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My Wife Falls For Another

by Hotmetalman





Lynn and I are both in our early fifties, but look pretty good for our age thanks to working out and watching what we eat. We have been married for three years, my second marriage and her third. While we were dating, I was attracted to Lynn's take-charge attitude and the way she flirted with other guys and attracted lots of male attention. I was very disappointed when we got married and she suddenly became a nice traditional wife. I finally got the nerve to tell Lynn that I really wanted her to take control in the bedroom. I could tell she liked the idea, but it didn't fit her image of what a good wife should do. Also, since she started menopause, her interest in sex dropped. I still think she is very sexy and I am always hot for her. Eventually, Lynn agreed to take charge of my dick and we succeeded in finding a cock cage that I can wear all the time. I think she was hoping to find a way to please me without being bothered by my needs.


It has been over a month since Lynn has let me out of the cage. She just hasn't been in the mood for sex. Not that she has wanted to be ignored. She insists that I give her back and foot rubs and that I snuggle with her every night before we go to sleep. I love holding her, just caressing her breasts gently knowing it won't go anywhere.


Tonight things are different. Lynn is really horny. We went to a party this afternoon. There was a good-looking guy there, Joe. He was flirting with Lynn all afternoon. It started as just standard party small talk. He was leaning close to Lynn and touching her in flirty ways. I could tell that Lynn was enjoying his attention, so I wandered off so they wouldn't have to deal with a third wheel. I socialized but kept an eye on them discreetly. I felt a mixture of jealousy and pride that he wanted my wife. Also, I had no idea where this would go. I have told Lynn in the past that she deserves to get all the attention she wants and that if she wanted someone else that it was her right to go for it. She had never taken me up on this, but today? My dick was straining in its cage when I would imagine Lynn and Joe making love.


The party ended. When Lynn and Joe said goodbye, they hugged. The hug went on longer than usual. Joe kissed Lynn on the cheek. Lynn smiled and then kissed him on the lips and they frenched for a few seconds. They stepped apart and after squeezing each other's hands, we all went off to our respective cars.


On the way home, Lynn is all smiles and is happily telling me all about Joe. When we get home, Lynn takes my hand and leads me to the bedroom. I am thrilled both that it looks good that I may finally get relief and that my sexy wife so horny. When we get to the bedroom, she tells me to get undressed and wait for her in bed. She goes into the bathroom and comes out in just her bra and panties. She comes over to the bed and unlocks my dick and tells me to take the cage off.

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Lynn kisses me passionately. We touch. Our bodies entwine. My rock hard dick rubs against her. I roll her on her back and kiss her passionately. Her legs are spread wide and my dick presses against her panties.


She then pushes me back with a mischievous look on her face.


"Hey, don't forget that I am still in charge. I don't think I can trust you. Get your wrist cuffs."


I know better than to argue. Besides I love it when she orders me around. I put on the wrist cuffs and she snaps then together behind my back and shoves me onto my back.


First, she takes off her panties, climbs on top of me and lowers her wet pussy on to my mouth. I kiss her enthusiastically – my tongue finding her clit.



"Oh Joe! Yes, that the way I like it. Lick me Joe"


She is pretending to make love to Joe! I know I should be angry, but this just makes me even hornier. I work harder to please her. She is rubbing her cunt hard against my mouth. It is hard to breathe, but I don't care. I am in heaven!


After a few minutes she moves back and rubs her cunt up and down my dick. I haven't felt her pussy in so long I had almost forgotten how wonderful it feels. I am desperate to shove my dick into her, but she is in charge.


"Oh, I don't want you in me! I want Joe! Oh, I want Joe so bad!!"


She gets up and goes to the closest and comes back with her favorite dildo.


"From now on, this dildo has a name, Joe!"


She lies down next to me and fucks herself with the dildo.


"Joe. Joe, you are so hard. I want you Joe. Fuck me, Joe!"


She goes on like this as she alternates between fucking herself and working her clit.


"Joe! Joe! Oh I am coming!! Oh, Joe!"


She lies there and returns to earth. Then she puts on her pajamas and rolls over.


"Don't get any ideas of getting any tonight. You can snuggle with me but I had better leave you tied so you will behave yourself."


I snuggle up behind her as best as I can. My hard dick is nestled in her ass crack. I want her so badly, but I know that my job tonight is to just lie there. My mind is in overdrive. I am thrilled that Lynn has rediscovered her sex drive and was so horny. I am jealous of Joe. I am turned on that Lynn has taken even more control. I don't know what the future will bring. The one thing I do know is that I have never been hornier or more turned on. Wherever Lynn wants to take this, I know I will follow. Finally, I fall asleep.


In the morning, I wake up to the feel of Lynn lightly teasing my dick.


"What will you do if I jerk you off"


"Anything you want!"


"Beg me."


"Please, Lynn, Please I need to come. Please, Please!"


"No! Beg me to go out with Joe!"


"Please, Lynn, Please go out with Joe. Please be Joe's slut!"


"OK, I think I will"


With a few wonderful strokes of her fist, I am blowing my wad. She hands me the cock cage and goes into the bathroom


After I have locked myself back in the cage, she came out of the bathroom looking sexy and happy.


"Remember, you begged me to do it!"






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