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Here is a list of some of the ways for husband to have an orgasm for wife's entertainment:





Force him to play with himself and to masturbate in front of you.



Force him to play with himself and to masturbate in front of another dominant woman.



Have him hump the bed while you whip him.



Have him have an orgasm across your lap while you spank him.



Give him an enema and make him hold it in while you play with his nipples and stroke his penis, then command him to climax with the warm enema water still inside of him.



Press the sole of your boot or shoe against his penis, press lightly, and command him to climax.



Do a procedure that is known as milking the penis. This is where you grip his balls with one hand and the head of his penis between your forefinger, index finger, and thumb with your other hand. Then pump his balls and the head of his penis like you would milk a cow. This causes a slow, burning orgasm that is not pleasurable for the man.



Tie him up and get him very aroused. Keep bringing him to the edge of climax, then back away. Finally, get an eye-dropper and fill it with very warm water and drip it on his penis until he climaxes.



Have him masturbate with one of your vibrators or dildos as you watch.



Make him climax against the bed at the exact same time that he brings you to orgasm through orally servicing you.



Tie his genitals up real tight with rope or one of your stockings, tease him by lightly touching his genitals and playing with his nipples, then commanding him to climax for you.



Whip his penis with a penis whip or slap it with a ruler and order him to climax as you do this real fast.



Order him to masturbate while you give him a golden shower.



Lay your breasts on top of his penis and tightly trap it there. Then order him to climax while he screams out how superior women are to men.



Order him to climax while you are fucking him with your strap-on dildo.



Place a large butt plug in his ass and make him bounce up and down on the bed while you play with his nipples and press your knee against his penis, then order him to climax.



Make him hump your boots then make him lick them clean.



Finger fuck him or hand hold a dildo and fuck him, and have him climax in a glass, then make him drink his own cum.



Call him on the telephone and have him fuck himself with a dildo, or paddle himself, or both and then order him to climax on your command.



Sit your leather-clad ass on his penis and order him to climax, then make him lick your leather skirt, pants, or shorts clean.



Sit your bare ass on his penis and order him to climax, then make him lick your ass and asshole clean.

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