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Part 1 - Caught Out At the Office


I had been working in an office for 2 years before Kirsty became my secretary. From the moment I saw her I became obsessed with her. She was good looking with the most wonderful ample tits, a nice full arse and long legs. She would show the latter off to good effect each day in the office as she loved to wear short skirts, black stockings and high heeled shoes to work.


My obsession with her did not dampen when I began to find out that she was a bit of a slut. At one office get together for employees and their partners, according to the stories doing the rounds, she had been fucked by at least a couple of the guys in the office separately (my wife Jo had already commented during the night that she looked like a complete slut) and I loved it when I heard rumours after a training weekend, which I did not attend, that she had been fucked by two of my colleagues simultaneously. I did not dare ask her out though being far too shy, and also thought she may be put off by the fact I was a married man.


What really did for me though occurred after she had been working there for three months. I was in the storeroom one day when I heard the door open and Kirsty came in. She didn't seem to be looking for anything but just leant against a cabinet in there as if she was waiting for something - in fact, as I soon realised it turned out to be someone. I hid behind an open door into the adjoining room, peering through the crack and began to fondle myself as I admired her beauty.


It wasn't long before the door opened again and Jim, a tall muscular black guy from the Buying Department, entered. He quickly shut the door behind him and turned the key. He turned to face Kirsty and as he began to undo his zip, said to her: "Kneel down bitch and suck my cock!"


Quick as a flash, she knelt down on her stockinged knees in front of him and helped remove his hardening cock from the confines of the trousers and pants. I found myself instantly hard and rubbing myself through my own trousers. His black cock just seemed to keep growing as she yanked it before enveloping the thick head in her lipsticked lips.


It must have grown to at least 10" and was very thick with it. Jim held her head as she sucked and egged her on. "Deep throat me, bitch. Get all of my cock in your fucking slutty mouth!" The more he abused her, the more she seemed to respond, pulling his cock faster and her mouth slipping up and down his pole till she had her nose rubbing against his pubes. She was making a lot of noise, using her saliva to coat his prick and make her task easier.


Jim took charge after five minutes, grabbed her head and began to fuck her face roughly. She was looking up at him with 'puppy-dog' eyes, eager to be told she was doing a good job for her stud. I had to stop rubbing myself as I felt I was going to cum - I was aware I was wearing cream trousers and did not want to leave a stain for others to see nor did I want to give away my presence by pulling my zip down. I wanted to be there at the climax!


After five minutes of frantic face fucking with Jim contuining to verbally abuse Kirsty - she really seemed to enjoy being called a 'cocksucking whore' - he told her he was going to cum. She removed it from her mouth and begged him to "keep fucking my slutty mouth and send all your spunk down my throat. I want you to choke me on it. Empty those big black balls into me!"


He shuddered as she re-took the prick in her mouth and held her head tight as he unloaded all of his cum into her mouth, Kirsty furiously wanking his cock off as fast she could to ensure she got all of his jism in her mouth. Never having been on the end of a blow-job at all (my wife Jo had always said it was a disgusting thing to do), I marvelled as she carried on sucking his cock, cleaning it thoroughly before allowing it to lose its hardness and return it to his trousers.


"You, bitch, are one horny cocksucking slut. Same time tomorrow?" he laughed. Kirsty began to stand up and replied instantly. "I'll be looking forward to it. I hope you're going to fuck me with it tomorrow?" Jim smiled and told her if there was enough time he would 'fuck the arse off her'. He left first before Kirsty followed a few minutes later.


I was by now beside myself and knew I had to get to the toilet to wank myself off before I exploded in my trousers. I was on my way there, past my office, when Kirsty stopped me and said she was ready to do the dictation before lunch for an urgent memo I needed to draft. "Where have you been?" she requested. I answered before my brain was in gear. "The store cupboard," I replied quick as a flash. "To get what?" "Mmm.. some paper clips, but I couldn't find any." Kirsty was looking at me - her pen where that big black cock had been a few minutes before, between her lipsticked lips - almost knowingly, condescendingly, as she looked me up and down and focused on my groin.


I was harder than I had ever been and was almost trying to walk bent over into my own office and to my desk to avoid embarrassing myself in front of her and the rest of office. "Are you alright, Mark?" she asked with a small grin. "You look kind of, ah, uncomfortable there." I nodded I was OK and sat down, realising my dick was standing upwards in my trousers.


Within seconds, Kirsty was sitting on the side of my desk with her stockinged legs crossed, her skirt riding up exposing her stocking tops, her right shoe coming to rest on my chair between my legs, poised with a pen in her right hand, the tip still in her mouth and a notepad in the other.


"Did you enjoy the show?" she asked. I felt myself blush and said that I had no idea what she was talking about. She giggled and asked "How long have you been watching us?" I began to try and talk about doing the memo but she would not be sidetracked. She allowed her stiletto heel to fall to the floor and put her black stockinged foot on my hard-on. "Did you wish it was you I was sucking off, little boy?" she teased. "I think you'll have to grow a bit first if you want my slutty lips to bring you off. You see, I'm only interested in real men!"


She emphasized the last two words as she continued rubbing my cock through my trousers with her nylon clad foot. "Would you like to take me out sometime and see if I could be so kind to you? Would you like that?" I nodded. She tutted, "But Mark, you're a married man, what would your wife think?" I began to stammer, but she rubbed harder with her foot and commented, "Mind, I bet she'd be glad to get your little worm out of the house for a bit so she can maybe entertain a real man!"


That was it, I couldn't stop myself and felt my prick explode, spunk oozing from me, through the trousers, soaking them and onto her black stocking-clad foot. Her teasing mood seemed to change immediately. "Oh, you little fucking wimp! How fucking dare you cum on my stockinged foot. You'll pay for that!"


With that she lifted her foot to my face, wet with my sticky cum, revealing more of her legs so that I could see her skimpy black panties. "Forget about my pussy, wimp, you've got no chance! Now, lick your spunk from my foot or else everyone will know what a pencil dicked wimp you are!" I could not believe what she wanted me to do but knew I had no choice. I held her foot to my face and licked the sole of her stockinged foot. "Suck it dry!" she ordered, as she forced her toes into my mouth. "That's it, eat your pathetic cum, you fucking pervert!"


I cleaned her foot thoroughly before she put it back into her shoe. She told me she was going for lunch then and we could do the memo afterwards. Then, as she got to the door, out of the blue, she turned and asked, "Where was it your wife worked again? Isn't it the bookshop in the precinct?" I asked her why she wanted to know but her reply had my heart pumping. "Would you like me to mention to the rest of the office that you like eating your own cum, wimp or are you just going to answer the fucking question?" I had to comply. "Yes, Jo works there three days a week." "Good. See you after lunch."


With that she left and I felt my cock softening, and looked down to see my cream trousers complete with a massive wet stain. It looked like I was going to have to remain seated for the rest of the afternoon!




Part 2 - Wife Takes Charge


The afternoon went quite smoothly, though I couldn't leave my desk, with Kirsty not mentioning what had happened before lunch at all. In fact she barely said anything othre than goodbye as she set off at 5pm as normal. I allowed the crowd to go before raising myself a half hour later. I left my jacket off, carrying it over my arm so that it covered up my embarrassment. I tried to do the same as I went into my home, casually saying hello to my wife, Jo, who was lying on the sofa in just her jeans and a t-shirt. "Oh, hi" she said, "Come here and give me a kiss, honey." "In a minute dear, I'll just go and get changed." "No, now" she said.


I again resisted and bounded up the stairs to the bedroom and quickly tried to disrobe. Jo had followed me without me knowing and was in the doorway watching me take my cum stained trousers off. "So it is true then? Kirsty said you had tried to hit on her when she was teasing you, and when she refused your offer, you wanked yourself off on her foot!" I went bright red and was very flustered.


 I tried to say something but could only stammer "I..I..I..." Jo approached me and slapped me hard round the face. "You are such a fucking embarrassment and a wimp. Pass me the phone so I can call Kirsty and take her up on her offer." "Er, what offer?" "Never you fucking mind, now pass me the phone." She went into her bag on the beside chair and picked out a piece of paper and dialled a number. "Oh, hi, Kirsty. Yes, I saw it. Pathetic, I know. Listen, I think your're right. What time shall I pick you up at? 8 o'clock. Ok fine. I'll see you then. Oh, don't worry, I'll put on my sexiest outfit. Bye." She looked at me sternly. "I'm going to have a bath. I want you to go and make dinner. And then you'll be driving me into town, picking up Kirsty along the way for our double date." "When shall I get changed?" I asked innocently. "Don't be so fucking stupid! Kirsty and I are meeting up with, is it Jim, from your work and one of his friends. Kirsty's right, I've put up with your little cock for too long and it's time I realised what a real man can offer." I began to whimper. "Please don't go, Jo. I didn't mean to do it, she just teased me too much.." "Shut the fuck up wimp. I don't mind if you get off on wanking over stockinged feet AND sucking up the mess, you little faggot, it just means I can go out and find myself a real man!"


I made dinner and laid it on the table, just minutes before my wife made her way into the dining room. I had never seen her look so sexy. Normally she was quite reserved, wearing little make-up, long skirts, tights and low heeled shoes, but she had, as promised to Kirsty, chosen her sexiest outfit.


She had really overdone her make-up accentuating the look with plenty of blue mascara and eye-liner, blusher and bright red lipstick - she looked like a painted hussy. She was wearing a two piece - black jacket and short skirt - ensemble with white blouse underneath. She had left the jacket undone and I could clearly see she was not wearing a bra, her small but very pert tits and hard brown nipples clearly visible.


Further down she was wearing her highest heels, black strappy 4" stilettos and finished her tarty look off with black fishnet stockings on her elegant shapely legs, crowned at the top with a tight bum. I recognised the stockings as part of a present, along with a black suspender belt, I had bought her for our 2nd wedding anniversary. I started to ask her if they were the ones but she cut me short with a curt "Yes". "But you always said they made you feel like a tart, what was it? 'Some cheap whore on a street corner'?" "Exactly," she grinned. "That is how I feel. How do YOU feel knowing that I've dressed purposely like a tart for another man? But that I would never do it for my little cocked husband!" She laughed out loud before the rest of the meal was ate in silence.


I drove her with barely a word to pick up Kirsty. She came out of the house looking so sexy. Her make-up was quite normal - she always looked like a tart - but her outfit was sensational. She had a black see through chiffon blouse, with a black lacy bra underneath barely covering her massive tits, a short black leather mini-skirt, black lace patterned stockings and 6" open-toed, strappy high heeled shoes.


She got in the back. "You look gorgeous, Kirsty." my wife said. Kirsty threw her head back in amusement. "Aw, come on Jo, let's face it - we both look like a pair of whores eager to please our customers. Only difference between me and you is, you're an adulterous whore!"


My wife liked that, laughing out loud. She had made me wear my spunk stained trousers out and Kirsty recounted the tale, bit by bit, of my accident earlier that day, with my wife commenting on what a wimp I was and that she couldn't wait to get her hands on a real man like Jim and his friend.


As I pulled up outside the pub they were meeting their dates, my wife told me to park up and that she wanted me to come in for a minute for one drink. I thought she may be looking to back out, but nothing could have been further from the truth. Jim and his friend John, were already there so Jo told me to get to the bar and get some drinks in. I watched as Kirsty took Jo over for the introductions, and noticed how both the guys kissed my wife full on the lips, Jim even tonguing her, as their hands squeezed her tight bum.


The barman was watching the same scene as me and commented. "Lucky bastards, they sure look like two hot and horny bithces, don't they?" I could only nod, my throat dry knowing that my wife was going to do what she said and try out a real man's cock. Having seen Jim's earlier, I knew I would never be able to compete and felt totally dejected.


As I carried the drinks over, I noticed they had sat in a secluded part of the pub, with Kirsty next to John, who had his arm round her, her lace stockinged legs crossed as usual and her leather mini trying unsuccessfully to hide her suspender belt. My own wife Jo was hardly less carefree, her own stocking tops clearly visible, with Jim gently stroking her thigh through the thin material of her skirt. I was forced to sit opposite Kirsty and next to my wife but on a stool lower down, hidden from the rest of the pub round a corner.


Kirsty began retelling the story of how she had humiliated me in my office after John had asked why on earth I was not putting up a fight before my sexy wife cuckolded me. I went bright red as Kirsty told them every detail, Jo delighting in hearing it for the third time that day. "I can't believe any man could cum that quick," said John. "And to then lick his own cum up, that's gross. Absolutely unbelievable." "Well," Kirsty responded,"I can assure you it's true. Would you like to see a repeat performance?"


My wife eagerly clapped her hands getting excited, so much so that as she raised out of her seat, Jim slipped his hand beneath her ass, under her skirt and a finger inside her pussy - the horny bitch had gone out without any panties on. "Fuck, this bitch is wet!" he exclaimed, as my wife let out a sigh of excitement.


Meanwhile Kirsty was looking at increasing my humiliation. She held her leg up so that her foot was once more resting between my legs. "Take my shoe off, wimp." she commanded. I undid the strap round her ankle and removed the stiletto, the feel of the black patent leather getting me hard. "Now, take your worm out so we can all have a laugh at how small you are!" "But, it's a public place, what if.." Jo cut me short this time. "Don't worry about that, you're well out of the way. Anyway, it's so small, I doubt whether anyone will notice!" Resigned to my impending humiliation, I undid my zip and slipped my rock hard dick, standing a mere 4 inches tall, from my boxers.


As soon as it popped out, John laughed out loud. "Fuck me, I've seen some tiny white pricks before when I've been fucking some hot white married slut, but that's really pathetic. Why, it's no bigger than a child's!" I went bright red as I heard resounding laughter from the other three gathered round the table. Jim felt compelled to add to my embarrassment saying. "No wonder you want some black cock in you, Jo, having put up with that little thing. Has he ever given you an orgasm with it?" "Oh, hell no." Jo responded. "I normally have to bring myself off afterwards. Fortunately, he never lasts very long anyway, he's such a wimp. I must say I'm really looking forward to getting a decent sized cock in me tonight."


It was then that Kirsty began rubbing her black lace stockinged foot over the head of my cock. I was already at bursting point from all the humiliation heaped on me coupled with hearing my wife, dressed up like a whore, talking so dirty in front of her about-to-be new lovers. I barely lasted three strokes from Kirsty's hot foot, before I shot my load, the initial jet spurt covered by the sole of her foot. "Pump that little worm, wimp. Shoot your measly little load over my stockings." Kirsty commanded. "Oh my God." Jim laughed. "I can't believe he's cum already. That must have taken at least 10 seconds right? What a fucking wanker!" My wife was smirking as I jerked my prick, forcing all my spunk out over Kirsty's foot. When I stopped, she lifted her leg higher to my face and demanded: "Lick all your spunk from my stockings. Show your wife and her new boyfriends what a cum eating wimp you are. Swallow the lot like the obedient little bitch you now are!" I held my secretary's foot and did exactly as I was told. Lapping at her stockings, licking and sucking my own jism from it, as my wife barracked me with a stream of abuse, calling me a faggot, a useless wimp and pencil dick.


When I had finished, Kirsty made me put her shoe back on. Jo then ordered me to "Fuck off home" and leave her with her new black boyfriends. As I stood to leave, Kirsty teased me further: "Don't forget to pull your little worm off whilst you think of those big black cocks fucking your wife. And don't you dare waste a drop of cum! Mind you, I'm sure Jo will have a lot more for you when she gets home tomorrow morning!" My wife perked up once more. "Oh yes, I never thought of that. I'm really looking forward to rubbing his face in it - literally - when I get home." I gulped and realised things had definitely changed forever.






Humiliated Cuckold Story, part 2


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