How My Wife Humiliates Me






My Wife's Way of Humiliating me




My wife and I aren't into the "cuckold lifestyle" but my wife loves to humiliate me, and she knows it turns me on. Here's an example:


I started playing racquetball a while back with a friend of mine named Vince, and my wife wanted to join us recently. Since she's not very good, and Vince is better than I am, I suggested that she play on his team, and I play alone, and that should even things out. We were pretty even, because I could hit it toward her to win the point. That worked for the first couple of weeks, and we all had fun plasying, but as she got better, they started really winning every game. They would gloat, and really let me hear it when they would score the point.


Last week, I suggested we play cutthroat or round robin, but my wife quickly dismissed that idea, saying that she and Vince made such a good team that she had more fun like this. I looked at Vince and he just laughed, and said "Hey, she knows who the winning team is!" My wife high-fived him, and told me "Now go serve us, loser!" and threw the ball right at my feet. It bounced past me and they both laughed. I knew she was really getting into it at this point. I also knew that this would be one of the last times in the game for me to get a chance to serve, so I gave it my best shot. It did no good, as my wife blatently got in my way every chance she could, and Vince would intentionally hit it right into the back of my leg whenever he had the chance. I had several welts on my hamstrings and calves! He would apologize and give me the point every time, but when I walked up to the service area, I could hear he and my wife whispering congratulations to each other.


Of course it was over quickly, and they celebrated like they just won the Superbowl! They went and got water, and told me to "stay and practice", so I was really feeling like a fifth wheel. When they got back about five minutes later, my wife asked me if they could play against each other while I sat out. I said "sure", so she handed me the keys and told me to go wait in the van. I gathered up my stuff and headed out. I sat out there waiting for over two hours before I went in to check on them. They weren't in there, so I asked the lady at the front desk if she knew where my wife was. She told me, almost apologetically, "Yeah, you're her husband? She wanted me to tell you she and Vince were going to go get something to eat, and you should just wait here for them." I just said "ok" and waited out in the van.


They pulled up in Vince's car about an hour later. They said goodbye to each other, hugged, and Vince took off. My wife got in, looked at me with that knowing grin of hers, said "You have fun waiting for us, loser boy?" I just said "If you had fun, I had fun." She grinned, gave me a kiss, told me she loved me, she yes, they had fun, and we drove home. She told me that they played racquetball for a while, then decided to go get something to eat. Vince asked if she was going to come get me, or if we were all going to ride in our van. She told him "Oh he already ate. I'm sure he won't mind if we go without him." He just smiled because he knew what she was doing, and they went to go eat. She paid for his meal as a "thank you" for giving me "racquetball lessons".


We both have fun doing stuff like this. It's all in good fun. She's always looking for ways to humiliate me like this. I know, not exactly cuckolding, but it's a turn on for me, without as much risk of anyone getting hurt.




OK, so we're going to play again on Monday. As far as Vince knows, if I win, then I get to pick the next 5 movies that my wife and I go see, and Vince has to pay for the tickets. If they win, then I have to drive them both to a nice restaurant and drop them off at the door and wait in the parking lot while they have dinner, then drive them to a movie and wait in the car while they enjoy a movie. Just between my wife and me, the winner gets head whenever and where ever they want for a week. My wife told me she's looking forward to her big date, and using my face to satisfy herself after she gets back home. It's win win for both of us!



We played yesterday. They actually tried harder than ever to beat me and they won 15-2. It wasn't ever even close, they started on a 11-0 run!!! And that was at the beginning before I was even tired! I did my best because I wanted to get head for a week, but I couldn't do anything when every place I hit one of them was there... They had so much fun with that one game!


They mocked me the rest of the other two games, planning where they want to go on their date, what movie they want to watch, etc. And of course last night my wife used me for her pleasure, and loved it! She told me, while grinding on my face (I think my nose is bruised!) that it felt great that she could make me lick her butt if she wanted, and I couldn't do a thing about it. She finished herself off by putting me on my back and laying on her stomach with her crotch on my face, and arching back and humping my face hard! I got pretty sore, but she didn't mind! LOL! She rolled over, thanked me, and told me to go clean up. I felt so loved! She asked me afterwards if I wanted her to give me head, and I sad "sure, but you don't have to, since you didn't lose the bet." She said "I know, I was just asking..." Then she kissed me passionately, rolled over and went to sleep! Nice....




It's going great! When we woke up, my wife wanted me to service her again like earlier in the week, and I obliged! She then made me breakfast in bed and while I ate breakfast, she serviced ME! NICE!!!!! She's so good to me! Of course after breakfast she then had me make reservations for her and her date for a fondue restaurant and then buy tickets for them online for Spiderman 3! UGH! She knows I want to go see SM3 and she picked that movie just to get to me!! She knows all the right buttons to push! LOL! To top it off, I then had to rent a car to drive them in! It's got to be a luxury sedan, so I'm off to the rental place to get their car. We wouldn't want them to have to ride in an inferior car like my little four cylinder...



I just found out what it's like to be a professional limo driver -- boring! LOL! I went by myself and picked up Vince from his house, then drove back to my house and parked out front and picked up my wife. They both sat in the back seat while I drove. Very professional!  So as I drove to the restaurant, we all talked and had a great time. Vince kept saying how much he was looking forward to this, and said he can't wait to have more bets like this in racquetball. They both referred to me as "Driver" the whole night!


So we pulled up to the restaurant and I let them out, and went and parked the car. Turned out I had parked in the valet section, but they didn't have it coned off yet. So as I sat in the car, the valets arrived and put the cones out. I asked if I needed to move and they said no, not if I was waiting on someone in the restaurant. I told them I was, and that the couple I was driving for was in there. I told them that it was a married woman and her boyfriend, but I didn't say that I was her husband!  They laughed when I said that, and joked "Ahhh, she's gettin some on the side huh? Is she hot?" I said "Yeah, she's pretty good looking. Her husband's probably just not doing it for her." They all laughed and agreed. It was spur of the moment, these things I was saying, and it was a turn on to hear other guys laugh about me "behind my back" but to my face! Not even realizing I was the husband I was referring to!


So about three hours later I get a call on the cell from my wife. She just says "OK, we're done, go ahead and pull the car around..." So I pulled to the curb, and got out and opened the door for them as they got in the backseat. i got some knowing smiles from the valets, and caught them checking her out. Very cool!


We drove to the theater, but had about an hour before the movie started, so Vince told me just to drive around for a while. As we drove, they talked about how good the meal was, and all the courses. Cheese fondue, salad, entree fondue with lobster, filet, sirloin, etc., and dessert fondue, which was dark chocolate with Grand Marnier. It always takes about three hours when my wife and I eat at this place, so I figure that's why she picked it for last night.


They said the waiter asked if it was a special occasion, and Vince said he told the waiter that they were celebrating their latest victory in racquetball, and that the 'loser' was paying for their meal, so no expense was to be spared. So the waiter congratulated them both, and suggested an expensive bottle of wine, which of course they ordered! Their bill ended up being over two hundred dollars! As they left, they told the waiter they would be probably be back, since the loser they play against probably isn't getting any better, and the waiter laughed and said "See you next time! Keep winning!" I loved hearing all this!!!


So we got to the movie theater, and I let them out at the curb. They already had their tickets so they went right inside, and I went to park the car. I was sitting there wondering what they were talking about, since the movie wasn't to start for a hlf hour yet. It was weird sitting there knowing my wife was inside with my friend, sitting together at the movies! I would get jealous, but turned on at the same time. I wondered if they were holding hands, what they talked about, etc. About 2 and a half hours later I got the call on my cell frm my wife to come pick them up, so I drove to the curb out front and got out and waited. They didn't show up for about 15 minutes! I started to get worried, then I finally saw them walking out and laughing. They were just taking their time leaving was all.


On the way back, they talked about the movie, and how good it was. Of course they spoiled the ending for me! And laughed about that! I dropped Vince off at his house first, and as we pulled up, Vince hugged my wife and thanked her for a great evening. She hugged him back and said "Driver, go get the door please!" I couldn't tell what they were doing after I got out, but she told me later that they just hugged and laughed because i had to stand there because the door was locked, and they waited about thirty seconds before opening the door.


Vince shook my hand and thanked me, and my wife and I went home. On the way back she sat in the front seat with me and told me about their evening. She asked if I could tell that she and Vince were holding hands in the backseat, and I said no, it is too dark. She asked if I was jealous, and if it was a turn on, and I said yes, big time! She said "Good!" She said they just talked the whole time about what was going on at work, and with our families, and life in general. Nothing mind blowing. They talked about this deal, and about how it spiced up our relationship, even for Vince and his wife, because it turned him on, and made him want his wife when he got home! My wife was so turned on, she was all over me in the car as she's talking, and she started to unzip my pants! For the first time in my life I had to turn down a blow job in the car, because I was afraid I'd run off the road! LOL!!!


When we got home, we had incredible sex! We were both so turned on we couldn't wait to get at each other! It was really cool. Afterwards I was feeling some doubts, and was wondering if I took it too far, but when I looked at my wife and saw how much love she had for me when she looked back at me, I wasn't worried at all. She told me they never kissed, and never would, and I believe her. She said if she ever kissed another man, that would be just as bad as having sex with him, and she'd never jeopardize our relationship.


So we continue our games. I'm sure we'll have another bet when we play Monday. I just hope it's something not quite as expensive! LOL! I'd rather make them dinner, at least it would be cheaper! And I'm sure my wife and her "lover" would like it!



I told my wife that when we play tonight, I wanted her to suggest that the winner, between just Vince and me, gets to shoot at the loser with my paintball gun in our backyard for one minute! She didn't like that idea. She's never been crazy about physical pain, even though I like it. She's too afraid I'll get hurt badly. So we have to think of something else. Any suggestions? Her sister won a bet with me last year, and as a consequence, she (her sister) gets to dunk me in the swimming pool whenever she wants for one year! My wife didn't mind that bet! She thought it was funny!




I just spoke with my wife on the phone and the bet for tonight's game is that if I win, I get to take my wife to dinner and a movie, and Vince drives us! Role reversal! HAHA!! However, if they win, I have to do the same for Vince and Sharon, his wife, and my wife gets a day at the spa. This was my wife's idea. I said it's a good idea, but we need something to bet between ourselves. So my idea was that if I win, I get a full body massage from her, with happy ending of course! And if she wins, then she gets a full body massage, with my mouth and tongue for her pleasure! She liked that idea!


I'm hoping that they'll take it easy tonight and I can pull off a win, I'd love to be able to get revenge for last weekend! And I LOVE massages from my wife. But it's a win-win situation, so I can't lose!



Well, my wife confessed to me after a close game last night that they could have blown me out of the water. They beat me 15-13, and I was upset because it was so close, and my wife said it really wasn't, but they just wanted to make it interesting, and said it's more fun when they win close games. I didn't believe them until they beat me 15-0 and 15-2 in the next two games. It was a humbling experience, and showed me how much better my wife had gotten since we started playing on a regular basis.

So Vince and his wife will get their date, my wife gets her day at the spa, and I get the humiliation of knowing that there is no way I will ever win. So now I need to think up some other form of competition that we can participate in. In the meantime, my wife wants us to keep playing racquetball because it keeps us in shape, and she likes making me her "racquetball bitch"! LOL! When she told me that after we left, I responded with a huge smile and said "you got it! I'm your RB!"




I was told by my wife we're having another bet for this Monday's game. She said she and Vince will decide what their reward will be when they discuss it this weekend. I asked about what if I win, and she just laughed, and said "That's so cute! I'll have to tell Vince what you said, he'll think it's funny!"


BTW, her birthday is tomorrow, and we're all going to be at her sister's house for a pool party, and her sister already emailed me to tell me that she is going to let my wife and their older sister dunk me if they want. Her quote was "We're gonna try to dunk the dorkiness out of you, dork! LMAO!!" So it looks like I'm in for a long day tomorrow too!



I had another boring night of driving Vince around, this time with his wife. Of course they had fun with me, mocking me and calling me "driver". They had me drive around town while they made out in the back of the car, and they picked Pirates of the Caribbean, which is three hours long!!


After we pulled up to the restaurant, I got out to open the door for them, and Sharon said to me loud enough so the valets could hear "Sweetie, give me your credit card, I think I left mine at the house." As I got my card out of my pocket, she made a show of kissing her husband. I'm sure the valet's were wondering who she was married to! LOL! I handed her my card, and she said "Thanks!" and walked in with her arm around Vince. OK, I had to hand it to her, she was good! I was wondering what those guys were thinking!


My wife had a great day at the spa getting her massage and manicure and pedicure.



Oh, and I did get "teabagged" on Sunday by my wife and her sisters! The birthday girls turned 33 this year, so each gave me 33 dunkings for their birthday! I thought I was going to drown! My wife's sister got everyone's attention and said to gather round the pool to see me get dunked! As I tread water in the deep end, they stood on the little "shelf" (I don't know what it's called, it's like the step in the deep end) and my wife dunked me with her foot 33 times in a row! Without missing a beat, her sister was right there and said "No break for you, Donut Boy!" and proceeded to dunk me as well, again, 33 times!!! I was worn out!!! I'm not in the best shape, I'm overweight and not a really great swimmer, but I do OK. But man I was worn out after that! Everytime I would start to creep closer to the step to get one hand on it, my wife's sister would plant her foot on my head and shove me back out a little, so I couldn't really get a break!


Everyone thought it was hilarious!!! Their dad asked me if I regretted making that bet, and asked what I was thinking to be so foolish! I couldn't let on that I thought it was so great to be so humiliated!! It's funny because I couldn't get out of the water because I was so aroused, someone would see. Oops! I had to wait a while.


Later on I got dunked a few more times, and they even got their older sister, mom, dad, and my brother in law to dunk me! I didn't know it was them, they were sitting on the side of the pool, and my eyes were closed (I don't like to open my eyes underwater, even in the pool) so I couldn't tell who it was! I found out afterward that as my sister in law dunked me with her foot, she kind of shoved me down to her older sister, who then dunked me twice, shoving me down the line to her husband, etc.... And the whole time I was thinking "They sure are laughing a lot..." I got suspicious, and it wasn't untilI opened my eyes I saw how far down the pool I was. And my father in law is right there laughing, and I'm thinking "How did she dunk me from so far away...?" And my wife asked me if I realized the whole family was dunking me. Oh man, it was so cool!!! I was humiliated by her whole family and didn't even realize it!!! They are a fun group of people, and I'm lucky to have married into such a fun family!




My wife actually started an online relationship with two seperate guys. I just got back last night, and my wife was calling one of her boyfriend's name out while we had sex! I had to thank him for letting me have sex with her! They own me! And I thank them for it!


They are both very dominating, and they "own" my wife online! She adores them both! She won't let me have the email address for one of them, because she doesn't want me "getting into her personal business"! She knows I love that! It makes me so jealous!


I'll ask her if I can post some of the emails she's sent me. She may not want me to, we'll see. I never know what to expect anymore. She's said stuff to them in emails that she's NEVER said to me in an email! Which is very cool!!




This was the first email she sent me when i was out of town. Obviously I blanked out their names, but this got me really turned on!


Hi Honey!


______ told me he's going to take me out to an Italian restaurant, so I need you to buy me a nice black evening gown and some sexy black heels, and a sexy black silk teddy for me to wear under it! And I need you to give me a nice pedicure with dark red polish. He said he's going to caress my leg during the meal, so I want to look nice for him! How do you feel about this? You missing me yet? <grin>


Maybe you could do that this weekend? I want to look nice for my Sweetie ______ when we go out. You know he's been keeping me company while you've been out of town. How do you feel about that? I bet it makes you feel good knowing that your wife is kept warm and cozy at night, even though you're in an uncomfortable hotel bed by yourself. Thank you for thinking of me more than yourself, you're so sweet!


Well, enjoy your trip, I know I am!!!


Your loving wife,






This one had "Hi Loser Boy!" in the subject line of the email, so I knew it was going to be good!


How are things going out there in Florida? Is it nice? _____ is over here, and we were just about to go get something to eat then come back here to watch some TV. I hope you didn't mind me calling you "Loser Boy", but ______ thought it would be funny, and I had to agree! It IS funny!


It's been really nice having ______ here while you've been gone. I really wish you would lose some weight! I don't know if you'll ever be in as good a shape as _____ (his ass is NICE! I can't stop squeezing it!) but you could at least try! ______ is just so damn sexy! Mmmmmm... I'm going to need to go ahead and cut this email short, he's rubbing the insides of my thighs again, he knows how much I love that! We may be a little busy before we go out tonight -- actually, we may just order out!


I need to let you go! Love you!!




Man, this one really got me turned on! I was imagining him actually in my house while i was away! It was so good!!!






She doesn't act this way all the time. In fact, she's very conservative, very sweet and loving, and we have a great relationship. I think that makes this even more interesting because she can turn it on and off when she wants. And a lot of the time, it's just that: when SHE wants. I've noticed that, and it's one more way she plays the dom role.


We didn't play racquetball last week, I was out of town. We did play last night. It was a blast! Vince asked if I wanted to bet anything, and thanked me for dinner from last time. I told him I couldn't afford to keep buying them steak dinners, or fondue! LOL! I also said that it wasn't much of a contest since they seem to win every time. All that did was elicit a high-five and a loud "YEAH!" from them both! My wife said we don't have to have a bet. Vince agreed, and said it was enough fun taking me to school in racquetball. So we played without betting anything, although I did have to carry out all of the equipment when we were done.


They beat me, but I don't remember the first two scores. We had three games, and the last one was 15-9. Every time they needed to get some points, my wife would basically get in my way, in between me and the ball, and block me. Vince was the only one hitting the ball, she was just blocking me. And since the "rule" is that she can't get called for interference, that's their way of getting some easy points!


When we were done, they both walked out ahead of me, and left the equipment laying on the floor. I gathered up both of their racquets and put them in their sleeves, got everything else and walked out. As a lark, I stopped at the front desk and asked if my wife and her friend already checked out. (My wife had left her card there for the court reservation) The girl behind the counter asked her name and checked and said yes, she checked out. She gave me a funny look, so I was wondering what my wife did, I knew she did something like hold his hand or put her arm around him. I asked my wife later on and she said she had her arm around Vince as they checked out, so the girl probably assumed Vince was her husband! LOL! I know my wife well!!


I met them out by the van in the parking lot, gave Vince his stuff, and we took off. I was so turned on, it was killing me, because I was told by my wife's "online boyfriend" that I couldn't have sex with her until Wednesday. Right now I'd love nothing more than five minutes with her in bed!! ARG! So frustrating!! She's a little frustrated too, but she gets to receive oral pleasure from me whenever she wants, so she has the upper hand, so to speak.


I also received a message from him that I am supposed to give her a backrub. I haven't asked her about it yet, but I'm thinking either she asked him to tell me this, or she mentioned she really enjoys backrubs, and he decided to fulfill her request by having me do it. Either way, I'm his to boss around. A role I gladly accept!



I was told by her that one of her boyfriends wants a picture of me on all fours with her booted foot on my back, to prove her dominance! She doesn't own any boots though, so I'll have to buy some!



She does read some of the email content to me, and sometimes she'll make me kiss her feet while she emails them. Once she had me kneel in front of her licking her pussy while she read one of her boyfriends' emails, and that got her off big time! Awesome!! I was happy, and so was she!



There are times when she doesn't want to deprive herself...  But she will sometimes have sex with me until she orgasms, then, done! She'll push me off of her and tell me I "served my purpose", with a knowing grin on her face... Somehow I think she likes playing the part of the dominant one...



A couple days ago, she made me kneel down and service her while she emailed one of them!! That was cool!!! She said she described it to him in the email, and it really turned her on! It did a little something for me too!




We went out to dinner last night at a restaurant, and she was flirting with the waiter the whole time, which was awesome! It was one of those places where the waiter feels they need to "be your friend" so they're very outgoing and sit down in the booth with you, etc. So the guy sits down next to my wife and says "Hey guys! How's it going?!?! I'm Andy, and I'll be your waiter tonight!" I hate how chipper they are!!! LOL! So my wife puts her arm around the guy and says (just as chipper) "Hey Andy!! We're great!! How ya been??" LOL! She's hilarious! He just eats it up, thinking right away he must be getting a great tip from us... So we order our drinks, and when he comes back he sits back down on my wife's side of the booth again, and she sidles up next to him and puts her arm around him and flirts with him the whole time we order. She goes "Hey Andy, we missed you!!" And he says "I missed you too!! My favorite customers!" We had a lot of fun with this guy!! And he must have spent about three times as much time checking on us as he did his other customers. It was really great! I went to the restroom, and when I walked out, there was Andy, sitting right next to my wife chatting and having a great time!! I waited until he left the table, and sat down, and she said she waved him over to ask about getting getting a dessert to go. When she asked him to sit, he asked "I don't know if your husband would like that." And she said "Don't worry about him, you just sit down. He does what I say!" LOL! He laughed and sat down, and she put her arm around him and started asking about the desserts. The whole time watching for me to come out of the restroom. Of course we ended up getting dessert! And we tipped him really well. It was a great time!





We went to spend the day with Vince and his wife at their new house (they moved away a while back) and it was cool to see my wife and him together again! I get the impression Vince's wife doesn't like him flirting with my wife anymore, because he didn't come on to her like he usually does except when his wife was in the other room, or was not watching. I didn't ask about it though. When we got there and said our hellos, my wife and he didn't hug, like they usually do. I thought "Uh oh, Vince's wife must have told him no more of that!" I found out from my wife later that I was right. But she said it was not a big deal, she just wanted them to cool it.

Later on when he was showing me their new house, my wife walked in while his wife was in the living room, and she asked me "Are you getting the tour?" I said yes, and she walked up and hugged Vince and said "I missed you Vince..." He said "I missed you too..." in a low voice. They hugged for a few seconds, and I just stood there. It was cool! I didn't say anything! When they stopped, she said "I'll let you two get back to the tour" and walked out. Just like that! The only other thing they did was they had a chat privately during lunch when Vince's wife left the room to go get this book she wanted to show us, and my wife asked me if I needed to "go to the bathroom, or something". LOL! It was then that she found out about the difference of opinion Vince had with his wife, and why he no longer openly flirted with my wife. That's too bad, for me anyway. I always wondered how long it would last. It had nothing to do with them moving though, so that's good.


My wife is also still chatting with her boyfriends via email, although lately she hasn't sent me any emails from them. I still haven't ordered the sexy clothes one of her boyfriends told me to get for her. I wonder if he's upset! Oops! I'll do that soon! He wants her to send him some pictures of her in those clothes. Maybe she'll post them on here for you to see!




This past weekend her family was over, and we played video games on our Wii (that sounds dirty) and she beat me in the very first game of boxing! Now, I'm not good at it, and she'd never even played before. Neither of us knew what we were doing, but I realized very quickly that if someone just throws punches fast, they'll beat me. She knocked me out and when the bell rang, she yelled "And STAY down!" Everyone in the room erupted in cheers for her, because 1) I'm good at video games, and 2) she's not, so it was the underdog winning! Plus, it's her family! Biased!  I literally won ONCE the whole time, and that was by split decision against her dad. Her MOM beat me, for heaven's sake! LOL! It was fun for everyone, including me, being humiliated in front of the whole family. Her sister knocked me out, and said "OK, who wants to play against Punching bag next?" And her mom says "I want to play again, I never get to win at these games! I like this one!" My arms were burning they were so tired, because they wouldn't let me stop. Everyone wanted to play against me!




The most humiliated I've been was probably something she did in public with a total stranger. The stuff she did with Vince was the coolest for me, like making me wait outside while she had dinner with him. But when i wanted to crawl under a rock was when we were on vacation in Florida and we were at a pool side bar, and she told me to go "take our drinks back over to our chairs" on the other side of the pool, because she was flirting with the bartender. It was embarrassing! As i walked away, I heard the guy saying he didn't want to cause any problems. He felt bad. But my wife said it was OK. She said "He want get his little feelings hurt. He'll be fine." The bartender and his friend laughed at that.


I went back over to the other side of the pool and waited by our chairs while she chatted with the dude. It took her about 20 minutes to come back. The whole time I'm sitting there with a raging hard on, so turned on, but hoping that no one around me saw what happened. LOL! When she came back she had this huge smile on her face. She asked if I thought she was going to go up to our room with the guy. I told her i wasn't sure. She laughed and said she was glad I knew my "place". It was awesome! It took a while before i could actually stand up without any embarrassment. LOL! This happened in July of this year at a beach in Destin, Florida.





My wife has been taking more control over my life with another online friend of hers. He has been giving her ideas about how to take advantage of my desire for humiliation and submissiveness.


One thing I never would have thought of was taking measurements of my cock, waist and chest, and subtracting my chest size from my waist size, which is 7 inches, then subtracting my cock length from that. That's how many orgasms she gets before I get to have one. Turns out to be 2 and a half. So I have to satisfy her sexually without getting any satisfaction myself. She started by making me perform orally on her, but she prefers conventional sex, and wanted to go that route instead. I wasn't opposed to that, because it was taking a long time for her to orgasm, and honestly my face would get sore! 


So she told me last night she wanted to have sex, but I couldn't have an orgasm! We did it for about 10 or 15 minutes until she had a great orgasm! We laid there for a few seconds, then she goes, "OK, we're done." Ugh! I think I had a hard on for about an hour after that!




The latest thing my wife had me do was to strip down naked in front of her and do 50 situps and 50 pushups. The catch is i had to do them in under 2.5 minutes. If I succeed, I get to have sex with her. If I fail, I can have sex, but only she can orgasm.




By Dunkin Donut





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