cuckold's humiliation





The Life of Cuckold Father


Story of cuckolded husband and his very dominant Wife, of cuckold shame and humiliation.






Jenny's parents looked serious. They wanted to have one of their dreaded "talks." What if they found out she was sleeping with her boyfriend? It was always her mother who did all the talking during one of these events. Her father always just nodded and agreed with everything his wife said.


"Jenny. Next week you are turning 18. I think it's time we tell you about our lives. Something we've kept from you your whole life. After I explain our relationship, you are going to have to make a decision. On your birthday, you become an adult. As an adult, you will have to make a very adult decision."


"God, mom! Just tell me."


"OK. We are a little nervous, your father more so than I. When we got married, our goal was to have a daughter very quickly. It took us a little longer to get pregnant than most couples because your father has a very tiny penis and he could barely get it in to inseminate me."


Jenny put her hand over her mouth and looked at her father. His face was beet red and his eyes were cast to the floor. When she looked back to her mother, she saw that her mom had a sinister smile on her face.


"But, he finally did it. I was so happy when we found out we were having a girl. A boy would have been unfortunate, but something we would have taken care of. Anyway, your father and I had an agreement that when you were born, he would be placed in chastity and never allowed to have sexual intercourse again."


cuckold in chastity  


"What? Daddy, is this true?" Jenny asked her father.


He looked to his wife and she nodded. "Yes, honey, it's true."


"But why? Why would you marry mom and then not want to have sex with her after I was born?"


Her mother answered for him. "Oh, believe me Jen, he wants to have sex with me every waking moment of his life, don't you Cucky?"


"Yes, Ma'am."


"Cucky? What? I don't understand what's going on."


"Jenny, listen to me. This will go a lot more smoothly if you just sit and listen and save any questions you have until I'm finished. OK?"


"OK Mom. But this is so weird," she said, looking at her father.


"Oh, believe me. I'm sorry to lay this all on you. I just believe you should have the same opportunities that I have by being with a submissive man. Your father, when we married, vowed to honor, love, cherish, and obey me. I only vowed to love him, which I do. We knew coming into our marriage that your father was going to be completely submissive to me. More of a slave than an equal partner. We wanted a white girl, so that was the only reason your father was ever allowed to have intercourse with me."


Jenny interrupted, "A white girl? What do you mean, white?"


Her mother held up her finger indicating that her daughter should be silent so she could continue her story.


"After you were born, your father and I had a new ceremony. Your father vowed to be my cuckold slave. And I vowed that I would 'go black.' And then, when your father was allowed to kiss the bride, he got down on his knees and kissed my feet."

 cuckold's wedding

Jenny laughed nervously.


"Then we went home (you were staying with your grandparents). Your father was placed in a chastity device, which is a small tube that prevents him from getting an erection and from playing with himself."


Again Jenny laughed, but more like an amused giggle than laughter brought on by nerves.


"And then I told him I was about to make him a cuckold, which is a man whose wife is unfaithful, technically, but to him it meant that he was also my slave. Did you ever think it was strange growing up that we never argued? That whatever I said, your father did? How he did all the housework, the laundry, the cooking, the cleaning? He even cleans your room and your bathroom even though you are more than capable. Do you want to hear something that will really embarrass your Dad?"


"Isn't he already embarrassed enough?"


"Heavens no. This is nothing. You wouldn't believe some of the things I've made him do. Do you want to hear it or not?"


"Yes! Tell me!" Jenny was rubbing her hands together rapidly, a tell that she was getting excited.


"When your father cleans your room and does your laundry, he has to smell and lick every pair of your dirty panties. I started making him do it last week when I told him that we were going to tell you everything."


"Ewwo. Gross Daddy! Why would you make him do that Mom?"


"So he knows his place in this house. That, if you are still living here when you turn 18, you are in charge of him as well. If you are still in our home as an adult, then this man shouldn't be considered so much as your father than your slave."


For some reason, Jenny was getting turned on by all this. She was already loosing respect for her father and starting to see the benefits of having him as a servant. Her father looked like he was going to cry.


"Mom. What did you mean by 'going black.'"


"Oh, that's the best part. You know how we told you to never date a black guy?"


"Yes. But I never would. All the white girls who sleep with black guys are really trashy. No white guys would ever go out with them."


"That's because those girls don't know any better. We told you that because we want you to find an nice, submissive white man who is smart and who will get a college education and get a great job so you can have lots of free time to cuckold him. Jenny, you are beautiful. You have a great body and men are naturally drawn to you. That's why you date the most popular boy in school. But, those kinds of guys are not the kind I'd want you to marry. I want you to marry someone like your father who will worship you and do whatever you say. I want you to look for the kinds of guys who would do anything just to kiss your feet. These are the kinds of white guys you should be seeking. All you have to do is throw them a bone every once in a while and they'll follow you like a love-sick puppy."


"I'm confused. Apparently you are cheating on Dad with black guys? But you don't want me to go with black guys?"


"Not yet. Yes honey. I only sleep with black men. Your father was the last white man who will ever enter my body. You have not had sex until you've been, pardon my language honey, fucked by a big black cock."


"They're bigger than white guys'?"


"Mostly. They are some exceptions. My current lover is three times bigger than your father's. The first time I had black cock was like losing my virginity. I fucked him in our bed and your father watched. It was pretty painful at first, but he was really gentle until I could get used to his girth and length. When he finally broke me in, I was taking everything he had and I had my first vaginal orgasm, didn't I Cucky?"


"Yes Ma'am." Jenny's father answered.


"It was, and still is, the greatest feeling in the world, fucking big, black cocks. I am so addicted to it. That's why you spent so much time at my mother's, who, by the way, used to cuckold your grandpa with black men. Anyway, my big, black lover fucked your dear old Mom for hours before he came inside me."


"Oh, my God Mom. You didn't even use a condom?"


"No dear. It's important to have your lover's come inside you right in front of your cuckold husband.


Especially the first time. It shows him that his wife has accepted another man. This will increase his sperm production. The nature of the cuckolded man is to get inside his mate as soon as possible so that his sperm can compete with the other man's. His need to orgasm increases so much that he will mostly come on contact. Your father has had spontaneous ejaculations just by watching me or cleaning me. That's why it's important to have them in chastity to avoid those little accidents. It's also important the first time not to let your new cuckold have an orgasm. Make him wait until the next time you cuckold him and his submission to you will be complete.


"The first time, after your lover has inseminated you, it is also very important that your cuckold husband lick and suck and swallow your lover's semen from you. That's what your father did that night. And that is what he's been doing every time I've had sex with another man for the last 18 years."

 creampie eating

"Oh my fucking God! Dad? Why would you do this? I don't understand."


"Go ahead Cucky, answer your daughter."


"Honey. I love your mother more than life itself. I worship her. I want her to be happy. I don't have what it takes to provide that. What I do have is her complete trust and my complete submission to her makes her happy. Having sex with hung black guys is something else that makes her happy. Making me 'help,' makes her happy. And humiliating me makes her happy. I am here for her. For everything or anything she wants or needs."


"See what kind of a man you could have. I get to have my cake and eat it too. Nothing feels better than having really great sex right in front of your husband. I love making him 'prepare' us for sex."




"Yes dear. Your father will give me and my lover oral sex before we have intercourse."


"Dad's gay?"


"No, he's not gay. He's submissive. By giving myself and my lover pleasure with his mouth, your father is submitting to us. He also licks my feet, my butt and my anus, as well as my vagina. He even drinks my pee." Jenny's mother laughed when she saw the reaction on her daughter's face.


"So he does all this because he's submissive to you?"


"It's not that simple, but in a way, yes. Jenny. Are you OK?"


"Yeah, Mom. This is a lot to take in."


"Well, there's more. This is where you are going to have to make a decision. After you turn 18, my lover is going to be moving into our house and taking over."


"What do you mean 'taking over?'"


"He will be the man of the house. I will be his lover and your father will be our servant. He will make the rules. And one of his rules is that all females in his house will be fucking him. That means if you stay, you will have to go black early. Trust me, once you've fucked this guy, you will never go back to a white guy. That's why I always wanted you to find that submissive guy first, marry him, and then go black. But my Bull is very persistent and he said that if you were living here when he moved in, you'd be his bitch just like I am."


"You're kicking me out?"


"No, honey. We'll get you an apartment and pay the rent and everything if you don't want to stay. But if we do that, we wont be able to afford to send you to college."


"So it's either stay here and get caught up in some weird sex game with my parents and go to college, or leave and not get to go to college? Am I right."


"I'm sorry honey."


"You love this black guy more than your own daughter?"


When her mother didn't answer, Jenny couldn't believe.


"Well, this must be some guy if you're willing to humiliate your husband and make your daughter have to make such a choice. I want to meet him."


"Well, he's coming over tonight. You can meet him and then go out with your friends."


"Is he coming over tonight to fuck you Mom?"




"And Daddy, or should I say Cucky, are you going to watch them."


Again her father's eyes went to her mother's for permission to speak. She nodded.


"Yes honey."


"Do you like watching your wife fuck another man? A black man?"


"Yes honey. Very much so."


"This is so nuts. My parents are freaks. I'm staying. I want to see this."


"No, honey. You can't watch until you're 18. It wouldn't be right."


"I'll be 18 in 6 days!"


"Until then, sorry. But you can stay home if you like. You'll probably hear us though."


"No, I'll wait. It will give me time to think about all this. When's he getting here?"


The doorbell rang when Jenny had asked her question. She saw her Mom's eyes light up.


"He's here! Cucky, show Jenny how you greet my lover."







Jenny's Dad ran to the door, got on his knees and opened it. A very handsome, young, strong black man stepped thought the door and Jenny's father took off the man's shoes for him and kissed each of his bare feet.


He patted her father on the head and said, "Good boy."


He walked over to her mother and they embraced and kissed each other deeply. He grabbed her mom's ass and squeezed her butt cheeks.


"Bull, this is my daughter Jenny. Jenny, this is my incredible lover who likes to be called either Bull or Master."


"Well, nice to meet you young lady. You are every bit as attractive as your mother. She's got your eyes," he said to Jenny's mom.


"So I take it she knows our little situation?"


"Yeah, they told me. Why do you want to come take over our house and make my mom cheat on my dad?"


"Is that what you think. That it was my idea? Jenny, they begged me, begged me to sleep with your mother. It was their idea that I move in and take over their house. I only said that if you were living here, that I'd have to fuck you. You'd have to abide by my rules if you were here, once you were an adult. I'm not mean or anything. I'm just fulfilling your parents' fantasy. Sure I get free room and board and a nice little servant to go along with the deal, but I didn't ask to live here. I didn't ask to use your mom and dad. Now, I would lying if I said I didn't want you here as well. The idea of doing both mother and daughter is very appealing."


"You are handsome and not at all like I imagined. I thought you'd be a thug."


"Nope. Just a normal black man with a huge cock. That's the only reason your mom loves fucking me. Because of my cock. She uses me for it."


"That's not true!" Jenny's mom protested.


"Oh, so you'd still fuck me if I was hung like your husband?"




"Thought so. Anyway, Jenny it was nice to meet you. I do hope you decide to stay. Now if you'll excuse us, your mom and dad need to join me in their bedroom. Cucky, run upstairs and turn down the bed, and you'd better be dressed in your pretty pink panties and kneeling on the floor by the bed when we get in there."


Once again Jenny's father ran when ordered to do something.


"Goodnight Jenny. We'll respect any decision you make," her mother said as her Bull swept her up in his arms.


As she watched Bull carry her mother up to their bedroom in his big, strong arms, she decided college was very important.


On her way over to her friend's house, Jenny could not stop thinking about what was going on back home. She made up her mind and turned her car around and headed back.


When she got home, she crept upstairs to listen at her parent's bedroom door. She could hear her mother before she reached the door.


"That's it slave, suck my lover's big, black cock! Get that fat cock deeper in your throat! Suck it faggot!"




Jenny could hear her father gagging on Bull's cock. She couldn't believe how her mother was talking to her father. She had lost almost all respect for him. "He deserves to be treated like this," she thinks.


cum eating cuckold  


"Good enough, slave. Now get your face in my pussy and make it nice and wet for my lover's big, black cock. That's a good cuckold. Make me nice and moist with your tongue. Oh, that feels so good. I think I'm ready for your cock, Master. May I please have it?"


"That didn't sound too convincing, slut. Beg me to make you come on my cock."


"Please, sir. I need to have your magnificent, hard, black cock inside me right now! Please fuck me in front of my pussy, cuckold husband. Show him how a real man can please his wife. Not like him, with his tiny, white penis. I need you! Please, fuck me!"


She heard Bull ask her father, "How about you, Cucky? Are you ready to watch me fuck your wife in your own bed? If so, beg me."


Her father's reply shattered any respect Jenny had for him. "Please Sir, please fuck my wife in our bed. It will soon be your bed. She needs your big, black cock to please her because I have an tiny, white penis and I'm a premature ejaculator. I could never fuck her like you can. Please, Sir. Please fuck my wife and cum in her pussy so I can lick your sweet nectar from her. I need you to fuck my wife. Please do it."


"Alright slave. Just so I know you both want me to fuck her. Alright bitch. Get on your hands and knees. I'm going to fuck her doggy style, Cuck. I want you underneath us and I want you licking us both while I fuck your wife in your bed."


Jenny thought she must be crazy, but her own parents were turning her on. She didn't even realize she was masturbating. She was just as much as a freak as her parents. She wished she was in the room watching and she tried the door, but it was locked.


Jenny masturbated as she listened to the pure ecstasy and pure orgasmic bliss of her mother's screams and moans of pleasure as another man besides her husband fucked her.


Jenny could hear her mother, who was the most vocal of the three, instructing her father where to lick her and her lover. Jenny actually was happy for her mother, but for some reason was really mad at her father.


"What a fucking pathetic piece of shit your father turned out to be," she thought to herself. She really wanted to stay now and torment him for the sudden change in her life. She wanted to boss him around and punish him for not being a man and letting his own wife deny his right of marital intercourse for a black man. From the sounds of the pleasure he was producing for her, Jenny believed her mother made the right choice. This was all her father's fault, and Jenny was going to make him pay.


Finally, after listening to them fucking for a very long time, Bull declared, "I'm getting ready to cum. Get ready slave, I'm going to cum inside your wife and then I'm going to pull my python out and stick it in your mouth. If you fucking gag again, so help me, your wife will punish you. Here I go ... nnnnnnnnngggggghhhhhhh!"


Jenny imagined what her father was going to look like sucking his wife's lover's messy, cum-covered black dick. She felt like she was going to cum herself, so she stopped masturbating and quickly left before her parents could discover her presence.


As she drove to her friend's, an hour later than planned, Jenny began imagining what it was going to be like being fucked by a hung black guy who is fucking her own mother. She was excited. She couldn't wait to turn 18 and have this exciting, sexy black man move in and take over her family. Her pussy was so moist that she was dampening her panties.


"I can't believe I'm getting off on this so much," she said out loud. "My daddy is going to regret this. I'm not going to be as nice to him as Mother. He's going to be my bitch. Oh, yes. I can't wait."







Jenny lay in bed, staring at the clock. She couldn't sleep. Two more minutes and she would be 18 and her life was about to change forever. She was ready for it though. In fact, one of the reasons she couldn't sleep was that she couldn't stop masturbating. She couldn't stop thinking about the pleasure she heard from her mother the other night. When Jenny had sex with her boyfriend, she never felt like she had to make any noise. He'd just slip in, give her a dozen strokes or so, and cum. She believed the time he was drunk he lasted a bit longer, but his penis didn't get as hard. Her mother's Bull must have lasted at least 45 minutes. She never imagined sex could be good for the woman. She always believed it was something women did to keep her man happy. Now that she knew the truth, she was ready.


At midnight, Jenny got out of bed dressed only in one of her boyfriends over-sized T-shirt and a pair of panties she had been wearing for two days. They were ripe with her scent and getting somewhat crusty.


She entered her parents bedroom and her disgust with her father increased when she saw that he was sleeping at his wife's feet, which were in his face. He looked so peaceful and content to have Jenny's mother's feet in his face. Now that she turned 18, she was never going to call him Daddy again. Not dad or father either. Jenny made up her mind that she wasn't even going to consider him her father anymore. This pathetic excuse of a man and husband and father laying there with his wife's feet in his face was now nothing more than a slave to Jenny. A plaything, for her's and her mother's amusement.


Jenny decided that the second she turned 18, her new life would begin. Jenny walked up to the foot of the bed standing right by her slave's face. She pulled her panties off, turning them inside out, and placed the fragrantly moist and crusty panties right next to her slave's nose. He breathed in her scent as he slowly started to regain consciousness.


His daughter standing there in front of him startled him and his movement awoke Jenny's mother. Coming out of sleep caused Cucky to accidentally speak without permission. "Jenny? What are you doing?"


Jenny jumped at the opportunity. "Hah! You spoke to a woman without permission." With that, Jenny slapped her slave across the face as hard as she could. What used to be her father was shocked, but trained well enough to just take it.


"I came in here so Mother and you, could wish me a happy birthday. And to let you know I've decided to stay. You," she addressed her father. "Are not my father or daddy or dad anymore. I will never think of you as that man because you are not a man. You are a submissive, weak male who can't even satisfy your own wife so she has to go out and fuck black guys. Now she's so addicted to this supposedly big, black dick that she can't live without him fucking her. Because of you, and your pathetic nature you've destroyed my image of my father. I no longer have a father, but a sniveling slave. Mom calls you Cucky and I'm calling you Slave. Because that is all you are to me. Now I want to watch what you've been doing to my panties without my knowledge. I've been wearing these and masturbating in them for two days. They should smell better to you than any other pair of my panties that you have ever smelled. Smell them Slave, now!"


Jenny's mother's chest was swelling with pride. Her pussy was really getting moist watching her daughter dominate her husband. Just like she did with her own father when she learned of her parent's cuckoldry.


"Happy birthday, Jenny. You look so beautiful and powerful standing there in the moonlight dominating your father."


"He is not my father. He's my slave. How do my panties smell Slave?"


"They smell wonderful, Jenny."


Boom! Jenny smacked her slave across his face. Boom! Boom! Twice more. "You will never address me as 'Jenny.' My slave will address me as Mistress. Just like you call Mother Ma'am. Come to think of it, Slave, I don't think I've ever heard you address Mother by her name."


"He's not allowed to. Ma'am is all he's ever been allowed to address me by. You heard her, Cucky. How do her panties smell?"


"Mistress, Ma'am, these panties smell just great. Thank you Mistress for allowing me to do so."


"So, you've smelled them. I heard something about you licking them too. Well?"


"He not only licks our panties, he has to eat off all the little crusty bits we leave in them. He tries to do it when they're fresh, but this will be the first time he gets fresh ones from you."


She watched as her slave licked and sucked on his own daughter's panties. He was really getting into it. He was making little grunting noises and Jenny noticed he was completely nude when her mother turned on the light. He had the tiniest boner she could have ever imagined. She laughed and pointed. "Oh how fucking gross Mom! You let him put that in you to make me?"


"Do you see what a sacrifice I had to make in order to have a pretty white daughter who I could teach all about cuckoldry and fucking superior black men. I never even felt him. He'd put it in and cum immediately even though there was barely any friction. Then I'd have to put my legs in the air to give his little swimmers a chance. Looking back, I should have just done it artificially. I should have married him and made him stay a virgin. But then, he wouldn't know what he is missing now if we'd done that."



"Slave. Your tiny penis makes me laugh. Mom, can I take a picture of it and show it to my friends?"


"Of course. He's here for your amusement and entertainment and well as being your servant."


Jenny ran back to her room to get her phone. Her mother noticed her daughter's new slave looked at her taught, naked ass. His eyes nearly popped out of his head.


"Did you just leer at your daughter's naked ass, Cucky?"


"Yes Ma'am. I'm sorry."


"It's OK. Do you think of our daughter sexually?"


"I don't know. I try not to, but when she's making me do this." He indicated to his daughter's panties. "And she's naked underneath that shirt. Could you please tell her to put something on?"


"No. My days of telling her what to do in this house are over. The only one who will be telling her what to do in this house is Bull."


Her mother hadn't noticed Jenny coming back in the room. "What's going on?" She asked her mother.


"Oh, you are turning on your slave and he's ashamed of himself."


"You should be, Slave. But I can't blame you. I am hot, aren't I Slave?"


"Yes Mistress."


"Fucking pervert thinks his own flesh and blood is hot. Are you a hillbilly Slave? Is the idea of having sex with your kin is excitin'?" She said in an exaggerated hillbilly accent.


"No, Mistress."


"Then explain yourself. Why is, what used to be your daughter, turning you on?"


"Because you're dominating me. I'm submissive Mistress. When women dominate me, I get aroused. I'm sorry Mistress. I'm so ashamed."


He started crying and his daughter sat down on the bed next to him and took her panties from him and started drying his eyes with them.


"Don't be ashamed, Slave. I am hot and your body doesn't know who I am. It's your mind messing with you. Now that I know I arouse you and it makes you feel ashamed," She was now whispering seductively into his ear. "I'm going to tease you relentlessly. Making you look but never letting you touch. I'm going to walk around the house dressed sexily. Or even naked. How does that make you feel?"


He shuddered. She noticed that fluid was leaking out of his tiny penis. "Did he come, Mom?"


"No honey, that's precum. I call it 'crying cuckold tears.' You see, dear, your father only gets to come once a month. He feels the need to come all the time, that's why I have to lock that tiny, white penis up in chastity. He gets so excited watching his wife fuck her black lovers that he sometimes would spurt without him touching it. So if you're going to continue to torment him, you'd better get his picture and I'll get some ice. We'd better lock him up."


"Yes. I want to continue to torment him."


She got the phone and took several pictures. Her mom came back with a big bowl of ice water and a toilet paper tube. "What's the tube for."




Her mother came over to her husband and put the tube next to his penis.

"This is called the toilet paper roll test. If a man can put his penis inside it, then he fails and is considered too thin. If his penis is shorter than the tube, he fails because he is too short. But for males like my husband," She easily put the tube over her husband's tiny penis. "His is the ultimate failure. His tiny, white erection fits inside without touching any sides and it doesn't even come close to poking it's little head through the other end."


Jenny was laughing and taking pictures of her mother's demonstration. Her slave looked miserably embarrassed. Then her mother had him dip his tiny genitalia into the ice water to kill his erection.


Then Jenny's mother taught her daughter how to put their slave in the device. "Even though it's gross to touch his tiny penis and balls, I always lock him up as a symbol that I own his sex."


When their slave was safely locked up, Jenny was ready to torment him. "Mother, does it hurt him to get aroused wearing that tiny device?"


"Yes, but he is so used to it by now. He says it was like going from a bee sting to a mosquito bite."


"Slave, why aren't you sucking on my panties? Have you gotten them clean yet?"


"No Mistress. I'm sorry."


"You say 'I'm sorry' quite a bit. How about I make your cage give you some little bites."


Jenny took off her shirt revealing very firm, milky white breasts. He shuddered. She played with her nipples as her slave gazed at her with lust. "Don't I have nice breasts. Some may find them small, but my boyfriend loves them. Too bad you'll never get to do anything but look at them. What about my ass, slave? Do you think it looks as good as Mom's?"


"Yes Mistress. You both have perfect asses."


"Pervert. Do you want to look at my ass up close?"


"Yes Mistress. Please."


She walked over to him and bent over so that her ass was an inch away from his face. "Do you like it? Would you like to see my asshole, Slave?"

She didn't wait for a reply. She pulled her cheeks apart and showed him her anus. "I'll bet you'd like to lick it, wouldn't you?"


"Yes." He breathed into her ass.


"Too bad, Slave. I'll let you put your nose against it though, and smell. Would you like that?"


"Yes Mistress!"


She felt his face press into the crack of her ass and his nose tickled her anus. She giggled and squirmed. She let him smell for a couple of minutes, building up a surprise for her new slave. She let loose a really big fart right in his face. Her mother clapped her hands together and laughed until she fell onto the bed. Jenny smiled and turned around to look at her slave's devoted face.


"Tell me 'happy birthday' Slave, and then I'm going to bed."


"Happy birthday, Mistress!"


"I want you to give me a kiss goodnight." She stuck her bare foot up to his face and he kissed it.


"I want you to look at my naked ass as I walk out of here and keep that image as well as everything else that happened tonight, fresh in your mind as you try to sleep tonight. Goodnight Mother, I love you."


"I love you too. And I'm so proud of you. Soon you'll be a great cuckoldress. Happy birthday!"


His wife looked at her cuckold slave and she said, "She is a natural. Are you going to be able to handle this, Cucky?"


"I don't know. This is going to be more difficult than I imagined. In a way I'm happy that we won't be screwing her out of college. I just don't know how I'll be able to handle it once Bull moves in and starts fucking her. Will I have to watch?"


"That will be up to him. I think he'll make you though. I think he's going to make you perform clean-up duties on her as well."


"I can't. It's so taboo. I don't think she'd let me even if he tells me to do it."


"She's going to be doing what he says if she's going to live here. So, it looks like we will be selling our souls for Master's big, black cock. He's going to make us commit this sin. We're giving him our daughter. He's told me how much this situation is exciting him. Now, enough talking slave. Get your head between my legs and make me come with that talented tongue of yours."


"Yes, Ma'am!"




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