From Sam J:


Dear Elise, I'm writing to announce what a wonderful lady my wife is. I met her when I was still a virgin at 21 years of age. She was over 40 at the time and was all too aware of the hormonal urges of youths. She made me wear a chastity belt since we started the relationship and sexual contact was virtually non existent at the time. Naturally I was on fire the whole time I was with her and found myself fantasizing about her all the time. I thought about her hair, her smile, her breasts..etc which made me more aroused and frustrated. After simply three months of doing chores for her and running her errands, she asked if I would like some sexual intimacy. My answer was then a no brainer. I said Yes.


At first I was disappointed to learn that her idea of sexual intimacy did not meant taking off my chastity belt to have sex. It was for me to perform oral sex on her. It was either that or nothing. I was so crazy thinking of her that any contact with any part of her body would quicken my breath and gave me an ache between my legs. It was then that I was initiated into my first experience of licking pussy. I would not know how to describe it. I love it now but then it was quite overpowering. I remembered being quite overtaken and intoxicated by the scent, taste and sheer power of it all. When she did came it was far more intense to me than my own past orgasms from masturbation. This slowly became a regular affair. I still cannot find the words to put it but I felt physically sexually frustrated yet deeply satisfied on a mental level as if I just had the best sex of my life. Only my penis was protesting I guess but the 'protests' got softer as I submit to the deep fulfillment generated when I orally pleasured her to orgasm. It had never occurred to me that both a man and a woman can be deeply satisfied and fulfilled with sexual intimacy WITHOUT the male orgasm.


She knew I was a virgin and I told her once that I was all ready and fired up to pleasure her with my penis throughout the night but she seemed to get more satisfaction from my denial whilst orally pleasuring her. I submitted because I love her.


On one occasion, she stopped asking for oral sex so I got puzzled and asked why. The truth being I was already addicted to giving her oral sex. She said she was going through her period. Her answer shocked me and I did not know how to respond. However I was so aroused and filled with desire for her that something just possessed me to say 'I want to give you oral pleasure still.' She looked at me in surprise. Now I realized that it took more courage for her to nod her head and lift her skirt up for me. I was led by my arousal and desire but she was trusting me in her period of uncertainty and hormonal changes. The experience was not unpleasant. I was hit by her period's intimate essence but my desire and love for her made it easy to focus on her pleasure and shut off everything else. Before I knew it she had her orgasm. With this first experience, I continued giving her oral sex even during her periods.


A few months ago I proposed marriage, as I did love her. She agreed on one condition that I continue to wear the chastity belt. As a wedding gift I was to 'give my virginity' to her and henceforth be granted release every two months. I was thinking me giving her my virginity? I would be so honored to hand it to her on a silver platter.


When it did happen on our wedding bed, she rolled at least 4 condoms over my erect penis after removing the chastity belt and for the first time in my life, a woman mounted me. After she had two orgasms, I was crying and begging for release. She kissed me and lifted her hips off to remove the condoms. She said, "now my darling, give me your virginity, give me your all your seed." I looked at her like she was the loveliest angel above me. I muttered yes and she sank herself over my penis, still straddling me. I came immediately but it felt like forever. It was close to two years of pent up desire and arousal. I felt as if all my insides were shooting out. With each throb, I was surrendering to her. It was the most intense moment of my life.


Now even with the chastity belt on, my eyes and mind never wander from my wife. All my attention and energy are spent on pleasuring her. I am aware of people saying how lucky she is to have a young devoted husband but the truth is that I am the lucky one. She has given me experiences that I can only dream of. She has made me a real man.






From David M:


Dear Ms. Sutton, thanks for your compassionate insights into the psyche of the submissive male.  While I have no way of knowing whether all men are intrinsically wired as you describe, there is no question that I am.


I am just writing to affirm your assertion that one must first offer up one's submission in reality if one wishes one's spouse to accommodate one.  My wife, who believes passionately in equality, wanted no part of my requests that she dominate me.


On the other hand, while at first disbelieving, she has acquiesced with amused pleasure to my assertion and many months demonstration that doing the household chores and attending to her personal needs is a sexual turn on.  After all, a male's sexual excitement is easy to verify, and what genuinely loving spouse is going to deny their partner activities which excite them, particularly when they consist of washing the dishes, vacuuming, and providing daily massages, etc.


Now to my delight, and hers, I have a chore list, and she enjoys a good book and a glass of wine while I tend to it.  Our house is clean, the laundry is done, and our sex life has never been better.


In part this has been facilitated by my self denial of orgasm.  Again, at first my wife was disbelieving, but finally she has accepted my assertion, which is the absolute truth, that I feel more focussed, alive, vital, and sexual when I refrain from orgasm.  To me, it is analogous to the medical phenomenon of sugar blues.  Sugar is nice, but the after effects are disastrous.  So too the orgasm for the male.  One becomes torpid, disaffected, and disinterested in one's spouse.  Far better to be kept tantalizingly on edge.


In this last connection, let me humbly request  that you  some day consider a more vanilla website, for those of us trying to introduce a spouse to this lifestyle. I don't know where you are located, but I hope to someday meet you in person to say thanks for all the time you spend on your website, and all the pleasure it has brought me.



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