve her. I mean hand and foot. She does nothing in the house. I have been trained (under the whip) to handle her fine lingerie and delicate clothes. By day I am a tough-looking iron worker but as soon as I get home I have to step into my role as a sissy house boy for my Mistress Wife.


Several years ago she retired on a good pension and invested her money well. Her father passed away and left her well off too. With my hefty paycheck handed over to her each week, she is in excellent shape financially. Since retiring she doesn’t bother to maintain her appearance as much as before and she has let herself go. I am still required to keep myself in top shape though. I have to work with the weights in the basement six hours a week good and hard. She examines me thoroughly regularly to make sure my muscles are in top form, free of body fat for her erotic pleasure. I am seldom allowed to look at her directly, but need to keep my eyes wherever she directs them. I am usually on my hands and knees in her presence anyway, so it doesn’t make much difference.


She doesn’t do anything in the house at all, work-wise. I have to keep up the house and the garden and yard, do the cooking and cleaning up each night. She takes care of her meals during the day when I am at work, and leaves the dirty dishes and mess for me to clean up when I get home. I work from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday That means I have to get up at 4 am, get my early chores done, work out for two hours three days a week, then get down to the bus to go to work. When I get home I go in through the side door, strip naked, shower in the basement and hurry my ass to bow before my Mistress. I’m kept naked all the time. I’m never allowed to wear clothes in the house unless certain people are visiting.


If she wants I have to service her vulva with my tongue. Then I have to get to the kitchen, cook and serve her dinner wherever she wants to eat. After that I grab my dinner in the kitchen, clean up in there and do whatever housework needs done. I have to clean up the bathroom every day. I am then changed out of my daytime chastity collar around my cock and balls, and put into a heavier one that covers my whole genital area, unless she wants to torture my cock and balls. I serve her all evening, kneeling or bowing before her on the floor while she watches TV, talks to her friends or just lays back with a book while I use my tongue where directed. My tongue is the only toilet paper she uses for everything. This was never discussed with me. I was just ordered to do it and it was assumed from then on that it was my purpose. It was a shock lesson the first time when she just did it without warning and thrashed my naked body with the whip when I was revolted by it. But I have learned to control myself after many hard beatings.


If I have been bad or if she wants to whip me for her amusement, then I am put through whatever punishment she feels like. She is partial to punishing me on the balls, so the chastity device comes off so she can trample, kick or crush my nuts, to my dismay. She does allow me entrance into her when she feels the need, although I am placed on my back and she rapes me in that position, and woe to me if I have an orgasm inside her.



As I said, she always enjoys torturing my cock and balls in extremely painful ways. Contrary to most slaves I am afraid of her in this matter and don’t want to be hurt there, but I am just her husband and toy, and I have never been asked what I want.




She invited her lover to come here and I was humiliated to have to continue to serve as a slave to them totally naked. He looked at me with annoyance and scorn, but never said anything, nor did he ever address me except to tell me to fetch him something. She put me in a frilly apron and black ladies stocking and garters while he was here. He didn’t like the idea of a naked man serving him, so I had to be a sissy for him. I had to light his cigars, and even serve as his toilet while he was here.


My Mistress Wife treats him like king and even made me give him head most of the evening. She promised me that he would fuck me with his thick stub of a cock at some point too. Since I liked wearing women’s clothes, she said, I must be a real sissy in my mind so I wold enjoy getting fucked by her lover.



Then she gave me a thorough whipping on the cock and balls with her riding crop – a hard braided bit of nastiness with a thing steel inner core. I screamed and screamed into her buttocks as she smothered me and whipped me bloody. No chastity belt was needed for me that night, but she still stuffed my sore, swollen genitals into the metal tube with her long red nails. I cried myself to sleep that night, with my face buried deep in her vulva.






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