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Mistress Sidonia and her friends have hired a night-club for a private party but when they arrive a customer refuses to leave. They explain that only male slaves are permitted to remain at the club and so they'll have to turn him into one! He is made to strip, humiliated, beaten and treated to some harsh CBT. The Mistresses now want some entertainment and so make their tranny slave both pole dance and lap dance for them - he even earns some tips, which of course his Mistress Strap-On Jane, pimps from him afterwards. Having fun, the Mistresses then turn on the barman deciding to forcibly TV dress him and then make him pole dance for their amusement.


Club Subs 2

The two trannys are made to do a slutty, all action, double act on stage to entertain the Mistresses at the party. Now it's time for some play - the Mistress set to work tormenting their slaves with CP, NT & CBT action. Mistress Vixen decides to do some pole dancing herself but with her slave as the floor, in a spectacular trample dance on stage. No point using the loo when slaves are around so mouth are put to convenient use. Now it's time for the Strap-On Competition - which slave can take the most and prove himself to his Mistress?


Club Subs 3

More play with CP &CBT at the party. The Mistresses decided to put one slave in chastity and then all cruelly tease him up close with some lesbian fun. Another slave is made to wank into his own mouth on stage and finally the evening ends with a line up of bottoms for some lashes to take home.  




TGP Screens (112) 
Mistress Sidonia makes you want Her 
She is the Lady of the Mansion 
Strp-on Jane in Nylons



Royal Queendom

At the Royal court, Queen Xena, Princess Natalie and Princess Jessica desire some entertainment, so order Head Guards Sidonia and Birch to bring them some male subjects to amuse. Three are dragged in one after the other, they each have to succumb to the perverted and degrading Royal wishes, with the guards assuring they don't step out of line in any way.

Heavy Rubber Play with Mistress Sidonia 
Mistress Sidonia and slavegirls



Slave Banquet 1

The two Mistresses use their naked slave girl as a platter for their sushi dinner, all the while sexually teasing and wanking their male slave who is made to watch and then clean off the left-overs from the messy girl's body. Next for their amusement they decide to make the slave girl punish the boy while they watch.


Slave Banquet 2

The Mistresses have made slave-girl Sahara torment the male slave, now they want her to sexually tease him and put her to work sucking his cock. To torment him further they tie them together and make them squirm... The fun ends with a double slave sandwich - Lady Nina uses her strap-on on Sahara, Sahara is made to use a strap-on on the slave-boy who in turn is made to use a double-ended cock-gag on Mistress Sidonia.

Nina Birch is the Lady Of The Manor 
Worship Mistress Sidonia's Boots



Femdom Party 1

The Mistresses' party begins, the slaves are numbered, a particularly bad slave and a lax maid are dealt with - now it's time for some fun and games with a new fetish version of 'Pass the Parcel'...


Femdom Party 2

The party games continue until Mistress Sidonia decides that the slaves should be auctioned off. Each Mistress can choose a slave to take into a private room and use them for their enjoyment - anyway they wish. Once the slaves are auctioned off - Goddess Lillith sets to work putting her charge into tight rope bondage ready for some CBT & NT. Mistress Rebekka begins teasing and tormenting her's while Strapon Jane and Lady Nina decided to get their slaves to suck cock while they watch.


Femdom Party 3

The individual sessions continue - Strapon Jane sets to work fucking her victim with her HUGE strap-on cock. Mistress Rebekka puts her slave to work cleaning her boots and then worshipping her now sweaty feet. Mistress Sidonia's ward is in for some special treatment while Lady Nina gets her slave to shine up her rubber with his tongue before she dresses him in ladies underwear - how she prefers her slave's attired. With the sessions over and the Mistresses all assembled together, they decide it's time for all the slaves to put on a little show for them - a sex show!

Mistress Dante-Posh 
Slavegirls at the Mansion 
Dante In Rubber 
Two angry wives chastise their cheating husbands and the slut they were caught with



Mistress Party 1

We decided that rather than making a film about 'A Mistresses' Party' - we should just have a party and film it. All of us had the most amazing time, though I have to admit we all drank a little too much and got a little carried away. First we were served the meal and champagne by our TV maid, while the other slaves served us under the table. One slave was receiving an ongoing punishment throughout the evening. We then amused ourselves putting each of the slaves into bondage and then all together tormenting them .


Mistress Party 2

Later in the evening the bi action gets going and the Mistresses set about having a show put on for them.

Bedroom Fun 
Boot & Shoe Treatment 
Boot Trip 
Boot Worship 
Boots & Smoking 
Bukkake Box Boy 
Butler Duties 
Caged Face Sitting 
Caged In Chastity 
Changing Room Tease 
Cock Teasing 
Cruel Treatment 
Cruel Wank 
Dante's Rubber Maid 
Double Gloves & Boots 
Double Rubber Lick 
Double Trouble 
Enforced TV Dressing 
Experimental Milking 
Face Sit 
Face Stool 
Floating Bondage Board 
Foot Slaves 
Gloves & Girdle Facesit 
Goddess Lillith Smoking 
Head Shave 
Her Leather Toy Boy 
Lady Nina's slave gets messed up. 
In Her Web 
In The Rubber Sack 
Inverted For Vixen 
Kitchen Punishment 
Laura in Leather 
Leather Bitch 
Leather Catsuit 
Leather Domina 
Leather Face Sit 
Leather Jeans 
Leather Jeans Smother 
Leather Lovers 
Leather Sack Tease 
Leather Suspension 
Less Man More Dog 
Man Hunt 
Ms Leia 
Mummified & Milked 
Nails, Smoke & Smother 
Natalie's Heels 
Nipple Tease 
Nurse Valkyrie 
Office Interview 
Open Rubber Dress 
Panty & Foot Smother 
Pussy Boot Grind 
RAF PT Training 
Roped Toy 
Rubber Anna 
Rubber Milking Machine 
Rubber Nina 
Rubber Sack Sex 
Rubber Sandwich 
Rubber Torment 
Rubber Vacuum 
Sack Torment 
Sahara in Kneehighs 
Sahara Leather Sex 
Sexual Harassment 
Sexy Dom Wife 
Sniff My Cunt 
Strapons Ready 
Stretched & Waxed 
Table Tease 
The New World Order 
Thrashed By Vixen 
Tied Torments 
TV Fun 
TV Maid To Work 
Up Skirt Peep Trample 
Worship Me 
WS Head Box 
Birdcage Chastity 
Cock & Ball Torment 
Double Girl Trouble 
Lady Boss 
Pool Boy 
Sahara in Thighhighs 
Sidonia Scenes 
The Leather Wives Club 
Under Her Throne 
WPC Birch 

Leather Bondage




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