humiliating masturbation



Humiliating Masturbation



1. Both public masturbation and eating one's own cum are humiliating. My wife once had two female friends over for dinner, though I wasn't aware, at the time, that they were also into humiliation. As we sat down to dinner, my wife said "honey, take off your pants and show the girls your panties." Shocked, I of course, did so.

One said "does he cum on command?"

The third woman said "make him cum on his salad and eat it." I did!



2. She had made me masturbate and, the instant I appear to be cumming, has pulled my hands back behind me, making my cum dribble out on to the floor. It's very frustrating!



3. I drive 45 minutes to work. Last week, she made me cum in my panties just prior to leaving, having to drive with a wet panty crotch. They were mostly dry by the time I arrived, but were crinkly all day. When I got home, she made me suck them clean and put them back on to wear at dinner.



4. While on my back, legs in the air, I await my cumming to shoot my load into my mouth. As I stroke, she's spanking me with a paddle. As I cum, she fiercely spanks my ass.






1. Visiting lingerie stores with her. As she's checking out, she says, "you need some more panties for yourself. Go get two pair in your size and one pair a size smaller. I shouldn't have to remember your panty supply! When we leave, you'll take off the panties you're wearing now and put on the smaller ones. Go now!" She's even asked the clerk if I could change there. . . sometimes yes, sometimes no.


2. Full, flowery, lacy briefs, under white shorts in the summertime, of course. But also on the way to the health club, so I must be exposed in my panties at the club.


3. I once had to go an adult store and buy three cock restraining toys, a pair of panties in my size, and a spanking toy. My wife watched from outside the store and called me on the cell phone just as I was checking out and told me to take back on cock toy and get an additional spanking toy. The clerk was very amused.


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