A Vacation at the Amazon Nude Resort

- husband  locked in chastity belt story -




My wife and I have delved into the kinky side of sex in recent years, even so far as to join an online BDSM club. We have played with bondage and submission, although at time went on, I was usually the one bound, with Bev teasing and tormenting me before allowing me an intense orgasm. Of course, this usually only occurred after I had begged and pleaded, often after servicing her orally.


Lately, our sex life had taken a back seat to intensified work efforts (we own our own accounting business, and this was the end of tax season). I also suspect that she was getting tired of "doing all the work." (It's hard for me to do much while secured, spread-eagle, to the bed!) So we were eagerly expecting a hard-earned vacation in early June.


About a two months before our annual vacation, Bev had made friends with someone who referred us to an unusual vacation spot. My wife called a number and requested more information, and soon received a pair of brochures in the mail. Why two brochures? Well, one was labeled "Hers" and the other "his." I thought at the time that the lack of capitalization on my sealed envelope was simply a typo, and didn't give it any significance at all. Both envelopes were sealed, and she told me that I wasn't to read hers, as she would not see mine. I don't know what hers said, but mine was intriguing and exciting enough to really make me look forward to this adventure:



"Come to the Amazon Nude Resort! Where else will you see beautiful nude women whose only desire is to sexually tease you! You don't even have to pack any clothes! Our private boat will transport you to our island retreat, where you will be bound for pleasure! While participating in our many sexually kinky acitivities, you will learn new techniques for pleasing your wife, your lover, your mistress! We guarantee an experience which will be sexually rewarding to the woman who owns your penis! We guarantee an experience which will be intensely erotic for you, whether or not you have an orgasm! After a stay at the Amazon Nude Resort, your sex life will be changed forever!" 


Well, naturally, I had to see for myself. Bev, of course, was even more gung-ho than I to go there. In fact, after the brochures arrived and we had made our reservations, she was positively giddy. Our sex life improved in the time between the arrival of our letters and our planned departure date, but I sensed that she was holding back to some degree. For one thing, it was pure vanilla. For another, on the day we got the resort confirmation letters she took out the measuring tape and measured various intimate parts of my anatomy. She claimed this was one of the things that the resort recommended prior to our arrival. I thought, sure, why not?


On the day of our departure, we were terribly excited, of course. When we arrived at the loading dock where the resort's boat, one of those day-trip excursion types, was waiting to board all the guests, I saw about a dozen or so other couples, all with goofy smiles on their faces. We were all looking forward to this sexual adventure. As we milled around, making small talk with others, there were none who had been there before, although a few had gone to places like Hedonism II or the fetish ball. Right on time, the boat arrived. Two things struck me at once. First, the boat itself. There were no "tourist" windows, like you'd see on tour boats. Second, the crew. All were women. And what women, too!


All were tall, stauesque, long-legged, curvy, gorgeous, ...well...amazons, just like the name of the resort. Their "uniform," besides the ubiquitous white deck shoes, was tight white spandex shorts and navy blue tops, with that sailor bib in the back, but bare midriff. Their skimpy shirts were tied in front, tightly wrapping their generous bosoms. Cleavage everywhere, front and rear.


Every man's eyes strayed from his wife to the beautiful crew. Every woman noticed. My wife gave me not-too-gentle poke in the ribs, and told me to grab our minimal luggage so we could get on board. The only clothes we'd packed were the ones we were wearing and one set to wear for our return. Besides cameras (both still and video), toiletries, and the usual whatnot for a two-week vacation, we'd also packed a fair amount of bondage gear - ropes, handcuffs, gags, dildoes - you know, the usual. I wondered what was in the suitcases of the other guests.


We climbed aboard, and were quickly underway. As we came aboard, I noticed another odd thing about the boat. Although it was not the kind designed for long sea voyages, each couple had a small room of their own. Barely big enough to turn around in, it was more like a closet. Every room was taken. There were sevn lining the port side, and seven lining the starboard side. Once we were three miles out, our captain, a fiery redhead, announced over the intercom speakers that it was time to assume the uniform of the island, namely, no uniform at all. My wife and I giggled, then stripped to our birthday suits, packing our clothes into the "vanilla" suitcase. We had to take turns, as we hadn't enough room to bend over simultaneously. Heck, we couldn't even trade places, or even sit down. As the boat rocked on the gentle swells of the sea, the motor humming and vibrating along, we began to get aroused. I felt my wife's pussy, which was getting wet.


She had her hand on my dick, and soon had me fully erect.


We kissed and snuggled as we stood, almost cumming several times. Having lost track of time, we were shocked, when, abruptly, the engines stopped, and the captain's voice interrupted our reverie. "Ladies, we are here." Why didn't she say 'ladies and gentlemen,' I wondered. "It's time to prepare for our journey to the Amazon Nude Resort. One of our crew will be with you shortly to take you ashore."


I could hear bustling about, as crew members came to the locker-sized "staterooms" of each couple. I guessed that due to the cramped space, there must be some procedure for getting everyone off the boat safely and efficiently. Finally, it was our turn. A shapely brunette, no longer wearing the shirt or shorts, opened our door. She smiled widely at Bev, and grinned mischievously at me. Beckoning us to the interior hallway, Bev exited, to be greeted by a busty blonde, also sans uniform. As I entered the hallway, I looked behind me at the brunette. Her tits were tanned, the nipples out (was she excited as I was?), her black bush trimmed into a neat little "V." She smiled, then, with a sudden change of expression, firmly commanded me to turn around. I did so. I could feel her hands on my arms, pulling them back, where she quickly handcuffed them together. Oh wow... I started to protest, but she sshhed me. "Don't worry," she said seductively, " this is the way we enter the resort. Sort of gets you in the mood for all kinds of kinky stuff, doesn't it?"


"Oh, you know it, bab--mmph!" I started to say, but as soon as I opened my mouth, a big ball gag was rammed into it and buckled on my head.


Now, wait a minute. Was this any way to treat a guest? The next thing she did was place a blindfold on me. I was now cuffed, gagged, and blindfolded, totally nude, in full view, not only of my wife (was she in the same predicament, I wondered?), but of two gorgeous female strangers. "Move forward, Joe!" A new voice, probably the blonde. Hey, she knew my name! I hesitantly took a few steps forward, but apparently not fast enough, as I felt the brunette grab my buttocks and push. I felt another hand on my balls, then heard my wife, "Come on, Joe, they're not going to hurt you! Let's get off the boat and start our adventure!" So...she wasn't blindfolded, gagged, or handcuffed! What gives? She gently but firmly pulled me by my privates to the off-ramp. After a wobbly exit from the boat, I could feel but not see the sunshine on my naked self. Soon I was off the pier and onto the hot sand. Ooch! Ouch! I was led to the hard-packed wet sand of what must have been their beach, the water lapping at my ankles.


"Come on, Joe! You know you can trust me. This is so wonderful, what you're doing for me on this vacation! I love you so much!" she said, as we walked through the surf. I began to get hard again. This was the wildest start to any holiday we'd ever had, for sure.

Finally we reached our destination, wherever that was. I could hear other wives and girlfriends talking in much the same way to their men. I correctly surmised that all the men were in the same predicament as I. The surf made enough noise to drown out a lot of the conversations, but I had the impression that each couple was doing something with the assistance of the crew or resort staff. Finally, it was my turn. Several pairs of hands grabbed me, as my handcuffs were removed, replaced by rope. My hands and arms were stretched wide above me, and my legs, also roped at the ankles, were stretched wide, as well. I was standing, spreadeagled, tied to something. The blindfold was removed. I blinked in the bright sunlight.


I looked up to see what I had been so unceremoniously attached to. My left wrist and ankle were tied to a big strong pole driven into the sand, as were my right wrist and ankle. I looked left and right, seeing a line of poles, like telephone poles along the highway, where other men were similarly bound. The wives and girlfriends were standing in the surf directly behind their men. Bev gave me a reassuring pat on the butt-cheeks as I glanced around. When the last man had been secured, I saw another gorgeously endowed amazon, this one a muscular, strawberry blonde with close-cropped hair, stride purposefully to the center, almost directly in front of me, where she addressed the entire group with one of those portable megaphones.


"Welcome, ladies, to the Amazon Nude Resort. Welcome, also, to the love slaves that the ladies have so thoughtfully brought along to make your stay a pleasurable one! All you men are no longer considered husbands or boyfriends. Your only purpose, while on this island, is to serve your mistresses. Your mistress, the one who brought you here, now owns you totally, and will control your sexuality. Your pleasure will be in serving her. A complete list of rules and regulations for the love slaves is posted in your lodgings. Please study them when you get there, as you will be expected to follow all of them. Failure to follow the rules will result in punishment. What you are experiencing now is not punishment. We are merely preparing you for your stay. One of our staff, also to be referred to as Mistress, will help prepare you. Again, ladies, welcome to the Amazon Nude Resort!"


And with that, she gave some hand signals to the beautiful women...mistresses... of the resort. Some resort! Here I was, tied to two poles, gagged, unable to speak, and all I could see was a small beach and a thick line of trees in front of me. A beautiful blonde with no pubic hair came to my tethered location, holding a bucket and a box. She gave some quick instructions to my wife, then left. Bev left the box and bucket on the beach, moving up to me so that our bodies were touching. She grabbed my head and kissed my cheeks, lightly running her tongue along the ball gag. Then she slapped my ass and returned to the bucket. She got a large bottle of some kind of lotion, and began applying it all over my body, all the while humming some nameless tune. In a few minutes she was done. As she stood back to admire her handiwork, as if it was an afterthought, she then applied the lotion to her pubic hair. I suddenly realized, as I inhaled the vaguely unpleasant odor, what the lotion was. It was hair removal cream! Within a few minutes I could feel it tingling all over my naked body, as the chemicals began their work. I squirmed. It wasn't painful, but the sensation, along with the ocean breeze, was tickling the hell out of me. Bev giggled as I writhed and "mmmphed" in my bonds.


The gag had a reason. Who would want to hear a lot of whining, screaming men? She took a washcloth from the bucket, rinsed it in the sea. and wiped herself clean of hair. Gone was the bush I knew so well, replaced by a baby-smooth pubic mound. She was sooooo delectable! I wanted to tear myself away and bury my face and my cock into that clean-shaven pussy! She must have read my mind, as she cooed, "Not yet, lover, there's plenty of vacation time to come!"


Next, she wiped the hair off my body, rinsing the cloth in the ocean water. When she was finally done, she filled and dumped the bucket over my now-hairless body several times, washing me thoroughly. The effect of the sea water, though not extremely cold, was cool enough to shrink my hard-on to a relaxed and flaccid state. Next, Bev went to the box. Mischievously, she turned her head to wink at me, then brought me the blindfold again. Now I couldn't see what she was up to. I heard a metal clanking, then I could feel her hands putting some kind of metal belt around my waist, above my pelvic bone, and a metal strap between my ass cheeks. Her hand was on my penis, greasing it up. Before I could get hard again, I could feel her push my cock into a tube, then her hands bringing around the ends of the belt. She attached the ends to some kind of metal plate covering my pubic bone, the plate being attached to the tube encasing my cock. She must have used some kind of tool, next, as she tightened the whole affair, then left to get something from the box. The last thing she did was push a plate over the front of the contraption, and I could feel her fiddling with the front of it. Suddenly I distinctly heard a "click" which could only be the closing of a padlock!






"Ummmm....your cock is mine, now, darling! Would you like to see?" With that, she removed the blindfold. As she stepped back to admire her handiwork, I looked down to see what she had attached to me. I could not see my penis, though I could tell where it was - in the tube curving down to between my legs. It pushed my balls out to the left and right, and there was a plate holding it on. A steel waistband entered the plate from both sides, and the front was secured with a no-nonsense brass padlock. I could feel the metal between my asscheeks, also. My imprisoned dick strained to get hard, to no avail. "Mmmph, mmpph" I pleaded with my eyes to her.


"Dearest, what's the matter? Have you lost the use of your penis? My, my, where could it be? Oh! I see! It's locked inside your brand-new chastity belt! May I have a look-see?" she teased. She came up close, her body pressed against mine, her hand rubbing the metal tube covering my cock. She ran her hands all over my encased manhood, her nails lightly scratching my balls. This was incredibly erotic, but I could not get erect. I was aroused, however, and could definitely feel my bulging cock straining against the unyielding metal.


"I'll bet you're wondering why, aren't you, honey? Well, look around, you're not the only one!"


It was true. To my left and right, other women were all teasing their men, all of whom were as securely belted as I was. What kind of resort was this? I soon got at least part of an answer.


"Ladies, you may now release your love-slaves! Make sure you lock their gag!" I heard the resort leader (the short-haired strawberry blonde, who I would hereafter refer to as Head-Mistress), megaphone in hand, shout to all the guests. First, she removed the gag, whereupon she planted the longest, wettest, juiciest kiss imaginable on my sore jaw. My constrained dick tried to get hard, again. Fat chance! She then replaced the gag, and I heard a "click" behind my head as it was padlocked into place.

Next, Bev untied my hands and ankles, massaging my now-sore arms. I reached up to the gag, and found I could not remove it. My jaws were aching.


On the Head-Mistress' instructions, we all gathered our things, and followed her into the trees. Shortly, we came upon a large clearing, where there were more than a dozen small huts arranged in a large circle. Bev and I would be staying in one of them. In the center of the clearing there was a larger building, which was a combination meeting hall, dining room, lodge, office area, and so on. Although the setting was primitive, it was somewhat romantic, giving the aura of a South Seas island village. Of course, in my opinion, it would be a bit more romantic if I had the use of my penis.


We dropped our two bags in our bungalow, and joined the others in the meeting room. Standing at the front was the resort staff, in all their nude glory. I'm sure every man there had the same frustrating feeling I had. I would learn later that we were all encased in a Goethals-style chastity belt, an extremely secure device. That's why my wife had so intimately and thoroughly measured me!


"Ladies, you are in for a treat. If you have never experienced the total devotion and submissive subservience that you so richly deserve, then you are going to get it from now on. Your love-slave is now prevented from satisfying his base male urges except in order to satisfy you. Did you know he masturbates daily?" Every man there had a nervous look on his face. I wonder what the average level of daily self-satisfaction is, but I knew that that average had just plummeted to zero.


"Don't be surprised. He can't help it. That's why you placed him in his chastity belt. He can't wank now, can he?" Every woman present laughed and applauded! This did not bode well. I looked around. I could tell by the male expressions that they were thinking the same thing.


"Well, just because he can't get off, that doesn't mean you can't! While you're here, we encourage you to take advantage of every opportunity to be pleasured. Your slave will pamper you in ways you could have only imagined. If you want a massage, or a manicure, or a pedicure, just order him to do it! Do you like cunnilingus? It's yours for the asking!"


I could see a lot of worried male looks, and could hear a little "mmmphing" going on, too. The women, though, were getting worked up. I looked at Bev. She seemed entranced. I looked down at her newly-shaven crotch. She was frigging herself! And she wasn't alone, either! Other women, their inhibitions leaving like a fast flight to Paris, were pawing themselves! I saw a short, pleasingly plump little angel to my left rubbing her tits with her left hand and jamming her fingers in her clean little pussy with her right. Her husband, wide-eyed, looked over his gag to watch her. Watch was all he could do, however, as his hands had been recuffed behind him. I was thankful that Bev hadn't done the same to me. I looked at her lovingly. She looked back at me, her eyes rolling around in that beautiful face of hers. She was going to orgasm, right here in public!! Well, not public, exactly, but in front of two dozen strangers.


"Also, ladies, if you like breakfast in bed, or wherever, or whatever meal for that matter, your love-slave will deliver it to you! LADIES! Please, control yourselves!" Some of the amazon mistresses had begun to rub themselves in various intimate spots, as well. The room erupted in feminine laughter.

Bev ceased rubbing herself and hugged me, her right arm around my ass and her left hand caressing my covered dick. I caressed her bottom with my left hand, covering her left hand with my right.


"All right, now that you've calmed down....What, you may wonder, will make your love-slave do all these things for you? Well, as you know, his sex drive is a major motivator. As he realizes his predicament, and his enforced chastity makes him hornier and hornier, he will do anything for release. As you know, no male on this island may be released without our permission. To earn release, he must work hard! Of course, he can't get hard!" More feminine laughter. "Each task he performs to your and our satisfaction will be rewarded with positive points. The points needed for release and orgasm are posted in your bungalows. Each release will require more points than the previous one. Also, every time he is released from his chastity belt, his hands must be secured behind his back. At no time may his hands and his penis be free simultaneously. You may stimulate him to orgasm, if you wish, or simply allow his dick to remain free for the designated release period."


"Of course, there are also negative points, too! Should he do anything to displease either you, the resort staff, or any other woman on this island, then he will earn negative points, which counteract any positive points he may have earned. At the end of your stay, if and only if he has earned enough points, he will be given a key, which he will select at random from a bowl containing all the keys to all the chastity belts. If that key opens his lock, as a reward, he will then be allowed to have sex with any woman of his choice." Well... things were looking up. Wait a minute! Random selection meant that the probability of my choosing the right key were, at best, one in ...counting heads... fourteen! That's only about a 7% chance! That's better than nothing, I suppose. "That includes any of the resort staff, of course! This is the bowl he picks from, if he's lucky enough!" One of the amazons, a brown-eyed brown-haired lass with jiggly boobs and a firm ass, brought out a large glass bowl. I gasped. There must have been at least one hundred keys in there! Ohmigod!!


"Ladies, when you leave the island with your slave, you will have the option to take home as many keys as you wish. The price is $100 per key. Again, you will have to choose randomly from the big bowl. We retain the original keys to all the belts, in case you were wondering how he would gain release while on the island. We will mail the keys to you after you leave. If none of them fit the chastity belt, you may return them to us. From that point on, you pay only shipping charges for the keys. As soon as we receive the returned keys, we will send you a new set. You will select which numbered keys for us to send to you. It's kind of like a lottery. Keep track of which numbers you have already chosen, or you may get the same key twice. Of course, if you wish to keep your man chaste, you don't have to buy any keys at all, or you can wait for as long as you wish before returning the set you did buy. Be aware, however, that the number of keys you purchase is determined before you leave the island. You may not increase that number after you leave! You may decrease it, of course, by returning fewer keys or no keys at all, if you wish. Remember, you are in control of your slave's sexuality!" And with that, they dismissed us to our bungalows.


The next two weeks were alternate bliss and hell. I learned to give oral pleasure to Bev, licking her pussy in every way possible. She even had me tongue her ass one day. Of course, I initally refused, but this earned me negative points. So I had to oblige her. After all, I was getting hornier and hornier with no relief in sight! I was getting desperate, in fact, from not being able to have an orgasm.

 Oh, we did all the beach-touristy things, swimming in the ocean, playing volleyball (watching jiggling jugs but no bouncing penises), taking moonlight walks along the beach, getting an all-over tan.... except, of course, for the parts of me covered in unyielding metal.


Each day had a schedule, of sorts. One of the women staffers would conduct some kind of seminar every morning or afternoon. Usually the topic was some kind of sexual instruction, almost exclusively aimed at the men, on how best to please the women. Cunnilingus was a popular lesson... well, at least for the women.


I do believe my tongue muscles have gotten much stronger! After some initial resistance (which earned some negative points), most of the men, myself included, realized we should try as hard as possible to please the increasingly demanding ladies. Seminars on how to bathe and massage our "better halves" were also popular. I even enjoyed that, as I got to rub Bev with oil. I even was allowed to give an oily sensual massage to one of the staffers - a tall brunette with incredibly large breasts and a big round ass. All the while, of course, my poor cock was straining in its metal prison.


And there were seminars for the ladies, too! However, they were often devoted to ways of punishing or teasing the men. Bev's favorite topic was bondage, the more restrictive and humiliating, the better. Bev put all our toys to use, tying and cuffing me up in various ways. One day, she tied me, ass up, to a bench in the open clearing, where everybody could see me! (I had displeased her earlier with a grouchy remark... which she claimed was whining, and reported to the amazons.) Some of the amazons came by and spanked me on the ass, which was very entertaining for them.


I believe I should have earned lots of positive points for that. I wound up cleaning the area, cooking meals, washing dishes, working the generator, and doing other chores around the island.


The generator was pure hell. I was strapped to what looked like an exercise bike, and had to pedal for an hour every day. This was one of the means of providing electricity to the island. It wasn't enough, of course, but generator duty was required of all men on a daily basis. Again, it was right out in the open, and at least one of the gorgeous but unattainable amazon staff would supervise, occasionally whipping my bare bottom when I pedaled too slowly. I managed to earn a few more negative points, usually for not properly addressing one of the mistresses on the island.


I had to serve all mistresses, just as all men on the island would. Bev loaned me out to that adorable little plump angel, who called herself Mistress Anne. I tasted her juicy pussy and sucked her delectable boobs through at least four or five orgasms... hers, of course, not mine.




I watched, bound securely to a chair, as other men did the same for Bev.


Bev was getting better and better at bondage. I spent one evening on my knees, locked into heavy-duty wooden stocks, my head and wrists sticking out the front, my legs locked on the base of the stocks, while Bev fucked my ass with a strap-on dildo.


That was one of the times I was "released," as I had earned enough points. While she fucked me, she stroked my dick until I came into her hand.


It was the most intense orgasm of my life! She didn't do so badly, either, as I could tell by her panting and grunting. She doesn't scream so much as let out a series of oddly pitched guttural grunts when she comes. When she removed the dildo from my ass, she held her hand up to my mouth, where I licked my come off her hand.


I would grow used to the taste of my come, which would occur only three times in two weeks. I frequently tasted womanly come juice, as I was passed around, like so many other men, to virtually every woman on the island.


And finally, I tasted another man's juice. One night, while strapped to the stocks, my face at lap height, one of the other women brought her husband in to our bungalow. He had earned a lot of reward points, but his wife had a fantasy she wished to fulfill. My points were too low at the time to be let out of my metal prison for quite a while, but what I would do next would add a lot to my total. Mistress Linda, the other woman, set her husband, Chet, down on a chair in front of me, where she cuffed his hands behind his back and strapped his legs over the top of the stocks I was in. She then removed his belt, where his dick sprang free and began to get hard. She pushed him forward until the tip of his penis presented itself to my mouth.


Bev sat close by, watching in utter fascination, frigging herself furiously, as I slurped, sucked, licked, and tasted cock. Mistress Linda shoved Chet forward until his hard cock was jammed completely into my mouth.


I could barely breathe, but I could taste his hot meat... and his hot jism. I choked and gagged, but managed to swallow it. As I did, I could hear that familiar panting and grunting. I could no longer see my wife, as Chet's thighs were wrapped around my head, and his cock in my mouth prevented me from doing anything but sucking him dry. I must have pleased him, as I could hear a lot of vigorous but muffled noise coming from behind his penis gag. When he finally went limp, Mistress Linda pulled him back and reattached his chastity belt. I was breathing hard, myself.


I had just done the most submissive thing of my life - suck a man's cock and swallow cum! This should have repulsed me, but my own body betrayed me. I could feel my own cock trying to get hard in its prison, belying my own arousal at my humiliating homosexual act. Apparently, I wasn't the only one getting in touch with "the other side." As I tried to gain my breath, I looked over from my secured position to see my wife locked into a 69 embrace with Mistress Linda. More grunting...and screaming....Linda was a screamer. Meanwhile, Chet looked down at me with thanks in his eyes. I looked up at him and mouthed the words, "You're welcome!"


Finally, after many more humiliating, exhilarating, fascinating, but not masturbating, days and nights, it was time to say goodbye to "Fantasy Island." (The female fantasy, of course!) However, I suspect that a few of the men, myself included, had discovered a sexual side of themselves that, while not orgasmically satisfying due to our locked-up genitals, was, indeed, the most erotic two weeks we had ever known. Alas, I did not have enough points to draw a key from the bowl. Five men did, however, but none chose a key which fit their belts. One consolation for them, though, was that they now each had a key with which to try to gain their release through the mail-back program described earlier.


This "vacation" had finally come to an end, and the boat was now waiting at the dock. All the men, still chastized in their metal prisons, were lined up like so many slaves, their mouths gagged and their hands cuffed behind them. The Head-Mistress stood at the front of the line, where she talked to each woman before having the male escorted to the boat. She had a clipboard, where she recorded the number of keys being "bought" by each departing mistress. I could almost guess by the male reaction to the wife's response as to how many keys he would get to try within the next few weeks. One poor sod, who had apparently antagonized a number of the ladies, began kicking and struggling when he heard his wife's answer to the question "how many keys?" They smacked him on the ass several times and literally dragged him onto the boat.


Bev would tell me later that the wife's response was to not only buy no keys, but to solder shut the locks!!


Finally it was our turn. I longingly looked at my wife, "Mistress Beverly," as she was asked to decide upon how many keys to purchase for the "lottery." Would she buy only one? two? three? a dozen? How many could she afford? Would she buy any at all? If she didn't, I would never gain release from this infernal belt! I pleaded with her with my eyes. I couldn't verbally ask her anything, as there was a large penis gag stuffed into my mouth, and my hands were cuffed behind me for my trip back to the boat. "Well, Mistress Beverly, did you enjoy your stay?" asked the Head-Mistress.


"Oh, yes! I just wish we'd done this years ago! My love-slave, little Joe, has given me so much pleasure! I love him so much! Thank you for making him the man... er.. love-slave, of my dreams!"


"Mistress Beverly, that is our whole purpose. We thoroughly enjoyed doing this for you, too. We especially liked your public bondage scenes! They were so entertaining! But you need to discipline him, because he does like to say things he shouldn't! Of course, you know the cure for that, now, don't you?" Bev nodded. "Now, about the key mailing. How many keys do you wish to purchase?"


"Hmmm... I need to think..." PLEEEEASE!!!!! I looked at my new mistress, the wife transformed into dominatrix, with much begging in my eyes.


"Joe, why don't you go ahead on and get on the boat while I make my decision? Run along, love."


Two amazons escorted me out of earshot and onto the boat. When Bev joined me in our tiny "cabin," she had a cheshire-cat grin on her face. She removed the gag and handcuffs.


"Bev - " She put a warning hand up - "Mistress Beverly... how many keys did you purchase?"


She just grinned and kissed me.








Home from the Amazon Nude Resort



When we got on the boat to come home from the Amazon Nude Resort, I had been handcuffed and gagged. More importantly, I was still wearing the steel prison around my genitals, which I hadn't even seen for the better part of a week.


All kinds of thoughts went through my head as the boat began its journey back to the mainland. Foremost was the big question: how many keys, if any (shudder!), had Beverly purchased for the belt? The resort staff's "deal" had been intriguing, to say the least. Each wife could purchase as many keys to her man's chastity belt as she wanted, but it would be unknown until arrival by mail whether they fit and unlocked the belt. There was a list of serial numbers on which was guaranteed to be the key that fit my belt. What was not known, however, was exactly which one it was!! I didn't even know how many keys my suddenly sexually dominant and extremely kinky wife had purchased. I couldn't even ask her for most of the boat ride back. Initially, she let me out of the cuffs and removed the gag, but quickly changed her mind and recuffed and gagged me for almost all of the trip. Not only that, but she teased me the whole way, rubbing her hands all over my body, especially my metal-encased cock.

As the land approached, she dressed completely, then, kissing me on the cheek, she sweetly murmured, "Well, lover, time to face the new reality! You're mine, all mine, and you know it! No more wanking in the shower...don't look at me like that, I know you do it, and that's okay, you just couldn't help yourself, but your masturbating days are over. I want you to save all that testosterone energy for me! Now, dear, just so you'll know, yes, I did purchase two keys...are you relieved? What a silly question...of course you are! But you need to know the new rules, dear. I learned a lot at the Amazon Nude Resort."


She unlocked the cuffs so I could get dressed. I removed the ball gag, flexed my aching jaw, and began to ask her what she meant, but she shushed me and told me to get dressed. I could feel the boat slowing, and making contact with the dock just as I was getting my shoes on. I had a million questions. My pants fit okay, even with the metal contraption on my privates, but I was a little concerned about the outline showing. She wouldn't tell me a thing until we were in our car on the way home. Because of the metal underwear, we elected to drive back rather than fly. That might have raised more than an eyebrow going through security.


As she drove, she began to relax. I couldn't. First of all, I had been recuffed, my arms behind the seat. At least she didn't gag me, so folks we passed on the highway wouldn't see anything strange. However, she did tell me in no uncertain terms that if I whined, complained, or made her angry with whatever I said, that she would pull over, apply the gag, and I would stay that way for a few hundred miles. Finally she began to explain her new "persona."


"Dearest," she said, while we were toodling along on the interstate, "you know that I love you, and would never do anything to really hurt you. But I've felt for the last few years that we've been in a rut, and that's why we went to the Amazon Nude Resort. I believed you were neglecting me, not because you didn't love me, but because you just didn't know how to treat me like the queen I need to be -"


"Honey," I interrupted, "I'm sorry, and I do intend to make it up to you. I love you, too, of course! But that resort was really intense, and I'm worried about you, and about us, now. Don't you want me to make love to you? I can't remain in this chastity belt forever! We have to see a locksmith or something, this is driving me crazy!!"


"Okay, darling, you asked for it!" She quickly pulled over to the side of the road, got out, came over to my door, and very firmly gagged me. This time, she used the penis gag. Its realistic latex head filled my throat, just short of causing the gag reflex. I couldn't talk at all.


What she did next, I think, because I was really squirming now, was a punishment. She pulled my pants and shorts down to my ankles, where she used the belt to bind my ankles together. For good measure, she also bound together my legs at the knees. I was totally restrained, completely silenced, and embarrassingly naked below the waist, save for my chastity belt. She closed the car door, then got back in and started back on the road.


"Dear, I just can't have you interrupting me when I'm trying to tell you something important!" She giggled and stroked my left cheek. "Plus which, I just love to see you like this! I don't know why, but it just makes me wet to have my big man totally helpless and vulnerable!


"Okay, let me explain. That resort taught me a lot. While you were being someone's sexual plaything or locked in the stocks or doing chores, I went to several seminars. They really opened my eyes. For one thing, the traditional roles of men and women work just as easily, if not more so, in reverse. They believe, and passionately, that women should be in charge of their men, especially when it comes to sex. Most women have a strong sex drive, but men are insatiable in their lust. If that lust can be controlled, then the woman can have the most intensely fulfilling sex life as she wants. Without that control, the man becomes lazy, or worse, may even stray from the marriage."


I vigorously shook my head no, pleading with my eyes to her that I would never do that. I think she understood me.


"Yes, dear, I know you wouldn't want to do that, but one never knows....Anyway, the instructors were very clear in their directions, and most adamant that we women have the power to improve our marriages through chastity and discipline. Of course, I also attended the kinkier workshops, as well. You know how I love bondage games? Well, I've learned a thing or two that I'm just dying to try out on you! And I have some unfulfilled fantasies that you're going to help me with, also! In fact, you helped me have a couple already!"


I gave her a puzzled look. She smiled, dreamily, remembering the last two weeks.


"I'll explain in a minute, honey, but let me tell you something first.


"First, understand that I make the rules for as long as I want, thanks to that chastity belt. I know you want out of it, so you can get some relief, but there's more than one way to have sex. If you're a good boy, and pleasure me the way I want to be pleasured, then I'll let you out of that thing every now and then. Of course, we'll have to wait for the key. I'll even let you pick the numbers to try! Sooner or later you'll get the right one."


"The second thing I want you to understand, is that, until that key arrives, you are most definitely stuck in that belt. If you try to cut it off or get a locksmith to get it off, then you might as well find a divorce lawyer. I'm serious. This new life of ours is dependent on your acceptance of my control of you, so get used to it.


"The third thing I want you to know is that, although I am in charge of your sex life, I don't plan to make you miserable. I want to make you happy, too! However, what I want to do is do things for you, not only that you like, such as massages and home-cooked dinners, but things that you might not like at first. I want you to like this new life as much as I think I'm going to, because I am sooo excited! Remember that I said you let me have a couple of fantasies already?


"I had never made love to a woman before, and I got to do that. It was wild. Linda knew just where to lick me and touch me. And I've always wanted to see how well you could suck cock! I know Chet appreciated it! And I sure appreciated all those other men who got to taste my pussy! Oh, damn, I'm hot and wet thinking about it!" She had already had one hand off the wheel and pressed into her crotch for the last twenty or thirty miles.


"Lover, you are in for the ride of your life!" She spent the next thirty minutes half-concentrating on the road and thoroughly absorbed in her masturbation. I watched, fascinated, my dick straining against its metal tube. This woman, though not a stranger, was absolutely different from the one I married so long ago. I wanted her, badly!


Eventually, after almost causing a wreck from one too many orgasms, she again pulled off the road, where she untied me, pulled my pants back up, and ungagged me. Finally she uncuffed my hands. I was exhausted and sore, but I hugged her and told her I loved her.


We got home and unpacked, putting all our "toys" into the room which would become our dungeon. Our lives began a new routine, although work was still pretty much the same. Thank goodness we had our own business, so we could take off if absolutely needed. At lunch the Friday after our return, Bev left me at the office rather than taking me with her. Since I had a client at the time, I didn't think anything of it.


(What I had been thinking about, nonstop since returning home, was my sexless predicament! Well, not exactly "sexless," but definitely not what I had been used to. For one thing, I got no orgasms. For another, I seemed to be doing all the work! Sure, she would rub me and tease me, but only to make me hotter for her, so I would pay rapt oral attention to whatever part of her body needed it.... I digress.)


When she returned from lunch and the clients left, she closed the door and locked it, hanging the "Be Back Soon" sign on the door. She motioned for me to come into the back room. I followed her, curious. When I entered, I was somewhat stunned. Where I expected to see only the drab storage of office supplies, which were there but moved around, I saw something else. In the middle of the floor was a standing stock! There was a bar with cuffs for my hands and a hole for my head across the top, and two cuffs attached to D-rings on the sturdy base.


"Strip!" Bev commanded.


"Here? In the office?" I hesitated.


"Yes! Remember, I'm in charge!"


I began to take off my clothes until I stood there in only my metal belt. I knew what she wanted, so I attached my ankles to the cuffs on the base, which spread my legs apart by a couple of feet, then stood up to place my head in the position where I would be locked. She closed the top over my head and wrists, and locked it in place. I was her naked prisoner. She reached into a drawer and pulled out the penis gag, which she promptly inserted into my mouth. Then she kissed me on the cheek and swatted my butt, standing back to admire her handiwork.


"Guess what came in the mail, today, honey?" And she help up two keys, jingling them daintily in front of my face. Oh boy! But would either one work?


"It's not quitting time, yet, lover, so don't get too anxious! You just stay right there while I go back to work. See you soon!" She spanked my ass and walked out without closing the door. I heard her unlock the front door, meaning we were back in business for the rest of the afternoon.


I couldn't believe it! What if someone came back here and saw me? Usually, no one did, but what if? With the door wide open, could they hear me? I couldn't move much, but if I tried to get more comfortable, I did make a little noise.


All that afternoon, while locked in the stocks, I heard my lovely wife carry on business as if nothing unusual were going on. I wondered what was going through her head as she conversed with clients? I had one scare, when I heard someone get up to go to the bathroom, which was one doorway short of the room I was in. Had they gone that extra few steps, they would have gotten an eyeful! I was dying with anticipation and dread. Would the keys fit? Would someone discover me? As quitting time approached, I realized I was sweating from anxiety.


Finally, I heard the front door lock. Closing time! She came into the room.


"Okay, it's the moment of truth! But first, let me get comfortable!"


She took off her clothes, not like someone getting undressed at home for a shower or bed, but like a stripteaser, one garment at a time, sensuously dancing in front of me. My cock strained at its pitiful attempts to release itself from the metal cage it was in. She tantalized me by running her hands up and down my body, pausing to rub my chastity belt. She squeezed my buttocks and pinched my nipples and nibbled my ears. Normally this would have been great, but we were no longer normal. I was frustrated as hell.... and loving it?


"Enough of this tease. Time for the keys! Hmmm....where did I put them? Oh, I know, I left them out front on my desk! Wait just a sec, I'll go get them!" She was totally nude, and out in our front office! I did not remember if she had pulled the blinds or not! Wow! What if someone were to see her? In about a minute she was back with the keys. She giggled, and held them up so I could see.


"I don't know if they work or not! Tell you what, if one of them unlocks you, I will give you one of the best blowjobs you've ever had before I lock you back up! How's that?"


I looked her in the eye and vigorously nodded my head... as much as the stocks would allow, anyway.


She knelt in front of me and I could feel her hands on my chastity belt, working the key in the custom-made lock. Damn! It didn't fit!


"Sorry, darling, that one is useless. Guess I'll have to send it back. Should I try the other one? Oh, why not?" And I could feel her insert the key in the lock.......











Part III


There I was, a week after our return from the most erotic two weeks vacation of our married lives, and precious few orgasms to show for it. Mine, of course.... My wife, Beverly, had had more than I could count.


Now, standing in the storage room of our office, I was soon to find out if the recently arrived keys would work. Bev had already tried one with no success. I strained to look down as Bev worked the second key in the lock on my belt. (You see, at the moment I was trapped in a standing stock, my wrists and head secured at the top in a locking bar, and my ankles cuffed to the base. Oh, by the way, I couldn't offer any encouragement, as my mouth was stuffed with a penis gag. I had been standing this way since lunch, and I was sore all over.)


"Oh, Joe, what if this is the one? You'll get such a blow job!! I can't wait to see your penis again!" she teased, as she fondled my belt and my ass. "Well, here we go!"


She tried to turn the key.


It didn't fit.


I just about cried. I had been locked in this thing for about two weeks and I was utterly desperate for release.


"Oh, poor baby, you just haven't had a blowjob or a good pussy-fuck for so long..."she cooed, then realizing another implication, "...oh, poor me! I haven't had a cock in so long, myself!" She stood and faced me, my head in her hands. "You wouldn't mind if I went out to find one, or not? Hmmm??"


I shook my head vigorously and emphatically NO, but she continued to tease me.


"Is that 'no' you think I should go find a cock, or 'no,' you wouldn't mind if I did?"


My eyes must have gotten wide with fear that she would get another man to fuck her, to put his dick into her cunt, to have her in a way in which I had been denied, and, I felt, justly deserved to have her. My head was spinning.


"Don't worry dear," she said as she unlocked me from the stocks, "I don't know if I'm that desperate yet..... But you never know..."


After she unlocked me and un-gagged me, she rubbed my aching joints, which felt really good, but it also caused my encased cock to struggle within its metal prison. After a few minutes to get my arms and legs feeling more or less normal, she hugged me and kissed me. This was a special torment! Of course, I hugged and kissed her back, reveling in her naked closeness, fondling her breasts and ass, rubbing my hand into her cunt. It wasn't long before I had her grunting in a most intense standing orgasm, as she grabbed onto the stocks while I knelt below her and tongued her into repeated ecstasy. Finally, she told me to rest.


"Whew! That was great, honey!" she exclaimed, breathlessly.


"You're welcome... Am I getting better at getting you off?" I asked, grinning.


"Oh, yes! Yes! Yes! You must have learned a lot at the Amazon Nude Resort! Do you think we should go back? I bet that would be fun, don't you? "


I wasn't sure. I looked at the stock, thinking. I changed the subject.


"Bev, dear, how did you get that stock into our storage room?"


"Oh, I'm so glad you asked! Remember Anne, that you called a cherubic angel? She really liked the way you licked her at the resort. She sent this over yesterday afternoon when you left early to see that new client. It was all I could do to keep it a secret! By the way, her husband, Dan, left today for a business trip. She wants to know if we can come over there this evening. What do you say?"


"Sure, why not?" I innocently asked.


"Okay, let's close up the office and get on over there. I can't wait to see her again. They live about an hour's drive away from here out in the country. I think they're pretty well off, too! She said she has a pool. So let's get over there! We don't even have to go home. Why don't you lock up out front, and I'll get the car started!"


With that, she picked up our clothes, and quickly rushed out of the room. Our car was parked out back, in the alley behind the shopping center. I heard her open the trunk, close it, open the door, and start the engine. She was still naked!! So was I!!


I dashed out front, and no, the blinds had not been closed all the way! I hurriedly closed them and checked to be sure all was locked and everything set for the weekend, then ran out back, where my naked wife was at the wheel. I zipped around, and jumped in, slamming the door shut as she pulled out onto the road.


"Are you nuts!??! We'll get arrested for indecency!" I pleaded with her.


"Oooh, honey, isn't this a thrill? This is another fantasy of mine! Don't worry, it's pretty dark out by now and I don't think anyone can see us if we don't have to pull up next to a red light!" she giggled. "The road we're taking gets pretty empty, soon, darling, so hang on!"


She was right. The shopping center was on the edge of town, anyway, and soon we were on a winding country road. After a little more than an hour, we pulled off to a lane which curved through some trees and eventually ended at a rather large ranch-style house. It sat on the top of a gentle hill, with a clearing behind it, dropping down to a rather nice view of the rolling hills in the distance. What was also a rather nice view was my wife, bouncing out of the car, jiggling her way to the front door. I hoped she had the right address! What the heck, I got out and followed her, getting to the door just as it opened.


There was Ann, the cherubic angel I remembered from the Amazon Nude Resort, with a few less pounds and looking pretty good. She was wearing a skin-tight black one- piece swimsuit cut w-a-a-a-y down to there in front, with very high leg openings for her creamy thighs. She looked good. She squealed with delight as she saw Bev, and hugged her tightly, kissing her with a bit more affection than 'just friends.' She then jumped into my arms and did the same for me, with even more enthusiasm. That skin tight suit was made of rubber.


"Hi! I'm so glad to see you two! I was beginning to get a little lonely here in this big ol' house without my man, Dan! Of course, he's in the same predicament as you, Joe, but I know how well you can make up for what you can't use at the moment!"


Both women laughed, and, arm in arm, they strolled into the house. I followed. Ann had just finished cooking supper, so we sat down and enjoyed a delicious meal and a nice bottle of wine. As I thought when I had first seen her three weeks ago, she was a fine cook. After I cleared away the dishes (the two ladies decided that all of the housekeeping chores during our visit were to be mine),


 I joined them in Ann's spacious living room. She had by now removed her rubber suit, so both women were nude. As I entered, Ann handed me another glass of wine, which I readily drank. She giggled.


"Your wife says you're getting pretty good at getting her off! I can't wait to find out for myself! And we have a little surprise for you! You know how this is a three- day weekend for the two of you? Well, Beverly says she wants to do a little shopping trip overnight and doesn't want to leave you by yourself. What do you say to being my little love-slave for the weekend? I see you nodding, so I guess that's settled, then! Oh boy oh boy!!"


I was nodding, all right. She had put something into my drink, and I soon found myself on the floor, my head spinning. Just before I blacked out, I heard my wife remark, "Enjoy yourself, Ann, even if he can't! Thanks for keeping him busy here while I go out shopping.... you know, I just may do some serious shopping for some dick!!"


When I came to, I could hear Ann's voice, gently soothing me, her hands caressing my head, as she tilted a welcome glass of water to my mouth. I greedily drank it down. Blinking my eyes, I tried to see where I was. Why was it so dark? I had been blindfolded! I tried to reach my arms up to remove it, but I realized that I was totally restrained. My arms were pinned to my sides, my hands encased in soft but firm bondage mittens, my legs bound together in what must have been several yards of strong nylon rope.

I was lying face-up on an inclined bench, strapped to it securely. Ann was sitting on a stool which straddled the bench, her juicy hairless cunt on a level with my face. She looked down at me and smiled, but it was a Cheshire cat grin.


"I'm so glad you're awake, slave! It's time for my workout! I discovered that multiple orgasms, combined with some more traditional exercise, really helps me get in shape and lose weight! Give me a moment while I hook up my reclining bicycle."


She stood up, reached over me, and connected her chair to something behind me. In the process, the chair was moved just an inch or two away from my face. I could figure out what was coming next.


"Okay, slave, here's how it works. While I'm pedaling away on the cycle or lifting my dumbbells, you need to be working on my pussy. The more excited I get, the harder I work out. Remember how you told me when you saw me today that I had lost weight and was looking pretty good? I just loved that!! Now's your chance to help me look even better!"


And she sat down on the seat, adjusted her feet to the pedals, and began cycling. Her labia were pressed against my mouth, her thighs squeezing my head, rocking it up and down and side to side as she pedaled, leisurely and gently at first. I knew what to do. Although I could barely breathe, I had to tongue her with as much gusto as I could. I couldn't move from my bound position, so I had no choice. I licked, sucked, nibbled, and worked until her juices were flowing like a river, a river I had to swallow or drown in. She came in shudders, squealing as she did, and then she came again.... and again.... and again....


When she was finally spent, sweat running down her thighs and covering my head, she got up. She kissed me on the mouth, her tongue greedily finding all the places inside where her orgasmic flow had been just moments before. As she straightened up, she patted my head and looked down at my sweaty, bound form.


"OH, that was wonderful! I can see this is going to be one helluva weekend!! Thanks so much, slave Joe! I just have to take a shower, now! Don't go away!"


I fell asleep, exhausted.... how would I find myself when I woke up next time?




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