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Masturbation as Humiliation and Punishment


Public masturbation and eating one's own cum are humiliating. A fun game is to invite some of your friends over, then require your sub to off his pants and show off any "entertaining" underwear you may have had him wear. The make him masturbate and cum into his food, which he then eats.

When allowed to masturbate, the instant he appears to be cumming, pull his hands back behind him, making his cum dribble out on to the floor. It's very frustrating!

If he has a long commute to work, make him cum in his underwear just prior to leaving. Then make him suck them clean and put them back on when he gets home.

While on his back, legs in the air masturbating, spank him with a paddle. As he cums, fiercely beat his ass. If he misses catching any of his cum in his mouth, he's punished. Any cum he get's on his face stays there, and is required to lick up any cum that misses altogether.

If you have hard floors, toss down some rice (he, of course, has to clean it up afterwards) or some upside down bottle caps and require him to stand or kneel on them to jerk off. Naked, and shoeless of course.





HUMILIATION activities / ideas

*Act as objects (furniture, etc.)

*After orgasm, making sub drink his own cum

*Always address you Sir, ma'am, etc.

*Anal plugs

*Age Play

*Baby pacifier tied around neck

*Bathroom use control

*Bathroom use in front of others

*Become a human ashtray

*Beg for cigarettes, drinks, etc.


*Boot worship at odd moments

*Cavity check in private

*Cavity check in public

*Cage display

*Cage display and ignore them

*Carrying a doll or toy around

*Clip on earrings that don't match

*Crawl on 4ís

*Cum or urinate into their food.

*Curse words (Whore, Slut, Worthless, etc.)

*Curtsy in public

*Dancing/ stripped tease

*Dom chooses food

*Dom chooses cloths

*Dom urinates into water, while sub is taking a bath

*Eat from a pet dish

*Eat from floor

*Eat without utensils

*Embarrasing positions


*Eye contact restrictions

*Feed submissive from hand

*Feeding the food in restaurant (Remember: don't put your values on others-if they can see)

*Feminine necklace exposed (for males)

*Foot worship

*Forced bestiality (not for everyone. This is a hard limit for most)

*Forced Cross dressing

*Forced dressing

*Forced exercising

*Forced nudity

*Forced masturbation in odd places

*Forced shopping for pantyhose and asking the clerk ěWould this fit meî (male)

*Forced slave auction

*Forced to go to bathroom in front of others

*Forced to sell lemonade in the street like a kid for .10 cents

*Forced to wear a sign (slut, etc.)

*Forced to be a slave

*Forced to wear a leash

*Golden shower

*Handcuffs in public

*Handcuffed to a shopping cart while shopping

*Harem--serving w/other(s)


*Human Garbage Can


*Lead on leash while having a rubber bone in the mouth

*Leave bathroom door opened

*Leave note with embracing instructions

*Made to walk the streets in a ěRed Light Districtî

*Made to urinate in front of others into a cat liter box

*Maid services

*Make sub wear underwear that you've urinated on


*Nipple clamps under see thru top

*Orgasm control

*Orgasm denial

*Pantyhose work with shorts (male)

*Pet roles (act like a dog, cat, etc.)

*Pet play (forced sex w/pet)

*Record real embarrassing sessions and make them watch it

*Scat Play


*Spitting in face

*Send shopping with note and hand it to clerk.

*Serve others (supervised)

*Serve others (unsupervised)

*Serve as toilet

*Shave head

*Shave body hair

*Shave pubic hair

*Slap face

*Slave tattoos (temporary)

*Spanking (public)

*Speech restriction

*Spell ěSlaveî with suntan lotion & get tan

*Stand in corner

*Swallow urine

*Suck dildo in car, so others can see

*Take Pictures

*Take Video

*Verbal Abuse

*Wear a bra and get a tan (males)

*Wear diapers

*Wear Masters cum on your face without wiping

*Wear no bra under see thru top

*Wear no panties under see thru clothes

*Wear T-shirt that say ěI'm a sissy boyî, ěI belong to Masterî, etc.

*Wear Collar everywhere

*Wear unmatching clothes

*Wear clothes that are ripped

*Write on body (slut, sissy, etc.)

*Undress in front of others

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