A Different Sort of Cuckold

story by Subone





Unlike most cucks, I don't have a small dick and I have plenty of stamina. In fact, I was blessed, if you want to call it that, with a fairly large cock (8+ inches) and stamina is absolutely no problem for me. So what's my problem you ask? Well, instead of my large male endowment being a blessing, it has become more of a curse.


My problem, to cut to the chase, is three-fold. For one, I am very submissive sexually and my wife just doesn't know how to deal with that, she never has. She is pretty "straight laced" and wants a "normal" masculine guy to make love to her and take the lead in the bedroom. My size doesn't matter to her if I don't know what to do with it; she's told me that point blank on several occasions. Secondly, I have a variety of fetishes -- most notably nylons, high heels, legs, feet, etc. If a woman isn't wearing nylons and high heels during sex, I find it pretty difficult to get a hard on, it's just the way I am. I like that stuff and can never get enough, she doesn't get that either.


"Why isn't my body good enough for you?" she always asks me. "Why do you need props to have sex?"


I've tried to explain my desires to her a thousand times and a thousand different ways, all to no avail. Thirdly, I am very bi -- which she cannot deal with. And since I cannot get her to wear nylons for me, I have a few special male friends that will. Seeing a cock in sheer to the waist pantyhose or framed by stockings and a garter belt is one of the most erotic sights I can imagine!


So, where does this leave our love life? Well, between the two of us, sad to say, it is basically non-existent. She took to fucking other men years ago, leaving me to jack off to pictures or stories dealing with my fetishes. On occasion, I can hook up with one of my special male friends, but my wife discourages that, so I can only do it when she is out of town, which is not very often. Unlike other cucks, my wife normally does not flaunt her boyfriend in front of me or include me in any way whatsoever. She just leaves every so often to go out with him and then goes back to his place to get her "normal", straight laced fucking. We both know what is happening, but just don't talk about it -- it's just one of those things we've both accepted.


Things have changed recently, however, and I'm still trying to decide if this has been a blessing or a curse! My wife has a couple of close girl friends who she goes out to dinner with at least once a month. They all have been very good friends for years and enjoy their "girls night out". Until recently, at least to my knowledge, her relationship with these other two women has been very much above board, nothing sexual or out of the ordinary. My wife, and her two friends, are all very attractive women; all in their mid-40s. One of her friends in particular, Susan, I find especially appealing. Susan is tall and thin, short blonde hair with dark eyes and a slightly husky voice that drives me wild. Being tall, she has long, shapely legs which never fail to catch my eye.


After her monthly dinner with her two friends a few nights ago, my wife came home with a smirk on her face and told me about their conversation over dinner. She said after several glasses of wine each, the conversation turned to sex, which was a first for the three of them. Specifically, and she can't remember how they landed on this particular topic, they started to discuss cock size. Susan and her other friend (Mary) were both complaining that their husbands were not large enough, would cum too quickly and basically not too interested in sex in general. My wife let them go on for a while and then Susan and Mary turned to her and asked about me.


"What about your husband, how big is he?" Mary asked my wife.


My wife tried to be diplomatic after hearing how relatively small the husbands of her two friends were.


"Oh, he's plenty big enough," she said somewhat evasively.


Susan and Mary were not about to let her duck the question.


"What exactly does that mean?" Mary persisted. "What size is he? We told you how big, or actually how small, our husbands are."


"Well, he's over 8 inches and pretty thick too," my wife confessed.


She looked over at Susan whose mouth was hanging open in surprise.


"Eight inches!" Susan exclaimed. "You must be getting laid every night! My God, I would kill for a cock like that!"


Mary took the opposite approach, "I don't believe you, prove it. We want a picture at least, or preferably to see it with our own eyes."


She looked over at Susan for confirmation since Mary was speaking for both of them.


"Sounds good to me, hopefully with our own eyes!" Susan chimed in.


"Well, it's not quite what you think," my wife started to explain.


She went on to tell Susan and Mary how sexually submissive I am. She told them about my fetishes, all of them. She told them I couldn't get a hard on unless nylons and high heels were involved. She told them that on occasion I like to dress in women's lingerie and that I like golden showers. She even told her friends that I was quite bi and liked my guys in nylons and heels. Susan and Mary listened intently; hanging on my wife's every word.


"So you see, he's basically worthless in the bedroom as far as I'm concerned," my wife concluded. "He's got the tool but doesn't really know how to use it; I can't deal with all his sexual hang ups. I gave up on him sexually a long time ago. All he does is jerk off two or three times a day and I'm tired of it."


After her little dissertation on my sex life, her friends were quiet, lost in thought.


"Well, that's a shame," said Mary. "The whole bi thing really turns me off, guess I don't need to see his cock after all. Seems like he has an untapped sex drive though, if he's jerking off so much."


After another minute of silence, Susan spoke up.


"I still want to see it, in person," Susan said softly as she looked directly at my wife. "I'll do whatever it takes to get that thing to it's full eight inches, whatever turns him on, I'll wear it" she said emphatically.


"Go for it," my wife replied. "He's all yours, whatever enjoyment you can get from that big dick -- well, more power to you. By the way, he's been snipped, so no worry about getting pregnant or anything -- assuming you get him hard that is! He's a little larger than eight inches you know, hope you can handle it girl!"








I looked at my wife as she finished relaying this story to me; now I understood the smirk on her face.


"So the lady you find so attractive wants to see your worthless sausage," my wife said mockingly. "Think you can get it up for her?" she teased.


"I think I can," I said, trying to act macho.


"Want to make a bet?" she said sarcastically. "I wouldn't be getting my hopes up if I were you, no pun intended!" she said, laughing at her little joke.


"Now what happens?" I asked.


"Well, Susan wants to know when you'll be home alone so she can come over and check out your equipment. I figured she could come by some night when I'm out with my boyfriend, that would work, don't you think?" she continued with her humiliating tone.


"You didn't tell her about your boyfriend, did you?" I asked nervously.


"Not yet, I'll save that for another night. Besides, I'm sure your sexual deviations were enough for her to digest in one night."


My wife stood there staring at me and then said "Oh, I get it, now you want to know when my next date is with him so you can anticipate Susan coming over, is that it?"


I nodded slowly, "Yea, I guess."


"Well, since you now have a vested interest in me being with my lover, why don't you just call him and see if he'll take your wife out on a date tomorrow night?" she teased. "Go ahead, his name is Steve by the way," she continued. "Susan said she'll do whatever it takes to get you hard, wear whatever you want. I wonder if that includes bringing one of your little transvestite friends over?"


"Oh my God, did you tell her about that?"


"You bet I did, she knows ALL your secrets big boy!"


She handed me her cell phone, "He's speed dial #1" she said flatly.


She had me and she knew it. I had lusted after Susan for a long time and she knew I would do whatever it took to spend some time with her. I hit speed dial #1 while she stood there watching me, arms folded and a big grin on her face. Her boyfriend picked up right away, obviously recognizing my wife's cell number.


"Hey Babe!" he said. "What's up?"


"Umm, Steve, it's Tim, Julie's husband," I stammered.


"Whoa, I didn't expect you, this can't be good news," Steve said.


"Well, actually, it is. I'd like to see if you can take Julie out on a date tomorrow night?"


"Say what? Does she know you're making this call?" he asked.


"Yes, she knows, she's standing right here."


Hearing that, he burst out laughing. "Let me get this straight, you are asking me to take your wife on a date while she is standing right there?"


I looked over at Julie, she was grinning from ear to ear, obviously enjoying my humiliation.


"Yea, that's right, I want you to take her out," I answered quietly.


Steve was now getting into this, realizing that Julie was standing there listening to this whole conversation.


"Well, what's it worth to you?" he asked me.


"What do you mean?" I asked.


"You heard me wimp, what's it worth to you? I think you should pay me to help you out, don't you?"


"Pay you?" I repeated.


Hearing this, Julie burst out laughing.


Steve could hear Julie, so he poured it on. "Yep, I think $100 if I take her to dinner, another $100 each time I fuck her for you – sound fair? I'll give you the tab after I bring her home – how does that sound?" he said.


Resigned to the situation, I simply said, "Okay, I'll pay."


He then asked to talk to Julie and I was essentially dismissed while they chatted for the next 30 minutes about their pending date.


When my wife hung up, she came to me and said "Well, that worked out well. I should have you arrange my dates all the time! Steve will pick me up tomorrow at 7:00 p.m., so I'll call Susan and tell her you are fair game after that."


The next night Steve picked up my wife right on time. He told me with a smirk as he kissed her at our front door that I would owe him at least $300 for him helping me out; dinner and two fucks. I simply agreed and watched them walk hand in hand to his car and drive away.




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