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by UpstaterNY



Everything had been going so great. I was living with my girlfriend Kelli who I simply adored. We had so much fun together and a great sex life too. But about 2 months ago I noticed something wasn't right in the bedroom. Kelli's orgasms seemed to be less intense and less frequent. I asked her about it and she really didn't say much. Then last week I noticed something that really caught my attention – my cock. Normally I am relatively well endowed, about 8 inches or so when aroused. But I noticed that I was nowhere near my regular size one night. I was still able to get hard and have sex with Kelli but she was completely uninterested and didn't come close to cumming.


We were both concerned about my sudden lack of size. I think Kelli more than I. She took great pleasure in having sex with me because I had a large cock. But now it was completely unsatisfying for her. It really took a toll on her, she was almost depressed.


So I scheduled an appointment with my doctor. It was pretty embarrassing to go in and tell Dr. Sims, who happened to be female about my problem. But I knew it was important to Kelli, so I went and told Dr. Sims my symptoms.


She didn't seem surprised or overly concerned. She stated that although not too common that I had a condition called "Cuckoldry". It was a gradual shrinking of the penis. What brings it on is unknown. However there are two treatments, both of which are effective in clearing up the condition. The first very simple – time. Just go about your life and within a two to five years the condition will correct itself.


"Wow, that's a long time Dr. Sims," I said. "It's just that it affects Kelli too, I hate to not give her that enjoyment for that long."


"Well, the second treatment takes just 6 to 12 weeks but..."


"Let's do that one!"


"Hold on. It's a little, well...unorthodox and you might not be so eager to go along with it."




"Here, take this" as Dr. Sims handed me a pamphlet "tae it home and read it over with your wife and you two can decided what course of action is best."


A little confused I left the office and tore open the pamphlet as soon as I got into my car. I was appalled at what I read. It seems that this 'Cuckoldry' problem is largely a psychological one and this second treatment that Dr. Sims was basically psychological torture.


The first page of the pamphlet had drawing of a man wearing women's undergarments. The pamphlet went on to explain that the man with this condition needed humiliation about his lack of size from his wife/girlfriend to regain it. On top of that the woman was encouraged to have sex with other men, further humiliating the male. I knew that this was not the type of thing that I, or Kelli would be willing to do. We both had more dignity than that.


Once I got home I told Kelli about the appointment with Dr. Sims.


"Well the good news is that is easily cured."


"Oh, great!", she screamed. "I was so worried, I mean I love you but I just can't imagine my life without getting fucked by a nice hard dick."


"Kelli! I've never heard you talk like that! Besides..."


"I know, I know I'm sorry but it's just that it's something in my life that I need and..."


"Kelli stop. I have to tell you about how it's fixed"


"Oh right I got so excited I forgot go ahead."


"Well," I said "it is curable but it just takes time."




"Yes, you see there are actually two courses of action. One is to just go along and eventually it will go away."


"How long does it take?" she asked.


"Anywhere from 2 to five years."


She was silent. I took that to mean that she really didn't want to have wait that long. I somewhat understood but that didn't change my thoughts much.


"You said there was a second treatment right?" she asked with anticipation.




"How long is that one?"


"Well, it's complicated. You see it's much shorter, only about 6 weeks..."


"Great!" she said. Sounding like I did at the doctor's office.


"Wait, you don't know what it is yet."


It was very hard to do but I explained a little bit about the pamphlet Dr. Sims gave me and how I knew that neither one of us could comprise our dignity by doing anything suggested in it.


We went to bed that night without much further discussion. We were both disappointed but resigned to the fact that we'd just have to wait it out.


The next day I came home from work at my usual time but Kelli was nowhere to be found. I looked around the house and found her in the upstairs bedroom. She was putting on the finishing touches to her make up. She looked great! I hadn't seen her ever dressed like this, wearing a short black leather miniskirt and low cut pink tank top.


"Whoa! What have we got here?" I asked.


"I think we need to talk..."


With those words I knew something was wrong. She went on to explain that she would leave me before she ever went without a big cock for 2 years. It was crushing. I was so much in love with her and willing to do anything, almost anything anyway. I couldn't even begin to imagine my life with out her. But I just didn't think that I'd be able to do the things necessary to correct my condition in the next few weeks.


"This is the bottom line," she said sternly "You have this 'condition' and I'm the one who is miserable. I mean you still can get pleasure out of sex even though your cock is the size of your pinky, but I get nothing."


"Kelli, baby. Please, I love you."


"Shut the fuck up! I don't want to hear any of it. This is the way it's going to be or I'm leaving you got it?"




"I said got it??"


"Umm...yes" I replied meekly.


"Good now get out of those clothes, mister."


Hurriedly I'd stripped completely nude. When I was finished I was in front of her with my cock so small and shriveled.


She just looked at me and started laughing. She explained that suddenly all this seemed funny to her. The fact that I was standing in front of her nude and she was dressed to kill. She informed that she was dressed like she was because she was going out. Also that I wasn't – I was staying home.


"You know I don't even want to see that little cock anymore. Cover it up!" she snarled at me.


I grabbed my underwear and began to slip them on. "Not those you stupid faggot, put these on!" she said as she tossed a pair of silk pink panties to me.


"But these are girls panties, honey. I couldn't possibly..."


"Shut the fuck up! Put them on you little limp dick. You look like a girl anyway so you might as well dress the part too."


She seemed very amused as I slid them on. She then informed that Ron would be picking her up any minute. Ron was this young black guy she worked with. She had told me in the past how he was always hitting on her and that tonight she was going out with him. While they were out I was to clean the house. I couldn't imagine anything worse, that is until she got home from her date.


It seemed like forever that she was gone but it was really only a few hours. When I saw Ron's car come up the driveway I ran into the bedroom. I heard Kelli call for me right after she came in. I could tell Ron was with her.


Timidly I came down the stairs, dressed only in the pink panties. They were standing in the living room arm in arm and looking like they were as happy as could be. Kelli told me that they went to dinner and had a few drinks. That Ron had paid for it but that I should reimburse him for taking out his wife.


I couldn't believe it. She wanted me to pay for the date too?!?! I said that he needed to pay for himself and with that Kelli got mad, real mad.


She surprised me by slapping me right across the face. I was pretty stunned and she pushed me down on the couch and with one hand held my face down in the cushions and with the other she started beating my ass with her hand.


She kept calling me a faggot, sissy-girl, and a wimp. Between the smacks and the humiliation of it all I was paralyzed. I knew if I fought back I'd end up with a worse beating.


So I gave in. I told her I'd pay Ron.


"Well that's a start anyway" she said. "But you've embarrassed me & my date. First I want you to go over to Ron and apologize to him. You can do it on your knees in front of him."


I started to walk over to where he was standing but Kelli told me to crawl on all fours. I asked him if he would accept my apology and he nodded yes.


Then Kelli said it was her turn to apologize to Ron also. She grabbed him by the hand and led him to our bedroom upstairs. I knew what was coming next and Kelli told me to follow them.


Once in the bedroom Kelli stripped them both down and they started going at it like animals. Kelli had never been as enthusiastic with me. They fucked & sucked each other for about an hour with me just sitting in a corner chair watching the whole thing.


Ron buried his 10" cock into Kelli's pussy as hard as I've ever seen anyone do it. She must've came about 3 times and I could tell when he came because he groaned like a lion and emptied his balls right into her pussy.


For me the worse was yet to come. Kelli looked at me with a wicked smirk and told me it was "clean up time". That her pussy was a mess, a mess of Ron's cum. I started to go to the closet to get a towel but she had other ideas. I was supposed to kneel down and lap her pussy. The taste of their combined juices wasn't as bad as I feared. But it was still very humiliating. When Kelli was satisfied with my clean up job she told me I wasn't completely done. She pointed at Ron's cock and mentioned that there was still some cum on the head. I didn't expect this at all but she made lick and suck the cum from his cock.


While I was doing this he started to get hard again. Kelli asked him if he wanted to fuck again. Ron said yes but that he wanted something different. He wanted to fuck her up the ass.


Kelli was always against anal sex and to my relief she said that he would not be fucking her up the ass.


"Why do you want to do that anyway?" she asked Ron.


He said "Well it just feels so good. To have my cock in something so tight, I just love it."


"Oh I see. Well I said you wouldn't be fucking 'me' up the ass. But if it's an ass you want it's an ass you'll get. Hey faggot pull those panties down and bend over!"


Oh no here we go...I hope this six weeks goes by fast.



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