Chastity is unique, alluring and arousing.  It is a special intimacy between a man and his wife or lover.  When a man is locked in his chastity belt he learns through servitude and chivalrous behaviour that sexual gratification is not limited to the pleasure and moment of his orgasm. He will be denied permission to come on many an occasion, and yet expected to serve his Lady with his tongue and lips with skill, devotion and love.  He will become a sensual, playful, confident lover considering only the needs of his Lady.


Chastity relies on the excitement of the mind before arousal of his body. This teaches us that the role of the keyholder is pivotal to the chastity lovestyle.  

As a loving couple begin to experiment with chastity play the bond between them develops as fantasies are shared and enacted.  With this comes enhanced communication, love, support and trust and the Keyholder soon understands that when her man is safely locked in his chastity device he will strive towards better servitude both around the home and in the bedroom.  The promise of release is a most compelling stimulant!

For men currently not in a relationship the absence of a keyholder can present tremendous difficulties.  It is almost impossible to be your own Keyholder!  The temptation to release yourself can be overwhelming, the desire to satisfy your need to masturbate usually wins over the will to remain chaste, no matter how pure and good your intentions are!  This is where my keyholding can really help, the only key you will have access to is your "emergency key" and when on the chastity training programme you will must regularly demonstrate that it has not been broken into.




As far as cuckolding goes: cuckolding is ultimately sex occurring within the psyches of the dominant wife and the cuckolded husband. It is an act of female liberation and male humiliation

The husbands usually wants the wife to treat them a certain way.  This might include humiliation, extreme domination, watching a wife in sex acts with a lover, having the lover humiliate the husband and chastity belt play.
It is the decision of the one you adore and worship and have surrendered to, to keep you in chastity and cuckold you at some point, this is your reward.

Chastity and cuckoldry are immensely powerful, dangerous, and easily abused. But within emotionally secure and appropriate relationships with prior discussion and mutual understanding they may be intensely rewarding for both the one who suffers and the one who enjoys the other's suffering as an act of love and absolute devotion.



One important point about human sexuality, male or female, is that the absence of stimulation will cause a gradual loss of interest. Since we are counting on our chastity play to enhance sexuality, we have to make sure that doesn't happen. In the case of males, the trick is to maintain sufficient activity to prevent loss of interest and nocturnal release while achieving your results.


Ideally, the wearer will be conditioned to wholeheartedly obey the wishes of the key holder in order to earn that orgasm. Of course he isn't being forced into this,  he does have a choice. That's what makes the game  so interesting. If he chooses to be lazy or unwilling to do what pleases the key holder, he will earn extra time locked in chastity belt before he can ejaculate. He has to balance his extreme sexual frustration with his desire to be in control.


 It's powerful stuff. There is no need for yelling, force, or any other classic methods of expressing displeasure. The simple statement, "Three more days" will have an extremely strong effect.


Make him earn a chance to ejaculate

Given that there are no serious infractions, regular sexual releases should be set up in a way to prevent him from changing his mind and abandoning the chastity game. The best suggestion came from a woman, not into domination and submission at all. She reasoned that her husband wouldn't want to go back in after he had to wait longer than he wanted. She bought a dog collar and wrist restraints. Then she waited.


When he asked her to let him out because he was anxious to come, she told him that she would but only if he agreed that when he was "set free" she could  lock his wrists to the collar to prevent "accidents". He gladly agreed. She locked his hands to the collar which put them far from "danger", then removed the device. She took the time to inspect his penis to check for any sores or irritation, washed it carefully, then slowly masturbated him to orgasm. She brought him to the edge over and over, finally giving him release. He loved it! What man wouldn't? Other partners have been known to give oral attention or straddle their mates for intensely pleasurable intercourse. Naturally, the man's hands were firmly attached to his collar.


He was learning that the price for possible release was having his hands unavailable. His wife plans to not masturbate him each time she takes the device off. Her goal is to have him willingly let her lock up his hands even if he isn't going to get release. Sounds like dominance and submission, doesn't it? She doesn't think so, nor does he. It just makes sex a lot of fun.  She thinks it is exciting sex play for both of them and a good way to guarantee she is the sole focus of his sexual desire. Some people in traditional S/M relationships switch roles for chastity play. The normally dominant man is locked up by his submissive partner. It makes for interesting negotiations. Oh to be a fly on the wall of that bedroom!


Bear in mind that this play gets even more interesting if you "remind" him of his condition by spending a nice amount of time each day teasing him. Denial is sexy to start with, and having to endure teasing without release magnifies the effect of this play. Many women appoint "assistants," female friends who are authorized to tease the man in the device. There is no danger since he can't do anything anyway, and it is big fun for the women.


Does this mean the key holder is also doing without? Oh no! A locked up male is perfectly capable of performing oral sex on his partner. If she likes, he can also use his hands. You will be amazed how interested a male becomes in his partner's orgasms when he knows he needs to stay on her good side to get a chance for one too.


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