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New Ways to Humilate Your Cuckold Husband




- You and your lover, use the mouth of your huby like an ashtray after you made love with your lover.



- Get rid of all the toilet paper in the house. In the morning when bull has to dump a load, have him drag sissy into the toilet on all fours. While bull does his buisness, sissy cleans off bull's feet. Then bull turns around and grabs sissy's head and forces him to use his tongue as toilet paper. There is nothing more humiliating than having to clean shit off a big hairy bull asshole. And then having to thank him for the honor. Repeat this every day.



- Have your lover bring his buddies over for a football game. Sissy will serve them beer and they won't even have to get up to go piss. All they have to do is snap their fingers and sissy scurries over on all fours, opens his mouth and drinks all their piss. Hope for overtime so that sissy can drink piss all night long.



- Make him lie on a table surrounded by your friends and beat off. When he cums all over his belly, the girls finger feed him his own cum



- Whenever your husband pisses you off, make him go to adult book stores, gay bars or wherever and suck off strangers. Tell him he can't come back until he has two or three loads all over his face and hair and a full mouthful of cockscum. When he balks, remind him of the photos and videos of him submitting to your bulls. Demand he go RIGHT NOW or you'll put those pics all over the internet and to his friends and family! It will help to give him a time limit.  




- Have him follow your bulls into the bathroom when the stud is ready to piss. Order him to hold the fat cock and aim it for him, then lick the head clean! Tell him you're doing him a favor .... He won't have as much bathroom clean-up next time. Laugh your asses off at his embarrassment.



- Save your piss in a thermos flask, you will pour some of it in a rubber glove and tie off the open end creating a piss udder. Make a little pin prick in one finger so he can suckle the piss out of the udder and tie it so he can just about reach it with his mouth.



- „Cuckold's Coctail“ - take two to three shots of Bulls cum, add an equal amount of Mistress piss... to this stir in a generous mouthful of cucky snowball spit. Top off with a very small dash (ie a full ejaculation) of cuck dribble.




- Whenever you go away on a trip alone have your husband pack condoms and toys in your suitcase. Wonder aloud whether or not there are enough condoms. Then ask your husband if he thinks he should go to the store and buy more or risk having you run out.



- Have the cuckold jerk off on the floor, and then have the wife grind his cum into the floor and/or have the bull piss on his cum.



- The wife tosses the wedding ring on the floor at the feet of the cuckold, tell her husband her wedding vows mean nothing and then fucks her bull.




- When your lover is over, send cuckold to bed early (like 8:00) so you can have some privacy with your lover. Threaten to give him a bare bottom spanking in front of your lover if he comes out of his bedroom before morning.



- Follow through on the above threat. While spanking his bare butt, lecture him about how you deserve a good fucking from a real man and you are not going to tolerate him interrupting that.



- Chang his ringtone when you call him. It's you having an orgasm with your lover and saying how good lover he is.



- Go with your lover on weekend trips. Make sure your mother-in-law stays at home with your husband to watch him -- to keep him out of trouble.



- Make your husband suck your lover off when you're on your period or not in the mood



- When you're out on the town with your husband, toward the end of your date with him, tell him how horny you are. Once your husband is excited at the prospect, get on the phone and call you lover. Make your husband drive over to the lover's house so you can fuck him. Make your husband wait in the other room of the guy's house until you're finished fucking. Have the husband quickly lick your pussy clean.



- At a hotel with your lover, right before you're about to fuck, call your husband on your cell phone, set the phone beside the bed and make your husband listen to the deep fucking you're getting.



- Have your lover cum into a glass. Save it by freezing it. Later you can thaw it out, pour it on your pussy, and make your husband lick it off.



- Institute a whole new set of rules for hubby. With the exception of his job you and your new man have decided that he is to be demoted to the status of a child. He will be treated exactly as a child with the same rules and consequenses. His new bedroom will be decorated just like any other little girls. His new bedtime is 7:30PM. He is not allowed to leave the house without permission and or go out with friends without permission. He's not allowed to drink and he will always have a babysitter when you leave the house. He will be expected to be a well-behaved and well-mannered child who is polite and always addresses his elders (anyone over 16) as Sir or Ma'am. Change his hairstyle and clothes to fit his new status.



- Make the hubby lick and suck you and the lover clean and then you both piss on his cock and make him masturbate with you pee.





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