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More humiliation and punishment ideas - sent in by readers



Rules for My Submissive 


1-Must always wear panties at all times!!


2-Must always wear panties & garters when we go out under your clothes.


3-Must wear panties to work & when you go to the gym.


4-If you are not wearing panties when you get home you must change in them right away this is only when I tell you, you can wear little boys undies.


5-Must always be smooth & shaven.


6-Must always have toenails polished.


7-Must call me Goddess instead of mistress.


8-Must either serve me dinner  & clean up from dinner or clean up from dinner when I cook.


9-Must be dressed & serve me dinner at my request.


10-Never to cum with out being told to from your Goddess.


11-Must come to bed with me at night when you are told with no complaints or you will be punished.


12-Can not play on the computer at night no more than 2 hours in my presence.


13-Must always act like a gentleman with me & my desires be your first priority.


14-Must open the door for me at all times.


15-Never to play with yourself unless told to by me.


16-Must do something for me every night such as massaging me or giving me sexual pleasures with no excuses at my request.


17-Must clean the house on a weekly basis or at my request this consists of cleaning the tub, scrubbing the kitchen floors, cleaning the toilet & vacuuming in your panties.


18-Must give up control when you come home from work with out telling me what to do & do as I request with no exceptions. 


These are your new orders to be followed for your Goddess and if they are not carried out my little slut will be punished!! 


Punishment will strictly be enforced!! 




I would also go for long periods of orgasm denial but your effort there is to keep him as stimulated as possible. Run bdsm videos constantly. Fit a vibrating butt plug to his ass and let run on low all day. Whenever you have a chance, rub his cock until just short of an orgasm then let him go. Eventually he will be so frustrated that he will do anything you ask.



Make him scrub the floors naked and clean the toilet with his toothbrush.


Let him stand in the corner for extended periods




Humiliation and punishment Ideas

Clothing the slave or sub can be made to wear


Black or dark colored bra under thin white shirt*

Black or dark colored underwear (bikini are best) under thin white pants or shorts

Pantyhose worn with shorts

Wear a thong or jock strap at the beach

Wear an obviously "padded" swim suit at the beach

Naked or dressed in underwear beneath a overcoat or raincoat

Wearing an obviously feminine blouse

Baby hats/bonnets, but not at a rave

Obvious female flat heel shoes, worn with everyday male clothing

Standard male shirt, tie, jacket, with obvious female trousers

Diapers, noisy plastic pants

No underwear, while wearing very thin white or light colored pants or shorts.

*Female clothing and accessories only works well when the sub is not into crossdressing.





Punishment Toys


Slave collar (can add owner tag)

Narrow cat collar with bell

Single handcuff on each wrist

Butt plugs (Can be worn at a business meeting)

Feminine necklaces and bracelets

Feminine rings

Cock rings

Baby pacifier (Carry or tied around neck. There is a doggie "squeak toy" like this available)

Baby rattle

Nipple clips (even better when seen through a sheer shirt)

Regular or clip-on feminine earrings (for the pierced impaired)

A "kitty" collar with bell, worn around the cock and balls.





Humiliating shopping scenes. (The assumption here is that it should be obvious the purchases are for the sub)


Shopping for and trying on lingerie or dresses

Trying on high heels while wearing nylons or pantyhose under male clothing. (Works better at times other than Halloween)

Shopping for makeup, perfumes, and other female items

At adult toy stores, purchasing buttplugs, cock rings, and bondage/discipline gear, while his master watches from a distance

Having a manicure or facial

Buying adult incontinent supplies (Have the sub ask the clerk what size would fit best)

Master walks up to his sub/slave in the check out line at the grocery store, holding a pair of pantyhose and says, "These are what I picked up for you to wear tonight. Ok?"


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