From Jean A:


Dear Elise! I will not start boring You with the typical  "thanks for Your wonderful

And informative site" stuff, because we all know it is a wonderful and informative site indeed. I would like to share with You my experience in the FemDom lifestyle and I will be grateful if You publish it into the real life stories section.


I was at the university when I met a very beautiful and intelligent girl and I fell in love with Her. One year later, I gained Her heart, She ended her relationship with another guy and we started dating. We spent three wonderful years together. We loved each other and we were very happy.


There was no d/s practice in our relationship, except a light play with handcuffs. She liked to squeeze my nipples while I was lying with my hands cuffed under Her (and my penis moving into Her), to slap me across the face and to tell me I am a naughty boy at the same time. But She was not dominant in real; She did it just because She knew I liked it. We often switched the roles too. This vanilla relationship continued until last year.


This past year I managed to enter Her e-mail box by giving the answer to Her secret question. We knew each other very well and I managed to answer the question, so I started reading Her e-mails with very big interest. However, I was devastated when I found that for one year She had been dating (and having Sex) with another guy, besides me. But somehow this aroused me.


I called Her and invited Her home, so that we could discuss a "very important" situation. She was astonished and a bit ashamed when I told Her I knew everything about Her affair with another man - a doctor in the local hospital. I asked Her why She had done this to me? And there was a sudden switch in Her attitude.


Instead of arguing or apologizing, She started to shout that I was not attentive to Her needs enough, I didn't buy Her flowers and gifts, I didn't take Her to dinners, and first of all - in three whole years, I never Attempted to service Her orally, although She had a really nice, well shaven and always clean pussy. All these things She received from the other man, She said. He was 28 (I'm 24) and a very experienced lover as well. She also said he didn't know about me. She was a total bitch and She confessed that I had not satisfied her in bed from a very long time.


All these confessions made me sink deep into my innate submission, so I kneeled before Her almost in tears, I hugged Her legs and I confessed that I loved Her and I would do everything she wishes, except to break up with her. She said she also loved me, but She was a beautiful woman (a model in fact) and She had her female needs. Here I must add that She is a very sexual person and that She enjoys sex very much in all of its forms. In that very moment I decided to try to bring my never mentioned fantasies into reality.


I confessed my submission to Her and I told Her that I would like to be Her sexual slave. It was easier than I had expected, because we knew each other very well and there was no shame for me. In fact, She already knew about the submissive part of me. And to my utmost surprise, She immediately agreed. But in one condition - She could continue to see Her other lover, and as far as our relationship, She would have the right to decide "what and where" as it concerned all things. I was in heaven. I couldn't believe my ears, so without hesitation, I agreed.


A week or so later, I found your web site and I recommended it to Her. She read it all and this was the point of no return in our mutual life as a Dom and a sub. Day by day, She started to dominate my entire life, to humiliate me and to make me become more and more submissive. Her name is Sylvia and she told me I had the chance to keep Her forever (which meant to marry Her) but first She had to "correct" some of my bad habits, so She could be sure She had a nice and loving husband beside Her.


The first nasty habit to remove was masturbation, of course. She knew I was frequently masturbating and I knew She knew! So She said from that day on I had to be absolutely honest with Her and answer directly all of Her questions by only telling the truth. If I did not comply, She would leave me forever. This was something I really did not want to happen of course. So She forbade me to touch my penis for pleasure and if I did it by mistake, I had to confess immediately. And off we go.


I couldn't stand even one week, then I brought myself to orgasm. Two days later She asked me "Did you do something wrong, honey?" And I confessed that I did. I'll never forget what she did next. She then cuffed my arms to the bed, and started to arouse me, playing with my nipples and my dick. She even let me penetrate her and in the moment I started moaning from pleasure, She stood up, She slapped me across the face and squeezed my balls very, very firmly. It was pure agony! And I was unable to escape from Her grip because of the handcuffs. She then said this was the lightest punishment for disobeying Her and if I did what I did again, I would be punished more severely. She mounted my face and I pleased her orally. It was the first time I tried to, so I didn't do a great job, although I was very enthusiastic. She said it was a disgusting performance and for that I would be in sexual denial until I learned how to please Her.


In the next month She had sex only with her other lover and from time to time She came to my house and taught me what to do with my mouth to Her "feminine beauty down there". I was honest to Her and I did not masturbate not even once during this month. The last day She aroused me very much, promising this would be THE night, but as soon as I entered Her, She looked at Her watch and said "Damn it, I almost forgot about my date". And She left me - ultimately frustrated, and went to have sex with the other guy. I was in hell. But still I did not masturbate. I kept my promise and I am very proud with myself.


Finally, three days later, She allowed me to have sex with Her, but guess what - with a vibrator. I never knew She possessed one. I was explained that my dick was of no use anymore because of the "gifts" nature had given to Her lover - the doctor. So, the following days I continued to please Her - orally, with my Fingers and with the vibrator, but never with my penis.


Two weeks passed in this way. I learned to always bring Her flowers and small gifts (chocolates, small jewelry etc.). When I went to see Her, I learned to compliment Her always when I find something different in Her - a new dress, a new hair color or whatever else. But the problem was the I was getting so horny that I was unable to resist the temptation to bring myself to orgasm any longer. Being ultimately honest as She had requested, I confessed this to Her. She then said that maybe I could cum, but only when She decided and that this moment was still far away.


In the meantime, I was surfing the net, reading about female domination, becoming more and more aroused by this way of life and that's how I discovered the world of chastity belts. I had never known such devices really existed. My girlfriend didn't neither. I told Her that maybe this is the only way to prevent myself from my own hands, and of course, She was very enthusiastic about the idea. That's how I entered a CB-2000. I am still wearing it today.


I am allowed only one orgasm a week - if I behave "like a real gentleman" which means I don't get an orgasm every week. In fact, it happens only once or twice per month in reality. Also, when She unlocks me, She is always there to watch carefully while I shave and wash myself. She then teases me - it is an unbearable mixture of pain and pleasure, and I make love to Her in the different ways explained above, knowing that there will be no release. Not until the next Friday, if I am good.


When I get ultimately aroused, when my balls become big and my throbbing member starts leaking with pre-cum, She puts ice on it and locks it back into the chastity belt. It is terrible and fantastic at the same time. When I beg Her for permission to cum (which She hates a lot) She shows me the drops of my pre-cum and says "Didn't you just cum? What else do you want?" And if I continue to argue and to insist, She squeezes my swollen balls in Her palm. I am in terrible agony after such treatment, but my sexual desire always disappears. She calls this "help". And I quickly learned not to ask Her for release any more in order to avoid Her "helping" me in my situation. She also likes to say that my sexual frustration is not one of Her problems, because She has NO sexual problems, since She dates such a gifted man - the



I am at the bottom of submission when I hear these words coming out of Her sweet, sexy mouth. God, I love this Woman. And She loves me too - in a very unusual and somewhat cruel way. That's how life was for the past year. We got engaged and we are getting married next month in a private and secret ceremony so her boyfriend and lover does not find out. I am honored that she has chosen me to marry so that proves to me how much she loves me and how much she enjoys being a Dominant bitch to me.


She says I will be wearing my chastity belt 24/7 even after the wedding, although we will be living together and She will have the opportunity to control me in person more often. Her boyfriend and lover the Doctor thinks I am her cousin. That is what she has told him about me. She has come up with a very wicked idea for our honeymoon trip. She wants her wedding night to be about her dominance and my humiliation. Her idea is to invite the doctor to come with us. That way I will have to put up with them having sex during OUR honeymoon and pretending to be only a cousin of Hers. Of course, the doctor will have no idea that this is our honeymoon.


Elise, I enjoy this lifestyle, I believe in female supremacy and I am willing to be Her slave, because I love Her, and She loves me too. I love submitting to her dominance but I am not happy about her plans for our honeymoon. Don't you think another man in our marriage would be in surplus? Sylvia told me I could always end the whole thing and She would liberate me from my belt and from Herself  - forever. But I don't want this. What is your advice? She knows I am writing this letter to seek Your advice and She respects you very much for what You are doing for the "liberation" of all Women. We will both be very grateful if You publish this letter in your real life stories section, because this is a VERY, VERY real situation and a VERY VERY real problem. Some people may find needful lessons in our story.




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