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Femdom Lifestyle and Common Male Humiliations

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Male Humiliation: Sissy


There are sweet effeminate sissies that enjoy frilly dresses and age play. They enjoy humiliation as a vehicle to relinquish control but also to tap into a type of innocence. Humiliation emasculates them into a space where they can explore their feminine side. It's different then cross-dressing because it disassociates him and humiliation is what sexually drives him.


There are slut whore sissies that first emasculate themselves and then intoxicate themselves with "forced" actions such as forced bisexuality, strap-on dildo play and the like. Some might have fantasies about being with the same sex because of desire or they might find being forced to suck another man's cock the epitome of submission. In order to come to terms with it they sissify themselves which gives them permission, so to speak to be "forced" into the act. They may have no desire to be with a man *really* and prefer to be sexually overpowered by a woman with a strap-on.


Most sissies love to administer adoration. They often seek approval and love to please.








Male Humiliation: Human Toilets


This isn't always an act of humiliation, however for those that enjoy it because it is humiliating; it's an extreme form of subjugation.








Male Humiliation: Human ATM, Financial Slavery


This type of humiliation can vary from mild to extreme. Everyone has a hot button; something that pushing them into submission or loss of control. Money is power to some men and the thought of being used this way renders them powerless. They enjoy the sacrifice and of turning over their hard earned pay. This is what distinguishes them as a man, or so they think, by "turning it over" they relinquish control. This is more of a fantasy then a reality. You might see guys throwing around tons of money to "get off" on the experience because it's a fetish; however it's rare to see this as part of an ongoing relationship. It is, however obviously easy for this fetish to become destructive and careful considerations must be made to keep this type of humiliation play healthy and sane.






Male Humiliation: Dog and Pony Training


This is a type of dehumanization and can be mild or extreme. It's relatively safe play and every submission whether you think you're into it or not, should at least give it a try. It can be affectionate or extremely dehumanize and degrading.







Male Humiliation: Human Rug/Ashtray/Furniture/Crushing/Trampling


Is another form of dehumanization that can vary with different people. Whereas a slave/worthless male are sub-human a rug or other isn't human at all making it simply and "object".





Male Humiliation: Public Humiliation

Again this can be mild or wild but whatever the case many things should be considered. You should always be respectful of the public. You should carefully consider all the repercussions of your actions so that no one, including you gets hurt.

It could be a man wearing ladies earrings (not unisex but ridiculous earrings) or female ordering a gentleman's meal at a restaurant OR ordering a nice large meal for female and letting him have the leftovers.

Public humiliation should NEVER be spontaneously explored UNLESS you've discussed it ahead of time and have properly negotiated each other expectations. Be careful before you embarrass someone in public even if it is all in kinky fun!





Many submissives use humiliation as a pass to explore submission. It can be forced or purposely induced, however both share the same element; In order to feel total loss of control, deep submission, they do so through varied levels of humiliation. These variations could be as subtle as exposing a body part or as extreme as forcing someone into a submissive act in public. Some people are humiliated simply by any act of submission. The degrees are intricate because you're dealing with human psyche and emotional issues. These could be from childhood or even from a past life. No one really knows why people are affected the way they are or how the same incidents can affect people differently. It seems to be a synchronistic chain of events that leads us to being a kinky adult.

Everyone has a hot button that drives them into erotic space. Some guys look at tits and ass to get aroused while others wear panties. What turns us on can be simple or extravagant, common or taboo, but no doubt it's a personal issue. The more complex our desires the more difficult it is to articulate and allow someone to share that space with us. Many of you have experienced rejection and misinterpretation of your sexual desires. This is both frustrating and depressing because it makes you feel very alone and kind of freakish. It's not easy explaining to your lover that you want to wear Mary Jane shoes, sing and dance for her while she laughs hysterically and then orders you to get off. Even if she agrees there is no real dynamic because she's acting and you're walking on egg shells so that she doesn't freak out. Communication is the key, however finding the right key for your lock is the real trick. It's easy for all to give advice, "Sit down and talk about your feelings, negotiate and communicate." However many of you know, first hand, how very difficult it can be.





You've all heard the term, "facing your fears" as a way to surmount difficult challenges. In some cases subtle acts of humiliation are used to create awareness or to get beyond a fear. Some people are extremely humiliated at the fact that a sexual taboo makes them hot. In this case humiliation can be very exciting as long as the person is mentally and emotionally stable. When in a trusted situation they will experience safe doses, enjoy the sexual benefits and then move on. If the trusted opportunity does not present itself then most likely they'll harbor their fantasies and save it for masturbation. If they are lucky enough to have a trusted situation then most likely they will move beyond their fears and enjoy the kinky escapade. Of course there is always the chance that it will backfire and leave them feeling guilty, however most cases it becomes a process of exploration into their sexuality.

Finding a good and safe platform to explore can often be tricky which is why so many people never realize their fantasies much less share them with another person. It takes two emotionally stable people to begin the journey together. At first communication is delicate and cautious. Both parties must act responsibility and adhere to the rules of safe, sane and consensual. Expectations and guidelines are discussed carefully and both parties should benefit from the experience.


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