From Mike N:


Dear Ms Sutton, I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on my situation.


I have always had submissive tendencies dating back to high school. Although I have a small penis (2 inches soft and 5.5 inches hard)... I am 6 foot tall, athletic, intelligent, and good-looking... therefore I always had my pick of females. Most of my relationships in and after college were sexually vanilla. I fulfilled my submissive tendencies with frequent visits to professional Dominas.


Ten years ago, I got married to Heather. She was 22 and 10 years younger than me. She had an inexperienced nice petite little body with firm breasts and a knock out face. I has head over heals in love. We moved to the suburbs where I built a nice business and made good money. Our first years of marriage were pretty standard fair with three beautiful kids that followed. My wife exhibited absolutely no dominant tendencies. I had given up the Dominatrix visits and satisfied my secret submissive desires with Internet surfing and frequent masturbation sessions.


While I worked longer and longer hours, my wife took to the good life. I gave her numerous gifts and a relatively unlimited expense account. We had a housekeeper and a "live-in-nanny" taking care of the kids.  Heather had plenty of free time. She spent most of time shopping and at the health club.


When she hit thirty, Heather was looking better than ever. The intense workouts had yielded a tight, perfect, powerful body. She had taken to wearing more revealing clothes and minimal underwear. Guys would often tell me how sexy she was. She could have almost any guy she wanted and we both knew it. She loved to brag to me in specific detail about which guys would complement her or how they would hit on her.  She was spending more and more time at the gym and getting hotter and sexier by the day. I noticed that she developed a "close friendship" with her personal trainer. I have never met him.


I could feel us drifting apart. As our sex life trickled towards a monotonous bimonthly exercise, I began spending more and more time online surfing the female domination web sites. I would masturbate at least once a day. I felt my marriage slipping away as I contemplated visiting a Pro Dom again. The turning point came when I stumbled across your web site. I read with interest the stories of female supremacy, humiliation, cuckolding, and chastity. I learned a lot, especially about myself.


One day I decided that I wouldn't allow myself to cum unless I was making love with my wife. I had become weak and I had to learn about what it means to have self control. I continued to surf and play with myself, but no orgasm was allowed. At the very beginning, I did, on a rare occasion, have moments of weakness and accidentally bring myself to orgasm, but quickly I learned absolute control over my innate desires.


It didn't take long for me to realize the power of this undertaking. I looked at my wife totally differently. She became even more beautiful in my eyes. She was like a Goddess. We immediately stopped fighting. I was in no position to argue with her. My sole goal was to keep her happy. I knew that if she wasn't happy, I wasn't gonna get any sexual gratification. I began bringing home flowers again and was constantly telling he how much I loved her.


Heather quickly noticed the difference in my attitude and wanted to know what was going on. I told her the truth, that I felt I was spending to much time masturbating and that she was now in control of my orgasms. She just smiled, somewhat surprised (I think) and replied "good". At first I do not think she realized the power that I had bestowed upon her. Over the next few months we had some discussions about our new arrangement. She asked me if I was serious and I replied affirmatively. Heather made me promise that I would immediately inform her if I was weak and brought myself to orgasm. She also made me promise that I wouldn't become a nuisance if I was horny and that I was never ever to push her for sex. She would give me signals if she was horny and ready to play.


She also wanted me to understand that outward appearances were not to change. She liked that everyone viewed us as the "perfect couple". (I believed she didn't want anyone to think she had a wimpy husband.) She also stressed that she would not agree to restrict her own orgasms. She admitted for the first time that she liked to use a vibrator when I was out late at the office. She wanted me to understand that "she was not the one with the problem".


Over the last year we have grown closer than ever. We never actually talk about our situation, we just accept it. Outwardly things seem normal. When my wife permits it, the sex is better than ever. She actually seems to really enjoy teasing me, although never in a cold or cruel fashion. Often she will squeeze my balls or gently stroke my cock before I go to work. "That is enough for you" is now her favorite saying. She will often tell me not to wear underwear under my suit when I go to work and that I should "think about her all day in preparation for the evening's activities". Often she will have changed her mind by the time I get home and never mention making love or any other "activity".


I have been allowed release no more than once a week, but she has made me wait as long as a month. During these long stretches she continues to tease me. She always walks around the house in sexy outfits adding to my silent torture. I fight to keep from masturbating and have perfected the art of self control. I know that if I allow myself to cum, it will undermine the whole basis of our relationship. Heather never seems concerned about my growing frustration and never actually speaks about it. I know I am never to complain or risk ruining our sexual Renaissance.


Obviously, the way in which we make love has changed. We have "normal" sex no more than once every two months and it seems to be getting less and less frequent. Nowadays, we begin with the usual kissing, hugging, and caressing. I than know I am expected to go down on her with my mouth and it is often suggested that I utilize her 8 inch vibrator. She never goes down on me anymore and rarely strokes my cock. Next to the her large vibrator, my manhood looks minuscule and I suspect that my small penis alone is no longer enough to satisfy her.


While licking her clit, I will slide the vibrator in and out of her until she cums. She always orgasms first and never with me inside of her. On most occasions, she will than place me on my back as she crawls on top of me. In the past she would ride me violently until I exploded with a quick ejaculation. Lately, she seems to enjoy sliding me deep inside her while she squeezes my balls. She doesn't move her pelvis but rather just sits there and whispers in my ear that she wants me "to cum now". I almost always comply immediately. On two occasions I was not able to cum on command and Heather just slid off me and went to sleep. The morning after the second failure, Heather told me that she was "disappointed in my performance" and that "I had wasted a great opportunity".


Some times when I come home late, Heather will be in bed in lingerie or naked, sleeping on her stomach. By now I know this is my signal. Without speaking I strip naked and I begin a slow sensual massage. After about an hour I center my attention on her tight ass. At first I begin with gentle kisses, but quickly I find myself orally worshiping her rear end. She will usually begin too moan deeply and than become wet. I will rub her clit and finger her womanhood as my tongue darts in and out of her sweet little hole. She will than pull her knees in and raise her butt high in the air. My face is buried in her crack as shutters to an orgasm.


Without ever saying a word to me she quickly falls back to sleep. She never touches my cock or offers me any attention. Despite this, I feel very lucky and privileged to worship her in this way. This is becoming a more regular activity and now greatly outnumbers our more traditional sexual exploits. Most of the time, we just go on with our lives. To the world we have a normal relationship. She never acts like a bitch, but my role is subtly understood. I believe we are happier than ever.


I do not know if she is being sexually satisfied by her trainer. She may very well be. I once tried to bring it up and she immediately dismissed the conversation. Honestly Ms Sutton, it doesn't matter to me. Strangely, a part of me hopes she is having an affair. I know that he could never support her financially and she shows absolutely no signs that she is unhappy with our present arrangement. The thought that I might actually be her cuckold really stimulates my submissive desires.


My questions are....Where do we go from here? Do you think our situation is healthy? Do we really need to change anything? I am quite happy and she seems happy too. She is not the dominatrix type and I am sometimes afraid that she will run away if I expose the true extent of the "wimp husband" side of me.


I hope this 100% true letter, detailing my life, excites your readers as much as it excited me to write it. I look forward to your feedback.




From Mari Y:


My boyfriend and I are in our twenties and we've been together since high school. I am of Japanese descent and he's caucasian. When I first met him he was very rebellious toward his mother, who was single and doing her best. It wasn't long, though, before I had him under control and obeying his mom through me. She was always grateful to me for that.


I have my own apartment now and my boyfriend is my live-in slave. He does all the housework and I make him keep my car spotless inside and out. He and I work at the same place and he gives me his entire salary. I buy his clothes and other personal items as needed, and spend the rest on myself. Since we're both petite, I make him wear my old jeans, t shirts, and jogging shoes when we go to the park or other casual places. My jeans are feminine, and some of my t-shirts have my name on them. He gets stares sometimes, but no one has said anything. I use the money I save on his clothes to expand my own wardrobe.


When I feel he deserves a reward I let him go down on me and orally pleasure me but I've never let him have intercourse. He's still a virgin and I want to keep him that way as long as I can. Although he knows I have no intention of marrying him anytime soon, he recently asked me if I would let him legally change his last name to mine. I told him that a white guy with a Japanese name will always be explaining himself but I gave him permission to do it. I also made him take a weekend job at a supermarket to pay for it. He has filed the papers and is waiting for them to be validated.


About eight months ago I decided to lock my boyfriend in a chastity belt. I didn't think it would make much difference because he was already submissive, even though he masturbated daily. I was wrong. He became so eager to please me that he agreed to apologize to his mother for all the trouble he caused her. I invited her over to dinner one night and made him literally kneel down and ask her forgiveness. They both cried a little as he gently held her hand. Of course, his mom didn't know he had been denied orgasm for two weeks. Since then, I've been taking him to her house to do chores for her. I try to get her to be more stern with him, but she prefers that I do it. She says she's just glad he's well behaved and doesn't want to do anything to change that. She's always known he's my submissive, but I haven't yet told her about his name change. I don't think she'll have a problem with it but I want to find the right way to tell her.


Being locked in a chastity belt 24/7 has made my boyfriend hyper-submissive. When I wear short shorts and a crop top, he can't do enough for me. He obeys me instantly when we're out or at his mother's house, and when we're at home he's always trying to kiss my legs and feet. When he gets in my way, I slap his face hard and send him to his room. Currently, I let him ejaculate every ten days. I just love to watch him pump his tiny peter and come all over himself. It really makes my day.


Elise, I want to close by quickly thanking you for a great website. I've always been a natural dominant, but I've learned a lot from you about keeping my boyfriend submissive. The main thing I have learned is to closely watch my boyfriend's behavior. That way I always know whether I'm going too far or not far enough. Thanks again.



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