Do you need to punish your man, but you don't want to employ physical punishment? Here are some ideas for you to try.


Remember that even in punishment, safety should always come first.  Keeping your partner safe and in good health should always be your first concern:


Here are some creative punishments to try: 


  • Writing Lines - Make him sit and write lines.  'I will not leave the toilet seat up' 500 times.  In neat cursive writing.  To make it more difficult set a time for the task or have him write each line in a different color pen.
  • Soap In The Mouth - Is he talking back?  Soap in the mouth works wonders.  Put a bar of soap in his mouth and leave it there.  The worse the infraction the longer the soap stays in.  If you don't have a bar of soap, a mouthful of liquid soap works just fine.  (Don't let him swallow it, as soap can cause internal distress and is not intended for ingestion.)
  • Corner Time - Stand him or sit him facing the corner.  A dunce cap could be added for humiliation.
  • Penny On The Wall  - Give him a penny and tell him to hold it on the wall with his nose.  This is much more difficult than it sounds.
  • Holding Books - Have him stand with both arms out.  Give him a heavy book in each hand.  He has to hold the books up without dropping his arms.
  • Errands - Do you have a craving for something that can only be found at a remote, out-of-the-way place?  Send him there with specific instructions and a time limit.
  • Lots Of Chores or Dirty Chores - Make a LONG list of chores that he must complete.  Or have him wash all the windows in and out.  Or clean out under the fridge, washer, and dryer.  If he doesn't like cooking, have him prepare a very nice dinner.  Exhaust him with chores.
  • Cold Shower  - An ice cold shower should shape him up.
  • Hot Saucing - Place hot sauce on the tongue.
  • Restricting Clothes - Prevent him from wearing clothes or giving him embarrassing clothes to wear.
  • Restricting Sexual Activity - He just doesn't get any relief. 
  • Early Bedtime - Send him to bed at 8 pm.
  • Restrict Activities He Likes - Take away the computer (all you have to do is take the keyboard and mouse), TV, hobbies, sports, etc.
  • Restrict Diet - Don't let him eat what he likes or make him eat what he doesn't like.
  • Speech Restrictions - Don't allow him to speak for a period of time.  His mouth can also be taped shut.
  • Community Service - Have him spend his free time at the nursing home, church, childrens center.  Arrange that he gets the arduous tasks that take a lot of time.
  • Write An Essay - Have him write a formal essay to be handed into the party who was offended.
  • Formal Written or Verbal Apology - Have him write or give a formal, heartfelt apology to the party who was offended. 
  • Weekend Grounding - Friday evening until Monday morning he stays in the house.  All plans are cancelled no matter how long ago they were made.  He won't forget to take out the trash again!
  • Loss of Dishwasher Privileges - Everything gets washed by hand, dried, and put immediately away.
  • Public Embarrassment - Make him wear a t-shirt in public that says 'My Wife Is A Goddess'.
  • ‘Bitch work’ – Make your husband look up items on the Internet, prepare data bases or other grunt work to further your education on FLR.
  • ‘The Chair’ – For $20, I bought a great shower chair that gives you full access to his buttocks and his jewels for my enjoyment. Chair time is given for infractions such as attitude or tardiness.
  • Chastity – Effective as punishment, especially for those couples where climax is permitted within a few days.
  • Soap up the butt – Make him carve the ivory soap to a large dildo (so it doesn’t break), possibly use the rest for a good enema, then have him kneel with his butt up and head down. Inserting it can be fun. Take your time. This is then the best time to have a discussion about his attitude or behavior.
  • Ginger Punishment – This is a safe, effective punishment. Like with the anal soap punishment, make him carve a piece of ginger. Possibly make him buy it or go with him to the store. Again, it is great to have a ‘discussion’ after inserting the ginger.
  • Punishment Enemas – A full, red bag, soapy water enema or a syringe enema does wonders for a guy’s attitude.
  • Punishment Panties – This only works for men who are not into wearing women’s clothes but it does make mine more submissive when his attitude gets away from his control. Sometimes I make him wear the panties I wore the prior day.
  • Recycling – It’s not just good for the environment but also for a guy’s behavior. Make him climax into a glass and down it on command.



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