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Cuckolding Sisters and Humiliated Little Dicked Husbands


by Southern Cuck





I reluctantly dropped my pants, not knowing what was coming next. My wife Ashly grinned evilly as the black, lace panties she'd told me to wear popped into view. I turned three shades of red as Nicole giggled. But her gaze was not fixed upon me. Nicole was staring at her own husband Andy whose blue, satin panties were also on display.


Standing in front of Ashly and her sister Nicole while naked except for the very skimpy, feminine panties covering my small genitalia, was one of the most erotic experiences of my life. My entire body felt weightless, my blood surged, and my head spun. I was jerked back to reality by the soft coo of Nicole's light, sweet voice.


"Well, don't you little boys look adorable," she said.


In my moment of euphoria I had forgotten that there was another man standing next to me. A husband like me, a brother-in-law to my wife, and a cuckolded, slightly feminine bitch like me.


"Mm mm mm," Ashly chimed in, "so cute. But, barely a bulge between them, no?"


The girls giggled mercilessly at our humiliation, causing us both to instinctively cover our small privates with our hands.


"NO," Ashly barked sternly, causing Andy and me to jump. "There will be no shame here tonight. Everyone here knows everything now. We know that you two have small dicks. We know you both lack a set of real testicles. We know that Nicole and I both get fucked by real men now. So, no covering up."


Reluctantly, we lowered our hands to our sides. Nicole's eyes were wide and she licked her lips as curiosity washed across her face.


"Can I see it now?" she asked Ashly.


"See what?" She asked, not breaking her firm stare with my eyes.


"I want to see Brett's little dick. You've been talking about it for so long, I want to see it for myself," Nicole said non-chalantly.


"Yes, of course," Ashly grinned. "I like them in their panties, but for you... anything. Brett, pull your panties down to your thighs, but don't touch or stretch out your little penis. I want Nicole to see you in all your lack of glory."


I have always fantasized about Nicole. She is the sweet, little, demure counterpart to her sister Ashly. Unlike Ashly, Nicole has small breasts, a slim figure and blond hair that framed her soft, freckled face. Her ass is the same shape as Ashly's, only a smaller version. I looked at her sitting on the edge of the bed clad only in a thin, white camisole and pink, bikini panties. Sliding my thumbs in the edge of my panties, I slid them down to my thighs, exposing myself to everyone. I stood up straight, searching Nicole's face for her reaction to her first sight of my little penis.


"Oh... my... god... Ashly," Nicole said, covering her mouth. She laughed heartily, muffling her derision with her small hand. "Well, it's not baby-tiny, but it is very small. Brett's entire package is about the size of Marcus's ballsack."


Marcus is a handsome, built and very well hung black man Ashly met while working out of town. He got Ashly into bed the first night they met and she has seen him regularly ever since. When Nicole was ready to take the plunge, Ashly had set her up with Marcus because he was a sure thing.


"It's true," Ashly said excitedly. "I've actually compared them side by side!"


I assumed the girl's had had their fun and reached to pull my panties up in weak gesture of self-preservation.


"No!" Ashly said, clapping her hands together. "You will do nothing tonight that you are not explicitly told to do. That goes for both of you" She pointed a finger and a steady gaze in Andy's direction.


"Wanna see Andy's?" Nicole asked with the giddiness of a little girl showing off.


"Sure, why not?" Ashly slid up to sit on the edge of the bed next to Nicole.


"Andy dear," Nicole said with a fawning look and a sweet innocence in her voice, "Pull down your panties and show everyone mini-me."


"Mini-me?" Ashly asked inquisitively.


"Yea, that's what I decided to call it. I mean, Andy's a dick... and his dick is 'mini'. So, mini-me fit."


small dick humiliation  


Again, Ashly and Nicole burst into laughter. I glanced over to see Andy turn a dark shade of red. He didn't hesitate to push his blue panties over his hips and down to his thighs. I was surprised to see his penis flop into view. It was definitely longer than mine by a couple of inches, but it was embarrassingly thin. Andy's penis hung almost directly downward, as if unsupported by testicles.


"Wow, now I know what girl's mean by 'pencil dick'," Ashly spouted, not hiding her obnoxious laughter. "And his balls must actually be smaller than you said because I can't even see them behind that skinny little thing."


"Oh, they are small but you can't see them right now because I like to push them up inside of him when he wears panties. I read that the increased heat lowers the testicles ability to produce testosterone. It's really calmed him down," Nicole said with a cool, scientific authority.


The girls sat on the edge of the bed, observing us in all our glory. Their eyes darted back and forth between Andy and I, making subtle comparisons. Andy and I even turned slightly to survey one another.


"So, who do you think is bigger?" Ashly asked finally.


"Well, hmmm," Nicole pondered aloud. "Andy's definitely longer, but Brett's looks thicker. Both have small nuts." She tapped her finger on her lips, seemingly unsure how to make an assessment.


"Well, have you ever measured Andy?" Ashly asked.


"Umm, not in a long time. But, he is noticeably shorter since I've been pushing his testicles inside of him all the time," Nicole replied.


"Brett," Ashly spoke sweetly, catching my attention. "Go get the 'naughty box' out of my suitcase. Bring it in here and find the tape measure."


I turned and walked to the suitcase, my legs held slightly by the panties around my thighs. I retrieved the box, fingering through it as I walked by toward the bed. I found the tape measure and held it out toward Ashly.


"Oh, no," Ashly said with a sly smile. "I want YOU to measure Andy's penis."


I was shocked. I hadn't considered being made to interact with Andy so intimately. I have played with Ashly and Marcus at her request, sucking his cock and giving him handjobs, but never with another cuckold.


I looked at Andy who was wearing the same look of befuddlement that I sure was on my face. Ashly's words echoed through my head, "There will be no shame here tonight." I decided that I was going to abide by my wife's demands tonight. I enjoyed being humiliated and she had learned just how to push my buttons and bring me unspeakable pleasure.


I looked at Nicole whose eyes were alit with excitement. I suppose she too wanted to see her cuckolded husband be handled by me. I walked over to Andy, who surprisingly didn't flinch and took a hold of his little penis. I felt a strange surge of adrenaline and humiliation course through my body. I put the tape measure next to it and tried to estimate it's length.


"Oh, no no no Brett," Ashly said. "We want to know how big it is hard."


I looked at Ashly who now had her hand between her legs rubbing her pussy.


"How is he going to get hard?" I asked, worried slightly about the response.


"Well, you can jerk him off or suck his dick. I don't care. But, I want a measurement and I want it NOW." She began furiously rubbing her pussy through her thin, leopard print panties.


"Maybe you and Nicole can show him your tits. That might do the trick," I suggested, hoping to avoid the inevitability.


"Hmm," Ashly pondered. "What do you think, sis?"


"Well," Nicole started, "I know Andy's fantasizes about your big tits. He told me so one night when I was beating his testicles with a hairbrush to get some secrets out of him. He thinks your tits are big enough to wrap around his skinny dick. He wants to fuck your tits and cum on your face. I use that fantasy on him a lot if I want him to cum quickly."


Andy looked at the ground, apparently a little ashamed. I was a little jealous. Another cuckold was getting his tiny rocks off thinking about my hot wife? And her sister was using her tits to make him cum?


"Mmm," Ashly said, knowing that she now had a great deal of power over Andy, "It that right, pencil dick? Does mini-me squirt when you think about these big tits wrapped around it?" She squeezed her tits together mockingly. Andy looked up to see her do this and his little dick jumped slightly in my hand.


"Told you," Nicole said. "I love beating his little balls. He cries and will tell me anything I want to know. Thinking about your tits was the most tame thing he confessed to that night. You should hear some of the stuff he did in the army."


Andy turned a dark shade of red. I was intrigued. What did he do in the army?





Part 2


I remember the first time Ashly let it slip that she had mentioned something to Nicole about our sex life. She was stroking my little dick and the sudden knowledge that her sister, whom I adore and lust after, knew that I have small dick and that my wife enjoys sex with well hung men made me explode right onto Ashly's D cup breasts.


For 3 years, we had both enjoyed a femdom relationship in the bedroom. We spoke often of Ashly taking on lovers. She would talk constantly as I lay on top of her, thrusting away with my rigid prick. Ashly would tell me of old boyfriends and of men she'd love to get into bed. All of them, in her eyes, we much better hung than I was. I loved to hear her talk about men with cocks, real cocks, that hung down low when soft and stuck out far from their bodies when hard. She would squeeze my balls, nearly crushing them sometimes, as she told me over and over that I have tiny balls, no bigger than her 3 year-old nephews.


I eat Ashly's pussy on command. If she wants me naked, I strip. If she has a fantasy, I fulfill it. In return, she sees that I stay sexually satisfied, but not always with sex. So when she told me she wanted to include Nicole and Andy in our filthy, depraved sex play, I whole-heartedly agreed.


There I was, standing mostly naked in front of my lovely, voluptuous wife and her slender sister. My hand wrapped around Andy's skinny little dick.


"Ok," Ashly began in her assertive tone, "Andy, you sit here on the edge of the bed. Brett, you are going to kneel between his legs. You will suck on his skinny prick while Nicole and I put on a little show for him behind your back. But first, come over here to Nicole. I want her to push your little balls up inside of you and pull your panties up tight. That way you can FEEL like a little bitch... while you're showing all of us what a little bitch you can be."


My mind surged with anxiety and excitement. I was going to take Andy's penis into my mouth. In front of his wife and mine, no less. But, I was finally going to be touched by Nicole. I walked happily to her at this prospect.


I stood in front of Nicole, my little penis displayed to her proudly. I was almost shaking as I watched her examine my undersized genitalia, waiting eagerly for her soft, small hands to contact my sensitive flesh.


"Well, they are a little bigger than Andy's," Nicole spoke confidently. "It does help to soften them up a bit first. You know, by squeezing and slapping them. You don't mind do you?" She glanced at Ashly, who was now furiously fingering herself beneath her leopard print panties.


"Mind?" Ashly asked breathlessly. "Do you worst, he'll love it. Just no permanent damage, ok?"


"I'll do my best," Nicole said coyly. "But if I castrate him accidently, it's not like it's any big loss, right sis?" This suggestion sent Ashly into her first loud orgasm. She shook and shuddered for a full 30 seconds before slowing her breathing and cooing to herself.


"Not really," Ashly said in between sharp breaths. "I haven't let him fuck me in almost a year anyhow. Marcus requested I deny him my pussy for a while and I happily agreed."


Without warning, Nicole delivered a fierce punch to my testicles. I am used to regular testicle punishment, but Ashly usually starts soft and works her way up. This sudden crushing of my testicles dropped me to my knees. I looked up at Nicole sitting on the edge of the bed. I was face level with her pink pantied crotched.


balls torture


"Mmmm," she cooed. "That made me fucking WET! Stick your face in there and smell my pussy."


Nicole pulled my hair until my face was buried between her thighs. I could feel her wetness soak my face. I had dreamed of eating her pussy for so long that the smell of her made the pain in my testicles fade into nothingness.


"Mmm, look Andy. Brett's got his face in my pussy," Nicole said in a teasing voice. "Maybe I'll let him eat me. Ashly says Brett is a master pussy eater. I guess he'd have to be with his short dick. I bet he is better than you."


"Stand up, little bitch," Ashly barked, now standing up off of the bed and yanking my arm.


Nicole took hold of my penis, pinching the head and pulling on it hard to stretch it out.


"Wow, there just really is much to it, is there?" Nicole teased. "I mean, most men have some MEAT between their legs. Something hanging there that is meant to please a woman. Brett, you have nothing between your legs. That's why I am going to push your tiny little balls up into abdomen."


"Wait," Ashly interjected excitedly. "I have an idea." She pushed me onto the bed and climbed on beside me. Pushing me into a prone position, Ashly threw her leg of my head and mounted my head, facing toward Nicole, Andy and my little penis. She slid her panties to one side and sat down on my face. "Eat my pussy, bitch. And Andy, come here and kneel between Brett's legs."


Andy looked apprehensive so Nicole yanked him over by the arm. Although I couldn't see it, I heard the echoing thwap of nicole slapping Andy's ball. She must of hit him especially hard because I felt him crumple against the bed instantly. My own balls surged with pain in sympathy.


"Good," Ashly continued. "Now Andy, look at Brett's balls. I want you to wrap your thumb and forefinger around them and squeeze tightly."


I felt Andy's hand trembling as they slid up my thighs. I shivered as he grabbed hold of my balls roughly. I felt my little marbles pinched off tightly as if a vice grip had been placed on them. Being used to a woman's delicate touch, this sudden severe treatment made me both excited and very scared. I moaned loudly into Ashly's dripping pussy.


Ashly began slowly, "Now Andy, I want you to think about this. It was Brett here who talked me into cuckolding, which lead to me meeting Marcus. And because of that, I was able to prove my sister, your wife, with an eye-opening and cunt opening sexual experience. So, in essence, Brett is the reason you are a cuckold and why your wife has sex with a hung black man while denying you!"


I felt Andy's grip tightening on my balls. I arched my back and legs in anguish. I was afraid he might tear them off.


"Now, now," Ashly cooed. "Don't hurt him... yet. I want you to think about all of that and then I want you to slap his balls 3 times."


The relief of Andy loosening his grip on my throbbing nuts was only temporary. Before I could even take a relax breath, fire poured through my body as Andy landed his first blow. It was ferocious, mind-numbing and erotically delicious.


"Wait," said Nicole. "In between each slap, I want you to suck on his balls. That will get the blood flowing and make them swell up for a minute."


I began licking Ashly furiously. I knew she was in ecstasy witnessing this scene. Me, smothered beneath her dripping pussy, Andy with my little, throbbing, punished ball in his hand. And her sister, commanding her own little cuckold to suck on very balls of the man who ended his wife's monogamy. I was a bit overwhelmed by it all myself.


Apparently Andy hesitated at this latest command from his hot wife because she pushed his face between my legs violently.


"Get in there, boy," She barked. "It's not like it's the first time you've licked men's balls, is it? No! Sergeant Randallman told me all about using your little mouth and asshole through your entire tour of duty, him and his buddies. So, do make me tell you again."


"Are you ever going to let the Sarge fuck you, Nicole?" Ashly asked, beginning to rock her hips on my face signaling her impending orgasm.


"No, he is too much of a freak in my opinion," Nicole replied. "You should hear some of the things Andy told me they did to him. I swear, you slap a man's balls hard enough and he'll tell you everything."


"Mmm, but what a sight for Andy to see. I would love to the Sarge make Andy suck on his huge cock in front of you, getting him nice and hard. Then see him mount you in front of Andy. Fucking you better than he ever could."


And with that, Ashly exploded into orgasm, soaking my face with her juices. She fell almost immediately to her side, panting heavily.


My cock tingled, getting stiff despite all the abuse. Hearing my wife talk so openly with her sister, in front of their husbands no less, was too much for me. I reached down and grabbed my dick and stroked it a few times.


"Oh my god, that is hot," Nicole said breathily. "You little dick husband is getting hard while my little dick husband is licking his balls."


Ashly eased up onto her elbow to watch. Feeling her eyes upon me exhilarated me. I began stroking my dick furiously.


I was close to cumming. I didn't know if I would be severely punished for cumming, but I didn't care. This was all too much for me. I was overwhelmed with erotic humiliation.


"Slap my little balls Andy," I cried out.


"What?" asked Andy, shocked at my deprave request. I was actually begging him to punish my testicles right in front of my wife and his.


The girls both gasped and giggled at little at my humiliating display, further fueling my desire.


"Please slap my balls Andy, slap them hard," I begged without shame, masturbating furiously for everyone to see.


In a blinding instant, I felt Andy's hand contact my already battered testicles with full force. I cried out loudly. Cum shot from my penis in long spurts. I continued assaulting my little penis through the longest, most fulfilling orgasm of my life. Completely humiliated, and spent for the moment, I stopped jerking off and laid with my eyes closed. Mentally, I pictured the scene from above.


"Mmm," Ashly spoke softly, snapping me out of my euphoric state. "That was amazing. I think you even impressed Nicole with that pathetic display."


I raised my head to see her sister standing half-crouched with her hand between her widely spread legs. She was frigging herself feverishly and when her eyes met she cried out in a long, body-shaking orgasm. She shuddered for a full minute, never taking her eyes off of mine.


"Feel good sis?" Ashly asked jokingly. "Now Brett, by my count you still have one more good, hard slap from Andy coming. Then, we're going to try something from Andy's army days."


I lay there, balls aching and covered in my own cum. Still wondering:

What DID he do in the army?





Part 3


Nicole has always been a lovely creature. Sweet, soft-spoken and a good friend to all those around her. Her freckles gave her a childish quality that made her seem more playful and trustworthy that most.


Nicole's b-cup breasts were perfect, soft upturned globes with the proudest pink nipples. Her ass was lyrical, as if it were sung by a poet rather than made by genetics. My sweet sister-in-law, my wife's sister, sweet little Nicole.


To see Nicole now, in front of me, with one hand in her pink cotton panties and the other still squeezing her breast. Her chest heaved with the last remnants of what she later described as 'the most intense orgasm of her life.'


I looked down at the mess I had made of myself, covering my stomach with the largest load of cum I had managed in quite some time. Andy's fingers were still wrapped firmly around my aching, and extremely red, balls. The look of malice is Andy's eyes let me know that the final blow to my testicles would be one of legend.


"Nicole bear?" Andy spoke sweetly. "Tell me again, who do you prefer fucks you these days?"


"Well, Marcus off course baby," Nicole said chidingly. "His huge, thick black cock fucks me better than you ever could baby. I feel like a real woman, now that he attends to me."


cheating wife  


These words seemed to excite Andy in the way only a cuckold could be excited. He grinned evilly and his grip on my balls became viselike.

He had control. He had his manhood back, if only for a fleeting second.


"Then, I guess you have this coming Brett ol' boy," Andy stated ominously while raising his free arm high.


I watched the girls crowd around, as if observers of some historic event. I couldn't stand the anticipation. I closed my eyes.


All I heard was a high-pitched wooshing sound and then everything went black for a split second. The ear-splitting slap that Andy's blow to my testicles produced echoed around the room. Instantly, I crumpled in half, holding my hands over my crotch and writing on the bed.


The girls erupted with laughter. Ashly even stood up and hopped up and down a little with excitement.


"That was SO delicious," Ashly chirped excitedly. "I love this, sis. Why didn't we start doing this a long time ago?"


"Well, I guess it's little dick's fault here for not convincing you sooner to fuck real men," Nicole retorted while giving me a soft poke.


"MMM," Ashly moaned loudly. "How does it feel, baby? Is it humiliating to get your balls busted? Which is worse honey: Getting your little balls slapped around in front of your wife and her sister? Or, getting your little balls slapped around by another cuckold. Another little-dicked man that doesn't get to fuck his wife either?"


Her words stung. But, I knew she was really getting off of this. If there is one thing Ashly enjoys more than fucking Marcus while cuckolding me, it's showing off.


While I was recovering on the bed, Nicole turned her attention to Andy, who seemed a little too proud of himself.


"Did you enjoy that, my little bitch?" Nicole began, in a cute little girl voice. "Did you enjoy hurting Brett's little balls? Did you enjoy a little payback for his being responsible for me, your wife, fucking a big, hung black man rather than you?"


I raised up to witness this exchange. I'd had mine and now I really wanted to see Andy get his. Andy bowed his head a little at her obviously facetious tone, knowing his glory was short lived.


"Well," Nicole stated matter-of-factly, "Don't forget, my loving husband, that you have a SMALL DICK." The last words hung in the air, like ceremonial knives.


"Yes he does," Ashly chimed in. "Remember the night of your bachelor's party? You passed out. We had to strip you out of your clothes and throw you in the shower to get all the puke off of you. We laughed at your small dick. I couldn't believe that my sister was about to marry you. So, for fun, I told every woman at your wedding about it."


Nicole chortled loudly and Andy gasped. Apparently this had been an inside joke among the girls for years, but neither Andy or I ever caught wind of it. Andy grinned but turned deep red as the humiliation set in.


"Well, don't look so sad baby," Nicole consoled Andy. "It's not like they're the only ones. There are still at least a dozen soldiers still in the middle east that know you have a tiny, skinny, useless prick."


"Please Nicole, don't," Andy pleaded meekly.


"Oh yes, dearest," Nicole cooed. "I do believe it's time I get to tell SOMEONE about what you did. I mean, you lied to me. You tricked me. And I should be mad as hell at you. But, the whole thing got me off so much, I've decided to let it slide."


"Woah," Ashly said throwing her hands up. "Tell me, I've got to know."


I eased myself into a more comfortable position. The pain in my balls was subsiding and this juicy new scent was pulling me back to my faculties.


"Well," Nicole faced Ashly and me. "There are many embarrassing, emasculating and humiliating things I could tell you about Private Andy here... but where to begin?"


My mind was swirling, my little dick hardening. Ashly curled her warm body up behind me. We were both posed as if story time was about to begin. But, not a fairytale. A real life account of our brother-in-laws humiliation.


I couldn't wait. What DID he do in the army?




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