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Forced Chastity and Female Domination in Life





First of all I am a believer in female domination. Being a female I have observed first hand the effect of denying sex has on a male. He becomes subservient and willing to please in ways he would not where he allowed unlimited masturbation or intercourse. I would like to present my philosophy here.


At puberty I believe males should be issued with their first chastity belt. This would prevent masturbation and allow ejaculation according to a schedule designed to maintain their sexual health. This would occur at most once a week and at least once per month at their guardians, mothers discretion. This would immediately impose a great amount of discipline. In cases of disobedience the boy would simply be denied his weekly ejaculation.


The ejaculation would be facilitated through a special procedure. The boy would be handcuffed. He should stand in front of a high table and on this there should be a book, preferably with a religious text he should read out loud. This is to prevent lewd thoughts. He should wear a condom and a masturbation machine should be used to stimulate him. he should wear the machine for at most 2 minutes. If he does not ejaculate by then he may try again next week. Think of the help this would be in bringing up an unruly teenage boy!


At his 18th birthday he will be allowed to date and see girls. The key to his belt will though remain in possession of his mother, legal guardian. The girls he dates are free to use him any way they choose, except that intercourse is of course impossible. This affords and excellent opportunity for women to evaluate a future husbands performance. She would make him massage her, perform cunnilingus, do housework and serve her in any way she sees fit.


This would be a great benefit to teenage girls and unmarried women. They could pick and choose men who would be happy to serve them and have no possibility of sex, unless of course they married. The prevention of date rape and pressure by men on unwilling females would be a revolutionary change. Young men and women could sleep and even live together for periods of time and the woman would never have to worry about arousing him too much or being nude around him. Men seem to think if they are alone with a naked female it gives them some kind of license for sex. This is far from the truth and a chastity belt would drive this point home. Should she decide he is husband material she will ask his mother for his hand in marriage. This is of course entirely up to them. The boy/man will be informed the day before his marriage.


After marriage, sex will be under the wife's control. She will recieve the key to his belt at the altar. She might prefer her husband remains a virgin his entire life! She could have children by using artificial insemination. She would control the chastity belt key and allow ejaculations as she sees fit. Think of the implications! Males would be obedient creatures bent on pleasing the female in any way. A man deficient in any way would simply be denied ejaculation until he improved.



Does anyone share a vision like this?

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