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Husband Humiliated by Ex Wife




I was very submissive to my ex wife, and my biggest fantasy is to remain her slave. We had a rough breakup and haven't talked in over a year, but I would drop my life to serve her. The fact that she broke up with me and is now fucking her new boyfriend, while I sit at home jerking off thinking about it, is a huge turn on for me.



The most humiliating moments that happened while we were married:




1) She peed in my mouth


2) After we broke up I would pay her money ever now and then to massage her feet. The one time she was on the couch and I was on the ground massaging her feet, and she told me "Don't look at me. Look at the floor."


3) Our freshman year of college she had a paper to write. I was hanging out with her when she decided to have the guy she cheated on me with in high school come over. I ended up writing her paper for her while the two of them went back to her room and fooled around for the night.


4) When we were married I talked to her on the phone for like a half hour one night while she was "staying at her friends". I later found out that she was naked on top of a guy, making out and touching while I was on the phone with her.


5) After we broke up I would drive her and the guys she was seeing around.


6) We went to the mall and I bought her an entire outfit for a western party and some stuff for her friends to wear, but she wouldn't let me come to the party.


7) I would clean her lover's apartmants for them. They would boss me around and tell me how they wanted it done.


8) Another time I was paying to give her a foot massage she had a bunch of her friends over and was on the computer trying to hook up with this guy. They're all standing around telling her what to say to hook up with this guy, while her husband is sitting there massaging her feet. She wasn't shy about letting them know I was paying for it either, which was extremely humiliating.


9) It was her birthday. I gave her a bunch of presents and cash. After she got her stuff she locked me out  and had another guy over that she messed around with.


10) When I would call her and she didn't wanna talk she would put guys she was with on the phone to talk shit to me until I hung up.


11) She had a big party one day. She had me buy all the alcohol for it and then she wouldn't let me come.


13) She would routinely tell me how much better other guys were at giving her orgasms than me.


14) When we were together and she was giving me a blow job, I told her I would pay her to spit my load in my mouth when I finished.


15) The one night she got really drunk and kept telling me how bad she wanted to fuck somebody. When I mentioned that I was down she said "not you, I wanna fuck somebody hot."


16) The one day she finally let me go out with her and a couple of her friends. She told me if I was annoying "I swear I'll fuck John right in front of you. Oh wait you'd like that"


17) She used to pin me to the floor and straddle me. Then she would tell me to open my mouth and spit in it.




by Her Lil Bitch


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