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This story might not flow too well but if you share my fantasies of humiliation/degradation etc then you'll hopefully enjoy it.



I'd only been married for a few months but I already knew that my husband would never be able to satisfy my sexual needs. I'm a very horny woman who has to have regular sex with a man who can drive me wild in bed. Unfortunately my husband doesn't fit that description! He's not that well endowed (at all!) and has no idea what women need from a sexual partner.


I married him because he will do anything for me, accepts that he gets nothing in return and doesn't expect me to work for a living, which basically means I married a mug! Although I say it myself, I'm attractive, I've got a very sexy body and men hit on me continually. Hubby thought he'd landed the catch of a lifetime! Little did he know.....


I tolerated the situation for some time and we had numerous heart to heart discussions, all to no avail. Due to my sexual frustration I began to treat him quite badly; showing him no respect, letting him cook his own meals even though I didn't work, talking down to him, deriding his lack of prowess in bed and generally being a bitch.


Ultimately I decided that since my frustration was his fault, I would be justified in seeking my thrills outside the marriage. This didn't cause me any moral issues; I've enjoyed an active sex life from my early teens and had hundreds of partners, mainly one night stands, so I was quite turned on by the idea of resuming my old ways! With him at work all day while I enjoyed a leisurely lifestyle, I had plenty of opportunity to be unfaithful.


However, I didn't expect it to happen in the way that it did:

My husband's employer was a small contract cleaning company and his very glamorous role was administering contracts with local authorities to clean public toilets! This involved spending rather too much time visiting the premises in question, both to ensure that their employees did the job properly and to inspect them with a view to taking on more business. To his dismay I took great delight in telling people where he spent most of his working life!


Anyway, The company had changed hands recently and he'd been grumbling for a while about the flashy new owner who was talking to him like dirt and expecting far more out of him for no more money. I tuned out most of his moaning, but I picked up that the new man was perhaps a bit power crazy and dominant - qualities I respect in a man, that were lacking in hubby!


At Christmas we were invited to the firm's annual party and I was introduced to the boss in question, Karl, a mid thirties black man, over six feet tall, well proportioned and with quite an authorititive manner. I had dressed in a revealing, but classy dress which showed off my figure and exposed plenty of tanned toned flesh, finished off with a pair of high heeled, strappy shoes. I knew that I looked very sexy and made a point of flirting openly with him, much to hubby's disgust!


Karl monopolised me all evening; dancing with me, getting me drinks, flirting etc. Hubby couldn't say a word because he was just a lowly minion with a job to keep! I was loving it, particularly the fact that hubby was so pissed off with my behaviour. As usual the last dance was a slow one and Karl held me close, pressing his body tight against mine. After a few seconds I realised that something big and hard was pushing against my stomach! I pulled away just enough to look down and see the most enormous bulge in his pants and I knew than that I had to feel it inside me!

He smirked as he saw my eyes open wide with lust and squeezed my bum playfully. Then he bent down to whisper in my ear:


"I want to strip your dress off and fuck you all night long you horny bitch"


Holy shit! I nearly came there and then in my G string!


I replied:

"And that's just what I want you to do! but not tonight because my husband might just realise I've not gone home with him"


He slipped a business card into my hand and said: "Call me, soon".



On the way home hubby moaned on and on about me showing him up by flirting with his boss until in the end I said:


"Just shut the fuck up!! If you were any sort of a man I wouldn't feel the need to play up to hunky black men would I!?"


So began a night of silence, which suited me fine because I was in a fantasy world of big black cocks and hard, ripped bodies!


The next day I waited until he'd set off for work then rang Karl. He didn't sound at all surprised to hear from me - cocky sod! He said he would wait until hubby was in the office then come round to see me.


Sure enough an hour later the doorbell rang so I opened it naked but for my strappy high heels and tiny G string. He stepped inside, grabbed me and kissed me full on the lips while his hands caressed every bit of my body. I was so turned on I just had to feel that cock in me.


I led him upstairs to my bedroom and then stripped his clothes off to reveal the biggest thickest blackest cock I'd ever seen. Boy was I gonna have some fun with this!


I knelt in front of him and began licking and sucking on his weapon. Soon he pushed my head harder onto his cock and began fucking my face, faster and faster. After a few minutes he tensed up, groaned loudly and pumped my mouth full of his lovely thick cum. I carried on gently licking until he'd finished and then gulped it all down. There must have been ten times the amount my husband produces!


Next he knelt down to kiss me and eased me up onto the bed. His cock never even softened from his orgasm and he explored me from head to toe with his expert fingers and mouth, lingering for ages between my thighs until I had the most fantastic orgasm. Then he placed the head of his cock at the entrance to my pussy and slowly eased inside me. I was in heaven as he opened me up, pushing deeper and deeper into me. He began a rythm, sliding all the way out then all the way in and in no time I was cumming again and again! I completely let go and screamed as each orgasm shot through me. After about 15 minutes I felt him tense up again and then with a big groan he emptied his bollocks into my willing pussy. Fanfuckingtastic!!


As we laid there afterwards he asked me about hubby and I wasted no time in telling him how crap he is in bed and how I treat him like shit, while I live a life of leisure. He laughed and said he'd have to see about making things even tougher for him. That really turned me on - the thought of my lover having power over my pathetic husband got me going again so I played with his dick then climbed on and rode him for half an hour, until we both had another wonderful orgasm. I could get used to this!


That night hubby came home in a stinking mood because he'd been told he had start doing more hours at work. I laughed and told him the extra cash would come in handy for my shopping trips. I decided to be a real bitch and said:


"I'm so hot tonight, I think I need to cool down". Then I slipped my dress off to reveal my G string and high heels. Hubby sat next to me and stroked my thigh. I looked at him with disdain and said:


"You must be joking. Do you really think I'm going to let you put your pathetic little worm inside me? You are so crap in bed you can forget sex until you find a way to pleasure me properly"


He said: "But I'm so horny and you look so sexy"


I told him he could go down on me if he wanted, but it would only be for my pleasure.


Next thing he was on his knees sliding my string down my legs. I opened my thighs and he began to lick my pussy, right where his boss had pounded his cock into me a few hours earlier!


I laid back to enjoy it and made sure I didn't orgasm too soon. It must have been over 30 minutes before I finally came, then he pulled away but stayed kneeling between my legs, his head resting on my thigh.


I said:


"That wasn't too bad. While you're down there why don't you slip my shoes off and lick my feet".


To my surprise that's just what he did, so I laid right back, closed my eyes and let him lap away for ages. I was totally naked now and his cock was the biggest I'd ever seen it - about 4 inches! After an hour I told him he could stop, then said I was off to bed. He said he really needed to cum, so I looked down at him and said:


"Well have a wank if you must, but you're getting no help from me"


With that he started wanking and within 20 seconds he spunked his little dribble all over the floor. I laughed and said:


"Fuck me you are so pathetic!"


Then I had an evil idea - I placed my bare foot in the little puddle of cum, wiggled it around, lifted it up to his face and said:


"Lick it clean now!" in my sternest voice.




He looked up at me then began to lick the sole of my foot, cleaning his cum off, then moving between my toes and licking them clean too. This was getting interesting! It seemed as though the worse I treated him the more submissive he became. Hmmm, possibilities!


Once he'd cleaned my foot we went to bed and I decided to push it further. I told him that since he liked licking my feet so much he could spend some time kneeling on the floor at the end of the bed licking and sucking them while I drifted off to sleep. He couldn't resist and spent the next half hour lapping away at my sexy feet.


I wanted to sleep so I told him to spend the night licking my shoes while I slept. he said:


"But I'll be worn out for work tomorrow"


I told him that didn't bother me in the slightest and said:


"Pick my shoes up, kneel at the end of the bed and lick them all night, inside, outside, heels and soles. And don't disturb me"


He went to it and I fell asleep. I woke at 4am needing a wee and he was still lapping away! I was warm in bed and didn't feel like getting up so I said:


"Stop licking for now. Get your mouth fastened tight into my pussy and get ready to drink a mouthful of pee". he obeyed immediately and I emptied my bladder down his throat, then ordered him back to his shoe licking.


femdom toilet  


Next time I awoke it was 9am and he'd gone off to work, so I rang Karl and told him all that had happened. He said he was coming round to fuck me again and sure enough he did! The pleasure he gave me was indescribable. He said he'd told the wimp he had to do 12 hour days for a while because things were so busy. Hubby was in an office on his own, with just Karl's office opening onto it. He soon found out that nobody else had to work longer days but he didn't dare complain. This meant we could stay in bed together until mid evening and I had more money in the bank to fritter! win win!!


I went into town later and bought a cock cage from the sex shop. Little did hubby know that the cum he licked off my foot would be the last he'd be producing for a long time!


When he came home that night I soon had him on his knees licking my feet, then I said:


"Since you're little worm is no use to anyone I've decided to lock it up so you can't wank. That way you'll be able to concentrate totally on my needs without worrying about when you'll get to cum. I've bought you a cock cage to remove the temptation to wank. Fetch a bag of frozen veg from the freezer"


He replied:


"But how long will it be before I can cum?"


I told him that would depend on how much his behaviour pleased me and off he went to the kitchen.


I made him press the freezing bag against his cock, then I clipped the cage into place and locked it. The key looked great when I attached it to my ankle chain!


cuckold locked in chastity  


"Right, now kiss my feet and thank me for taking control of your cock and allowing you to focus entirely on my needs" I said.


And he did just that - fucking wimp!


I began to move things on with hubby then; I had him spending most of his nights licking my shoes as soon as he came in from work, then I started giving him lists of chores to do, while I went out enjoying myself with Karl, frequently staying out all night. The wimp was shattered but he still did as he was told. He must have guessed I was up to no good on my nights out but he never did more than ask if I'd enjoyed myself, to which I always replied that I certainly had!


As time went on I forced him to take over more and more housework, until one evening when he was licking my feet and I told him that from now on he was to take over all the chores, so that I had all my time to myself for pleasure and leisure. I explained that everything was his job and I expected the house to be spotless, my laundry done perfectly, the garden in good order, all the shopping and cooking done, and I would be doing nothing.


He said:


"But I'm working 12 hours a day".


So I came back with:


"Precisely, which means there are another 12 hours to do your chores. If you get done in time you could even catch a bit of sleep!"


He didn't object further after that.


The next night I told him to undress in the garage before starting his chores in the nude and told him he must do that every single night from now on. Off he went and returned naked a minute later, I clicked my fingers and said:


"On your knees and kiss my feet. Tell me that you're not a real man which is why I can treat you like shit".


Sure enough he knelt, kissed my feet and repeated it word for word! this was great!


I told him I needed fucking by a real man and that I was going out to do just that while he stayed home cleaning the house.


He didn't object, but just looked down at the floor with a miserable expression, so I told him:


"Look at you, you're an excuse for a man. From now on I'll fuck whoever I want, whenever I want and you'll worship me for it. You'll work even longer hours, still do all the chores and then wait on me if I'm around when you're here. And if I'm with my lover you'll obey him without question and show him the respect he deserves"


"OK" he mumbled


"Not good enough!" I said. "You address me as Mistress from now on. Kiss my feet"


"Yes mistress" he said, as he knelt down and kissed my feet, this was too good to be true!


I had his boss coming round fucking me every day and I'd totally enslaved my husband! Life is good!


I ordered him to stand up and face me, then brought my knee up hard into his balls and he dropped to the floor in agony. I said:


"Kiss my feet while you're down there wimp"


This he duly did, so then I odrered him to stand up and said:


"I'm going to knee you in the bollocks four more times and you're to stay in place until I order you to the floor"


I proceeded to really lay into his bollocks and he yelled in pain but didn't move out of the way. Just before the final one I stopped, kissed his neck and stroked his nipples, then said:


"Shall I stop and you can come upstairs to fuck me?"


"Oh God yes please!!"


"Would you like to feel your cock slip into my pussy and give you the most wonderful orgasm?" I asked as I carried on kissing and stroking him.


"More than anything in the whole world!" He replied


I then gave him the hardest knee in the balls that he'd ever felt, then let go of him and he crumpled to the floor.


With that I turned and walked out of the door, my heels clicking on the hard floor. I told Karl everything that had gone on and it made him hornier than ever! We had the most fantsatic fuck fest, with both of us cumming again and again.


I decided to go home afterwards and torment hubby some more, rather than staying out all night as usual.


I let myself in the door at about 2am and found him on his knees naked cleaning the kitchen floor.


"Come through to the lounge on your knees wimp" I ordered.


I stood over him and told him to undress me. His hands shook as he gently removed each item of clothing until I was left in just my high heels.


"Kiss my feet wimp" I said and down he went.

"Now then, I've spent the last few hours in bed with the most amazing man who has been using his 9" cock to give me some of the best orgasms I've ever experienced. He is a true alpha male who just takes what he wants. And he wants me!! The pussy that you worship is full of his cum and now you are going to show that you know your place by licking every drop of it out of me"


With that I sat down on the sofa then laid right back to relax and have my adulterous pussy cleaned by my wimpy cuckolded hubby!


He didn't say a word, but just dragged himself into position and began to lick me. God only knows what it tasted like but I wasn't remotely bothered, I just wanted to humiliate and degrade my pathetic excuse for a husband. His tongue felt good as he gently lapped away, but I wanted to really "Rub his nose in it" so I grabbed his head and pulled him in tight:


"Really dig deep with your tongue and use your lips as well, I want you to get every drop and drink it down"


He did as instructed and after a few minutes I felt myself building to another orgasm. I didn't want to cum just yet so I moved his head away a bit and then brough him back into place as it subsided. I did that repeatedly for the next hour and then eventually decided to let myself go. He's always been quite good at licking my pussy due to the amount of practice he gets and when it came, my orgasm was a screamer! The whole scenario of having pushed my husband to the point of licking my lover's cum out of me was just wonderful and I seemed to cum for ages.


Breathlessly I told him to lick my feet again while I recovered and he went straight down to work on them.


After ten minutes i told him I was going to bed:


"You're going to stay down here on your knees, with your face covered in my lover's cum and lick my shoes all night long, then go straight to work without washing, understand?"


"Yes mistress" he replied forlornly, as he removed my high heeled fuck me shoes from my feet.


Then I skipped off upstairs with a big smile on my face - I love my life!!




My next bit of cruel fun was deciding how I'd let him know that I was screwing Karl.


I came up with a rather wicked plan, which Karl was all for when I told him;


The next day we were still in bed when wimp came home at 8pm and I came down the stairs to meet him, naked apart from my high heels, leaving Karl upstairs out of sight.


I told hubby to kiss my feet then go to the garage and strip. When he returned I was in the kitchen. I picked up a tea towel and used it as a blindfold, wrapping it tightly round his head. Then I led him upstairs and told him it was time for him to submit further to me.


I said:


"Although you can't see him, my lover is lying on the bed and you're going to show him how much you respect his sexual prowess. Firstly kneel and thank him for fucking me properly"


He knelt, put his head down and said:


"Thank you for fucking my wife properly"


"That wasn't respectful enough!" I said "This wonderful man is a sex god who's superior to you in every way. Repeat it with more feeling and finish off by calling him Master"


And he did!


Next I told him he was to show his gratitude by licking his master's cock and balls clean and tasting me on him. He flinched at that, so I grabbed him, pulled him towards Karl's cock and said:


"Lick it now! It's right in front of you"


He put his tongue out so Karl moved forward and next minute hubby was licking up and down his boss's cock shaft!


I let him carry on for a bit, then told him to work down to his bollocks. Again he did as he was told and soon had his face buried in Karl's pubes.


cum eating cuckold  


I was loving it! I laid next to Karl and began snogging him while hubby cleaned his balls!


After a while I told him to suck his Master off properly and he obeyed again, taking the massive cock into his mouth and slurping on it while he moved up and down. Karl grabbed his head and began to face fuck him, which just sent me into raptures! I stroked and kissed Karl's body and soon he tensed up. I warned hubby that his mouth would be full of cum soon and he had to keep it all without spilling any.


Then Karl groaned and began pumping wimp's mouth full. When he'd finished I told hubby to open wide and it was brimming with thick creamy cum!


I said:


"You may swallow it all now slave, then kneel and kiss your Master's feet".


He gulped and gulped, until it had all gone down, then climbed off the bed and began feeling around for Karl's feet. When he found them he kissed and licked like the submissive slave that he is!


At this point I got on top of Karl and rode his cock for all I was worth, while wimp carried on worshipping his master's feet, licking and sucking, until after 15 minutes we both came again.


Then I said:


"Take your blindfold off but carry on licking your Master's feet".


He did just that and then looked up and his eyes nearly popped out of his head.


I snapped at him:


"Carry on licking wimp. Show that you know your place, tell your master how superior he is to you and how you are his slave to use and abuse whenever he feels like it"


He went quiet for a few seconds then looked up again and said:


"You are superior to me and I am your slave to use and abuse whenever you feel like it Master"


Karl spoke then for the first time:


"Listen wimp, I've been fucking your wife since the Christmas party, we've been at it very day while you were working all those hours and now I'm going to make your life even more miserable because you're going to take over all my day to day duties and I'll just come in when I need to issue orders. The rest of the time I'll be here emptying my balls into your wife.

Now pick my shoes up off the floor and kneel there licking them while you watch us enjoying ourselves"


"Yes Master" he replied, and began licking Karl's shoes in earnest!


We then spent ages just kissing and caressing each other, before he got me on all fours and took me from behind. It was the most fantastic fuck, while hubby watched from the floor with his tongue lapping away at one of Karl's shoes!


I made wimp lick and suck us both clean then decided I'd like to see Karl punishing his new slave so I got my riding crop out of the wardrobe and asked if he'd like to thrash the wimp. He was really keen and ordered hubby to stand against the wall with his kegs open. Next Karl brought the whip up between his thighs a few times making really good contact with wimp's balls. He howled in pain and begged his master to stop, so Karl then started on his back, giving him the whipping of a lifetime! I laid on the bed playing with my clit and loving every second of it!


After a few minutes Karl ordered him to lie on his back and then proceeded to sit down on his face, telling hubby to lick deep into his ass. He laid backwards and I took my cue to join in and climbed onto that wonderful cock, riding him for all I was worth while wimp struggled to breath with his tongue lapping away at his master's ass.


Karl was so turned on by now that his orgasm was really powerful, pumping my pussy full of cum and bucking up and down as he came. Afterwards we left hubby to recover while we laid in each others arms on the bed.




Next day I went to visit Karl at his office, walking right past my husband and totally ignoring him. I went in and shut the door behind me, then dropped my coat to the floor, revealing my body with just a tiny G string, hold up stockings and strappy high heels. Karl was up and on me in a flash and soon we were kissing and groping passionately. He pushed me to my knees and I began to devour his lovely cock, then I heard him pick up the phone and say:


"Come in here now". Then he replaced the handset and within a few seconds my husband walked in. Karl told him to strip and kiss his feet. I continued my blow job and hubby licked his feet until eventually Karl grabbed the back of my head, groaned loudly and pumped my willing mouth full of cum. Than he said:


"Don't swallow it. Dribble it out all over the wimp's head and face then smear it around with your shoe". God he's worse than me when it comes to humiliating hubby!


Hubby was still licking Karl's feet so I bent down and covered his head and face with thick creamy cum then stood up, lifted my foot and rubbed the sole of my shoe all over his face. Karl ordered him to lick my shoe clean, which he did.


After that I told him to get dressed and go back to his desk.


We fucked on Karl's desk then called the wimp back in again to clean us up.


From then on Karl would call wimp into his office first thing every morning, order him to strip and lick his shoes, make him explain how inferior he is in every way, then make him beg Karl to go round and fuck his wife again!


It always amazed me how submissive we had made him, but I suppose once you cross a certain line of degradation nothing is off limits. And we'd certainly crossed the line!


I suggested to Karl that we reduce hubby's role from administrator to mere toilet cleaner and then make him do even more depraved and degrading things. Unsurprisingly Karl thought it a great idea.


Still with the door open Karl told me to get on his desk naked on all fours, then took me from behind making me scream in ecstasy.


A week later Karl told wimp that from now on as well as his normal work, and covering Karl's mundane day to day stuff, he'd be out cleaning public toilets at night. He gave him the keys to an old van, taking his company car off him at the same time. He arranged to meet him in an hour at a certain toilet block that was notorious for getting really filthy. Then he came to pick me up, fucked me again and took me in his merc to meet up with wimp.


Hubby was waiting for us when we arrived. Karl locked the door behind us then ordered hubby to strip and grovel to him. He obeyed immediately. I noticed that the piss trough was blocked and overflowing with fag ends and urine so I said:


"Go and lie in that trough full of piss until you're ordered to get out"


He crawled over and laid down in it, then Karl pissed all over him and kicked him a few times, before putting his shoe to hubby's mouth and ordering him to lick it clean!


As he lay there we began to kiss and grope each other and very soon we were fucking again, forgetting all about him. When we'd finished I said:


"Starting at trap one, get on your hands and knees and clean the floor"


He dragged himself out of the piss trough and asked what he should use to clean it so I kicked him hard in the balls and said:


"Your tongue you fucking wimp!"


As he crawled over to start his task I followed him, kicking his balls again and again as he whimpered in pain.


Karl was so turned on by the way I was treating him that he was rock hard again, so I lent against the door and rested my high heeled shoe on hubby's back as he licked the floor. Karl came over and kissed me then fucked me standing up, with my heel digging harder and harder into the wimp's back.


When we'd both had fantastic orgasms Karl told the wimp to lick the whole floor and all the toilets and urinals clean and that we were going back to carry on enjoying each others' bodies in my bed. I gave him another hard kick in the balls and we left him to it.


We stripped each other naked as soon as we got home and spent the night fucking each other's brains out!


I told Karl I wanted him to move in and take me over completely as his woman. He was dead keen, so we both went to the office, called the wimp in and told him to strip naked, I then sat on his face, ordering him to tongue my ass and Karl thrust his massive cock into me. God it was incredible! He pounded away as hubby's head rattled on the floor under my bum.



Once we'd both cum we had wimp lick us clean and made him thank us for abusing and degrading him.


I sent him to kneel in a corner and told him that I was now Karl's woman and that his master was moving in to take me over completely. Wimp would be our slave and we would live a life of leisure and pleasure while he went out earning money for us 24 hours a day.





story by David Jacobs



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