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- Make him leave his pants on and make himself come by fucking/rubbing the edge of a table or desk. Moan loudly if appropriate. Don't let him clean up afterwards - hopefully there will be a stain, and he will feel his cum all day and night long.


- Wear a butt plug until it's time to return from lunch, then take it out in your car while in your office parking lot.


Ideas for Punishment

Note:  Some of these punishments are better used in private; some work well in public.  Use good judgement.


Isolation:  (A small closet or room for a period of time.  Isolation could mean a lack of telephone, email, or mail communication for a time.)

Sleep deprivation (Never to the point where health is endangered)

Make slave wait at attention when she has to use the bathroom before allowing her to go.

Deprive slave of orgasm for a period of time.

Hard paddling (deprive slave of sub-space through pausing, changing tempo or severity)

Writing assignments (by hand) 

When it is used inappropriately, a slave's mouth can be washed out with soap. (This is not a dangerous practice, but slave should not swallow until she is allowed to rinse -otherwise she might become ill.) 

Ignore slave while she is in your presence.

Have slave wear sign stating her offense.  Place her where she will be noticed (for BDSM friendly use)

Assign slave extra tasks, or make the tasks more difficult (i.e., washing floor with toothbrush)

At a restaurant, order your meal and order two slices of white bread and a glass of water for the slave.

Stand the slave at attention for an extended period of time with the warning that any noise will double the time.

Stand slave at attention at front door of your home. (Clothed)

Disallow slave the use of her hands.  She should crawl and fetch with her mouth.

Shave slave's head (assuming it is appropriate to her vanilla life and she likes her hair.)

In BDSM friendly spaces, keep slave clothed, give her no scene, do not allow her to kneel or exhibit slave behaviors, but order her to sit quietly in a chair with her hands in her lap and watch the good behavior of other slaves for the evening.

In fetish or BDSM clubs or private homes, offer slave to owner/manager/host for kitchen or bus service.

Deny slave's privileges.  (Computer, email, telephone, television)  She should spend the time she would normally spend doing these things in journaling, cleaning, or even standing in the corner for the evening.

Have slave kneel and wrap her mouth around a doorknob for an extended amount of time.

Place slave in corner, put a dime on the wall just above her waist level and have her hold it there with her nose.  Her hands should be behind her back or spreading herself open.

Place kneeling slave on an upside down welcome mat (the kind with the non-skid spikes)

Make slave walk to a place she normally drives (within reason).

If, by bedtime, your slave has not completed her daily chores, she should be made to do so before she can go to bed.  (This, of course, after you have finished with her should you desire her services.)

If slave does not move quickly enough, take her out for a run alongside the car while you drive. (Curious people will think she's training for a marathon)

Some punishments are best if they fit the crime, so to speak - for example:

If you find dirt in the corner of a floor the slave has just washed, she should first re-wash it, then eat her dinner directly off the floor.

Improperly folded towels, sheets and clothes can be punished by removing all items from drawers or cupboards and piling them for the slave to refold.

Dirty dishes found in cupboards can either be eaten from (not terribly effective) or once again, all cupboard items (plates, cups, silver and pans) removed, placed on the floor and re-washed by hand, towel dried, and replaced.

If you live in a place where children cannot observe you, the slave can wash neglected windows in the nude (at least from the inside)

If slave has been vocally impertinent, have her try an entire evening without being allowed to speak.


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