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Documenting real femdom marriage on video. 24/7 husband slave.


If more wives knew that they could turn their husbands into sissy slaves, their cocks encased in chastity, kept under lock and key - I belive it would be a Woman's world. As far as Randy is concerned - this is Starla's world. They were married in Vegas, and have allowed us entry into their lives - documenting every good, bad, ugly, funny, and sad moment. This is as close as you'll ever get to living as a 24/7 submissive yourself.




Title: POV Chastity Tease Video

Description: Goddess Starla masturbates with her magic wand while her slave is teased in chastity.

















Title: Slave Randy Restructuring Video

Description: Starla takes advantage of a new play area! Randy is suspended, brutally abused, and violated in all of his holes with a strapon.
















Title: GasWax Torture video

Description: It's never boring documenting this couple - walking up to their door to start my shift, a sight like this is commonplace.

















Title: Hangman slave video

Description: Randy is given a treat by his goddess, but she keeps a rope around his neck to make sure he performs.


















Title: Forced Outside video

Public humiliation


Description:Randy is forced outside as a girl in a collar and leash during the first hot day of the year. the park was packed and he was so embarassed!














Title: First Day in Chastity video


  Description: Randy's first chastity device came in the mail and luckily I was there to document his first moments as a locked up sissy husband.














Title: Bedtime Femdom Story 4 video

Description:Goddess Starla reads a book while enjoying her slave worshipping her feet while she reads and masturbates.

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