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I know this is particularly cruel but it has been something we have been using to further submit/ make our cucky feel angst and emotional charge. 


We have him in a chastity belt. We often will cuff him up, and Liz will jack him off. Right before he gets to the point of cumming she stops (often in laughter). We let him get soft and then lock him back up. You guys should see how wild that drives him. We have literally had him begging at many points. 

If your in sissy/fag training this is one of the easiest ways we found early on to get him to willingly suck cock, or to let us fuck him (with my cock or her strapon). 


Another thing she does is makes him cuddle with her at night, and then lightly tease him. 

Gets him hard and horny, and then turns back over and tells him he's not man enough to fuck her and that she just needs a cuddle buddy! She has said many times that she has woke up in the middle of the night and he is wide awake and absolutely as frustrated as one can be! 


Also say it's important for prostate health that you let your sissy cum occasionally or milk his prostate for prostate health. We usually let him out once a month to please himself, but use it as a means to humiliate him even more. Liz will treat him like a little kid when he is out and cums and often goes "Yayyyyyy" and claps just like she would if a kid accomplished something. We have used it to train him to make his premature ejaculation problems worse as well. We let him have a set time out of the cage to cum (usually a few minutes) and if he doesn't in that time frame we lock him back up.


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The cruelest thing my wife and Master did to me was to let me "fuck" my wife using a strap on.


I never felt so horny.







She told me last night she did something rather cruel. She told sissy that she was going to reward him for being such a good boy with the whole day of shopping, and was a good servant, and told him to go strip naked and get the cuffs out. She sat him on a chair, grinded him until she had him horny. Well she started to blow him and play with his stuff after she got him out of his cage, got him to the point of cumming, stood up and walked out of the room. She said he was literally begging and pleading with her in a state of confusion asking where she was going. 


She walked back in the room after a bit, put the cage back on him, laughed and told him that he is going to have to work harder if he wants to experience an orgasm! Needless to say, he was horny and frustrated as hell!


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My Mistress bought a product called "Clone A Willy" for making a mold of a man's penis from which you then cast a dildo. She used her lover with the biggest penis to clone. She loved it so much she made several variations:

•One that she uses only as a strap on for fucking me.

•One to fit over the dildo gag she makes me wear when she rides my face. She put the condom covered gag dildo into the center of the base of the dildo as the silicone hardened, so it would be a perfect fit.

•And one to strap on over my CB6000s for fucking her. Again, she stuffed the cock cage into the base of the dildo as it hardened, first putting a condom over the boner breaker so none of the silicone could ooze into the device as it hardened.

She likes to tie me face up putting the gag with the homemade dildo in my mouth as I have the other dildo strapped on over my chastity device. She then alternates between the two dildos turturing my balls while she fucks my face, and my nipples as she rides my chastity cage. 


I love to watch that huge dildo parting her labia, pulling her vulva in and out as she is stretched wide riding the silicone shaft to orgasm. This is why she usually makes me wear a blindfold or a hood.




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