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Mr. Hardman’s Married Slaves

By Weenie




Chapter One


Now that Mr. Hardman has made Marge and me his slaves, we can't believe we used to think we had a happy marriage! The truth is that subservience to a virile he-man like Mr. Hardman is the only sound foundation for marriage between people like Marge and me. Artsy broads like Marge badly need to be fuck-holes for virile he-men, and pudgy, poorly hung wimps like me badly need to be bullied and humiliated by virile he-men. It's the natural order!


Marge now knows what a real orgasm is! She's in heaven on her back with her heels up high as Mr. Hardman helps himself to hot married pussy. The rhythmic pounding of his massive, rock-hard virile member gets her shrieking and sobbing with joy in no time. She'll do anything for more! Being Mr. Hardman's married fuck-meat makes her happier than she's ever been before!


Now my being a wimp is out in the open for all to see! Just seeing Mr. Hardman fills me with an eagerness to please him so he won't hurt me.  It feels so natural to cower before him, ashamed of my puny penis and tiny testicles, in awe of his extraordinary virility. Nothing has ever felt so right as my shameful subservience to this virile he-man who's made dear Marge and me into pieces of fuck-meat for his pleasure!


Mr. Hardman just loves putting it hard to Marge! She's got a gorgeous rack and peachy rump that get him really hot. He's on her all the time, mauling those beautiful big bazooms, smacking that bodacious bottom, pawing that sopping puddle of married pussy between her legs. Mr. Hardman can shove his big hard cock in any hole he wants, and between those bodacious boobies too, and he does, any time he gets the urge to empty his huge hairy balls in a piece of slavish fuck-meat!


Mr. Hardman wanted Marge and me for his married slaves the instant he saw us, and he knew right away he'd have no trouble making us into eager fuck-holes devoted to serving his massive manhood. When Mr. Hardman showed up in our living room, all he had to do to get what he wanted was take out his big hard cock! Just the sight of his hugely tumescent virile member made Marge and me sink to our knees open-mouthed. Mr. Hardman laughed at us, and ordered us to strip naked and crawl over to him and begin our new lives as his married slaves. My obedience shocked Marge as much as her obedience shocked me. We could not believe what was happening!


Each of us was slobbering over a huge hard cock, and seeing just inches away the life-mate of decades doing the same thing! Mr. Hardman enjoyed our joint ministration to his massive masculine scepter a long time.

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Then he grabbed Marge by the scruff of the neck and moved her up onto the couch beside him. She was so hot the pussy juice was running down her meaty thighs. Mr. Hardman laughed and said the only way she was going to get a pussy full of HIS big dick was for me to beg him to fuck her!


Kneeling before this masterful, virile he-man with his hugely erect member, begging him to fuck dear Marge with his big hard dick, my puny little penis was stiffer than it had ever been before! Mr. Hardman told me it'd take more than just words to get HIS big dick into Marge, and ordered me to start sucking his massively tumescent organ, and keep begging. My pleas for Mr. Hardman to shove his big hard cock in Marge were only intermittently intelligible as he choked me with contemptuous thrusts of his rock hard masculine member, making me gag and choke helplessly. Marge on the couch was wriggling against Mr. Hardman's muscular body, whimpering with lust and laughing at the spectacle of my shameful subservience to this virile he-man she wanted more than anything to give up her married pussy to!


Mr. Hardman announced he still wasn't convinced it was my sincere desire for him to shove his big dick in my wife's hot married pussy, and he stood up, ordering me to bend down, putting my face to the floor and raising up my pudgy rump. Mr. Hardman doubled his belt and began to beat me on the bottom!

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It hurt so much! My redoubled pleas for him to shove his huge hard  cock in Marge anytime and anyplace he wanted were shrieks of pain! Marge was on her knees before Mr. Hardman as he beat me, slobbering over his massive masculine scepter, begging to be his married fuck-hole!


Finally Mr. Hardman growled, "That's enough from both of you fucking slaves!" He locked collars and chain leashes round both our necks, and cuffed my wrists to my knees, securing me in an awkward and uncomfortable posture. Mr. Hardman quickly trussed up Marge in heavy ropes so she lay on her back on the couch, whimpering eagerly, absolutely helpless before him with her wrists fastened to her waist, her legs drawn up and gaping open, and ropes circling her bountiful big boobies, making them taut, swollen globes.


Mr. Hardman leaned over Marge and shoved his big dick right to the hilt in her married pussy with a single powerful thrust. Marge gasped at the terrific invasion of his massive manhood into her sopping hole, and squealed and groaned at each repetion of that mighty thrust over what must have been the next half hour at least, as Mr. Hardman fucked her the way a woman needs to be fucked, making her sob and shriek through orgasm after orgasm before at last HE reared up and emptied his huge bairy balls into her pussy with a loud growl of completion!




Marge was mewling and wriggling in her bonds as Mr. Hardman stood up. "Damn, you are one fuck of a slut, babe," he said, reaching down, tweaking one of her clotted nipples, chuckling as she squealed. Then Mr. Hardman grabbed my leash, tugging me to crawl over between her legs. Marge's pussy was distended, gaping open, and its gape was thickly clotted with semen. "See what a MAN does, wimp?" Mr Hardman growled. He grabbed me by the nape of the neck and shoved my face into Marge's dripping crotch, at the same time  loosing a flurry of blows from his doubled belt on my up-raised bottom. My shrieks of pain into Marge's cum-filled pussy set her to writhing in her bonds and shrieking in yet another orgasm.


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"That's the first time you ever really got yer wife off, isn't it, wimp?" Mr. Hardman growled. He was behind me, the head of his still rigid, rock-hard member pressing against my welted red bottom. He shoved his massive manhood, still slick with pussy-juice and cum, into my anus, pressing it deep, deeper, deeper still, making me squeal in pain and shame, with my face still pressed into Marge's sopping pussy, full of HIS semen. And as thrust after thrust after thrust of Mr. Hardman's big hard cock filled my bottom, an incredible, shameful sense of pleasure began to mount within me, till, as Mr. Hardman climaxed deep in my bottom with a mighty growl, my little penis squirted in the best, most complete and satisfying orgasm of my whole life!


Mr. Hardman tugged hard on my leash, pulling my face away from Marge's thoroughly fucked pussy, and pressing it to his still tumescent organ, ordering me to lick it clean, so it would be nice and fresh for his next piece of pussy. In the after-glow of that tremendous orgasm, slobbering at the foul musk of my bottom on Mr. Hardman's big dick and huge balls seemed the most natural thing in the world to do, a way to show my gratitude, and my devotion, to his wonderful virile member. "Yeah," Mr. Hardman sneered, looking down at Marge still trussed and wriggling on the couch, "This hubby of your's cums from getting fucked up the ass. You didn't marry a man, babe, you married a fucking wimp!"


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When he was satisfied his big dick and balls were clean as a whistle, Mr. Hardman gave a downward tug on my leash, directing me to get down to the floor and start licking his shoes. He untied Marge's legs, and  holding her leash along with mine, ordered her down to her knees on the floor to lick his shoes as well. Kneeling side by side before Mr. Hardman, licking his shiny black shoes, naked, bound, leashed, and fucked by HIS big dick, made Marge and me feel so close, more together and in love than we had ever felt in all our years of marriage, joined in our common devotion to the virile he-man who was now our MASTER!


"All right, slaves," Mr. Hardman snapped. "On yer feet. Time to get going." To my surprise, with my wrists locked to my knees, it was possible for me to get my feet under me, and stand, bent over in a way that thrust my bottom out in a most beckonning and humilating way. Marge could stand erect, displaying the gorgeous globes of her big, tightly bound boobies. Mr. Hardman locked gaping ring-gags into our mouths, and stepped back to look at his handiwork a moment, a hard grin coming to his big-jawed face. Then he turned his back to us, tugging on our leashes so we had to follow as he led us out the door.


So many people saw as Mr. Hardman led us, leashed, bound, stark naked, down the block to his house on the corner! People laughed and pointed, congratulating him on his new property, praising Marge's big bazooms and laughing at my puny penis and tiny testicles, declaring it was no surprise at all to see Marge and me being led bound and naked down the side-walk, that it had been only a matter of time before a virile he-man made "that highbrow pair" his fuck-meat for good. Mr. Hardman acknowledged the greetings and comments with waves of his hand, and gruff monosyllables of agreement.


Mr. Hardman led Marge and me down the basement steps in back of his house, into a dim, dank cellar. There were two small cages there, and he herded us into them, bottoms first, so that we faced each other through the bars of the locked doors. There was not room in the cages to turn around or to rise, though it was barely possible to lie on our sides in a tightly curled posture. Mr. Hardman stared down at us, that stone-hard grin on his big-jawed face, then he turned and strode away, up the stairs. Our lives as this virile he-man's helpless fuck-meat were just beginning....





Chapter Two


The cramped confinement of the cages left Marge and me nothing to look at but one another in the twilight gloom of Mr. Hardman's basement. There was a dreamy light in Marge's wide eyes that she must have seen in my own as well. It was so wonderful to have pleased that magnificent man, to know that virile he-man wanted us, was going to keep us, that from now on whenever he got the urge to empty his big hairy balls, we would be the fuck-holes he shoved his huge hard cock into! That he had bound Marge and me into helpless bundles with ropes and chains, crammed us into cages in which movement was nearly as impossible as escape, was the measure of his desire, of the lust we roused in him, showed just what we were worth to him!


Suddenly a shaft of light shot across the basement's gloom. Just as quickly it disappeared, and Mr. Hardman came stepping down the stairs, striding to stand between the cages containing his new married fuck-meat. He was naked, his body ropes and slabs of hairy muscle, his massively erect organ thrusting out from where his bulging thighs joined, slanting upwards at a lusty, demanding angle, with his big balls pressed up to its base. He unlocked and opened the cage doors, dragged Marge and me out by our leashes, led us off to another portion of the basement. In the harsh glare of a bare light-bulb, a maze of heavy pipes could be seen at the ceiling, and a stained and tattered rag rug was on the floor.


Mr. Hardman doubled a long length of heavy rope. He draped the bight of it over the back of Marge's neck, and as she stood there, mewling and trembling, her skin all gooseflesh, Mr. Hardman passed the ropes between her legs, then passed them under the bight draped over the back of her neck, and tossed them up over one of the heavy pipes. When he pulled the rope ends down then, Marge was lifted up onto her tip-toes by the ropes pressing tight against the dripping puddle of married pussy between her legs, moaning and wriggling her hips, waving the taut globes of her big, tightly bound boobies about.


When Mr. Hardman brushed his doubled belt against her peachy bottom, Marge gave a plaintive whimper, squeezing her eyes shut. "The fuck, slut!" Mr. Hardman laughed, "You think only that wimp husband of your's gets whipped around here?" Humiliating as it was just to watch Mr. Hardman prepare to whip my wife, it quickly got worse as Mr. Hardman tugged on my leash and brought me scrambling around to kneel before him. He grabbed me by the scruff of the neck, tugging my mouth, held helplessly open by the ring gag, onto the head of his massive, gloriously tumescent virile member.


To be choking and gagging on Mr. Hardman's big dick while his belt cracked across Marge's bottom and she shrieked in pain filled me with shame, and yet at the same flooded me full of admiration for Mr. Hardman, filled me full as his big dick filled my mouth with awe at the power of his masculinity, his vast superiority over a wimp like me. "That's some husband you got, babe," Mr. Hardman sneered. "Man's whipping the wimp's wife, and what's the wimp doin'? Sucking the man's cock, that's what. And doin' a pretty good job of it, to...." And as Marge wriggled and howled to the rythmic blows of his doubled belt, the working of the ropes against her sopping pussy began to spread an amazing, wholly unexpected glow through her body till she found her shrieks of pain suddenly made screams and gasps of orgasm, blinding in its intensity!


"Damn if you two don't take the cake," Mr. Hardman chuckled, one hand roving over Marge's trembling body, petting the welted bottom, cupping the taut globes of the tightly bound boobs with their stiff, jutting nipples.  He loosed the rope draped over the pipe at the ceiling, allowing Marge to sag down to her knees. Mr. Hardman pulled his big dick from my mouth, turning towards Marge, who found that massive erection thrusting towards her face, and leaned forward towards it even as Mr. Hardman clamped one hand over the back of her head and shoved his big dick into her mouth, held open in helpless invitation by the ring gag.


A tug on my leash brought my face into Mr. Hardman's buttocks. He was fucking Marge's face, hard and deep, while making me lick his anus. He heaved a deep, contented sigh that rose above my whimperings and sputterings, above Marge's gaspings and gaggings. It was so wonderful to know he was having a great time, using us, that we were being enjoyed so thoroughly by this magnificent man whose overpowering masculinity deserved our total and united devotion! He kept at it for a long time, each thrust of his big dick deeper into Marge's mouth bringing the delight of a gagging throat around the head of his massive organ, and each time he eased his big dick back out of her in preparation for the next thrusting deep bringing him the pleasure of a whimpering tongue pressed between the cleft of his muscular buttocks, the face of a husband pressed against his ass while the wife sucked his big dick with helpless, eager abandon.


At last Mr. Hardman gave a great growl, and Marge's sputterings and gaggings re-doubled as he emptied his big balls into her throat with gout after spurting gout of thick semen.

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Marge found herself climaxing yet again against the ropes between her legs, so great was her excitement at having brought this magnificent man to such a glorious orgasm! Mr. Hardman  stepped from his position between us, and with a curt gesture directed us to kneel before him, slobbering over his bare feet. Meeting Marge's eyes with side-long glances as she met mine, we felt so close to one another, so happily together, so deeply and wholly in love, united in our total devotion to this magnificent he-man who towered above us, demanding our utter and complete subservience and degradation for the pleasure of his extraordinary virility!


With a tug on our leashes Mr. Hardman drew us up from slobbering at his feet, putting our faces level with his massive male organ as we knelt before him. Climax had softened it a little, but not much, only enough to leave it slanting downwards over his big balls rather than jutting up sharply as it had before. He was such a magnificent example of masculinity, towering above us there, a colossal figure of hard, hairy muscle, a big jawed face with easy eyes grinning down at the rapt adoration of his married fuck-meat, who cowered helpless before him. And with a deep sigh, Mr. Hardman began to empty his bladder, his fingers gripping the base of his big cock to direct the gushing steam of urine first into my gaping mouth, and then into Marge's.


Just a moment of the steady stream of his waste was a huge mouthful, bitter and hot, and gulping it down took long enough for a fresh bitter mouthful to gather, that had to be gulped down immediately, eagerly, as he played the stream back and forth between us, chuckling at our wide eyes, the sputterings and gaggings emerging from our helplessly distended mouths. Mr. Hardman was so obviously enjoying using Marge and me for urinals, and it was only right that such a virile he-man enjoy himself however he pleased, no matter how painful or degrading to slaves like Marge and me his pleasures might be!


When the stream of urine from his big cock had waned to a last few drops he shook off into our faces, Mr. Hardman growled, "Back to yer cages, slaves," and led us briskly back by our leashes to our cramped confinement. Once more the doors and the locks clicked shut, and Mr. Hardman strode off without a word or even a glance back, leaving us in the dank darkness, bound, caged, helpless, while he went upstairs into the light, to couches and beds and food and stretching out at ease, to the life of a person, a human being, not a piece of fuck-meat, a slave whose owner could do to it anything he wanted to do to it, anything at all....




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