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Would I suck a cock?  After 11 years of being a submissive male to my dear Wife, I probably would.  On occassion, she had strapped on a dildo and taken me in the ass.  I have been made to pretend that I got a climax and loved it.  On other occassions she has made me suck one of her large cocks that she has strapped on.  I am made to "deep throat" it and enjoy it.  Since I am now locked up for the 7th straight month and released only for milkings and health issues, I suspect something else is being planned.  She talks about taking a male lover and possibly having me service him also.  I don't know if I would like it very much.


But if it is what she wants, then I would have to do it and do it with a smile and a thank you.  How do others feel about being cuckolded?  Thank you.







i have eaten out creamed pussy a lot and i also have to swallow the Lovers sperm. Furthermore i am used as their toilet too. In the evenings when they have sex i am used as above. In the morning they urine in my mouth and i have to drink it all from both her and her lover afterwhich they normally have sex again.


Since i am locked up 24/7 i have to follow all her orders otherwise my chances on a orgasm are zero. If i behave well for a longer period of time she allows me an orgasm in a humiliating way.

This happens roughly once every two months.


Last time i had to fuck a rubber pussy on stage at a fetisch party. People looked and laughed when i fucked the rubber pussy with a condom... my Mistress told me that she couldn't handle a pregnant pussy so that's why i even had to use a condom. Afterwards i was made to eat my own cum and locked again.





I have been in a chastity device for two months. My wife recently took on a lover who has a 8-9" cock. My clit is 5" erect(she calls it a clit because its too small to be called a cock). I too had to lick her pussy and asshole and suck his cock to get him ready for her. I was so horny that while I was sucking his cock and seeing my wife naked and going down on her, I started dribbling cum from my clit even though it was locked up. They both started laughing at me. It was frustrating because I was still horny, and it wasn't an ejaculation. I then had to clean the both of them up afterwards.


The life of a cuckold.




after being a cuckold for my wife going on 7 years now i always do exactly what she wants .she enjoys watching me suck herlovers cocks and having them take me in the ass..i never refuse her wishes to see me perform for her enjoyment .and i have swollowed every drop each time i blow one of her lovers ..i have learned to love the taste and cant wait for the next time she asks ...




My mistress met a stranger who I had arranged over the net. I was told to lie on the bed next to them as they fucked. He fucked her in every hole and on one occasion I was allowed to place my cock in her arse whilst he fucked her pussy. This was because my mistress wanted to try double penetration.


It didn't last long as I was not allowed to cum and was very excited so couldn't stay in long...much to her displeasure. After a couple of hours she said she was tired and told me to suck him. It was my first experience of sucking a cock. It felt strange, kind of spongy but stiff, I could taste her juices. I licked the tip, sucked him as deep as I could, I moved my tongue around the end as he penetrated my mouth. He came in my mouth and I swallowed it all. Strange taste.


After he left I was allowed to lick my Mistresses pussy and arse until she came again and then we slept. I still had not cum.






my Mistress enjoys black cock. She really enjoys humiliating me and i am into humiliation until i have had the opportunity to cum. Once my meager load has been shot, usually into a shotglass or onto Her feet and me cleaning it up, i no longer am excited about the idea of sucking a cock.


my Mistress often hosts fetish parties and i have sucked many cocks through the past few years. She has two kinds of parties, one is with the other Mistresses and their subs. For those, i often am offered up to suck off other subs for the Mistresses enjoyment.


Their favorite game is to have two of us do a 69 and the first one to come loses. The early shooter is then fed his cum back with a snowball. Finally, they are forced to watch the longer lasting sub service their Mistress and of course must clean up afterward.


The other type of party is a pure cuckolding party. 1-5 big black studs come over to gang bang my Mistress. She of course makes me strip and wank first off, shooting onto her feet and cleaning them up. This takes away any desire for me to continue but i am her whore so i do as told.


i then must suck each of her suitors til they are hard. i am forced to watch as they penetrate Her in every hole. i am forced to clean out her holes, clean off the black cocks even after they are in Her ass. If i show disdain, She gets angry and then i become a target for assrape. Nothing worse then having a 12" cock shoved down your throat while another is splitting your asshole in two. That's what you get when you introduce your wife to the cuckolding lifestyle. . .careful what you fantasize about.


Gloryholes, too, be careful what you get your wife into. . . i thought She would be the one sucking anonymous cocks through the hole but She has decided that it is i that gets to suck the cocks.


 life sucks, literally.




After nine years of marriage I'm about to cuckold my husband, and the

principal attraction for me is making my husband suffer the humiliation

of watching his wife have sex with another man.


Although I accept that it may be a while before my lover will be

comfortable with having my husband present while we have sex, it's

certainly my intention to have the two of them together in the house. I

will expect my husband to ultimately show the same obeisance to my

boyfriend as he shows me. He will be required to ask my lover to screw

me, and also thank him when he has satisfied me.


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