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More punishment and humiliation ideas:


Make him throw away all of his male underwear and force him to wear women's full cut nylon panties 100% for the rest of his life explaining to him that he will even be buried in them(!)

Make him tuck his shirt into full cut pink nylon panties and make him sit in a restaurant with his back in front of a table full of women with the waistband of his panties showing

Make him buy a slim butt plug and lube it well before he puts it in while wearing a tight panty girdle to keep it from coming all the way out (it will slide in and out for a good self-screwing as he walks and watch the expression on his face when he sits down)

Buy some surgical gloves and glycerin suppositories to give sub when he gets too sassy. You decide when he gets to go to the bathroom

Make him masturbate into a baby bottle nipple and suck it dry

If he runs or works out, why not use a baby bottle as a water bottle?

Sew a pink bra bow (any sewing supply store) to his shirt collar

Make him wear navy or black full cut nylon panties in public as a bathing suit

Make him wear pink or other pastel colored panties under a long shirt in public with nothing else covering them as if he had on shorts

If he travels, pack panties and nightgowns in a baby girl's diaper bag and make sure its a carry- on

Since you want an accurate temperature, make him buy a rectal thermometer and use it on him periodically whether he's sick or not

Put him floral print full brief panties under women's white shorts for a day at the mall.

Throw away all of his men's dress socks and make him buy dark colored women's trouser socks

Make him nocturnally incontinent by putting him in adult diapers and tying him lightly to his bed for at least a two-week period after making him drink two glasses of water before bedtime. He will soon learn to let go during his sleep and will become full dependent on night time diapers when given fluids before bedtime

Visit a Square-dance store and make him buy some ruffled brief style panties to wear on special occasions (some of the male costumes look pretty silly, too, especially for "casual wear")

Make him go to a lingerie store to by woman's underwear. He is required to ask the clerk what size he should get for himself.

Full, flowery, lacy briefs, under white shorts in the summertime, of course. But also on the way to the health club.

Naturally, he should be required to purchase cock & ball toys, punishment toys and magazines at the adult book stores. Have him purchase various magazines at conventional stores and not hide the covers as he checks out.

A fun technique is to require your sub to exclusively use a condom for masturbation. One condom, which he must care for, is given to him each month (including cleaning, drying it by inserting a small hair roller inside to keep it open and applying cornstarch after each use). If he damages or tears the condom he must wait for the first of the month, so he is very careful. He should have a special "container" for his condom. In public view.



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