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A chastity belt is a locking item of clothing designed to prevent sexual intercourse and possibly masturbation. The purpose may also be to protect the wearer from temptation.


Forced chastity is a sexual practice that involves wearing a chastity device against one's will.


Erotic sexual denial, also known as orgasm denial, is a sexual practice and a form of power exchange where a person is kept in the plateau phase of the human sexual response cycle for an extended length of time. This is often, but not always, done as part of BDSM, and can be thought of as a more dominant version of Orgasm control. Depending on the nature of the game, they may either be allowed an orgasm at the end (in which case, the orgasm is generally much stronger than normal), or deliberately denied one, in which case they will generally feel strong feelings of sexual frustration.


An alternative form of orgasm denial is the denial of genital stimulation, either for an extended period or separate from a scene. Lack of stimulation is ensured by using a chastity belt or other device that physically prevents touch and/or (for males) erection.



Chastity, more accurately in this case, enforced chastity belts play is an interesting way to add spice to your sex life. Put in its simplest terms, chastity play is a way to prevent access to the genitals for the purpose of sexual pleasure. People being what they are, when control of when or if  you can come is given to someone else, the arousal usually becomes extremely intense. What seems at first to be a form of perverted torture is actually a way to add considerable pleasure to your sex life.


It's true that using a chastity belt is also a way to prevent cheating, but most people nowadays use chastity belt toys to add pleasure and fun to their lives. It's true that most people have never even seen a chastity belt, much less considered using or wearing one, but if we are going to be completely honest with ourselves, we have had some pretty steamy fantasies about either controlling or being controlled sexually.


If your sex life to date has been restricted to intercourse and perhaps mutual masturbation, chastity play can sound like something pretty weird. It isn't. Nothing has to change about how you make love; what changes is when. The partner who wears the chastity belt has given the partner who has the "key" the ability to decide when sex can take place. Since most chastity devices effectively prevent masturbation, it means one partner gives the other control of all orgasms. This can be a great deal of fun for both people.


Chastity play allows you to take sex out of the bedroom in a subtle way that only the two of you will know. For example, if a woman has her male partner locked up, they can agree on "rules" he should follow, such as "he must always stand when she enters the room." If when they are out with friends he forgets, she can smile and hold some fingers up and he will know he stays locked up that many more days until he can get release.


If you don't think this is incredibly hot to both partners, just try it! You won't believe how exciting a dull relationship can become overnight. Take a few minutes and use your imagination. Fun, huh?



Chastity belts  take on many forms. There are belts, tubes, cups, among others. The objective to keep the cock safe from unauthorized attention.



Chastity belt devices  must solve some technical problems: the wearer must be able to perform normal bodily functions (peeing and pooping). The wearer should be able to stay clean and fairly odor free and the device should be within reasonable limits for comfort. In addition, if the wearer is going out in the world, it should be invisible under clothes. In some cases, it should also be undetectable by a metal detector. This is no small task to accomplish.



Men love to masturbate A male chastity belt is supposed to permit the man to wear it for extended periods of time while making it impossible for him to achieve orgasm or ejaculation. Doing this isn't as easy as you might think There are two basic types of devices: belts and tubes. Belts consist of a tamper-proof cover for the penis, attached to a belt that can't be removed. Tubes are what they sound like, tubes into which the penis is inserted. They are narrow so that erection is not possible inside them. They are attached to the body in various ways.


All of the devices prevent direct stimulation of the penis. Consider this: A female partner locks her man's penis into one of these devices. She takes the key to work and leaves it there. The very fact that she now controls when he can enjoy sexual release is a turn-on. Over a fairly short time, most men will be very anxious to get unlocked long enough for a chance to come.


You get the point. Do what I want, and I will unlock you occasionally and give you release. Be difficult and you will wait. Powerful stuff. In order to work, the chastity belt device must be able to effectively prevent masturbation and not be removable without the key. Here's the rub, no pun intended. Over a long period of wearing without release, virtually every male will find a way to orgasm with the device on. He will discover a way to play with himself or will discover he has other body areas that will promote an orgasm.


To effectively do chastity play with a man, you therefore need to know a bit about how males are wired. First of all, this sort of play is most effective when the male is given regular opportunities to get off. If a male is denied release for extended time, he will probably have nocturnal emissions (wet dreams) which, of course spoil the fun. The trick is to drain him prior to reaching this point. Also, guys need prostate exercise. The prostate gland is surrounded by a thin layer of muscle that squeezes the secretion out during ejaculation. It is generally believed that regular "exercise" of the prostate is vital for health in that area of the body.




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