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It happens to me regularly that my wife asks her boyfriend to punish me, usually when I've really pissed her off. They do it together. She starts with the paddle until she's tired. Then he ties me down and gives me a caning on the bared bottom, and she eggs him on to spank harder. I'm usually in tears after this, she teases me about crying like a girl, which makes it even more humiliating. She then finishes the punishment herself. 


It leaves my buttocks are welted and bright red, stinging for the next 2 days. The most embarrasing part of it is that she make me dress in a skirt and panties after being spanked, and then made to blow her boyfriend to express my gratitude for being spanked.






Yesterday I licked and fucked my wife to 4 of her wildest orgasms that I have seen. It has been over 2 weeks since she has let me cum. She used to give in so easy, after she got off, all I had to do was beg a little and she would let me cum. 

Yesterday I was so desperate I was promising everything I could think of and she got more emphatic with her "No's". She said she wanted to see if I could last a whole month just for the fun of it. It makes me want to really try. I asked her why her orgasm was so much more intense than before and she said it must be knowing that I wasn't going to cum. I asked her if that meant she never wanted me to cum again and she just said, "Maybe sparingly". We are going on a week long trip to Hawaii in a month and she says she thinks I probably won't get to cum then either. She also doesn't let me see or play with her beautiful tits. She is my angel. I love her.






My wife has not let me have intercourse with her for several years, but she allows me to eat her regularly. However, recently she has decided that I'm not allowed to penetrate her with anything (no vibrator or dildo, no finger, not even my tongue.) I am only allowed to lick her pussy and ass and she always has me suck her clit to make her cum. I know that her and her new boyfriend have intercourse all the time, but she says her insides are off limits to me. Are there other wives who do not allow any penetration from their husbands?


Jack 7





My Gf made me post the details of my life. She puts diapers on me as soon as I get home. In my diaper I am given a list of chores including cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the bathroom, and any other household chores. She will go downstairs and hang out with local college football players (all black). She comes home drunk and sometimes stoned, she will make fun of my lil dick and my diapers. She will spank me and give me a enema if the house isn't spotless. She then makes me clean her dirty pussy and then kicks me out of bed and makes me go sleep on the couch or guest bedroom. She is the best!!!



Cuckold 118






Mistress has made it clear to me that only men pee standing up and that Women and sissies pee sitting down. Now i've been obeying this rule and peeing in a lady-like manner about 95% of the time. But sometimes i still forget or just get lazy and decide that pulling down my pants (or pulling up my skirt) and pulling down my panties and sitting to pee is just too much bother. 


This got me into big trouble yesterday when Mistress caught me brazenly standing there at the toilet whizzing as though i were a man. As a punishment She says that She may not allow me to cum next month as She had intended. 


It's already been over 2 months since Mistress last allowed me an orgasm. Now i know that i was a bad girl for not sitting to pee like a proper sissy, but don't you think waiting another month ( Or more? ) for some sexual relief is an excessive punishment? 


By the way, i'm only complaining in here. i would NEVER DARE to whine to Mistress about the severity of a punishment. That's a habit She broke me of long ago. i can safely vent here because Mistress considers internet sites like this to be silly but harmless. She doesn't care if i want to come on here but She would never bother to do so Herself.


Tiny Tom





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