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1. Have your Husband shave you before sex

2. Have your Husband lick your pussy to get you ready for your Dildo / Vibrator

3. Have your Husband lick your pussy when your playing with your Dildo / Vibrator until you cum

4. Have your Husband wear a condom when you make love and have him lick you after he cums inside you

5. When he gets good at # 4, Have him make love to you with out a condom and lick you clean

6. Have you Husband cum inside you then use your Dildo /Vibrator to get you real wet and have him clean you and your Dildo/Vibrator with his mouth till you cum

7. Tell him how good it feels to having him clean up after your lover stretches and fills your pussy with his big cock

8. Tell him you like how it looks when he has your lovers cock in his mouth

9. Tell him this is what he is going to have to do to have Sex with you from now on (Clean you up)

10. If you give him Oral keep his cum in your mouth and kiss him and let it go into his



Now you have him trained to lick cum and clean you up. You are now ready to have sex with your lover. Have your Cuckold Husband service you and your lover.





Verbal humiliation



1. Is it shriveled up because you're cold?

2. When will it be hard and erect? Oh! It is fully engorged.

3. Isn't your condom way too big? Oh No! Look!!! It's off!

4. You can stop fingering me and stick it in now!

5. Can I help you find the hole?

6. Are you in yet? Are you sure it's in? Because. . . . .

7. I don't feel anything. Doesn't a virgin feel some pain?

8. My girlfriends all told me it was initially painful.

9. Are you going to cum? Let me know when you cum.

10. Why are you stopping? You're not done yet, are you?

11. Did you shoot off already? I didn't feel anything.

12. Oh!!! You already climaxed? Is that all there is?

13. Oh!!! Look how it shrivels up after shooting off.

14. It's soooo cute!!! (giggle and point)

15. I didn't realize a grown man could get that small.

16. It looks like the little boys I used to babysit.

17. All shriveled up it looks more like a big clit.

18. Here, put it next to mine. See what I mean. I'm bigger!!!

19. Don't cry! We'll work around this "little" problem.

20. But, you can't leave me all hot,wet and horny like this!!

21. Put on that strap-on dildo; you can be my Lesbian Lover!!

22. Wear it over your panties and fuck me like a woman!!!

23. That's it! Make me cum all over that big,thick,fake cock!

24. Can I be honest with you? You fuck me better as a woman!

25. Now, use your tongue, bitch; wrap it around my long clit!

26. Suck that hard clit, baby; just like it's a little cock!

27. Thank goodness you have a long tongue;stick it up my ass!

28. Maybe you should try using your fingers too.

29. What? You want me to give you oral?

30. How do I coax the head out of the foreskin?

31. Why didn't your mother have you circumsized?

32. Oh!!! You are circumsized?

33. Deep throat? It won't reach my throat!!!

34. Look! It all fits in my mouth at once!

35. I've smoked joints thicker and longer than this.

36. At least it won't take long; but pull out when you climax

37. Shoot off on my tits; show me all that thick manly cum.

38. Oh!!! Two tiny dew drops on my tit are all you shoot???

39. Why don't we just cuddle?

40. Have you ever talked with a Doctor about surgery?

41. Pull down your panties karli and show us your clittie!!!

42. Look!! You'll see why the little bitch wears silk panties!

43. My Gawd, I've fucked women with bigger clits than that!!!

44. Is he tucked or has he already had a sex change operation?

45. It's so cute!Like a TOY baby pindick with miniature balls?

46. Are his tiny balls from steroids or castration?

47. Neither! Low testosterone caused those shriveled peanuts.

48. He's so impotent I'm technically still a virgin!!!

49. He only cums in a tiny spurt while being fucked or milked.

50. See why I need to breed with your potent, creamy sperm!!!

51. Wanna go to a bar and watch me pick up guys?

52. Will you play with my tits while I blow this guy?





Male Humiliation: Submissive cuckold husband


For many women humiliating their husband can be a very erotic and powerful emotion and activity. Breaking the conventional molds of both a male dominated society and treating him in a way that is against everything we where taught as little girls can be thrilling and empowering. For the men that accept/enjoy this form of domination it can be a sexual experience so strong in itself, it can cause lightheadedness a strong sense of devotion to his wife and in some cases even ejaculations. We all heard that the way to a mans heart is through his stomach, but the way to his mind is through his penis. Treating him in a way that arouses him will keep him coming back for more. It is up to you to ensure this. If you think about it, his cock is directly linked to his brain you control one, you control the other.


Humiliating him can be done in many different ways. To break it down into major categories it simplifies it. His attire, his chores, his mind, his body, his sexuality and/or masculinity. Cross dressing, performing chores or duties for you, verbally abusing or insulting him, mocking his endowment or stamina, suggesting he is not a real man, or maybe bisexual. Any or all of these methods will have a very strong effect on submissive men. That is not however to say that all methods will work for everyone. For some a more traditional scolding is the most effective, for other being made to wear panties while being called a small cocked wimp will be more productive. You must experiment and try out different ways to find what works best for you.


I feel that for many men the best approach is the "build up/break down" style of mental torture or anguish. After he has been in submission or training for at least a few weeks, you can implement this method. The idea is to keep him humble. Never insult his intelligence as this will not have the right effect nor is it productive. However, say for example he is nice looking, decently built with a normal size penis and average in bed. By telling him initially that he is good and fine at the above his ego gets pumped up. After a few weeks you should begin to criticize his technique in bed, make comments about his penis size, his stamina and his desire to please you. Over a few days he will become worried and concerned. Now is the time to reassure him and make him think all is well. A few days later you should begin to complain about the same things again, but more forcefully. The whole process just repeats itself till he is constantly anxious and does everything he can to try to please you.


I really feel that in many cases humiliating him in front of other women is important. Having his manhood, penis size, and even questioning his sexual orientation in front of your girlfriends will be both devastating and exciting to him at the same time. As well, I feel that having him serve you and a couple of close friends while being nude or in some type of punishment uniform will really push him to the edge of his desire to submit. He will usually complain and protest, all the while having an erection. The telltale sign for any humiliation tactic is not what is in his eyes or coming out of his mouth, but by what is in his pants. If he gets erect, no matter how much he protests, you know you are making good headway at giving him a good dose of humility.


A thoughtful dominant-minded woman asked me recently what turns me on sexually. I actually needed a moment to reflect on precisely what I - as a submissive man - am looking for and appreciate in sexual relations.


I've mentioned before that sex should be primarily for the benefit and fulfillment of the woman; I strongly believe this. Women have a right to be satisfied and served - in and out of the bedroom; I facilitate this. But there are things that specifically please and excite me - some overtly sexual, some not. Here's a sampling:


>Nude Dynamic: The [dominant] woman is fully dressed and I am nude before her. This presents a powerful dynamic as she has full control and is able to 'inspect' and 'examine' me. The idea of her standing in street clothes and me wearing nothing at all is very exciting.


>Oral Servitude: Either me kneeling in respect before and serving her Womanhood or with her resting comfortably on my face; the ability to please her directly with tongue and also be overwhelmed by her femininity is highly intoxicating.


>Forced Orgasm: She decides I'm going to have an orgasm - at her hand and on her schedule. I have nothing to say about it; restrained and nude - I am helpless as my penis is manipulated and played with - it is simply total surrender for me; I have no control or voice in the matter.


>Enforced chastity: Either with or without an actual chastity device locked on - the simple elegance of a woman telling me that my orgasm is her property and I may not have one without her permission is lovely.


>Kissing: I love to kiss - lots of tongue and I love to both give and receive.


>Boots: Call me crazy, but I adore a woman who knows how to wear high heeled boots. I think they're incredibly sexy and when worn with a longish skirt and attitude; simply impossible to resist.


>Total Control: Some women just have a way with men - and with slight gestures or a look can elicit unquestioned obedience. I respond well to such women. They demand my submission and I'm more then happy to offer it.

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