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Cuck strips naked and kneels in front of the toilet. He gets an erection and slips his cock under the toilet seat so that it is trapped between the rim of the bowl below and the seat above.


His wife/mistress now sits on the cistern facing him, resting her feet on the toilet lid. If the proportions of the toilet are just right, the cuck should be facing his wife's crotch. The cuck can now try to get himself off by thrusting backwards and forwards. The wife can vary the pleasure/pain by increasing and decreasing the pressure of her feet on the lid. There are many variations you can try - wife dressed or naked; wife ignoring the slave and reading a magazine; cuck with hands tied behind his back; cuck kneeling on sandpaper or rice grains; wife pissing on cuck; cuck straining to reach wife's pussy and lick it.


Cuck may or may not be allowed to cum. The beauty of the position is that if he does cum, his semen go where they belong, straight down the toilet.



by Christiano





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