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Giving of Self

by Irish






I came to slowly around six a.m. I had heard Myrna's husband, Mike, leave the house for his flight back East. He had been quite successful in the business world, as this huge home gave testament. Modeled like a lodge, there was a lap swimming pool just inside the two story tall glass back side of the house, just inside the massive deck. You could look down from the kitchen on the main floor through the glass panels. The large room was a library/den with mahogany bookshelves on three sides of the room. The lap pool had blue tile all around, and in the corner was a small changing room with a shower head on the outside wall. Later that morning I would discover just how cold that water was.


I laid there with my wrists handcuffed to the headboard, and nude for about the past fifteen hours. My wife, Susan, enjoys toying with my submissive, exhibitionist nature and had set me up as an article to be auctioned off for the local Children's Hospital. So I was a weekend servant and sex toy for one of her good friends, Myrna Cunningham. Last night her husband walked in as I was licking Myrna's soft smooth pussy with she spread-eagled on the kitchen table. Mike was not angered by what he saw, but it made him horny and he gave me a ring side seat to his pounding of Myrna's incredible box. His cock was huge by my standards, as I am no more than five inches fully erect. I was surprised when he buried his eight inch tool deep into Myrna's beautiful, but small body. He filled her vagina with his sperm filled mix and then insisted that I share in the bounty of his ejaculate.

Myrna knelt over my face as I lay on the floor and allowed gravity to dump the proceeds of their union.

She acted like a paint brush moving up and down from my forehead to my chest. I made the mistake of leaving my mouth open and took in some of their unpleasant tasting mixture. Now, some seven or eight hours later, I felt the dried crusty layer all over my face, but the feel and smell of it is causing a sense of arousal deep inside my gut. My cock is standing tall and throbbing at the memory of the event.


"I see everyone is up in here!" Myrna announced as she entered the room and flipped on the light.


She was in a tank top that came only to her ribs, and a lacy string bikini bottom. I thought how nicely she maintains her vagina. Her nipples on her smallish but round breasts were already pronounced. She unlocked the handcuffs holding to the bed.


"We need to be up and at 'em plenty of work to do today and you will be licking my sweet little cunt several times." She said.


"Believe me; I am eager with anticipation, and as hungry as can be." I added rising slowly off of the bed.


We proceeded down the hall toward the kitchen, Myrna's left hand casually wrapped around my erection. She instructed me to make some coffee and she started on some pancakes. We were in the midst of preparations when the front door bell rang. Myrna was mixing the pancake batter and told me to get the door.


"I am not really dressed for receiving company." I stated in stuttered speech.


Myrna glared at me and suggested I recall the order of things this weekend.


"OK" I said, "I should be used to my condition of nakedness. But I feel for the person on the other side."


I opened the door wide with no reservation about my appearance and my eyes must have given away my shock. There stood the incredibly attractive highway patrol officer from the night before. She smiled and gazed at my nudity with a quizzical expression.


"Don't you own any clothes?" she inquired.


"I am not permitted to wear clothes while under the direction of Myrna Cunningham." I answered.


"I am sure you don't want to hear any small dick jokes, so I'll keep them to myself." She countered.


"I really do appreciate that. This is embarrassing enough as it is." I commented.


Her beautiful countenance and very tight body began to have an effect on my genitals. My three inch stump of a penis began to warm up and I felt a surge of thickening. My heartbeat began to quicken and I sensed a change in my breathing. I stepped back so she could walk through the door. She gave a playful tug on my little one's head.


"Why, we are starting to respond to appropriate stimuli now, aren't we?" She kidded.


"Nice to have you stop by, Sara." Myrna called from the kitchen. "I hope this is not a follow up on a public nudity violation up the road last night?"


"No, I was off duty and wanted to stop by to see what was going on with you and naked boy over here" Sara said.


Myrna explained the whole affair and what her plans were for me today and tomorrow. Sara chuckled and mused how some girls have all the luck. Then she caught a closer look at the crusty appearance of my face.


"What in the hell is all over you?" Sara asked.


My sense of humiliation now really took hold, and pushed my feelings of arousal to greater heights. My cock surged out to its full five (maybe a bit more) inch extension.


"Oh, that is just Mike's spunk, after he deposited into my puss, I washed Joe's face with the goo." interjected Myrna.


"My, my, have been a cum slut boy?" Sara asked me.


"Not really," I said, "it was at Mike's insistence and Myrna enjoyed doing it to increase my excitement."


"But, did you like it?" Sara wondered of me.


"Well, it was all so quick and I had my face so close to a terrific fucking of her cunt, with all the slapping and slurping sounds that, yes, I did get enjoy the moment." I attempted to explain.


"Sara, do you want some pancakes?" asked Myrna.


"Sure. I haven't had breakfast yet. If you don't mind, I'm pondering some ideas on how to torment your little cum-slut here." answered Sara.


"Good, I'm always open to suggestions." Myrna said.


I was feeling uneasy as the doorbell rang once again.


"I'll get it, as I am the only one decently attired in the house." Sara volunteered.


She then ushered in Melvin and Maggie Mayhew, next door neighbors to Myrna and Mike. Maggie had a bunch of freshly cut daisies for Myrna. The Mayhews were in their sixties and in semiretirement. Melvin was a professor of philosophy at the University and Maggie had been a librarian. My presence attracted their immediate attention: Melvin a scowl and Maggie a smile. Melvin was short and a bit stout. He had on a University of Texas sweatshirt and jeans. Maggie was a handsome woman who still had a youthful glow despite normal lines from aging. She had a white sweater over a blue country and western style shirt, a long blue denim skirt and boots on her feet. I appreciated the manner of her gaze at my nude state, for it gave away her obvious delight. My soft hard on began to get stiffer with the additional attention. Maggie had a very nice smile as she noticed the change.


"I am sorry, Myrna, I did not know you had company." said Maggie. Despite the presence of Sara's car parked on the drive. "I brought these over for you and Mike." She continued. It was a transparent excuse to find out what was going on. Myrna picked up on the need for an explanation of the scene in front of them. She relayed a sugar coated version, accentuating a charity auction that was more risqué than most. She covered for my nudity by calling it part of my personal lifestyle. It was a lifestyle she could accept, as she called attention to her own lack of clothing. As a joke, she offered the opportunity to remove clothing for any who cared to.


I saw a look come over Sara's face that I interpreted as the devil at work inside her head.


"Let me arrange the flowers while Myrna is working on breakfast. Won't you stay for coffee and some cakes and sausage?" Sara offered with a tone as obvious as Maggie's ploy.


"Joe, come over to the sink and you can become a decoration for our breakfast." Sara kindly suggested.


I was totally unaware of her design, but I knew it would be total degradation for me. Sara picked up the bundle of flowers and walked over to the sink. She picked up a pair of scissors from a wood block holding a variety of knives.


"Stand next to me here and bend over and touch your ankles." She commanded.


I instinctively followed her instruction, as though I was in her charge, and bent over exposing my rectal opening.


"Good boy, cum-slut, you are perceptive." Sara said as if praising me.


She trimmed off the small leaves and cut the end of a daisy. She took some dishwashing soap and lubricated my asshole, while the Mayhews stared in utter disbelief. She then guided the daisy stem past my sphincter muscle with ease. I, for my part, did not notice a thing. However, my face had to be ten shades of red reflecting the humiliation of it all. Sara was just starting.


"I like the possibilities for our nude table decoration" she announced. "Get up on the table, about in the center, and curl up and bring your knees as close to your chest as possible."


I stepped to the table and jumped up on it and positioned myself on my knees. This was working to arouse me more than I could imagine. My little friend was as erect and stiff as I had ever known it to be. The clear precum was slimming out of the slit which had formed the letter "O". I positioned myself in the center of this rather large table. Both Maggie and Myrna were now openly giggling at Sara's plan for a table decoration.


"Myrna, would you have a ball-gag and some cuffs?" Sara asked. She was going to immobilize and silence me to complete the humiliation.


"Sure, I'll get them." Myrna replied, smiling broadly.


Sara had me bent over on my knees with my arms between my legs and feet turned inward. It was totally ridiculous and my butt cheeks were slayed apart, fully exposing my a-hole. Sara slowly cut each daisy and then inserted each into my ass. After six or so it was getting tight. I felt a hot rush throughout my body as each flower stem was added. Myrna came back and around the table. She calmly cuffed my wrists to my ankles.


"Open wide" she ordered, and placed the ball gag in my mouth.


I was sweating from the entire event and the crusty mixture of Mike's sperm and Myrna's vaginal juices began to feel slick with the sweat.


"There, we have a nude flower pot as a center piece. We can proceed with breakfast." proclaimed Sara.


"Let me have something for my coffee," said Maggie, as she used her finger to gather some of the precum flowing from my rigid cock. "I kind of like how Sara thinks." Maggie added. She was really enjoying my pose. Actually, it turned out she just enjoyed the sight of a stiff prick.


I just closed my eyes and felt my entire body throbbing with the arousal. I must admit that it was a bizarre way to approach sexual fulfillment. I also was left out of the breakfast. Conversation turned to other items as though I were nothing but a vase of flowers. So I would not miss this event, and to share with my wife, Myrna snapped several pictures of my predicament. As the four of them consumed their breakfast, I was spoken of as though I actually was a vase. Sara thought it funny to pour some warm syrup on my tight testicles. Any contact with the sensitive spot under my dickhead would have resulted in spurts of "Joey juice". It did not take too very long to become very sore and uncomfortable. Some muscles were approaching the point of giving in. Myrna had lost her taste for the display and reached across the table to straighten me up. She removed the cuffs and ball gag.


"Twenty minutes is long enough for Joe to be on display like this." She stated.


"I was actually enjoying the flowers and the purple color on his swelling little head." Maggie said with a smile.


"You mean his penis head?" asked Sara.


"Yes, of course." Stammered Maggie


"Joe has other things to do today and needs to be cleaned up." Myrna countered.


"Myrna, let me take him and shower him down by the pool?" asked Sara.


Melvin blurted out: "I don't understand what just transpired before. I'm going home. Thanks for the coffee, Myrna, and it was a pleasure to meet you, Sara. You coming along, Maggie?"


"No, Mel, I think I stay and chat with Myrna and see what else of interest takes place. You go along now." Maggie replied to her visibly shaken husband.


"Very well, then." Melvin said as he proceeded out the door.


After he left, Maggie commented: "He just wants to go home and masturbate. He was turned on by what took place but refused to acknowledge it."


Once on the floor Sara took me by the hand and led me to the stairs going down to the great room and pool. I was lightheaded and woozy from my previous position and an overwhelming need to ejaculate. There was a tension from head to toe screaming for an orgasmic release for my straining cock. It was not easy to move on foot on front of the other.


As we went down the stairs Sara whispered that she thought I looked as though I was about to cum.


The shower head was on the wall outside of the pool changing room. It was only about three feet from the pool's edge. The entire area was visible from the kitchen and hallway above. I glanced up and saw Myrna and Maggie looking down at us. Sara turned on the water and fetched a washcloth and soap from inside the changing room. She then removed her shirt and sports bra without saying a word. She was absolutely magnificent in her beauty. She had trained hard to join the Highway Patrol and the muscle tone of her upper torso was proof of that. Her tits were round and firm, probably a bit smaller given her muscle tone. She sat on a ledge and removed her sneaks and then slid her jeans down to her ankles. She had trimmed the pubic hair above her vagina, and her smooth labia were beautiful to look at. The muscles in her legs were well defined from weight training. This woman was an absolute goddess.


"Like what you see, little fellow?" she said as she spoke to my erection.


"My friend and constant companion very much likes the beautiful woman before him, at least that's what I told him to think." was my witty response.


"Let's get everyone squeaky clean." Sara said as she guided me to the running water.


She started with my face and hair massaging with fingers that sent comforting pleasures through my scalp and skin, down through my body. She stepped behind me and proceeded with my neck and chest. I started to drift off in waves of pleasure as her hands caressed me. The soap provided a smooth, slick surface furthering my pleasure and pushing me deeper into a trance. All focus moved to my genitals when she began to stroke my throbbing hard-on. As poised as I was near release, in a moment I shot a stream of milky ejaculate a couple of feet across the blue marbled tile toward the pool. Every muscle was tense in anticipation of the magic moment and the sudden explosion caused all to retreat toward full relaxation. Twice more my little buddy sent a stream of cum across the floor. My legs felt rubbery, and I wanted to collapse. When I tilted my head back in the throes of my massive orgasm, I again caught sight of Myrna and Maggie gazing down on us from the kitchen above. Myrna had lost the bikini bottom and her right index finger was in full engagement with her clit. As my cock lost all rigidity and shrank back to its normal two inch flaccid position, I went to my knees. Placing my hands down to an all-fours position, Sara completed cleaning the remainder of my body. Her breasts were so firm and tight, they barely swayed along my back as she scrubbed my backside and legs. She moved around to my head and straddled me so her pussy pressed the back of my head so I could feel her labia spreading apart. As much as I loved my Sue, I wanted very much to be inside the pussy pressing against my head. Sara wanted the same, except she had another of my body parts in mind.


"Let's race, freestyle" she challenged, feeling more dominant. "Who is your Mama now, Joe?"


"You are at this moment, Sara, absolutely!" I answered.


I rose to my feet and walked over to the pool, stepping down into the warm water.


"Start swimming, when you're ready, I'll catch up." Sara quipped.


"What if I win?" I asked.


"You won't. But, if I have misjudged your capabilities, I will let you fill one of my holes with your warm and sticky sperm juice. Maybe I'll even get pregnant with your baby." Sara replied, feeling pretty sure of herself.


"And if you win?"


"You shall get your tummy filled with my pussy juice. And you must give me a true teeth rattling orgasm, quite simple, really." Sara stated calmly as we stood there staring at each other's nakedness.


I turned and took off toward the far end of the pool; about twenty five yards in length. I thought I had good form and reasonable speed. However, I could feel her presence in the water moments after I started off. I was approaching the far wall and felt the thrashing of the water as Sara made the flip turn. I went full throttle, as much as I was physically able. However, when I arrived at the three foot end Sara was resting with her arms on the ledge and her beautiful breasts floating on the top of the water gently swaying with the water's motion.


"See, you lose. I would now appreciate your tongue proceeding to massage my clit." Sara said with a sly smile.


This was not something I regretted. No embarrassment losing when there is such tremendous reward. As I moved through the comforting pool water, I knew getting my face in such an exquisite vagina would be a memory moment. I felt a strong sexual rush as I gazed at her smooth, glistening cunt. I wondered why such a crude word came to mind, but I could feel my heart pounding with anticipation. Sara lay on her back with her butt on the edge of the pool and had her legs extended to form a V. I went under the water and came up the side of the pool right between her legs and rubbed the bridge of my nose directly up her slit. As my nose passed through, my tongue followed after. Her warm, musky pussy aroma was intoxicating. My small cock had buried itself; even the tiny "helmet" was lost inside my groin, from the swim. He had popped back out and was pushing up to his full five (plus) inch extension. My face supplied the inspiration for this tiny cock explosion as I became one with Sara. I was a total slave to this beautiful woman's soft mound of hot, wet sex. My desire to pleasure her and connect within her was stronger than I had realized. If she had been filled with a lover's spunk it would not lessen my desire to run my tongue deep inside the soft folds of her womanhood. She bent her knees and placed her feet on the back of my shoulders. She then moved her knees outwards, opening her labia wide and making her clit more available. For the next several minutes I gave her everything I had. She moaned and drew sharp breaths, and rotating her hips while pushing her pelvis toward my eager mouth. Her hands were pressed against the side of her head when her final climax arrived. I felt as Da Vinci must have upon completing the Sistine Chapel.


I was hooked on eating pussy. What my undersized cock might be unable to accomplish, my tongue and mouth had a talent that could not be denied.


"I am having a tough time coming back to normal, Joe, you were fantastic." Sara moaned in a deep, fully relaxed voice. "I believe that I would like to own a piece of your soul, if you can do that to me." She continued, "and I believe that you want to be under my control, too."


"No, I am married and in love with my true mistress, Susan, and would never leave her for another." I declared.


"Not a problem, silly goose. I would imagine your Susan would like to experience sex with a cock of greater proportions. I will take her under my wing and see that you find happiness as her cuckold" Sara throwing out her offer.


"I don't know if I could take that. But, I will talk with Sue." was my response.


Sara countered, "I'll speak with Sue myself. That way I will be sure she gets an accurate picture of what she has missed by only being done by 'mr shorty' there between your legs. I should say the little guy has a very nice shape and texture. But, I could not be satisfied by such a tiny cock. I'm just saying"


"I suppose I should appreciate your honesty." I said. Her stabbing comments attacked my male self- image and had the usual arousing impact on me physically. My cock had begun to throb and swell.


"Your hormones are really wired in a strange way." Sara said laughing, "I am convinced if Sue were getting pounded by a ten inch cock right in front of you, you would be hard as a rock and masturbating like a chimp in the zoo. I have to get dressed and be on my way. You know I'm right, or you would not be stiff between your thighs." And she proceeded into the changing room.


As she turned away I moaned softly at the sight of her perfect ass.


At that moment Myrna, completely nude and Maggie walked through the door.


"Maggie, here, has a favor to ask of you, Joe. She has not had any cock for more than two years and watching you and Sara has made her horny as can be. I'll have to call for Sue's permission to use you on Maggie because I promised her no inserting your male attachment into womanly body cavities." said Myrna.


"You have a way of describing sex as if you were talking about animal husbandry" was my retort.


"Joe, Maggie here needs to get laid and Sue has to give the ok!" came back Myrna. "I'm going back upstairs and call Sue to make sure she is cool with this. OK?" Up the stairs she went.


Maggie sat down on a large, leather ottoman on the study side of this huge room, away from the lap pool. She still had on her blouse and (I assume) her bra. She was naked from the waist down. She had nicely shaped legs and a small waist and ass. She was four decades my senior and the sight of her newly shaved pussy caused my pulse to quicken. Her hair was silky soft with a red tinge, and came only to her shoulders.


"I hope you can give me some pleasurable penetration since I was always 'stuffed' by a somewhat larger penis. Melvin has a good deal more than you. If you don't mind my saying" Maggie commented.


The deliberate humiliating words of derision toward my cock had the usual effect with the surge of arousal pushing my erection to greater heights. The tiny helmet swelled and a clear droplet of precum slithered out. I thought to myself how even Maggie knew how to push my buttons.


"Myrna shaves your cunt?" I asked.


"Yes" replied Maggie.


"Did you ever shave your genital area?"


"Only when I had my two children." She answered.


"Well, from here you have a luscious, beautiful, inviting puss." I said, "and Melvin must be crazy not to want to be inside of it."


"Melvin is ok; he has problems with his cock. He loves me still." Maggie said with kindness in her tone.


"I, for one, have to get inside of you now." I commented as I got down on my knees in front of her awaiting slit. I quickly extended my tongue and licked her opening from bottom to top. She shivered slightly at my touch and let out a breath. She parted her knees completely, exposing her slightly pink labia. I was surprised there was not a great deal of moisture. I kissed the inside portion of both her thighs, as soft and smooth as one could imagine. Sliding my tongue inside Maggie told me there was more room in her pussy than I was accustomed. Granted, I had not had much experience in filling the inside of a woman's pussy, but I sensed this specific one had been worked over pretty well through the years. I knew, of course, the inside of a woman has a way of accommodating all sizes of the male tool. It was just a thought, but I felt the urge, actually, the need to replace my tongue. Placing my hands underneath Maggie's knees, I lifted each to a position on my shoulders. Rising up from my position facing her parted pussy lips, in one motion I was up and sliding my rigid, drooling cock as deep inside of her as I could manage. For me, there is no sensation on earth to compare with plunging into a warm and wet snatch. Maggie gave out a little yelp and turned to gaze into my eyes. I had not noticed how crystal clear and blue they were. As I began to move my hips and stab deeper inside of her, I tried to establish a rhythm in my stroke. The sensation of my cock caressed by the soft inner walls of her cunt pulsated through every fiber of my being. At that moment, Maggie and I were joined together as if for all eternity. The mutual sharing of each other in complete surrender to pleasure was magnificent.


"Sue says you can go ahead.....Oh I see you are already underway" Myrna said as she entered the room and caught sight of the activity.


Maggie was now moving her pelvis to match my thrusts. Each plunge sent waves of pleasure coursing throughout me. When my 'little head' finally made contact with her cervix it caused her jaw to drop and she seemed to lose some control. Maggie moved her hands down to grab hold of my waist. The look on her lovely face said she was savoring the sensations of being fucked.


I had established a slowly increasing pace with my thrusts. My ball sack was hanging free and swaying with the music of our union. The sound of my sack slapping against her ass contributed to the heat of passion. I was absorbed in extending my full five plus inch cock as deep inside Maggie as I could. The sweat had my hair drenched and lines of perspiration flowed down my chest onto her body, where we were joined. She pressed her heels into my back and pulled her love-hole toward my cock thrusts to receive me as deeply as possible. The sounds of her pleasure from my fucking her cunt only stirred greater sensations of arousal in me. When, after several minutes of passionate banging, Maggie moved her knees outward and dug her fingers into my flesh. He face took on the exquisite expression of a woman about to cum. Her eyes squinted and she was panting with rapid shallow breaths. I wished that she were naked so that I could have seen her hard nipples. In the throes of orgasm she looked deep into my eyes as if our very souls had come together at that moment. Then she gradually started to relax her entire being. Her movement to meet the cock stabbing her warm, soft pussy ceased. It was as if she melted around me. She softly moaned, but she sounded as if she was riding on railroad tracks as my continual pounding motion interrupted her moans. I had to hold her legs in place over my shoulders or she would have slid her feet to the floor, destroying my angle of penetration.


"Can I change positions to help you unload your balls inside of me?" she asked.


"You want me to shoot inside you?" I asked in return.


"Please" she replied.


"Let's move you down on the floor on all fours" I suggested.


Maggie swung her left leg over my head and rolled off of the leather ottoman and down to the soft, thick carpet floor. Her lovely, round ass stuck up in the air as I gently pushed her knees wider to gain access. My erection was strong and eager to resume the festivities. Cock re-insertion was slick and smooth as her wetness had greatly increased. I took hold of her at the crease of her body and leg, on each side. My hips began to gently rock back and forth creating a squish-squish sound. A few moments passed and Maggie Mayhew picked back up on the activity and pushed her pussy toward me. A familiar sensation deep within gave word that an explosion of sperm sauce was imminent.


"Are you sure you don't want me to pull out before I cum?" I struggled to ask Maggie.


"Nope, squirt away" she replied in similar halting fashion, as her breath was being pushed out of her. "Please fill me with your sperm. I want to take it home to Mel." Maggie implored, a strange statement from a woman her age.


She moved her feet on top of my calves and started to push down. Her inner labia tightened around my best buddy, plunging as quickly and deeply as possible. I recall the intensity of my ejaculation, feeling the stream passing through the entirety of my cock shaft. Usually, all focus is on the mushroom head and his vertical mouth. It felt as though my entire internal self was flying out of me into Maggie's love hole. Maggie failed to join me in my moment of ecstasy.


"Glad I could be of service to you, Mrs. Maggie Mayhew." I softly groaned as my center shaft rapidly returned to his tiny, little self and slipped out of Maggie. I sat back on my heals to savor the moment.


She rolled over on her back and propped her legs up on the ottoman.


"I don't want to lose any of my precious cargo; I want Melvin to enjoy some." Maggie said in a whisper.


"I need to take care of some personal hygiene and clean up." said I, as I rose to an unsteady position before wandering over toward the lower level bathroom.


"Be quick about it, you have some other things to do on my list." Myrna said from her front row seat for Maggie's fucking, all the while working her own clit.


After composing herself, Maggie redressed herself and staggered home to Melvin. Apparently, she later told Myrna, she never shared my load with Melvin. Instead, she stripped in front of him and proceeded to spoon the leakage to her own waiting lips.


The rest of the day, still naked of course, I cleaned Myrna's house. Every two hours or so Myrna treated me to her luscious vagina, to lick, suck and enjoy. Food did not enter my mouth until that evening. I ended the day with my face pressed against Myrna's well worked over vagina. Tomorrow, I would be heading home.






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