cuckold's honeymoon






I had gotten a divorce from my first wife after nine years of marriage... We had drifted apart and one day I just came to the realization that I couldn't spend the rest of my life with her. Now don't get me wrong... Mary was a very nice, intelligent woman - just our personalities seemed less and less compatible as we both moved into our thirties. Sex with Mary was usually good - we'd share our fantasies during sex, which usually got us both pretty hot. My favourite fantasy, which I shared with her regularly, was to watch Mary being screwed by a black man ...or maybe two. Unfortunately, she would never indulge any of my fantasies...


The divorce was a bit messy... but are there ever any simple divorces? Mary was completely unreasonable - she decided that if I needed a divorce then she needed every penny of my money as well as the house, cars and our Cancun vacation timeshare. Faced with the prospect of being a penniless, homeless, and lonely 33- year-old I became desperate and decided I needed to do something drastic.


Using a mutual friend, I set her up one night... Mary and I had a bottle of wine with dinner and then started "discussing" the possibility of a divorce. Keeping Mary's glass filled I goaded her into a heated argument - she was so angry and upset that she just kept downing the glasses of wine almost as quick as I poured them. Just as I was opening our fourth bottle of wine Mary passed out. That's when I called Kenny to come over. I took pictures of them embracing and Kenny fondling her boobs... then we carried her into the bedroom, undressed her and took a couple of rolls of pictures of her with Kenny in bed being careful not to show that she was actually unconscious. When we were done, we put on her nightgown and let her sleep it off. In the morning I told her that she had gotten pretty drunk and just went to bed.


It was a couple of weeks latter that I sued for divorce ...we and our respective lawyers met at her lawyer's office. When she made her unreasonable demands, I asked her whether I had ever cheated on her... and she admitted that I hadn't been unfaithful but she still felt she was entitled to compensation for her years as a dutiful wife. I had planned the moment just right - I slid the large manila envelope containing the photos of her and Kenny across the table, "Well dear, I wish you had been as faithful as I've been."


Mary screamed and bitched that the photos had been faked, but there was no denying her pretty strawberry birthmark on her left ass cheek that was clearly visible in the photos. Mary's goose was totally cooked when I showed the lawyer a deposition by Kenny agreeing to testify about their affair in court if necessary. Her lawyer told her privately that she would be lucky to get anything from me so in the end it wasn't hard to get the lawyers to agree that a "no fault" uncontested divorce with a 50/50 property split was an equitable solution. Mary reluctantly accepted the outcome but swore she would get even and fries my ass some day ... but that's all ancient history.


In any case, we've been divorced two years - since then I found and fell in love with a lovely young girl, Karen. She's eight years younger than I am ...and, while I know it's hard to believe these days, she's still a virgin at 25. Her strict moral upbringing has kept her from indulging ...but none the less, it's even more amazing since she is a real beauty with a very sexy body and a lovely sweet but shy personality.


I'm about to put an end to her 25-year celibacy as we were just married and were on our way to our honeymoon retreat. A friend had told me about this great resort on the Massachusetts coast ... a fellow has several individual cottages on an isolated strip of beach. The owner even offered to pick us up at the airport so we didn't need to rent a car. We were looking forward to consummating our marriage and sharing a week of privacy ...not seeing anyone but each other.


You can imagine how anxious I was to get Karen into our marriage bed but the owner insisted on showing me every detail of the house including personally getting the fire started in the fireplace. Finally when I thought he was done, he said he had to check one more thing in the kitchen. Karen and I remained in the rustic living room watching the roaring fire, listening to the crackling of the logs. He emerged from the kitchen with three glasses filled with champagne and offered us a wedding toast which we quickly downed and then ushered him to the door.


As soon as he was gone Karen and I were locked in a long deep kiss as I tried to undo the back of her petite dress. As we continued to kiss, she started to go limp in my arms mumbling something about feeling strange. I figured she was just swooning from the fear and anticipation of finally loosing her virginity and releasing the sexual frustration that had tormented her since puberty some thirteen years earlier. Just as I laid her down on the sofa there was a loud knock at the door - that damned over friendly owner again no doubt to tell me some other minor irrelevant detail. As I opened the door, three large black men burst in followed by the owner and my ex-wife Mary. Before I knew what was happening, I had been tied to a large wooden chair by two of the blacks. While I was being tied up, the third had removed Karen's panties which were shoved in my mouth and tied in place as a gag.


Mary stood in front of me laughing, "We had always shared our fantasies... so I thought as a wedding present, I'd make some of yours come true with your lovely new bride ...kind of like you did with Kenny and I?! I see you've already met my boyfriend, John, who owns this place. Didn't you think it a bit strange that you got such a good deal on a secluded honeymoon getaway?" gloated Mary.


John had a video camera while Mary had a 35mm camera with a flash. They proceeded to record all the details as the black guys stripped and began fondling my semiconscious virgin bride stripping her down to only her garter belt and stockings. Mary was really enjoying this "turnabout" as she was taking the pictures. As she finished the roll of film, I hoped she would be satisfied and leave. Instead, she reloaded the camera and taunted me saying that they were just getting started.


I was forced to watch helplessly as the guys used their large black cocks as bats to whip Karen's face and tits. I hoped they would stop soon but that was not to be. After moistening her pussy with his tongue, one of the guys deflowered Karen's virgin pussy with his big black prick. After unloading deep inside her, the scene turned into an unrestrained gangbang. The three of them proceeded to violate and fill every one of the other orifices on her beautiful body. Karen seemed to be enjoying the black rape although it was clear that she was in a daze from the drugged drink. Several loads of black cum were pumped into her pussy as well as her tight ass. Their abuse of my bride ended with them cumming in her mouth and all over her beautifully firm young tits.


As a final act of humiliation, the three muscular blacks easily picked up Karen's petite, cum covered, limp taking each leg while the third wrapped his arms around her torso. They carried her across the room and, holding her high with her legs spread, proceeded to rub her dripping pussy up and down my helplessly gagged face ...John had captured the whole thing on video while Mary had shot more than seven rolls of film during the rape.


Mary then went into the bedroom and emerged in a tight fitting revealing black vinyl outfit together with long black stiletto heeled boots. She turned back to me as she reloaded her camera, "With the drug we gave her, she won't remember anything tomorrow. It'll be up to you whether you tell her what happened... how you had your black friends arrange to fulfil some of your strongest fantasies. I'll be sure you get a copy of the video in case you want to show her... and I'll mail you a copy of the stills or you can pick them up from the Internet as I post them in one of the inter-racial newsgroups that appreciate these types of pictures." "Then again," continued Mary, "given her prim and proper upbringing, you may not want to tell her ...of course, if you find out in a few months that Karen's pregnant, you may have to tell her the truth before the birth of your black baby. With her religious convictions you'll never get her to agree to an abortion" chuckled Mary.


I tried to protest but it was impossible until Mary undid the gag. Before I could say anything, one of the black men pulled my head back and held my nose while Mary poured a drink into my mouth. As I was gagging on the liquid and was forced to swallow, Mary continued, "I have a few of my own fantasies that I wanted to fulfil too but they need your cooperation. In a few minutes, you'll be very cooperative... but you won't remember anything either - so I'll be sure you get your own copy of this video as well."


That was the last thing I remember. Karen and I woke up in bed the following day. I didn't remember what happened to me but my body ached all over. I knew I'd really have liked to leave that place right away... but we didn't have a car. Trying to make the best of things, I decided to make love to my beautiful wife for the first time... even if she was no longer a virgin. Karen complained that she felt so sore... and asked what had happened because she couldn't remember. I told her that we had both gotten drunk on the champagne and maybe I had been a little too rough with her last night. Karen replied with some apparent anger saying that she hoped I had enjoyed it because she wasn't going to have sex again for at least a couple of days... I was doomed to wait even longer before consummating our marriage.


Surprisingly, despite my fears, the rest of the week went without incident as we were left undisturbed until it was time to go. Karen was ready by the fourth day and after that we made love several times each day... with Karen expressing her joy that I had been the first and would be the only man who ever entered her body... if only she knew that I had been the fourth - every time she mentioned it, it was like someone was twisting a knife stuck in my gut.


At the end of the week John, the owner and my ex-wife's lover, arrived as scheduled and drove us to the airport. As he was loading our luggage, he discretely slipped me a small package wrapped in brown paper... I could tell from the shape that it was two videocassettes.


When we got home I kept the package hidden... Then, after Karen was asleep, I slipped out of bed and down to the living room to watch the video. I still hadn't remembered anything of what Mary might have done to me but I had a pretty good idea. Mary had always fantasized of me becoming bi and sucking off one big black cock while another reamed my ass. Her other recurring fantasy was to turn me into her pussy slave and take a lover, forcing me to watch and orally serve them both.


It was the latter fantasy that was played out on the video - I guess the black guys were too spent from raping my new bride. In any case, my video showed me being totally obedient to Mistress Mary as she had me lick her pussy and ream her ass with my tongue before making me suck John to get him hard and wet for her. They screwed while I waited in a kneeling position at the side of the bed. After John came inside her, Mary straddled my head and made me lick her clean. They both teased and abused my body using a variety of toys including clothespins and a large butt plug. The final scene of the video had Mary standing over me holding a leash connected to a thick collar around my neck when John returned with three champagne glasses and a small half bottle of champagne. John popped the cork and proceeded to fill the glasses ...two were completely filled but then there was only a small amount left for the third glass. "I'm afraid we don't have enough champagne for you slave", taunted John. "It's not a problem" chimed in Mary ... Mary took the partially filled glass from the tray, held it between her legs, and proceeded to fill it to the brim with her hot piss. Handing it to me, she and John raised their full glasses of champagne in a toast, "You may think you got rid of me with the divorce, but I will always own you as my slave!"... then they forced me to drink every drop of the liquid in my glass while they laughed at me. Then the video faded to black.






Honeymoon Wedding Gift - Chapter 2


It had been three weeks since our wedding and the unwanted "honeymoon wedding gift" from my ex-wife ...after enjoying the initial glow of being newly weds (and secretly enduring the knowledge of my wife's black rape), I was back at work and our lives were starting to settle into a regular pattern. It was about 10:00 in the morning when I received a desperate call from Karen... she explained, she had just finished breakfast when she got this strange feeling of nausea and weakness. I thought she might be having a bout of morning sickness - which would mean that she was pregnant... I told her to sit down and I'd come right home.


I rushed home as fast as I could... when I came through the front door I saw Karen lying on the sofa, dressed in her satin robe and the very short, very shear teddy she had slept in last night. Sitting smugly on the other side of the room was my ex-wife Mary and boyfriend John ... both with their cameras again. Before I could say anything, Mary informed me that she had slipped into the house after I left for work and drugged the orange juice, "It was simple.. you never drank orange juice and Karen had her OJ every morning during your honeymoon, darling." I was shocked and angry ...starting to scream at Mary when the doorbell rang. Mary ordered me to answer the door... which I did rather than risking some unpredictable response from my ex-wife. You can imagine my surprise when I saw it was Kenny - I asked him to come in to help me.


Once inside, I asked Mary what Kenny was doing here... Without hesitation, she responded, "I called him. He's here to screw your new bride".


"What?! ...and why would he do that?", I challenged.


"Because you're going to ask him... no you're going to BEG him to fuck Karen while you watch!" she said in a very mocking tone.


"And why the fuck would I do that?" I retorted.


"Because if you don't, we'll wait around until Karen gets her senses back and then we'll all watch her honeymoon video... don't you think she'd enjoy seeing her real deflowering ceremony!"


She had me... what could I do? I couldn't bear the thought of Karen seeing her virgin body being screwed by three black cocks. "OK - You've got me, you sick Bitch. let's get this over with", I responded broken but still angry.


"That last remark is going to cost you later.... Now, once we start filming, I want you to ask Kenny to screw Karen - remind him it's just like you set him up to do me two years ago. Kenny - you refuse at first. Make him beg before you agree. Then... "


As John shot the video, Kenny and I played out the scene just as Mary had choreographed it including making me beg and then forcing me to agree to strip and sit naked in a chair watching as Kenny proceeded to fondle and then fuck my beautiful drugged wife. Unfortunately, Kenny is a pretty good stud and gave Karen a really good long screwing... despite her dazed state, you could tell Karen was thoroughly enjoying it. After what seemed like endless torment for me, Kenny finally came pumping his hot cum inside my wife's swollen pussy.


As Karen lay there with her legs splayed and cum beginning to ooze from her puffy red cunt lips, Mary got her revenge for me having called her a `sick Bitch'. With the cameras stopped for a moment she told me exactly what I had to do... As they again began filming, I had to crawl over to Karen, thank Kenny for filling my wife's love challis with his cream and then drink my `cup of poison' as I had to suck and lick Karen's sloppy pussy until it was thoroughly clean .... John ended the video with a close-up of her swollen but clean pussy and the glistening sheen on my face.


"I'll send you a copy," promised Mary as she and John walked out the door. Looking up at Kenny I said, "it was bad enough - you didn't have to enjoy it so much." Looking down at me and trying to hold back a sadistic chuckle, Kenny said, "well, I guess it took her a few years but she got her revenge. You know what they say my friend... `Turnabout is fair play'!" With that Kenny pulled on his pants and left me kneeling next to my naked wife. What could I do ...forced to watch my best friend fuck my wife and then have to clean up afterwards? I climbed up between her legs and proceeded to screw her... I guess for a humiliated cuckold, sloppy seconds are better than none at all.







Honeymoon Wedding Gift - Chapter 3


After the episode with Kenny I was really paranoid that Mary might return any day and subject Karen to untold sexual humiliation and abuse. I kept close tabs on Karen and called her from work several times a day. Fortunately nothing happened and I never heard from Mary again over the next several months... That is not until about six weeks before our anniversary when a letter arrived announcing that we were the 'lucky newlyweds of last year' and had won a free week back at the secluded hideaway in Massachusetts. I didn't want to go back there again even if they paid me but Karen was overjoyed at the prospect of celebrating our anniversary back at our honeymoon hideaway. I figured I'd agree but then pretend to be sick at the last minute so we wouldn't have to go. ...that plan was blown out of the water a few days later when I received a phone call from Mary informing me that if we didn't accept our prize and show up as planned, she would personally bring the videos over to the house and watch them with Karen.



Six weeks later we were in Massachusetts with John driving us to the cabin and showing us all the same things again before offering us a champagne anniversary toast. Just like the previous year, Karen's drink was drugged and she was soon semi-conscious on the sofa while John produced a pair of handcuffs and shackled me to the same large wooden chair. That's where the similarity ended as Mary walked in with three other women. Knowing Karen's strict religious upbringing, Mary had diabolically planned to violate my wife in a different way... by having her engage in lesbian sex.


In no time they had Karen totally stripped on the sofa. As one of the women knelt between her legs, the others began licking and sucking her firm breasts, hardening Karen's petite pointy nipples. Karen was obviously enjoying the sensual sucking as she began to moan and sigh. Soon she was hungrily sucking one of the women's tits that were offered to her lips. That was replaced by a smoothly shaved pussy as one of the women straddled Karen's head. Soon there was just a tangle of hot naked bodies squirming around on the large blanket that was spread out on the living room floor.


Several dildos, vibrators and butt plugs were introduced into the action along with bottles of scented oil as the women continued to tease and torment my beautiful wife's young body bringing her close to orgasm several times. The action continued for what seemed like an hour with Karen clearly getting into it, hungrily groping and sucking their tits, pussies, toes, fingers _ whatever piece of female flesh she could find.


For the finale, two of the women donned huge strap-on black dildos _Karen was willing lowered onto one of women's cocks as it slid easily up her stretched and lubricated ass. The second woman entered Karen's swollen young pussy with the large black plastic cock while the third woman again straddled Karen's head and pulled her mouth hard into her smooth dripping pussy. Mary and John got shots of the double penetration from every angle as the women screwed Karen for what seemed like an eternity until Karen came with a loud scream of pleasure before passing out. As the final part of the scene, the women dismounted my wife's now limp body and forced me to lick their dildos clean.


The last girl inserted a cock shaped gag into my mouth and strapped it tight around my head as Mary approached me laughing as she said, "now your turn my slave". It was then that I noticed that the dildo gag in my mouth had a rubber bulb on the outside just as Mary squeezed it forcing a bitter liquid down my throat.


Just as had happened exactly one year earlier, Karen and I woke up together in bed the following morning. We enjoyed the rest of the week together before John reappeared at the appointed time to drive us back to the airport .. again slipping me a package with two video tapes.


We were both pretty tired from the trip back so when we got home we headed right for the bedroom and quickly fell asleep in each others arms.


In the wee hours of the morning I woke up and after checking that Karen was soundly asleep I slipped downstairs to watch the videotapes. The tape of Karen's lesbian orgy was so clear and crisp I couldn't help but get hard just watching it. I began watching the tape of my encounter with the fear of the unknown, not knowing what Mary had done to me. My fears were justified as the tape began with three black men entering the house and stripping me naked. As I had feared a year earlier, they proceeded to use me as their white sex toy, forcing me to suck their cocks and balls, lick their toes, and ream their black asses with my tongue. All that before they took turns fucking my ass and mouth, unloading several loads of their salty cum in both orifices. The video ended with Mary pouring champagne for the three blacks, offering a toast to my first anniversary, and the three of them pissing on my prone body as they downed their bubbly champagne.


If being turned into a gay slave and being used by the three muscular blacks hadn't been enough humiliation, being pissed on at the end just totally deflated me. Feeling broken and abused I headed back upstairs and slipped into bed. Karen stirred and rolled closer to me. She snuggled closer and began stroking me. Karen's caresses managed to overcome my deflated feelings and soon she had me really hard. Climbing on top she proceeded to give me a royal screwing. It was unusual for Karen to initiate sex and even more unusual for her to take charge and be on top, but who was I to complain.


After a very satisfying love session, Karen kept talking about how much she had loved going back to our Honeymoon Hideaway... how it enhanced our marriage and invigorated and help release her previously submerged sexual drives. As she continued on and on about how wonderful it had been, she made me promise to take her back there every year for our anniversary. What could I do... I guess it wasn't so bad up our bodies to my wife's sexual fantasies for one day per year was worth not having it exposed to Karen ...not to mention the added benefit of Karen's positive feeling about the secluded vacations. I was the only one who had to carry around the knowledge and humiliation of these sessions in secret silence.





Honeymoon Wedding Gift - Part 4 - Epilogue


As mentioned in the preceding chapter, after our first anniversary it became inevitable that we'd be spending our future wedding anniversaries at the secluded Massachusetts resort where we had spent our honeymoon. Mary, my vengeful ex-wife, has blackmailed me into submitting to the annual sexual torment and humiliation at this resort owned by her lover, John.. Karen, my young bride, blissfully unaware of her drugged sexual exploits, really enjoys the beauty and seclusion of the resort and innocently insists on coming back every year as well.


Our annual anniversary vacation became a less that wonderful tradition from my point of view. Every year we'd arrive at the cabin with John showing us all the amenities before offering us a champagne toast _and with Karen's drink being drugged each year. Mary seemed to enjoy finding new ways to humiliate me by sexually using and abusing Karen.


On our second anniversary Mary invited three couples who had been our mutual friends before the divorce. After our divorce several years back, Mary forced our friends to choose between her and me - these three couples had been Mary's steady friends for the past four years while I hadn't seen them at all. Mary had told them all about how I had forced her to accept the divorce and had shown them the videotape of me begging Kenny to screw Karen as well as some of the other videos. As John and Mary recorded every graphic detail on film and videotape, I was forced to watch these six former friends use my young wife in every imaginable sexual way for nearly three hours. That year I was not drugged at all but was forced to orally service and clean up everyone when they were through with Karen.


For our third anniversary Mary had arranged for a Dominatrix / Bondage Mistress along with her young male and female slave couple. They really did quite a job on Karen ...teasing, tormenting and torturing her sensitive body in all sorts of ways I never imagined possible. While some of the tortures were clearly painful, my semi-conscious wife seemed to enjoy this mixture of pleasure and pain. Karen had the most tremendous orgasm I had ever witnessed when the taut nipples on her tightly bound breasts were clamped and twisted at the same time that her erect clit, protruding from her shaved pussy, was beaten with a riding crop.


On our fourth anniversary Mary had invited the entire football team from one of the local colleges to screw my wife. The massive gang bang included all the players plus three coaches who didn't hesitate to join in. Again, Karen seemed to enjoy having every one of her orifices used over and over again by the young well hung players and their coaches ...not to mention having her body drowned in a sea of salty sperm as the young guys seemed able to cum again and again. In the end I was forced to lick Karen clean as well as having to personally thank each and every participant orally for helping to satisfy my wife. Somehow that year Karen seemed to be a little more alert during the session although she still didn't remember anything the following morning... perhaps Mary hadn't used quite as much of the drug or perhaps Karen had developed a greater tolerance for it.


As our fifth anniversary approached, John called to reconfirm our reservations. During the conversation John strongly hinted that Mary was arranging something very special for us to celebrate our five year mark. When the day did come, everything went just as it had every year since our honeymoon with John picking us up at the airport, driving us to the secluded cabin, starting the fire and then offering us a champagne toast. As we downed the bubbly wine I got ready to catch Karen in my arms when the drugged drink took effect as I had every previous year. Nothing seemed to happen as I passionately kissed my beautiful naive young wife ...then all of a sudden I started losing my grip, feeling strange and weak - I started to panic... had I accidentally swallowed the drink intended for Karen? If I had Karen would find out that one of the drinks was drugged. The last thing I remember was looking over at John who broke into a broad grin as he saw the panic on my face...


...the next thing I could remember was the sun streaming through the bedroom windows as I realized I must have been in that drug induced never never land for the past day. Rather than waking up in bed with my wife as I had every other year, I found myself shackled to a wooden X frame in the centre of the bedroom... cuffs on my wrists and ankles chained to the wooden structure along with a thick leather collar around my neck that was also bound to the frame. Looking across the room I was shocked to see my beautiful young wife lying naked in bed with both John and Mary ...trying to shout out at them I suddenly realized that I couldn't because a ball gag was tightly strapped in my mouth rendering me silent. As more of my senses returned, I felt sore all over with a particularly painful burning coming from my chest ...straining to look down I was shocked to see that my nipples had been pierced and now sported large stainless steel rings. Unable to figure out what was going on, I was totally confused and in a state of shocked panic as I began thrashing about wildly in my bonds.


The noise woke Karen who reached over and hugging Mary said, "Looks like our slave boy is awake." I was totally confused... had Mary drugged my wife too? My confusion was ended as Karen addressed my tightly bound and silenced body, "You're my slave now too ...Mary and I have decided to share you in the future." My beautiful naive young bride continued, "You may be wondering what's going on so let me explain. It was in our third year of marriage when you were away on a business trip that the toilet seat broke. I was going though your tool closet looking for a wrench and screw driver when I came across a pile of videotapes hidden at the back of the cabinet. Shocked and confused after watching them, I called your ex-wife... Mary explained everything to me - I was really pissed with you - my husband, a wimp who willingly turns his wife over to his divorced spouse for unknown sexual torments. I also realized from watching the videotapes that I really love sex ...any and all kinds. Given your willingness to allow this to happen every year, I felt totally free to engage in sex on my own terms with anyone at any time. I've been screwing our friends and neighbours for the past two years and you've never even suspected. I've even been screwing your younger brother - who, by the way, has a cock twice the size of yours. Why do you think he's decided to visit so often and spend his spring break with us for the past two years? He loves climbing in bed with me the moment your car pulls out of the driveway and we spend the entire day together having sex in every way possible. I've even given him a blow job in the kitchen while you've been watching TV in the living room."


"You're so naive and gullible. On our last anniversary I wasn't drugged at all and so I really enjoyed the football team gang bang. Mary and I decided that for our fifth anniversary we'd end the charade and make you our full time slave."


She chuckled as she continued, "want to see what we all did last night?" With that Karen used the remote control to start the VCR playing on the large screen TV in the bedroom. As the tape began playing, Karen ducked her head under the sheets and began loudly sucking on John's rising cock. On the TV, I saw my boss and the other three co-workers in my group enter the room. Mary ordered me to ask them to fuck Karen and I dutifully obeyed with every word clearly heard on the videotape. I then had to watch Karen giving them sloppy blow jobs as well as allowing them to screw her pussy and ass in yet another unrestrained orgy. My humiliation was total and complete watching my boss and co-workers fucking my wife... and them watching me cleanup with my tongue later. How would I ever be able to face them at work again?


As I looked away from the TV, I saw John, Karen and Mary on the bed. John between Karen's legs pounding my wife's young sweet pussy while Mary straddled Karen's head. getting off on my wife's now expert pussy licking tongue.


Since then I've been transformed into a totally obedient slave shared between my wife, Karen, and my ex-wife, Mary... .......but that's another story.


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