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My wife and I have a good relationship even though we have a "one-way only" open relationship with her dating men on a regular basis. I am very much a cuckold by birth and by choice. I wouldn't want it any other way. Along with this lifestyle is of course the humiliation -- that's just part of the package.


But, some of the ways my wife does this is not really intentional. It's all a part of the relationship and is perfectly "natural."


Some examples:


Often her boyfriends leave things over at our house after a weekend of fucking my wife... like their underwear. My wife has a special drawer in the dresser just for John (her current lover.) He brings a change of clothes when he spends the night, and after he changes the next day, his first set of clothes are strewn about the house. (I often end up having to wash these. And it's even more humiliating when my wife hands me his undies and tells me, "Would you wash these for me, honey?" Of course I do it.)


Other seemingly insignificant (to her) humiliations include her talking on the phone to her lover when we are in a public place together (airports, grocery stores, movie lines, bars, restaurants, etc.) near where other people can hear. The problem is all the sweet talk I hear. I've heard my wife say things like "Oh, yes, I had a great time last night!" and "Maybe next time I'll wear that little Teddy you like so much!" or "I'll have my husband buy me some sexy lingerie. What would you like to see me in?" or "You really wore me out last night!" or "I'm sore down there now! You really worked me over!" and end the conversation with "I love you too." The happens so often that I definitely expect it, but I'm always humiliated by it.


My wife can tell when I'm feeling embarrassed by something she does, but this just makes her do it more! She just dismisses my pain by saying, "Oh, you love it, and you know it!"


This has also happened more than once: We will be lying in bed, caressing each other, holding each other, and I'll rub her pussy and ask her, "You want to have sex?" Her response will be: "Yes, absolutely!" I'm thinking, "Yeah, I'm going to get some now!" But, she immediately rolls over and grabs the phone. I say, "Honey, I though you wanted to make love?" She'll say, "I do! That's why I'm calling John. You can warm me up though."


"Warming" her up means kissing her, fondling her, playing with her clit or even licking her pussy a little, but the penetration ends up being John's exclusive right on those days.


These little humiliations add up to me feeling squashed like a bug. All those feelings disappear however, once my tongue touches her sloppy fucked and swollen pussy. Then I'm in heaven.


So, she's right. I love it and I know it!



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i think the "little humiliations" are BEST!!

Standing in the kitchen in my apron doing the dinner dishes while Mistress and Her man relax and get cozy on the couch? To me that's perfectly exquisite humiliation.



tiny tom








my wife will casually mention in front of friends that i am not great in bed or imply than my penis is small or that i do not last long...she flirts shamelessly even when i am right there...her sister teases me often.










My wife has always been reluctant to humiliate me in any sort of overt way but over the years she gotten more comfortable with the little humiliations. Some of her and my favorites include asking me to clean the house when she goes out on a date, having me leave the room when she receives a call from one of her boyfriends and having me stop off on the way home from work to pick up a new pair of stockings, or some other sexy article of clothing for her date.


Although I don't ever get to meet her boyfriends, she has told me that they all are very aware of my sexual shortcomings and that they enjoy knowing they are better in bed than me. However, the most humiliating thing that my wife does is occasionally ask me to comment on a new pair of shoes, or a sexy new dress by asking "Do you think men will think I'm sexy in this?". The implication is that I am not a man and for whatever reason this always hits home.








Here's another 'little humiliation'. My wife takes me to Victoria's Secret and browses for panties. When the sales associate asks if she needs help, she says yes, "I'm not sure which size panties to get - do you have a tape measure?" When she gets the measure and offers to measure, it's then that my wife will say, "not for me, for my husband." The embarrassment is priceless.



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