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saturday night i was enlisted by my slut wife to entertain at her sisters batchellorette party. her sister met and is marrying a wimpy white sissy like me because we make alot of money as accountants. but my wife is ensuring that her sister not have to put up with one second of pathetic white cock in her marriage!


i was told to shave all over and prepare like i always do after working for a few hrs saturday morn as they shopped. when i got out of the shower a matching pink satin and white lace bra and panty set a white sissy christening dress hose and heels were laid out on the bed. i pulled the panties over my hairless sissy clit put my bra lace top thigh hi's and my make up. then put my dress on.


after going down stairs i knelt in the foyer to wait for my wife to come and give me further orders. i could hear her and sevral other women from the family room laughing and carrying on as girls do while they drink wine and socialize. after about a half hour my wife gave me further orders, along with greeting her guests i was to play waitress to them until i was needed for the games they had planned.


i greated her and her sisters guests curtseying in my little satin dress and getting thier wine glasses. some guests i knew well and had been humiliated by them before like my mother in law and my wifes 2 other sisters. and my secratary whom my wife pays very well to make sure i am humiliated within the walls of my own company. other guests were knew and laffed histericly at me in my dress curtsying like a girl. they were new friends of my wife and the brides friends.


my wife made sure to show them all my hailess 2.5 inch clit making me lift my dress so she could pull my panties down for each new girl to see.


once everyone had arrived my sister in law bought in her fiance. he was on a leash wearing bridal satin bra and panty set and bound in white wrist and ankle cuffs with 2 foot spreader bars. he was made to kneel on all fours for my sister in law his future bride to use as a seat or footstool thru out the night. he would watch my humiliation this eve knowing it all awaited him too.


the first game of the night was called pin the pussy on the sissy. a hustler photo of a shaved white sluts pussy was glued to a large black dildo. i was bound over a padded saw horse skirt up panties yanked down and the half drunk women were spun around and told to put the dildo in my ass so the picture glued to it gave them a view of a naked ass and pussy they all said i should have had and hiding my little sissy clit. they were not gentle at all and i sniffled and cryed thru my ball gag.


the second game was panty sniffing i was blind folded and made to neel and stick my nose up to their pantied pussies and see if i could pick out my wifes. which was very hard since i had not been near my wifes pussy in months.


after those games i went back to serving frinks till the three hung black strippers showed up. my sister in law took her place of honor on her fiances bask raising her short skirt to put her now pantyless pussy on his skin and she stuffed her panties in his mouth. my wife took the opportunity to fluff the dancers so they were fully erect when they started entertaining. the women all cheered and my sister in law was dragged up to dance with her 3 black studs leaving a large wet pussy spot on her fiances back.


my wife unziped the brides dress and the black studs took turns filling her mouth pussy and ass as the music played and the women all cheered and tears ran from her future hubbies eyes. when she was done she sat back down on his back to let the fresh warm cum spill out on his back.

as the party continued on all the girls were serviced by the strippers and i was made to kneel and lick clean the pussies of those who didnt have cuckolds of their own to go home to.


the bride to be finished the night by using her fiances toungue to thouroughly clean her aching holes and my wife whipped his tiny cock with a flogger for messing his panties as he watched. the night ended with all saying what a great celebration it had been!


by renoSissyCuck


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