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My wife and I have been living a female dominated lifestyle now for about 3 years. We would not want it any other way. When I am unlocked for small periods of time our relationship tends to get extremely dull and non-sexual. I start jerking off and loose all attraction and sensuality towards her.


When I am locked up I miss her while we are apart and cant get enough of her when she is around. When I am not locked up I look at rubber her feet or back as a pain as it would always seem to interfere with what I was doing. Whereas, when I am locked up I cant wait for her to ask so that I can serve her. When she is Horney all I care about is giving her oral sex and pleasing her sexually in every which way I can. To even ask for an orgasm while I am pleasing her orally is seen as inconsiderate and selfish and I would never even think to ask.


Yes she has trained me well …though I still have much to learn . We truly believe that male chastity has saved our marriage. We are true believers in the importance of female dominated marriages were the male is chastised so that they think with the head on there shoulders rather than the one between our legs.


Posted by: Matt







I have recently discovered the delights of enforced male chastity, after being introduced to it by a Mistress friend of mine.


I purchased my own CB3000, and have been having a great time being passed between five Mistresses who know each other, having met at sessions with me.


Each forwards the correct number for the device’s combination lock to the next Mistress on the list………. but of necessity, there is only a week or so between individual appointments.


To stay in the CB3000 for more than a week becomes a bit uncomfortable, and difficult to maintain full cleanliness.


But the scope for enjoyable sadism and teasing by the Dommes is quite superb!


Posted by: madmac13149






My wife got me a new chastity belt made of metal and locked it on me four years ago and broke all the keys and put apoxi into the key slot that way the belt never will be removed becose she was tired of me masterbating all the time and sense then I pleaser her using a strap on realistic 10 inch by 3 inch dildo and my fingers or my mouth and my pleaser only comes from pleasing her and she never cheets on me and she loves me for permanently giving up my dick for her and I never agine get to tuch or even get to see my dick ever sence the belt has been locked on me and I never get hardons ever no mater how horny I get and we selabrate my chastity just like a birthday and she tells me all the time how glad that I am in chastity and she loves to brag and say that having me in chastity allways is the best thing she has ever done and loves the attention she gets from me and she loves to brag of the power she has over my sexuality and all of our friends have seen me in the belt and she loves me to talk with her when I get horny to help me to get over wishing for sex wich I will never have agine


Posted by: Rambo






My chastity started as part of a punishment. I had been very disobedient and complete out off my when I discovered that my Mistress (we had played with sm and dominance for a while)and at that time also girlfriend actually had sex with one of her female friends. I made some kind of scene and a lot of yelling and crying. We split, angry and sad both of us. But a few days later she contacted me and suggested that we continued to see each other but on completely other basis.


I would have to be her real slave, with practically no rights and I was to live under strict discipline from both her and her girlfriend. I was not ready, and asked if I could get some time to consider it, she agreed to give me 24 hours to decide my answer. A few hours later I got a mail from with her demands. First I would have to go through a period of punishment and basic slavetraining. The letter did not say how long that period would last, but she said that I would be severity punished for any disobedience. All punishments would be with either riding crop, cane or both. In my punishment period I would not be allowed any sex for my pleasure. But was to please and serve my Mistresses in every way they demanded. Later I would be allowed to come when I had deserved it


Posted by: dave






My wife and I have toyed with “forced” chastity for about two years. In September we had a heart-to-heart discussion about her controlling my orgasms. After 30 years of marriage the spice had gone out of our sexlife and she was willing to try something new to make our bedroom someplace other than where we slept. I purchased a CB-2000 chastity device and we tried it over a weekend. She had a little difficulty initially with the whole idea of denying me sex (so deep is the passiviness of female sexuality) that even in play she had issues. We have expanded my chastity time to a week at a time now and I am rewarded with sex Sunday mornings if I have been good. I will tell you that knowing that sex a privilidge and not a right has changed my attitude towards my wife…something that she has embraced. She demands, and gets a long (30-60 minute) backrub or footrub every evening at bedtime. The sex has been stellar when she has allowed it.


Posted by: terry





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