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"The Blow up doll Fantasy"


This one rocks my world a lot lately. Maybe it's because I am locked up and would fuck just about anything. There are a lot of alternatives to this fantasy but the humiliation of it is always the same.


I am fed viagra, locked in a cage with a blow up doll, (we have a cage BTW) and told to watch as my wife carries on with man after man. "It's OK honey" she soothes, "no one will care". "Go ahead and get your rocks off with your plastic friend". The moment I do start fucking the doll her and her lover she's with at the time begin giggling and laughing at me. But I just can't help it. I fuck it again and again as she's getting fucked on our bed out side the cage again and again.


I have never ever wanted to have sex with a blow up doll and never have owned one. But mixed with the humiliation of it... The Viagra part adds an element of not being able to help myself. Sometime I imagine being filmed as I go to town on it and have the video spread on a forum such as this or used as blackmail.


One such fantasy involves me being bound to the doll with rope so that my penis is at her opening and as the action gets going with my wife so my cock hardens and enters the doll against my will. Not having any other way to stimulate myself causes me to begin thrusting....


You get the picture.


It might end up that the only time I get to cum is by way of humiliating sex with a blow up doll.







Before the legalization of pornograpy, the only real raunch was in novelettes. I collected and read a lot of them. I recall one in which a man was dominated by his wife. She made a practice of humiliating him with other men.


She would tease him, tie him up, make him kiss her feet. As his training progressed, she kept him in chastity. Finally she decided that he would only be allowed to have an orgasm with a cock in his mouth. He was bound on a horse face down, as her boyfriend stuck his cock in her husband's mouth, she would jerk him off. If he stopped sucking, she would stop stroking.


After a while he was conditioned that every time the husband saw the bull's cock, he would get excited. His wife successfully conditioned him to be excited by the sight of a cock. They would tease him by waving the cock in his face and watching him become excited whether he likes it or not.


This would be a great way of humiliating a cuck. He is only allowed an orgasm with the bull's cock in his mouth.


How about a variation on this where the husband is only allowed an orgasm with the bull's cock up his ass. After long term conditioning, the cuck would be trained to have an orgasm without stimulation of his cock, but solely by being fucked in the ass.


I wonder if that is possible.







I once dated a girl who like to fuck me in the ass with a dildo. She would stroke my cock as she fucked me. As I approached orgasm, she would stop stroking my cock and use only the dildo to take me through the orgasm.


I was never able to come only anally. Once my wife had her bull fuck me in the ass face down. As he pounded, his cock pressed on my prostate. The semen dribbled out, but I didn't come.


I was really embarassed that my wife could see the come dripping out. I was afraid of her teasing me and calling me gay.







One fantasy of being humiliated that I think would be an ultimate, consists of a blow up doll, a female that I have never had sex with but would love to fuck, and several of her female friends, after losing a bet to her.


She would invite 5 or six or more of her female friends over for a huge laugh as they all remain fully clothed while making me strip completely naked and turn my clothes over to them. I have to furnish a brand new blow up doll, still in the box and kneel in the floor in front of the girls and blow it up. Once I have it ready, they start firing orders at me as to what each one wants me to say and or do to the love doll, when to switch positions and which position they want to see me fuck it for them.


This humiliation is fueled by the thought of them being able to watch, first hand, to see how I look when I fuck, while at the same time I have no idea about any of their sexual activities, what they look like naked, or anything else about them that are sexually related.


Lastly, the icing on the cake would be any pictures that they took during the session with my face shown very clearly making no mistake who it was, especially if they told me to look straight at the camera before they snapped the pic and said they wanted my face clearly visible so everyone would know it was me. Whew, what a damn hard on.






This one kinda gets me off - being tied up, face up on the floor next to the bed where your girl is fucking some guy, you hear them finish off, usual kisses and cuddles then your girls face appears over the bed. She gives a cruel smile and tells you to open your mouth, then slowly lowers her boyfriends used condom into your mouth. They both have a laugh at watching you try to swallow, then go on ignoring you.






First she would put me in a chastity belt and denied sex/orgasm or touching my genitals. the length of time that i am in chastity would be determined by her friends. while in chastity she would dress me in panties, heels, stockings and a french maid outfit to do chores around the house. while i was in my outfit, i would be addressed by a female name and would respond in my maid character.


she would bring her friends around and i would serve them in my outfit and they would address me by my female name. I would serve them how ever they needed while they were there and she would loan me out to one of her friends at the end of the nite as a party favor. I would do what ever her friends required of me in my outfit (help around the house, errands, sexual favors, etc) under the assumption that I would have to do what ever they said and the whole time they would be talking about how small i was and useless as a man.


she would date regularly the same bulls so as to ensure less of a chance of health issues. she would come home after her dates or overnight stays and I would clean her creampies out while she tells me about how great they are and how useless i am in bed. she would bring them around while i am dressed in panties and a frenchmaid outfit so they could laugh and fuck her in front of me and i would clean them both up. her friends/her and her bull would milk my prostate and feed me the resulting cum as it was collected into my drinking glass.


as time progressed she would fuck me with her strap on and while queening me would use my mouth as a urinal. she would share these benefits with her friends and bulls as well.


ultimately, she would tire of her male bulls and take a female bull who would come and stay with us 24/7. she (wife) would make me sleep on the floor next to them so i could hear them fucking each other. i would serve them whenever they needed and would be the only one of the three of us working. at times they both would don strap ons and take turns fucking my ass while i orally pleasured the other. on whims they would go and get bulls they had on a "sex retainer" and bring by to fuck them while i served all four of them. I would be used in both my holes for sucking cock or dildos and giving head or cleaning up sex juices.






Two things my wife does.


After I tend to her needs she makes me hump a pillow at the side of our bed in panties and laughs at me the whole time until I cum in my panties and then makes me go to bed in them.


She sends me flowers to my work and has a tag on it that says "Thank you for cleaning my house and washing my panties you are truly a great maid."






We're going to take the opportunity to remove her lover's used cum filled condom after he is done and have me put it on. It will be all stretched out, soggy and loose. I will then be able to either A) Wank off with it or B) have sex with it.






My ex used who was a size queen and loved sex with black men would tease me with how much cum her lovers had ejaculated, by holding the used condom over me while I laid in bed. She would then dip her finger in the cum and put it to my lips to give me a taste. Sometimes turned it over and had me swallow the whole load. It was exquisitely humiliating.






i have been fantasizing that i have a girlfriend or wife and she takes on a lover, and as a way to humiliate me, just before he leaves, she has him cum all over my pillow-case and i have to lie on it for bed and smell it all night while i was forbidden from touching myself.






A wife locks hubby up in chastity for long, extended periods of time. However, she is irritated by the constant need to take the cage off and supervise his showers, so that hubby, who is uncircumsized, doesn't get an infection under the skin. After growing completely tired of the extra care required to keep hubby clean and healthy, she decides she is going to force him to be circumsized. And have as much fun with it as possible! So, she has a female doctor friend come round to the house, where hubby is tied down so that he can't move about, and the two women laugh and talk openly, mocking hubby and his short comings and laugh at him as his tiny little dicklet is reduced even more. After several minutes and several serveral tears and cries from hubby, the procedure is done. But instead of layers of gauze and bandages, hubby gets put right back in the mean, unforgiving hardness of his cage. Where every time his super sensitive penis touches the sides of his prison, hubby nearly passes out from the pain. And the second hubby has cleaned up after his wife and doctor, he is then made to thank them both with long, deep oral pleasure. To add insult to injury, the wife then decides to find a Bull who is uncircumsized with a decent amount of foreskin. Then, to further humiliate hubby while the Bull is over, she can praise the Bull for having such an attractive penis. Telling him how much she loves his sexy foreskin. When hubby is made to fluff the Bull, the wife forces him to pay extra attention to worshipping the foreskin. Tonguing it out and asking hubby to tell them both how nice the Bulls foreskin is.






How about making the cuck wear ONLY your worn, day old panties. Each night you get together and off come her panties (cum soaked or not) and he puts them on until the next night. More fun if you spray them with perfume to add to the embarrassment or wear crotchless panties, something like that. He is then completely responsible for washing them since he was the last to wear them or if necessary, buying new ones so she has clean ones for the next day. It can go farther too such as using only her used bath water or something similar.







Being in chastity whilst my wife is on the bed with her boyfriend and being made to feed his large dick into her pussy, and holding her hand whilst he pounds her pussy, and of course, being made to clean them both up afterwards.

He'd then take her up the ass, and she'd tell me how good it felt and tell me that i'll never be allowed to do this, it is off limits to me, only for me to watch her boyfriends take her this way.



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