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I have been impotent for years. My ex wife cucked me in the start of our relationship.


I used to fuck her like crazy but over time my physical condition rendered me impotent. I could manage a semi when she dated and stroke myself off. We got along pretty well with that situation. Over time she tired of my limpy and began having long term lovers. I was reduced to just licking and sucking her. If i was allowed to cum it was by my own hand as she mocked me a little knowing the humiliation got me off. since she left me my impotence has progressed, pills dont work.

I seem to spend more time jerking it and rubbing as if my dick was a clitty rather than a cock. My cirlfriends all find out pretty quick about my condition and seem to know that they have free reign as far as sex goes. I almost always end up just serving them with my mouth whenever they desire and when other men hit on them they take the freedom to go as far as they want knowing I wont interfere. Actually most guys really seem to appreciate my condition and some have said it makes them feel like a big help as they pleasure my g/f like a real man since I can't. All in all impotence is something that can make your relationship stronger once you accept it as your way of life along with cuckolding.







My wife keeps me on prozac, female hormones, and herbals while locking my sissy clitty in a CB2K with plenty of teasing and no orgasms.

It has been 11 weeks since I had an orgasm, my clitty only gets to less then half as hard as it used too, I can not get hard enough to penetrate my wife anymore either. I haven't even felt the touch of my self or my wife on my bare clitty as I am always made to wear a condom while I or she touches my "disgusting little sissy clitty" as Jeanne calls it.

The condom is to prevent any of my sissy precum from getting on anything, I recently got the hardest I have in a long time when my beautiful Jeanne whipped my balls and clitty with a leather riding crop! I almost had an orgasm after just a few minutes but she realized I was getting close to orgasm and stopped her whipping, she spit in my face called me a faggot, pushed me to the floor, stradled me and pissed in my mouth and all over me before she went to bed and quickly fell asleep. God I love my wife and I am so glad she started fucking real men 5 years ago and has since taken to kindly sissifying and ruining me and my pathetic usles clitty!







I feel the word "cuckold" as used in the context of this site and the word "impotent" as defined by dictionary mean the exact same thing.


It's been said of old that cuckolded husbands possessed horns all could see except himself.


Cuckolds in the present time wear their impotence as horns. They sport them as if they are wearing the crown of a champion.


It's possible (and it seems) some men take steps to increase their impotence and pride themselves in their various sexual inabilities.


Here are just a few possible scenarios cucks (willing or not) and impotency might go hand in hand:


-Impotent due to excessive


-Impotent due to premature ejaculation.

-Impotent due to small endowment.

-Intentional impotence via hormones, etc.

-Impotence due to repressed homosexual urges transferred to the wife. (What you want the "bull" to do to your wife is what you would love him to do you).

-Impotence from disease.

-Impotence via drugs or alcohol.

-Impotence by homosexual thoughts.

-Impotence due to accident injury.

-Impotence because of depression.

-Impotence enhanced by masochistic gratification therefrom.

-Impotence by humiliation.

-Impotence due to forced homosexual experiences.

-Impotent because women witnessed your forcible homosexual humblings.

-Impotent from the comments women made as you were forcibly, homosexually, violated.

-Impotent when you realize your enjoyment of being forcefully, homosexually violated in front of ladies was more than everyone else's combined!

-Impotent upon coming home and finding she moved out for another man OR woman.

-Impotent when she showed up with a few guys and moved out right in front of your face, taking whatsoever she wanted.

-Impotent as you watch her interactions with the men helping her move out of your life.

-Impotence because of sexual performance concerns/worries.

-Impotence caused from inability to deal with the gigantic sexual superiority women have over men.

-Impotence from women's attitude, actions and remarks about your sexual inadequacies and/or inabilities.

-Impotence as personal nature (indifferent to sex).

-Impotence for no apparent reason.

-Impotence due to age.

-Impotence from Genital Severance Complex.

-Impotence because of castration, prostate or other genital surgery.

-Impotence from radiation therapy.

-Impotence because of homosexual acts, desires and urges.

-Impotence caused by her sounds and actions when responding to other men.

-Impotence of realizing you're now second place in her eyes (understood very clearly when she starts obeying HIM instead of you)!

-Impotence caused from seeing another man service your woman longer and harder in one evening than you could in two months.

-Impotence from hearing her sing and being happy around the house because HE is now fulfilling her desires!

-Impotence because she's seen the zeal you show with M/M sex. She's seen you suck more than one cock. She knows you love it. You know she knows.

-Impotence from the speed she embraced her sexual freedom.

-Impotence because you can't even begin to compare with the "real" men she brings home.

-Impotence from her seeing your pleasure as you are being fucked in the ass, and her snide comments on your enjoyment of anal.

-Impotence when she tells you how pathetic your flaccid cock looks bobbing around when your ass is/was being boned.

-Impotence every time you think about the times - and the smirk on her face - as she lowers your messy cream pie meal (made by a lover you don't like) onto your mouth. HUMBLE PIE? Indeed!



Hang in there.


Don't be afraid to chime in with your additions of cuck/impotence issues!


Thank you.







I was cuckolded by my ex wife for the last 8 years. Now she left me for a 23 years old boy. Last months together I was only alowed to suck and clean creampies. Now I can't fuck other woman since she left me. The only way I can get an erection is from wanking and seeing her on pics being fucked by other guys

This is some kind of impotence.


vania romano







Getting an erection while jerking off, especially while sniffing a pair of panties was easy when I was much younger. But, whenever I was in an intimate moment with a woman, I would feel so submissive and anxious that I simply could not erect. I knew my penis was very small compared to other men. Jerking off seemed to be the easiest way for me to have sex. But, I became very good at orally pleasing a woman.


I've been a married cuckold for many years now. My wife has her lovers. I am so surprised at how their cocks erect just being near her. Mine never erects. After they are done I am often called in to clean her pussy of cum.


I am impotent and I am a cuckold.










Before I got married at Age 22, I was always getting an erection and my cock was stiff all the time. I used to jerk off and shoot off at least two or three times each day. However, when I got married, my First Wife was sooo sexually frustrated by my teensy, weensy, itzy, bitzy lil nubbin of flesh that it was Humiliating and Degrading.......Every time I tried to fuck her, I was sooo tiny that my one incher never even really penetrated her.....Fucking from behind was impossible and when she tried to ride me, she could only rub her clit againts mine.......soooo......she hatched a plan to feminize me so that she could without guilt begin to seek out REAL MEN for her sexual fulfillment.......Over about three years, I went from being stiff all the time to having such "performance anxiety" that I just couldn't get it hard whenever I was naked with my wife and certainly could never get an erection when she started introducing me to the Black Bulls with Giant Anacondas for cocks.......She used to love taking a pic of my tiny clittie next to the 9 or 10 inch Black Monster Cock of her Lover and everytime my clittie would totally wilt and become soft and pathetic....


Your tiny clittie lil sissy pantydoll pussyboi,

ms. karli kunt









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