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1.      Send him emails in which you mention his submissive behavior or address him as your sub, slave, knight, servant, boytoy or whatever. Or send text messages.



2.      Have him wear panties to work, preferably yours and preferably dirty. Not every day: it'll become too routine. Ask him what his coworkers would think if they knew he was wearing your panties.



3.      Give him an allowance and require he account for his expenditures.



4.      Tell him to buy a chastity device. No negotiation, no discussion.



5.      Lock him up periodically. Leave it on for a day or two or seven, or however long you wish, so he never knows how long he'll be locked up. Always be the one to lock and unlock the device. Make a point of inspecting it daily and teasing him about being at your mercy. Be sure to have him service you while wearing it.






6.      Have him keep a journal in which he records his thoughts and submissive feelings. Read it once a week while he kneels naked at your feet.



7.      Make a habit of sliding your hand (or foot) into his crotch and saying something like, "Getting to be a horny sub are we?" Or, "Since Mr. Willy belongs only to me, I can fondle him whenever I wish but you may not." Or say nothing at all: just smile and give him a kiss on the cheek or a pat on the head.







8.      Have him kneel before you and kiss your feet.



9.      Have him give you foot massages and pedicures.



10.  Have him lick and suck your toes.



11.  Send a picture of your pussy to his cell phone with a message like, "This is the center of your world. Don't forget it."



12.  Insist he read some of your "women's magazines" and romance novels if you read them.



13.  Have him kneel naked before you and profess his devotion to you as his Goddess. "Hold Court" so to speak and do this several times a week.



14.  Have him wear a collar around the house.



15.  Attach a leash to this collar and lead him anywhere you wish.



16.  Have him perform household chores in the nude while you are clothed.



17.  Have him give you full body massages.



18.  Have him insert a butt plug just before company arrives or before you both go out for an evening. Smile at him whenever he sits down.



19.  Don't "ask" him to do something. Tell him. "Make me a cup of tea." "I want you to paint the den this weekend." "I expect you in the bedroom, naked and on your knees in 3 minutes."



20.  Ask for explanations. "Why haven't you made our bed yet?" "Why don't you have dinner ready?"



21.  Beckon him with your finger.



22.  Take every opportunity to flash him while he is in chastity.



23.  Wear especially sexy or revealing outfits when hanging out with his friends.



24.  Have him go shopping with you to carry your purse and packages.



25.  Always pay the check when you go out to eat.



26.  Insist he thank you for disciplining him.



27.  Queen him.







28.  Develop a tone of voice when requiring something of him or expressing your displeasure over something. It'll be your "domme voice."



29.  Make him greet your lovers at the door in the nude with a collar and leash. They will feel more welcomed and know that he approves.



30. Always make him thank your lovers for fucking you and offer them one last suck before they leave to show his gratitude.



31. Make him pee in his panties in public by refusing him restroom privilages, he begs, you say no. 



32.Make him wait outside the ladies room for you, holding your purse.



33. Make him change his last name to your maiden name.You change your name back ot what it was.  It's now Ms. and Mr. Mary Jones, for example.



34. Just before his birthday, in front of your GF's, make him tell you what he wants for his birthday, and make sure he asks for feminine items, panties, nighties, bras, and can all of you to shopping together.



35. Tell your GF's, "oh don't mind her, think of her as one of the girls". Freely talk girltalk in front of him, and discuss hot guys, their packages, etc.



36.  When your BF comes over  have hubby go outside and wash his car.  By adding labor to a hubbies humiliation intensifies his mental pain.



37.  Have hubby always refers to your BF's as SIR.  Also have hubby wear an apron while tending to Women and your BF's or lady friends.



38.  Have hubby make meals in the kitchen while you make out with BF.  Also throw titles such as queerboy and sucky to hubby in service around the house. It adds mental pain to hubby when you laugh at them in front of BF.



39.  While you eat dinner with BF,  stick hubby in the small hall closet to be out of your way.



40.  Whenever a real Man is inside you,  have hubby stand there and say "Gee thanks Sir". 






41.  Anytime you are having intercourse with a real Man at home while hubby is at work, call hubby and let him know and get him to thank you and the Man over the phone. 



42. Make him carry his own purse or metrosexual "man-Bag." Of course it's got a feminine wallet, with his sissy pics, a few of you and a stud, along with lipstick and some tampons for him. 



43. Send him to a public restroom to change his tampon and pad.



44. Send him into a restroom to change his panties.



45. Have sex in your lover's car. Make sure you drip his, yours and your mixed fluids on the backseat. Make your cuck clean it up with his most expensive (satin?) boxershorts. Make your cuck keep these in his car; in sight. Pref on his seat and when he's driving on the dashboard. Make him keep it there until he can make a fresh clean-up-short. Make remarks of foul smell when driving in his car pushing him to urge you to have sex in you lover's car again soon!



46. Like 45 but instead of using his expensive shorts, give these to your lover and make cuck use the shorts worn by your lover at the time. Make sure your lover asks for them every time they meet.



45a and 46a. When getting in the car take the foul shorts and rub it in his face or make him wear it on his head while driving.



47. Before cuck returns your lover's shorts, make him lick it clean, followed by washing it by hand and ironing it. Your lover, in turn, gives the expensive cuck-shorts to you which he has worn for 2 days or worked out in them making it smelly by your lover's sweat. After taking a deep whiff and telling him how 'heavy' it smells, force him to take a deep whiff and make him tell your lover how wonderful it smells. You put it on his head and has to wear it until your lover leaves. Make him thank your lover for the generous lending of his (cheap?) shorts after which he  presents them to your lover on his knees.



48. Make him lick you and your stud when you are fucking - depending on the position he has to lick his/your asshole, his balls, the back of his dick or your clit. Of course he has to clean you both afterwards by mouth.





50. Make him keep lover's used condoms in the ash tray of his car.



51. Make him keep pictures of you & lover in his car and in his office.



52. Make him wear women's underwear at all times including your old stockings and make him wear a black bra under a white shirt.



53. Go on dates with your BF to places you would be seen by people that know him.



54. Part of his lunch at work should be a bottle of your piss for him to drink.



55. Make him clean her boyfriend's car while you are making love in it.



56. Let him drive you to your BF and wait outside for you.



57. Let him accompany you on dates to pay for everything.



58. Let your friends new the full extent of his cuckolding.



59. Make him thank your BF for giving you the satisfaction he never could.



60. Make him lick both of you clean and thank you for the privilege.



61. When you start dating a new guy, make your husband pretend like he is gay, but not dating. Like he is not the least bit interested in pussy.

Ask him: "Are you going over to so-and-so's tonight? (So-and-so is always an obviously male name like, "Mark," or "David.") Do you need condoms?"



62. Make him kneel and grovel at your bull's feet. Have him kiss his feet and thank him for pleasuring you.



63. Make cuck beg your stud to fuck you or to lick your lover's cum out of your pussy. Record it without his phone. Then play it when it's most humiliating to him.






64. Leave the cuckold with a young babysitter while you go out for the evening. Might need to hire a prostitute to really make it fun for him, just don't tell him.



65. Have him go alone to the store to buy makeup and clothes for you, tell your friends and get them to send him in for makeup etc.



66. Take humiliating pics of him, print them off. Hide them around the house where they could be found possibly. Tell him about it 5 minutes before you have friends over and see how many he finds before they arrive.



67. Send embarrassing texts to him then forget your phone at a friends place so they can read all your texts if they want. Pics too if you like.



68. Make him lick up your panties after you come home from the date.



69. Take the full condom carefully of your lover's cock and make hubby "wears" it on his tongue. He can't take it of until your lover leaves.



70. Take a condom that is full of your lover's cum, with the top tied off, and make him suck on it. Order him to break the condom with his teeth and fill his mouth with your lover's cum.



71. While having love session with your lover, require hubby to lick HIS asshole and stick his tongue into it while lover is fucking you.



72. Have a tattoo right above his totally shaved penis with a good line: wimpy dick, Tiny Tim, I am a cuckold, wife owned, something like these.



73. Have the Bull give him a really hard bare assed spanking to start.  Next let him blow the Bull to get Him ready.  Hubby will stand in the corner the whole time while the Bull pleases you.  When done, hubby will clean everything up with his mouth.



74. Hubby is allowed to cum while you are sitting on the toilet tank and his penis is placed between the seat and toilet and he humps the toilet to cum while you make remarks and laugh.



75. Get a t-shirt made up with the word CUCK on it and make your husband wear it when you go out shopping.



76. Blindfold your husband and make him suck your bull while you watch and call him names.



77. Tie your husband up and put muscle rub on a strap on and then fuck him with it. It will burn his butt and he will cry tears. You and your bull will really enjoy hearing him beg in earnest.





78. Have him fuck rubber doll for yours and your lover's entertainment.



79. Make hubby give up his dinner seat for your lover when dinning with friends.



80. Lock hubby in a chastity device, but the lover holds the key.



81. Dress the hubby up in a maid's outfit, then have your girlfriend's come over and be served by him.  All the while talk about how good your lover is.  Encourage them to continuously tease and taunt him about his inability to be a real man.  If there's any of his old girlfriends still around, invite them over too.



82. Make hubby eats his food out of a dog bowl in front of your lover.  Make sure your lover has made a contribution to your hubby's nutrition.



83. Invite gay men over to enjoy your hubby.  Let them know they can use him when and how they wish.



84. Order a subscription to Playgirl, make sure it's in your hubby's name, and be sure it's out in the open for everyone to see.



85. Invite hubby out on a date with the wife and the bull, make him chauffer  the car, and when meeting people, make sure he introduces his wife's his wife's lover.



86. Most sex shops now have available molding kits, where you can make a mold of an erect cock, then you can make a dildo from the mold.  Have the hubby buy one kit for each lover (make sure he tells them why he's buying it), then have him make the impresson, and then have him make the molds and the dildos.  After this task is completed, have hubby build a display case, and nice pedistals for each dildo, with picture, and other fun information you'd like on them, and display them for the wife's girlfriends or neighbors to see....and admire.



87. Some specialty shops sell women's panties with slogans or artwork on them.  Have hubby buy a pair of panties that says "I Love Cock", and have him wear them in front of your lover(s) and girlfriends.



88. If your lover decides not to spend the night, make your husband sleep with his head on the "wetspot".



89. Make him serve as a toilet slave to you, waiting for your instructions on his hands and knees before you whenever you use the toilet.



90. Make him pay for two week Caribbean cruise for you and you favorite lover.  Make sure to send him plenty of "Glad your not here" notes, and take plenty of pictures of your well tanned (with no tan lines) body.



91. Give him a pair of panties to wear, on the front it says "I Love Cock!"


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