From Gamble S:


Dear Mistress Elise, This is what happened to me.  I had always been interested in being dominated by a woman.  I met Tina at a local rock and roll party.  She apparently didn't know anything about a D/s relationship.  I really liked her and continued to go out with her.  After a long courtship we got married.  For the first 15 years of our marriage the sex was great. I was a little over 40 and Tina was 38.


The old yen to be dominated arose in me, I told Tina of my submissive desires and asked her to tie me up.  She thought I was nuts and refused to have anything to do with it. For the next year or so I was content to look at fem dom sites and sites dealing with male chastity such as altair boy and lock me up,  I dreamed of having Tina lock my genitals up and force me to remain chaste and in her control.  I figured that none of  this would happen. 


One day, about 2 years after I had asked Tina about bondage, out of the blue, she asked me if I still wanted her to tie me up.  I was overjoyed.  Of course I said, "YES." Tina told me if I was going to be bound I may as well be naked.  I quickly stripped and Tina brought out several lengths of rope,  Soon Tina had me helplessly hog tied.  I figured I would be able to easily escape since Tina had not had any experience with bondage.  As if reading my mind, Tina stepped back and told me, " There I have you helpless."


Tina  then explained that I either had to escape from her bondage or remain there until morning.  As it was now about 10, morning was a good 10 hours away.  I figured I would be out long before then.  How wrong I was.  The first few hours were fun.  Then my bondage began to hurt.  No matter how much I struggled I could not even loosen one knot.


In the morning, Tina released me and as soon as I could get the kinks out of my body and use the bathroom, we had the most marvelous sex we had ever experienced.  Tina then told me she would tie me up whenever I asked her, but I  would not get loose for at least 8 hours.


Our bondage developed into a pattern of about one session every 4 or 5 weeks.  Tina ways of tying me seemed to be endless.  I was never tied in the same position twice and the next one was m ore uncomfortable to endure than the previous one,


One day Tina bound me spread eagle on the bed.  Then she brought in a box and busied herself with opening it.  She brought out what I first thought was a metal jock strap.  She proceeded  to fix a really tight tube over my penis, insert the tube into the cup part of the belt and locked it in place on my body. Tina then stood back and told me she had seen the chastity sites I had visited on the computer.   She informed me that I was now locked in one of  Access Denied's best belts and she would decide when I would have relief.


Tina  then handed me a contract and told me I had two choices either I could sign the contract and wear the belt or she would divorce me.  Tina told me I had one hour to make up my mind.


Before I continue you need to know that both Tina and I had high paying jobs and that we had been very frugal over the years.  We were very well off.  I read the contract and in essence it said I would be Tina's total slave in every way, quit my job do all house work and only be released from the chastity belt when I earned it.  I would sign a power of attorney giving Tina everything.  While I was wearing the belt, Tina would be free to take another woman as her lover if  she wished.


Well what choice did I have.  I had wanted this and now I had it.  I signed.  In a few days Tina took care of the legal matters.  I now owned nothing and had agreed to be Tina's chastised slave.


The first year Tina at first allowed me relief about once a month.  Then my periods of relief became farther and farther apart.  It became every 2 months and then every 3 months.  Of course I had to provide Tina with all the oral sex she wished and service her with a strap on dildo that fit in the chastity belt.


I asked Tina about being able to get out of the belt more frequently.  She told me that she enjoyed the power it gave her over me and that longer I remained without relief the bigger charge she got out of it.


After about a year and half  Tina had me hog tied on the floor beside the bed.  Then I heard voices.  Tina told me now  say hello to Susan.  Susan and I are going to be lovers.  You will service both of us.  You can assume that when Susan gives you an order it will be the same as m e giving you one.  I work days and Susan works nights so you will be serving one of us all the time.


In addition Susan says if your prostate is milked you don't need to ever have a climax.  We think that would be a real turn on for us.  From now on boy no sex. About every 9 weeks they milk my prostate.  While they do that they electroshock my thighs with intense pain and I feel nothing. I hate having to go without sex, but at the same time I love it.  I would not be happy without being the chastised slave of two beautiful women.



From Megan H:


Hi Elise, My name is Megan I am writing this letter to thank you, your site has changed my life forever and for the better, much better than I could of ever hoped for or imagined. Thanks to you and your web site, you turned an ordinary housewife into a dominant and controlling wife and I am loving every minute of it.


I will explain. I am married to a very successful man. He is quite a bit older than me. He is good to me but he limited the amount of money I was allowed to spend on myself. He treated me like a child and said I was getting plenty to spend but I felt that the amount of per week spending money was not enough. One day I was on my husband's computer and found your site in his favorites. I started to read some of your stories there and I became very interested in what I was reading. In fact, I was getting very excited especially the letters on cuckolding and male chastity. Having that kind of control over a man was actually getting me wet between my legs. The more I read, the more I liked.


As I continued reading your site, I found that some women who had written you had found that the longer the male was kept in chastity, the more he was willing to do what ever the woman wanted. That thought really sent me over the edge. I saw that most of the women on your site used a male chastity device called the CB2000. I went on the web and found this device. When I first saw it on the Internet, I saw exactly why the women that use it like it so much. There is no way the male can get an erection let alone have an orgasm in this little cage. When I saw it could be locked up, well let me put it to you this way, I had to have one.


Since I found your site on my husbands computer, that was the fuel I was going to use when I brought it up to him. I also made up my mind that I WAS NOT going to be sweet, timid and nice about it.  I was going to act like a real bitch and act upset. When he arrived home from work, I was waiting for him. As soon as he walked in I went up to him and told him to follow me. I went right to his computer and brought up your web site and showed him that picture of the naked man on all fours with the woman putting her knee on his back while pulling on his reins. I said in a very aggressive voice, "I found this in your favorites, is this why you spend so much time on your computer and not with me?"


Elise, he did not know what to say. I told him that I was reading the stories and I liked them very much, as a matter a fact so much, that things were going to start changing around here. I told him that I particularly liked the letters on male chastity. He was just standing there, not saying a word.  I told him that I ordered a CB 2000 chastity device and once it arrived, he was going to start wearing it immediately. I said, "do you understand me?"


He just shook his head yes, not saying a word. I said from now on you say "Yes Mistress, do you understand?" Again, he just shook his head. I was overcome with power so I slapped him across the face and reiterated, "I said you will say Yes Mistress, do you understand?" He finally caught on and said yes mistress.


I had to wait for 12 days for the CB2000 to arrive. When it did, I could hardly wait for my husband to come home so I could put it on him and lock it up. When he did arrive home, I had him strip like he has been doing each night when he arrived in my presence. I produced the CB2000 and I placed it on him. It was very difficult to get it on him the first time and he bitched and moaned that I was pinching his flesh. What a wimp he is. I persevered and when I locked the little pad lock, it was like music to my ears. Even if my husband was masturbating, there was no chance of that happening now with the CB2000 firmly in place.


I really liked the way it looked on him too, I bought the hot pink one, it was $10.00 more but worth every penny. Besides he looked so pretty in it. Now all I had to do was wait and allow nature to take its course. Each day, he became more attentive towards me, which I really liked. I know that you are suppose to ease a man into chastity but I did not have the patience for this. After ten days with the CB2000 locked on, I told him I wanted to start getting a much larger allowance per week. As a matter of fact, I told him that I wanted to control the finances and put him on an allowance. He denied my request at first, telling me that I was not good with money. I did not allow him to bully me this time. I knew he was horny as hell so I ordered him to lie on his back and I removed my pants and panties and I sat my ass on his face. I had read on your site that this is another way to make a man become submissive and agreeable.


I told him I wanted him to French kiss my anus, which is something he would never had done before but he went right at it and started to lick and slurp on my ass hole. I could not get over how pleasurable this was. I was in heaven. I asked him again if he objected to me taking over all the finances. He finally struggled free of my ass to confess to me that he would gladly surrender everything over to me. Can you believe that he is that weak? I could not get over how much power I had over him in this short amount of time.


My husband fought me at times as I was slowly transferring all the accounts and credit cards in my name. But all I would have to do is promise him an orgasm or allow him to eat my pussy or tongue my ass if he yielded to my demands. He would always agree to my demands. Now I have control of everything, he is the one on an allowance, he is use to the CB2000 and wears it all the time and he must orally service me as often as I like.


Again Elise, I can't thank you enough. You are the main reason I am as happy as I am today.




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