From Julia:


Dear Elise, Thank you for such an informative and educational web site. My husband and I have been reading it for two years now. In that time, I have really grown as a Dominant woman and our marriage has really changed for the better.


Like most women, I was hesitant and I had my doubts at first when my husband approached me about his submissive nature. We attended a D&S support group meeting and we visited a Professional Dom together. Then about a year ago, I ordered your procedures and began to do one per week on him. What a life changer they were. By the time we got to the Marriage Contract procedure, I was certain that I was ready to go all the way with this lifestyle. I had never wanted anything so badly in all my life. My husband was very hesitant as the more dominant I grew, the more concerned her was that he was losing too much control. Well, he was right because I did take all control from him. I got him to sign that marriage contract and I didn't stop there.


The one plank in that contract that really excited me was the one where I was allowed to deny him orgasms while I was entitled to as many as I wanted. I can't explain why this excited me so much but it did. The Challenge procedure was great and I got a taste of what it was like to deny him for a prolonged period of time and I loved it. He was so much better behaved and attentive to my needs when he was sexually frustrated and denied.


I got in the habit of denying him longer and longer periods of times. Then when I did allow him an orgasm, it was in humiliating ways, like making him hump my leg like a dog. I on the other hand, made my husband give me lots of orgasms. He became quite skilled at orally servicing me while at the same time he fucked me with one of my large and thick dildos. My sex drive has never been as strong as it has been this past year I am having the most intense orgasms of my life.


I wanted to experiment with the whole cuckolding thing, as the thought of another man having sex with me while my sexually denied and frustrated husband was forced to watch, really excited me. But things took a very unexpected turn about three months ago. Through this D&S group we attend on rare occasions, I met a woman who is a staunch Feminist. She is really a believer in Female supremacy and Female domination. She also happens to be a lesbian. Now I have never been a lesbian and I have never fantasized about having sex with a woman. However, I found myself attracted to this woman and vice versa. We developed a friendship and now we have become lovers. This has been wonderful.


She loves to help me dominate my husband and she is a total believer in male chastity. Last month, against my husband's protests, we had a permanent chastity device installed on him. We took him and had him get a Prince Albert piercing in his penis and my friend bought him a chastity tube from a Mistress Lori she found on the web and we installed it. It locked through the Prince Albert piercing and now he can't escape no matter how hard he tries because I have the key and we cut off and filed the end of the screws. He can function normally as far as going to the bathroom and showering but he can't orgasm with this device installed. I don't know when I will allow him to orgasm again. He' s been denied for two months now as I denied him for a month before he got the Prince Albert piercing and chastity device and now he's been wearing it for an additional month.


My husband is not happy about this arrangement to say the least but I know how to read him and I can tell that deep inside he is excited about his lot. His submission is really growing. I now make him do all of the cooking and housework. We got a French-maid outfit for him and we make him dress in that or in other feminine clothing as he does his chores each evening. He still goes to work each day but his paycheck is deposited into my account and I only give him a small allowance. He comes home each night and changes into his maid outfit and cooks my dinner and goes about his chores.


I discipline him once a week as I grade his housework. If he's been a good boy, I pull him over my lap and give him a hard spanking with my paddles and hairbrush. If he hasn't pleased me or if he has displayed any negative male behavior during the week, I take him to the basement and I tie him to the post and I administer a severe whipping using my whips and canes. Regardless if it is a spanking or a whipping, after his punishment, I strap-on my rubber phallus and I fuck him up his ass long and hard to remind him that he is in submission to me. Strap-on play always breaks him and causes him to melt into deep submission. Strap-on play is the only kind of sex he receives now that I have a female lover.


My lover comes over about three nights a week for sex. My husband must wait on us, prepare diner and be ready to bring us anything that we request. Making love to a woman is very sensual and I never dreamed it could be so erotic. I must admit that what makes it so special is the thought that my husband is being denied and cut off from my pussy.


We have put my husband on a very strict diet and exercise regiment as he goes to the gym four mornings a week before he goes to work. We also give him regular enemas as my female lover assists me in this task. She loves to watch him squirm from the enema as he begs us for permission to relieve himself. He fasts for twenty-four hours before we give him the enema. He has never been in better shape or health as he is now. Our goal is to further his feminization in the months to come. I always remind him that he is the one who introduced this lifestyle to me therefore he had better get use to being my little sissy submissive husband.


I wanted to share this with you Elise and thank you again for your procedures and your site. I know that I have taken this lifestyle further than you or your procedures recommend but that is just how my growth has gone. I never expected to become such a Feminist and Female Supremacist and I definitely never expected to become a lesbian. I am still not sure that I will always be in a lesbian relationship because I still am attracted to men. My lover knows that I am still committed to my husband and that while I value her friendship and care very deeply for her, the sexual part of this relationship is still a part of my growth and experimentation in my own sexuality. My heart still belongs toward my husband even if I do enjoy him being chaste and denied.




From Bruno M:


I am a 27 year old man from Italy (sorry for my english). I married two years ago. At the beginning all was ok, but after few months my wife, a beautiful woman 29 year old, started to talk about women domination. She said that I had to submit to her. I was astonished. She asked me to wear a chastity device. I accepted, just thought it was a joke. But it was not a joke. After few days I asked my wife to remove the device, she said no. I could not get it off and she had the key. It was very frustrating.


Even worse, she started to tease me all the time. When at home, she was always very sexy, often completely naked. After two weeks of such treatment I become almost crazy and accepted to completely submit to my wife. Now I do all the things that usually women do at home and all (money too) is under control of my wife. I always wear this chastity device. About twice a month I am allowed to masturbate. I do this during a party organized by my wife for other women that she wants to introduce to a dominant style of life.


Her friends (all women) that she invites really enjoy my performance. I am dressed like a young girl, with a frilly bra and a short skirt. This is short enough that the chastity device is easily in view. I must serve them tea very politely. Her friends often want to take a close look at the device and see how I can piss while wearing it. So we go to the bathroom, where I sit and pee like a woman. To piss this way, namely seated like a woman, in front of other women is terribly embarrassing for me.


In the first weeks of our marriage we had sex all the time. In my view this is what women want. But now my wife keeps me locked in this device and sex is forbidden with her. Forced chastity destroyed my male ego and now I am completely submitted to her. Please post this on your site as she is requesting that I write you to further my humiliation.




From Ms Claire:


Elise, I now have discovered another way to frustrate the man I love, my husband. As if sex and orgasm denial through cuckolding isn't enough, I've now decided to embrace the art of "Boot Denial." Let me explain.


My husband is a boot fanatic. The moment he sees them on women (and especially me, in our own home), he gets erect. Plain heels do nothing for him, but my black leather, knee high platform boots drive him insane. He works hard and he bought me a pair of sexy black leather platform boots. To further my dominance over him, I've decided that from now on my husband will see me in heels only. The only time I'm going to wear my new boots is when I'm going to visit my boyfriend. I told my husband that, even though he worked hard to buy me those boots, they are no longer "for him." They are for my boyfriend who, quite coincidentally, is wacky about boots too. It's an honor to wear them for him.


Also, in an attempt to shame my husband even more, he is to buy the condoms that my boyfriend and I use during sex. We save our money to enjoy times out together, but my husband's dough supports our healthy, sexual lifestyle. I always request that he buy the "extra large" size, which my well endowed boyfriend needs.


It has now been close to four months (I believe) since my husband's last orgasm. He is suffering, I can tell. But I, on the other hand, am enjoying life. I enjoy sex and dating my boyfriend, and I simply adore playing the bitch, teasing and making my husband feel shame and suffering. I think he hates being denied access to worshiping me in my boots more than he hates being denied orgasms. But he told me one thing. He loves me. And I love him.




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