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- sent in by real slave husbands and dominant wives -







This one rocks my world a lot lately. Maybe it's because I am locked up and would fuck just about anything. There are a lot of alternatives to this fantasy but the humiliation of it is always the same.


I am fed viagra, locked in a cage with a blow up doll, (we have a cage BTW) and told to watch as my wife carries on with man after man. "It's OK honey" she soothes, "no one will care". "Go ahead and get your rocks off with your plastic friend". The moment I do start fucking the doll her and her lover she's with at the time begin giggling and laughing at me. But I just can't help it. I fuck it again and again as she's getting fucked on our bed out side the cage again and again.


I have never ever wanted to have sex with a blow up doll and never have owned one. But mixed with the humiliation of it... The Viagra part adds an element of not being able to help myself. Sometime I imagine being filmed as I go to town on it and have the video spread on a forum such as this or used as blackmail.




Before the legalization of pornograpy, the only real raunch was in novelettes. I collected and read a lot of them. I recall one in which a man was dominated by his wife. She made a practice of humiliating him with other men.


She would tease him, tie him up, make him kiss her feet. As his training progressed, she kept him in chastity. Finally she decided that he would only be allowed to have an orgasm with a cock in his mouth. He was bound on a horse face down, as her boyfriend stuck his cock in her husband's mouth, she would jerk him off. If he stopped sucking, she would stop stroking.


After a while he was conditioned that every time the husband saw the bull's cock, he would get excited. His wife successfully conditioned him to be excited by the sight of a cock. They would tease him by waving the cock in his face and watching him become excited whether he likes it or not.


This would be a great way of humiliating a cuck. He is only allowed an orgasm with the bull's cock in his mouth.


Variation on this: the husband is only allowed an orgasm with the bull's cock up his ass. After long term conditioning, the cuck would be trained to have an orgasm without stimulation of his cock, but solely by being fucked in the ass.




I once dated a girl who like to fuck me in the ass with a dildo. She would stroke my cock as she fucked me. As I approached orgasm, she would stop stroking my cock and use only the dildo to take me through the orgasm.


I was never able to come only anally. Once my wife had her bull fuck me in the ass face down. As he pounded, his cock pressed on my prostate. The semen dribbled out, but I didn't come.


I was really embarassed that my wife could see the come dripping out. I was afraid of her teasing me and calling me gay.




I enjoy subjecting a cuck to public humiliation, go to a bar, make sure the bartender knows the couple is married, then I may ask her to go to the ladies room and remove her panties and give them to me, in plain view, of course under the watchful eye of the bartender.


Or take them to the parmacy, have the cuck buy lub, condoms and such, as we go through the checkout, the cuck explains that he is buying these for his wife and her lover, (we stand next to him, smiling) Sometimes I have him take the box of condoms to the manager, asking if he has any bigger size, as his wife's lover is huge......




One fantasy of being humiliated that I think would be an ultimate, consists of a blow up doll, a female that I have never had sex with but would love to fuck, and several of her female friends, after losing a bet to her.


She would invite 5 or six or more of her female friends over for a huge laugh as they all remain fully clothed while making me strip completely naked and turn my clothes over to them. I have to furnish a brand new blow up doll, still in the box and kneel in the floor in front of the girls and blow it up. Once I have it ready, they start firing orders at me as to what each one wants me to say and or do to the love doll, when to switch positions and which position they want to see me fuck it for them.


This humiliation is fueled by the thought of them being able to watch, first hand, to see how I look when I fuck, while at the same time I have no idea about any of their sexual activities, what they look like naked, or anything else about them that are sexually related.


Lastly, the icing on the cake would be any pictures that they took during the session with my face shown very clearly making no mistake who it was, especially if they told me to look straight at the camera before they snapped the pic and said they wanted my face clearly visible so everyone would know it was me.




My #1 fantasy is the "homo conditioning": being trained by my wife and her lover to cum only with a cock in my mouth or ass. If alone, i would only be allowed to jerk off looking always at gay porno.


Other fantasies related to that one are:


#2: Being trained by "homo conditioning" and enjoy plenty of sexual evenings... with a gay friend of my wife's lover. I would be told to have sex with the gay friend always in front of them to amuse them.


#3: being given hormones and surgery to make me his slut. I would be treated always quite rough by both of them, while he would be tender and loving with my ex-wife. Again, they could find a "real man" to use me in front of them sometimes.


#4: go out and have some drinks, go dancing... they would be the couple, i would seem to be just a friend. I would be the one to go for the drinks.


#5: being given something that would enhance my sexual drive (or maybe she would tease me) while i would be given something that would make my erections impossible.




I have only allowed my sisy to eat my pussy after my boyfriend has fucked and filled my pussy. We have now started to have sissy come along to suck his dick hard and clean him and I after we have fucked... when ever sissy attends our lovemaking she is in a cb2000 and never allowed to pleasure herself inn our presence.




I have to lie on a table surrounded by her friends and beat off when I cum all over my belly the girls finger feed me my own cum.




1) Whenever your husband pisses you off,make him go to adult book stores,gay bars or wherever and suck off strangers. Tell him he can't come back until he has two or three loads all over his face and hair and a full mouthful of cockscum!!! When he balks, remind him of the photos and videos of him submitting to your bulls. Demand he go RIGHT NOW or you'll put those pics all over the internet and to his friends and family!! It will help to give him a time limit   


2) Have him follow your bulls into the bathroom when the stud is ready to piss. Order him to hold the fat cock and aim it for him,then lick the head clean!! Tell him you're doing him a favor .... He won't have as much bathroom clean-up next time!!! Laugh your asses off at his embarrassment!!




"Cuckolds Cocktail"...... take two to three shots of Bulls cum, add an equal amount of Mistress piss... to this stir in a generous mouthful of cucky snowball spit. Top off with a very small dash (ie a full ejaculation) of cuck dribble.




Have the cuckold jerk off on the floor, and then have the wife grind his cum into the floor and/or have the bull piss on his cum.


The wife tosses the wedding ring on the floor at the feet of the cuckold, tell her husband her wedding vows mean nothing and then fucks her bull.




Once I arrived home and entered the house only to find a new guy fucking my wife on the living room sofa...he acted startled at my sudden presence and she immediately said to him..."Oh, don't stop, it's only my husband...I own him...I'll make him clean both of us after you've cum if you want me to! fuck me harder!!...You go and fix us a drink, BITCH!"

I felt so bad and so humiliated, but at the same time I absolutely loved that bitch-whore for saying it to me! She was in complete control of me!...She was right...she did own me...and I did as I was told!




- My wife has made us both t-shirts. Hers says "I Swallow." Mine says, "I Swallow Too." Then, we go out and walk side by side.

- My wife has changed my ringtone when she calls me. It's her having an orgasm with her lover and saying how good her lover is.

- I have gone with my wife to get manicures. She makes me get a nice red and tells the girls that I hate to be a man. So, they spend the time calling me 'Ma'am,' while she just laughs.

- My wife has changed my wallet photos from myself and her. Now, they are her nude with her big black lover, her sucking him, me crossdressed and walking the streets, and me crossdressed giving head. She loves to show the pics off too!




My wife and 4 of her girlfriends are smoking out on the back deck. She makes me put on high heels and a black 8 inch strap on dildo. They're all sitting in high deck chairs and I'm forced to eat out all their pussies. At the same time they all laugh at the sight of my little white 5 inch dickie as it flops around next to the huge black dildo. My wife has one of her friends take a tape measure to the black cock. She announces "8 thick black inches". She then measures my puny meat and says, "5 and a half skinny white inches."


They all take turns slapping my little stiffy around. I'm then forced to fuck them with the dildo. Once I've fucked all of them with the black dong my wife makes me unfasten it from the harness. She then makes me suck it and lick clean all of the juices while I jerk off my little dick in front of them.



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