Mistress Wife


If you’ve submitted to discipline as part and parcel of your marital relations, you’ve also "explicitly" or "implicitly" accepted that your Mistress Wife is the adjudicator.


When opinions collide, Mistress Wife prevails in the end. If you need that fact of life whipped into you once in a while, it’s going to happen.


Mistress Wife has the right to decide and she’s exercising it; yours is the duty to submit and obey and you better do it.


Any kind of rebellion against an authority of Mistress Wife that you yourself have accepted, needs to be quashed by punitive or disciplinary methods of her choice.


A submissive husband should follow his Mistress Wife’s lead, love, honor and obey her and should cater to her interests and needs.


A Mistress Wife should be cherished and pampered all of her days.


If you truly believe that your Mistress Wife is head of the household then she should decide what is cheating.


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the wife and mistress     mistress wife and husband



A Good Man

A submissive husband is forced to endure a party gang-bang for the pleasure of his dominant Mistress Wife, no matter how humiliating the acts are.



Submissive Cuckold

Julie took a puff of her cigarette. “Good. I want you to stand like that or with your hands behind your back when you’re not busy. You are to address me from now on as Mistress Julie. You will address the others as Master Arnold and Mistress Susan while we’re here. You are our slave and will answer to slave. Do you understand?”




A Passel of Basils

Mistress wife takes slave Basil to a S/M convention.




Mistress Wife - Get Used To It

I was stood in the middle of our bedroom naked, bent over at the waist. A thread was tied, pulled tight from one thumb down to my big toe. My Mistress Wife was stood next to me, cane in her hand, talking.

We have been living in a 24/7 FemDom relationship for some years now, and She has been cuckolding me with Dave, Her work colleague for the best part of 12 months.





Owned by Mistress Wife

Husband's birthday wish is that his Wife becomes his Mistress. The journey into female domination begins with signing a contract of servitude.

I am not going to be your Mistress 24/7 because I don't think it's practical or healthy. I want us to carry on as a normal couple and I want us to have normal sex too, at least for now. But the moment I address you as 'Slave' that will be your signal that I want you to be submissive and that I am in control. You will not question your Mistress, you will not disobey your Mistress and you will not hesitate.


Owned by Mistress Wife, chapter 2

Husband continues descent into slavery. Tied down he is used for the pleasure of his Mistress. He also learns about the concept of ruined orgasm.

What a torture, to know that just the other side of that thin piece of material my wife's ass was stretching around the other end of the dildo that I was holding in my mouth. I was shaking now and my cock was painfully hard but all I could do was listen as my Mistress cursed and grunted as she slowly eased the prick shaped plastic into her virgin-tight ass.


Owned by Mistress Wife, chapter 3

Mistress Wife takes it out on his cock and balls, husband learns about CBT and footjobs.

Then she reached up and retrieved the small cock-whip and the hairbrush and set about tormenting my cock with them. First she would slap my length a few times with the whip and then rub the points of the hairbrush along my cock.... Mistress' pussy rippled around my cock, her fingers expertly manipulating her clit to bring her closer and closer to orgasm. Instinctively I tried to push my cock upwards, deeper into my Mistress pussy and it was only then that I realised that I was held firm by the box and Mistress' weight.


Owned by Mistress Wife, chapter 4

Husband caught masturbating - a big mistake... 


Owned by Mistress Wife, chapter 5

He suffers further at wife's hands. There is a hell to pay.

Then Mistress walked back up the side of the bed and picked up the hairbrush and the cock whip, before drifting back down to the end of the bed and my tightly held balls. She started to whip my nuts, gradually hitting harder and harder and then stopping abruptly to change tack, the hairbrush coming up to torment my taught skin.... But Mistress was not going to accept failure and she spent the entire afternoon forcing those strap-ons into my ass one after the other.


Owned by Mistress Wife, chapter 6

Wife invites friends to help her femdom fun. They are males.... and the cuckolding begins.

Mistress quickly fitted the ballgag and the blindfold and then scampered down the stairs to greet her guests. I heard her take them into the lounge and they stayed in there talking for a few minutes before I heard them climbing the stairs. Then I heard a man's voice.

My heart pounded in my chest as I heard my wife's mouth sucking a strangers cock deep into her throat. I felt betrayed and yet my cock was like a steel bar. My jaw was shaking as I listened intently, half of me wanting to hear, half not.


Owned by Mistress Wife, chapter 7

A new dungeon is built in the garage. Husband is cuckolded for the second time.

Mistress pushed the dildo into her slippery cunt and almost immediately a fresh river of spunk dripped down between her legs and into my mouth. I eagerly swallowed the mixture, my cock bouncing against my stomach as I did so, not caring anymore that my wife had given her anal virginity to another man, but just happy to be her slave and allowed to lick her ass, to worship her as I needed.


Owned by Mistress Wife, chapter 8

The final chapter, husband faces the worst. Real female domination and cuckolding begin.

For my part I was blissfully happy. I had got what I had always dreamed of and Mistress exceeded my hopes in every way. As time went on she dreamed up more ways to humiliate and punish me.


 Mistress Wife at Humiliatrix 



Mistress Wife - Bob's Cuckold Story

Story of a husband who wanted his Wife to become his dominant and strict Mistress. He gets more then he wants.

It took every ounce of my self-control to not cry out as the jolt of pain flared in my butt. I had craved this moment for years, and had tried to imagine the pain that my wife would give me. Believe me, the reality was much, much more intense than anything I could possibly have imagined. I clutched the bedspread in my fingers, and then actually bit into it in an attempt to stifle my cries. Again and again she whipped me with the belt, and every time it struck my naked skin I fought anew with my throat's attempt to give voice to my agony.



Mistress Wife - Pornutopia

The Mistress Wife gazes fondly down on her husband, who is kneeling naked before her, chained by the neck to the toilet, staring up in rapt adoration at her bare breasts.



Real story of Cuckolding by Mistress Wife

Certified cuckold husband's story of becoming a submissive sex slave. Long, hot and unusual story.

Cuckolding by Mistress Wife, part 2

Cuckolding by Mistress Wife - Submissive Sex Slave, part 3

Cuckolding by Mistress Wife - Cuckold Slave, part 4

Cuckolding by Mistress Wife - Submissive Paradise, part 5

Cuckolding by Mistress Wife, part 6

Cuckolding by Mistress Wife - Another Night in submissive paradise, part 7

Cuckolding by Mistress Wife - Abused Husband, part 8

Cuckolding by Mistress Wife - Devoted Husband, part 9

Cuckolding by Mistress Wife - Slave's Life, part 10



Mistress Wife - The Cost of Misbehaving

Husband is locked in chastity belt and dominated by his strict Wife and her sister.
Whipping, humiliation, cuckolding, corporal punishment.


Mistress Wife  


Mistress Wife - 24/7 Slave Husband

My Mistress Wife enjoys using my ass for her pleasures as well as to instruct me in the proper behavior for a husband. She will often whip me across the buttocks, use my hole with a strap-on dildo, or do whatever she feels that day to abuse me for her uses. I am fortunate to have large genitals because my Mistress Wife likes to punish me there and she prefers to have a generous area to play her sadistic games.




Mistress Wife

The prequel.

Mistress Wife owns cuckold husband    

"Beg me to have sex whenever I want!!"

"I beg you to have sex whenever you want"

My god, I knew he was obsessed with me but I thought he'd have put up more of a fight about me cuckolding him - fucking wimp!

Parts 2 and 3




Mistress Wife - New Arrangement    

Female domination, forced BI, creampie, chastity, cuckolding, tease and denial, punishments. Great story of husband humiliations, 3 parts.




Mistress Wife Nicole    

She did tell me that she will bring home a present, maybe a condom or two full of cum even. She did promise a cum soaked thong though and that I could suck on it when she came home.




Mistress Wife Story - LEARNING MY PLACE    

I want you to be involved too, we intend to make the evening as humiliating as possible for you to confirm your inferior status in my bedroom.




Mistress Wife Story  -  RICHARD GETS DENIED

I had no choice but to start licking and try to ignore the pain of being denied release again. Who knew when I was accepted by my Mistress Wife as her slave that it would be so difficult!




Mistress Wife  -  THE LUCK

A symphony in discipline, the paddle in Colleen's firm grip spanked its way up and down the tenderized contours of her errant husband's bare bottom, turning the surface a deeper red with each solid whack.





He stepped back and encouraged my wife to turn around and she laid over the table - again clearly not enjoying the position and most uncomfortable...





Just for Charles benefit, to make sure he wouldn't miss a thing, we turned to him in profile and I turned my face and laughed at him, my eyes shining with pleasure and arousal, the stable hand's pre-cum sperm shiny on my lips and cheeks.  





I next had Steve get behind me and grab my hips so he could pull me in and out of his wife.



mistress wife




My weeks are spent cooking, cleaning, doing laundry and waiting on and servicing the two of them.





The obvious source of my lust was being so utterly cuckolded by my Mistress. But, she had correctly deduced that being so humiliated because the Bull was Black surely played a part.




Mistress Wife - A GIFT

What does a cuckold feel when he sees his wife undressed?  A gift for a cuckold from his wife's lover - a picture to soothe and torture while they are away.





My Mistress Wife has monitored the number and frequency of my orgasms from the very days of our courtship. She did not allow me to ejaculate without her permission, and put me on a strict schedule which she broadcast to her family and her girlfriends.




Mistress Wife Story -  CUCKOLD FORCED BI STORY

Marge didn't trouble over the wimp she'd married being being chained to the toilet in tears in the next room, while she lay back in the marriage bed, legs wide and high for Bull Doug to help himself to hot married pussy.





I lovingly sucked her toes and licked her big beautiful feet clean as her cuckold laid the items he had retrieved on the couch beside Mistress April.






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