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Texting hubby, telling him that you'll be fucking his wife tonight.


Demanding that hubby doesn't get to fuck his wife until after you have.


Requiring that hubby be kept Chaste.




Shoving his head into his hotwives pussy and making him clean up.




Ordering hubby out of the room, or making him bring drinks or snacks during your sessions.


Calling him while you are fucking his wife, and make him listen to real man pleasing his wife.


Make him eat her pussy while you fuck his wife.




If you are so inclined, you can make him fluff you, or clean you up after you fuck his wife.


Make him thank you for fucking his wife.


Constantly reinforce to him that he is smaller/inadequate in bed, make sure his wife does the same.


Write notes on his wife's body, with magic marker.


Tell him what you expect his wife to wear, and make sure that helps her get ready. Make sure that he lays her clothes out, shaves her legs, or something along those lines.


Make sure he prepares the bedroom, tell him that you will be having a romantic evening with his wife, and that expect candles, wine and flowers in the room, when he comes over, and when you get there, ask him to leave.


Make him dress, however you wish. Get him a shirt that says I don't satisfy my wife. Or what ever floats your boat..


Have his wife fuck him with a strap on, while you watch and tease him.


Experiment with bondage, blindfold him and tie him to a chair while you fuck his wife.


Have the wife sit in the chair, while you face hubby and disrobe yourself.

Present yourself as sexually dominant and comfortable in your nudity, and then disrobe hubby yourself. Point out the differences to the wife, and ask if she wishes to add anything. Now face hubby to the wife, and ask her to disrobe. Stand behind him, give a reach-around if necessary, and point out to the wife how your masculinity and man-meat are exciting hubby. Ask her if hubby is gay. Ask him if he swallows. Tell hubby that what he is feeling will momentarily be felt by his wife. Have hubby and wife exchange positions.


Share his wife with your friends.


Having her wear her wedding dress, or bridal lingerie for you.


Having the wife give you something that she won't do for her husband, such as oral or anal.


Make her kiss her husband after you have cum in her mouth.


Make hubby lick your cum off her body.




Have the husband and wife go to a nice fancy or somewhat fancy restaurant for romantic dinner. Then sometime during the dinner you walk in and say hi to here and then whisper something in her ear. Best if others in the area notice. Then she gets up and goes with you to give you a blowjob in private. She walks back to the table smiling with a tiny bit of cum on the side of her lips. Meanwhile the other patrons and the staff notice what has happened and this humiliates the husband.


INSTRUCT THE HUSBAND AS YOU ARE ABOUT TO ENTER HIS WIFE: "Get over here, grab my cock, and guide it into your wife's pussy!".


Make him fuck a blowup doll while you two watch.


No cuming for the cuck except at your direction. Might have him cum for your entertainment while relaxing in an afterglow. Have wife sit in a chair or on the edge of the bed while cuck is kneeling and jerking on her toes/shoes. For an added plus he can lick it off.




Make him put your cum filled condom on his dick and use it to masturbate too.


Cum on wife's tits and make him kiss and lick them clean (he will ALWAYS remember you came on those tits when he sucks them in the future).


Have her put her wedding ring over her nose when you are about to cum, and use it as a target. Then have hubby put it in his mouth to wash it off.


After the bull uses all wifes holes as he wishes, the cuck man is told to take off her ring, spread his wifes twat with one hand, and hold the ring right in the center while the bull finishes himself off over the ring. If the cuck wants to make it more fun for the wife, he can place the wedding ring around her clit and play around with it that way while the bull gets ready to unload. Of course the cuck will then clean up the mess. Variations on this are the cuckold holding the wifes wedding ring in place at her asshole, and again the bull makes himself cum there, and the husband cleans up the ring.


After giving the wife a damn good pounding, the bull gets the cuck to close his eyes and place her ring on one eyelid and his own wedding band on the other eyelid, and keep them balanced there... then the bull gets the wife to help crank out his messy load all over the cucks face, with special concentration on the wedding rings area. Then when the cuck has received his absurd facial, the bull and wifey take pictures for posterity (after they have stopped laughing of course).


Call him in after you have stretched her out really good, and let him have a go. If she laughs that adds to his humiliation. Then push him off of her and jump back in and fuck her extra hard making her wail and cum. Tell him "this is how she likes it, now get back in the closet."


If she lets you go bareback, she should make hubby wear a condom.


Make him wear a butt plug the whole time.


Have her spend the night with you, of course he is elsewhere. Use an audio recording device to record your encounter WITHOUT her knowledge. Therefor any wails of passion and ecstasy or speech that would humiliate hubby will be as genuine as it is possible to be. For example, if she starts talking about how much bigger/better you are than her pathetic husband, she will have done so with the belief that hubby would never hear it. You then of course let hubby hear the recording.


Rub in the fact that she loves sucking your cock and even does it for her own pleasure, when she's never enjoyed or wanted to suck husband's cock.


Rub in the fact that she loves your cum and enjoys having it in and on her, gargling it, having husband eat it out of her, etc., but she tells husband to be sure to jack off into kleenex or toilet paper and not to get the couch, bed, shower, etc. messy with his cum.


Certainly make cuckold sleep on the couch or a small guest bed when you're there, and you get the master whenever you want; but also start having husband sleep on the couch even when you're not staying over.


Have her start making cuckold move his clothes and things slowly from the master bedroom to somewhere else, making more room for your things, until eventually he doesn't have anything in the master bedroom, even if you don't stay there often.


Same thing with the master bathroom, even if you don't stay often, have her make cuckold start moving his things to make room for you.


If you like his car better than yours, or yours is in the shop, have her give you the keys to his car to use whenever you want, and force husband to find a way to get around or use a worse car.


Start bringing your laundry over, and have her make cuckold do it while he does the rest of the laundry, including the bedsheets after you and she have messed them up.


Text him that his wife was feeling very naughty and had you cum in something in the house that he eats or drinks, and that he may have already had it, but you won't tell him what it is.


Rub in the fact that his wife begs you to fuck her bareback, and that she could easily become pregnant, and that if she does and she decides to keep it, he'll have to support it and although you'll be the father figure.


Make sure that the beer, drinks, food in the house are the ones you like and not the ones that husband likes.


Make sure husband is doing almost all (if not all) of the work around the house, while you're taking his wife out and having fun (or staying back in the bedroom all day).


In the middle of your marathon sex sessions, have her text him to bring you back drinks, or to go pick up food.


She gets a tattoo at your request, to symbolize your mutual lust. It doesn't have to be anything obvious, so long as the three of you know what it means. Even better if she just comes home with it, hubby not being consulted.


Tie or handcuff hubby to a chair in another room in the house with a video feed, webcam, baby monitor etc. He needs to have a ball gag in. You & wifey will have already arranged for a friend of yours to show up later(hubby has no idea, he's just tied up watching his wife get her brains fucked out when the doorbell rings and another alpha stud or two join you to tag team his wife).




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